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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  March 3, 2018 5:00am-5:56am EST

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e blends. garnier. >>vethe cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news " this morning. >> waking up to the aftermath. thousands of people throughout the region have no power and this morning the storm is being blamed for killing at least one person in our region >> powerful wind leaves its mark in atlantic city damaging the former trump plaza. people are still worried about possible flooding today. but things are looking quieter outside. this is a live look at center city from the studios in spring guard e we'll tell if you mother nature will be in better mood this weekend. >> today is saturday, march 3rd, good morning, i'm jan carabeo. we have complete coverage of this nor'easter aftermath, anita oh, in the mobile weather watcher this morning looking at damage left behind and conditions on the roads. but first, let's turn to
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meteorologist, chelsey ingram the latest on it storm, high, kelly. everyone, good morning to you, no surprise, that we see people even this morning, without power at this point in time. look at the wind gusts we dealt with yesterday. these are some of t maximum wind gusts, we saw wind gusts over 70 miles per hour at times, in cape may new jersey. and washington township, over 60 miles per hour wind gusts reported, in dover, right around 62, and pennsauken around 56. and then even in northeast philly the wind was gusting over 50 miles per hour at times. now, today's not going to be as windy as it was yesterday. but the wind will still be sticking around. we have wind advisory that's in effect for abouthour or so. region wide, it is going to stay in effect down the shore little longer until the noon hour today. but we can see wind gusts anywhere from the 40's to even 50-mile per hour range even today. take a look at the current wind gust around 40 miles per hour in philadelphia, right
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around 37 miles per hour in wilmington, around 32 atlantic city and 37 in trenton. still going to be very windy day out there. it is 35 degrees right now in philadelia. 36 degrees in wilmington, it is 35 in allentown, right around 26 degrees in the poconos, and you bet, that winds is making it feel even colder. storm scan3, shows that this system, this nasty coastal storm, or nor'easter, if you will, is pulling away from the coast. so precipitation wise we have seen things quieting down. but, you know, wind wise really not seeing it all that much. just slightly not as windy as yesterday. as f today, four's in the forecast from the shore to the coming upa few minutes, jan. >> we'll gk out to you, chelsey, thank you. the nor'easter moving out to the philadelphia region has claimed the life of a driver in montgomery county. part of large tree fell ton a car headed northbound on south gulph road upper her john township.
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police got the call right around 7:00 last night, 57 year old man died at the scene there. and an investigation is now underway. reaked havoc lines, now, hundreds of thousands of people are waking up in the dark this morning. right now, peco has more than 298,000 customers without power. that number is 108,000 for ppl , 26 this nor delmarva, 13,000 for for atlantic city electric, 26,000 for pse&g. red cross has opened emergency shelter in more sham, montgomery county because of the power outages. mother nature seems to be calming down now, after getting down right mean yesterday. the snow, the winds, and the surf were all out of "eyewitness ne anita oh, is live in thebs-3 er this the damage, how is it looking, anita? >> reporter: good morning, jan , definitely a lot better than we were seeing yesterday.
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so right now we are head toward the 3600 block of darby road in haverford township where we are reportsof a downeda power line. i do want to show you what we were looking at right now. so ts right now in the mo weather watcher, and you can see, thathe street lie and all completely dark. we are as you mentioned getting reports every a lot of power outages, nearly 84,000 peco customers and delaware county, more than 104 customers in montgomery county reportedly right now without power. numerous fire stations, also, say they had a busy night responding to calls, and many voluntarily deployed tot part of the county, for help, right now, you're seeing snow covered cars and streets, a lot of snow piled up on these grassy areas, and seeing some slick spots along the sidewalks, as well, so if you are planning to head out this
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morning, this is what you are going to see waking up to. again, we are headed toward the 3600 block of darby road in haverford township. that is where we are getting reports of a downed tree splitting a power line. that's contributing to the power outages in the region, but you can see right now completely dark. a lot of the street lights along this main stretch of highway also completely dark. and as far as how philly looks as well, my photographer kyle hall usually drives in along kelly drive. he said that it has been block off, many sections of that due to complete black-out there, as well, of the street light. so, again, right now, in the cbs-3 mobile weather watcher what you can waking to up this morning, snow, also some slick spots piled up on the cars, some of the snow accumulation, so we will keep you updated on what we are seeing as we're driving around in the mobile weather watcher. right now live in this fabulous car, i send it back
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to you, jan. >> that wet heavy snow that causes so many problems when it comes to power. anita, thank you, we will get back to you in 30 minutes. amtrak slowly getting back to normal after this storm. starting at 6:20 this morning, the rail line is resuming, modified service between washington and new york. service resumes between new york and boston starting at 8:40 a.m. amtrak keystone service is operating on modified service plan, as for septa, service is dis s suspended on most of the regional rail lines, links on our home page, go to meantime buses were running yesterday, but a tree fell on top of this septa bus as it headed west on the schuylkill expressway, wow, passengers on board that bus, but fortunately, no reported the wesound lanes were closed for over an hour until the tree was cut up and hauled away. >> well, if you are flying today, check your flight status before heading to the airport. philadelphia international
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airport warns travelers should expect residual flight impacts today. the nor'easter hammered the airport with snow and strong winds. officials say more than 500 flights, to and from phl, were canceled yesterday, some airlines were offering free waivers to change travel plans due to the severe weather. check with your airlines for details. high winds, and rough surf hammered the jersey shore yesterday. part of the facade at the former trump plaza casino hotel in atlantic city fell off the building. that forced the shutdown of the area around columbia missouri avenues. wind gusts up to 60 miles per hour sent waves crashing into the beaches there. communities worried about tidal flooding, the bay areas from those vulnerable. >> the water pushed up into the bay, they can't get out. then the tide comes in, push up even higher. >> still worried about that this morning as well. while high tide brought waters in and atlantic city to the pavement edge there, it didn't
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go far. the winds eventually snapped this. powerful winds. service on the cape may lewes ferry is expected to resume this morning. "eyewitness news" viewer, bill barge err, sent thus video of one of the frr the chopper sea, the ferry shot down after became too rough. stay ahead of the next storm with the eyewitness weather app. it is available for iphone and android devices, just search for cbs fill any your app marketplace. >> at least five people have died elsewhere as that nor'easter barrels up the east coals. winds topped 80 miles per hour , now homes and businesses are flooded. some areas are und af snow asan cleave has more on thed how old and water kept rising along the massachusetts coast friday. some residents were rescued by boat and even construction vehicles. national guard truck helps
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denise krass, her husband, and their 17 year old cat sweetheart evacuate their home in winthrop near boston. this is the sec floodin the lasn january, 40 pipes burst, and they lost appliances, and cars can you believe this has happened again? >> no, no, i've been here since 1990. and we've had some, you know, water, but never, never, never like this. >> the storm toppled utility polls antrorse from washington , to new york to new england. some on top of cars and homes. >> look at the size of the house, that's an old lady there, too, she is home but okay. >> crowds waited at new york penn station as amtrak and many commuter trains to new jersey stopped running, thousands of flights were also cancelled. meteorologist with the national weather service is calling this a storm we will never forget. kris van cleave, cbs news, winthrop, massachusetts. >> what a mess. still ahead right here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this saturday morning, the manhunt is over for a university
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>> fire investigators working to cause the of this fire. 2200 block of north hancock street, while were you sleeping overnight. fire crews arrived to find flames and worked quickly to get the flames under control. fortunately, no one was hurt. >> philadelphia police say a gunman shot and killed his wife and his mother-in-law then led police on chase that ended in gunfire. "eyewitness news" on the 3400 block of shin dale avenue in holmesburg, around 7:30 last night. police say that is where the man shot both women in the head and then fled that scene. officers later caught up with the suspect, they say, he then led them on a pursuit. >> the vehicle continued in this direction ultimately on welsh rd., down here to the strain station, the vehicle stopped, and officers from our highway patrol as well as our seventh district engaged the male, he then produced a
5:14 am
firearm, at that time, the officers four officers total discharged their firearms several times. >> now, police shot that suspect once in the arm. he's now in critical condition well the cherry hill school district is stepping up security following the deadly school shooting in florida. starting monday, there will be an increased police presence. officers will stay there until at least the end of the school year. now, all parents and also have o provide photo i.d. and their child's s i int the school. all other visitors will have to make ane coming in. >> manhunt is over for the suspect in a at central michigan university nineteen year old student sent someone spotted him on a train passing through the north ends of campus just midnight, meg oliver with theter:- >> the police department is responding to a report of shots fired.
5:15 am
ep central michigan university in mt. pleasant happened inside a residence hall morning. triggering a campus wide lock- down. >> a student shot this cell phone video as police search for the sct been identified as 9 year old james eric davis, victe suspect's parents, james davides part time police officer. >> james everybody's lives, and in a positive manner, the people he work, with residents. >> authorities say davis was involved in another incident on campu transported to the hospital. possibly over a bad dgs. the michigan shooting happened on the last day of classes his parents were picking up cbss news." >> back to the big story of the day, the lehigh valley snowe
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philadelphia region. take a look. no fun driving in northampton or nazareth townshipyur slick there. with the wind blowing, snow in all directions, as w extremely . and check this taught. even our own katie fehlinger is dealing with dame she shared these pictures on twitter. fellays the winds bro through her husband's car windshield. the car was sitting in their ndshields there. she also said her neighbor's tree two stoal house. she said it is a good thing they all get along. i know she sai the chain saw toe if there is any damage there, and a lot of people are cleaning upay mean, did you get any sleep last night? enth floor of so loud. my building, so the walls were creaking, just a may was a mess. even area of heavy snow right
5:17 am
visibility turned very poor for period of time. we still have some alerts i take of those. we start you out with a look at the cape may we dealt with the wind yesterday. now it is not going to be as strong today. as you can we are still dealing with the winds today. look at that camera shaking, weak atop the montreal end there in cape may. now, weather alerts in play. we have wind advisory, that is an issue, for corridor. also, the immediate suburbs, it last for another 45 minute advisory has been issued for portions every delaware, as wlcoastal countiesh jersey. that is going to stay intowe cos anywhere from 40 to 50 miles per hour this morning, throughrd noontime for those folks. coastal flood warning also in place for points. until about 3:00 on sunday. we talk more about tt or so. here's a live look at the
5:18 am
camera here, in cente city. much different picture compared to what we dealt with yesterda breaks every sunday shine peaking out throughout the dayle here, still very windy outside ,hat things have gun to quiet down as the system kind of pulls away out bit. we could till see flurry or two specially out in the today,e precipitation wise it will be completely different story compared to w yesterday. let's talk a little bit about some of those snowfall have a be poconos, some areas saw n of sn. believe it or not. it was a heavy anderysaw about , bethlehem,ust under 6 inches there. around 3.2 inches reported even philadelphia, at philadelphia international airport, saw about an inch and a half of that very heavy, wet snow,
5:19 am
very terrible at strong35 degren philadelphia. 36 degre wilmington, 35 waking up this morning in allentown, 35 degrees also in readingment zooming you in, to degrees, good morning to you guys, good morning to west chester at 33, 37 inwaking up it around 35 degrees there. this meven chillier when you far in the wind. look at the current winds speeds. these are the sustained winds, okay, so right around 26 miles per hour . certainly dusting even higher for that wind making it feel even colder 22 degrees in cente3 in wilmington, feels going to be blustery day, up there. so trafficking the windchill throughout the temperatures in the 40's, but it will feel like the 30's pretty much alltt will feel like, by 2:00, 37, going bac head into the 6:00 hour. so couple of breaks of sunshine can be expected. tempe,
5:20 am
make it into the mid upper four's, all depending where you live. also have thestwarning, until 3. sunday for all of the counties between about 8:00to the and 9:00 a.m. for the ocean front today foreplays cecity. so we can see some unusually high water levels. gusty wind, coastal floodingcap. high temperature right around 46 degrees, thats persistent wind. it is a problem and it continues to be a problem sunday. 48 degrees on monday. still looking at 50 degrees on tuesday. me then, rain -snow chance returning to the forecast as we head into the upcoming wednesday., chelse. we need a little bit of a break. >> i know.>> 5:20, shopping on a common habit for many of us, right? but now the government has a correspondent mola lenghi has the signs you should look for.
5:21 am
>> learned h shopping. >> i actually ordered a michael kors purse on amazon, got it, and i love michael kor s, oh, this is different, pretty much everything was different. >> they say counterfeit goods are the u some and some of the biggest e comer site pedposted by site including amazon, walmart, ebay, 20 out of 47 counterfeit. >> not just handbags any more, on day-to-day basis? out of nine yet i travel mugs, six turned out to be away, two s misspelled on the bottom. >> you can see austin is misspelled, and so very subtle. >> cost mitt innings, every single one was a counterfeit. try to purchase directly from the brand. if you are buying from keep an .
5:22 am
it seems too good to be true it, probably is. won't make the same mistake again. >> i don't athing on lane on line any more, actually go to the store, or to their website >> retail giant say they're committed fighting countit market. mola lenghi for cbs-3 " eyewitness n that fine print. still ahead, we take you behind the scenes what's new in theatreshi frazier. coming up jennifer laurence is a ballerina turned
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opens this morning, at the pennsylvania convention center k peak at the annual floral spectacular, this year's theme wonders of celebrates inter play. it runs until next. >> if you're into thrillers, kein , here is kevin frazier with a pewjennifer lau like youe never seen her or heard her before. she a russian spy, cia operative, joel, in her site, and yep, she doing a r accent. >> give me a choice before. >> would you prefer a drink scat want to talk about the action until the movie, not like al then just get e my lated. >> wasn't just the
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ballerina forced to become a sped duck tiff russian spy in her new plenty of dance practice. >> the idea of me ac ballerina was before four month of training to be laughable. now i can move mys little bit. >> said enemy of the states. >> i was a little uneasytent a f mat their will make people ry correctly.table, but we >> are we going to>> is that wh? >> shot inpa so marks the firste she has had to bear all on screen. turns out it wasn't as bad as she thought it was going to be >> when i showed up everybody made me feel comfortable, i probably start today uncomforta, i don't want the robe, i'm hot >> for entertainment tonight, i'm kevin.
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>> branches snapped and neighborhoods in the dark. we are waking to up a whole lo morning. anita? >> it is a winter nearly 84,000 peco custom tomorrow ers in delawe thi morning, i'm anita o in haverford township, comin condid what to expect when you walk outside ts>> and the winds contg across the region today, also, a coastal flood threat that i'll of the lateness your full forecast coming
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>> today is saturday, march 3, good morning, i'm jan complete e coverage of the aftermath of this nor' weather watcher this morning, looking at damage left behind. and conditions onhebut first, lo meteorologist, chelsey ingram, e storm, hi, kelly. >> good morning to you at home weather service. actually saw wind gust of2 milet philadelphia international airport yesterday. so it eo dealing with these problems when it comes to the afan only expect that quite a bit of damage will be done to property, lines, things like that. cape may we saw winds gust over 70 mileser around
5:31 am
65 miles per hour reported in washington township, as i phila, around 62, dover, around 62, and then in around 56 mierourreported. soap, just a mess out thereg toe quite as strong as yesterday. but they will still be very today. and a wind advisory remains in effect for philadelphia, the , until 6:00 a.m. this morning. for other areas, down the coast, so counties in south jersey, also into delaware, going to see t effectl noontime this afternoon. gus recently report in the philadelphia, right around 32 miles per hour the winds making it feel even the 20's out there, 36 this 35 n morning as you are waking up in wilmington. th precipitation wise, we've seen things quiet down significantly. i'll let you know w t down as
5:32 am
welcoming up in just a few minutes, for nowdi jan. >> chelsey, thank you. fallen tree has killed a er cnty. we are told the tree snapped around 7:00 last nightuth gulphn and upper gulph road in upper merion towns the on the scene they found large tree on a car, investigators mat the scene. e deadly stormow under reaks havoc on power lines, now hundreds every thousan tdse dark this rning. right now, peco has more without power. that number is 104,000 for , 19,000 for delmarva, 13,000 for atlantic city and 24,000 for pse&g meantime the red croergency she, montgomery county because of the power outages. out to sea, t
5:33 am
before leaving downed trees, homes. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh, is live in the cbs-3 mobile weather in delaware coun, and anita a lot of the dark. look where you are.k o here, ber headlights that are lighting up, the real a winter wonderland. such a difference from earlier on in the weekth so nice, that right now what people will be waking up to, roads, grassy surfaces, let me just show you what we are bs 3 mobile weather watcher. i mean, take a look at this ro road in haverford township. a lot of snow here. nen delaware county more than 104,000 customers montgomery wi. that have lost power. and here aga o darbynblock, yous
5:34 am
downed power line, that is in e middlof the the oer sideroad p this morning, they are going to be in the dark here. thisty a also in montgomery county are the most affected outages on the way here we did see areas that were justd the only elimine saw was from our headlights, or from small businesses that had a back up generator. but i mean, just completely different picture than what we saw earlier on in the week, complete winter wonderland out here. so wileep you updated on what we are seeing as we drive around. for now live in the cbs-3 mobile weather, anita oh, cbs-3 "eyewitness news." >> really incredible site out there, and we know power crews are working around the clock, they've got a big job, thank you, see you in 30 minutes. >> at the jersey shore, forecasters and anticipate moderate flooding with this
5:35 am
morning high tide. that's where coverage continues now with "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff >> reporter: the one place more brutal than standing outside, would have been in one every these. wind gusts cents up to 60 miles per hour took no prisoners along the jersey shore lines. even prompting the area around columbia and missouri avenues in atlantic city to be shutdown mid-day, due to falling facade from the former trump plaza. officials in ventnor city spent the day bracing for the possibility of tidal flooding. >> what we call high wheel vehicles, the army core left over vehicles that we used to get to residents that may be stranded when high water. >> bay areas being the most vulnerable. >> all of the water is push up into the base and can't get out. then the tide comes up and pushes it even further. >> high tide brought water to the pavement edge, village appeared minimal. heaviest hit has been from the wind as struggled then eventually snapped.
5:36 am
>> alexandria hoff, cbs-3, " eyewitness news." >> blow by blow this storm passed strong punch for must of the eastern seaboard. some ventured into the flood watters in new england had to be rescued. things specially rough for towns on the massachusetts coast. waves crack into the sea wall there creating quite a mess, that coupled with the high wind sent water in all directions. >> and up-state new york, dealt with record breaking snowfall. this is video near syracuse. the city got more than 14 inches of snow yesterday. that made it the snowiest day of the winter, and the fourth snowiest march day in syracuse history. hard to believe, we got a lot of snowy days, wow, 14 inches. shovels and snow blowers came in very handy. stay ahead of the next storm. with the eyewitness weather app. it is available for iphone and android devices, just search c bs philly in your app marketplace. powerful winds have in nor'easter forced federal
5:37 am
officers in washington to close on friday. president trump had to fly out of dullos international airport in virginia, instead of joint base andrews in maryland. giuliana goldman has more on the storm the president left behind including speculation that two top advisors may be on their way out. >> president trump touched down in sunny florida. leaving behind the literal and figure tiff head winds that have hit the white house this week. >> mr. trump has waffled on gun policies. talking tough on wednesday. >> now this is not a popular thing to say in terms of the n ra but i am staying anyway. >> but meeting with the les nra, afterward this chief lobbyist tweeted mr. trump invites vice president president to pocket the second amendment and don't want gun chrome. the president called the meeting good,. >> when the nra says jump and the answer is how
5:38 am
debate that negotiating mr. president liked negotiating with jello because his tradition is strange, seems the same thing happening with guns. >> separately the president took on critics of his announce the terrorist on aluminum and steel imports, on twitter he wrote. the trade wars are good and easy to win. >> well, 7-eleven down here -- >> commerce secretary wilbur ross is worth hundreds of of potentialollars down price increases on steel. >> it doesn't mean anything. so all of this hysteria is a lot to do about nothing. >> but the tariff announcement surprised even the president's top economic advisor gary cone who would argue against such protection to the policy. >> free, open, fair trade. pretty simple. free, open, fair. >> there is long been speculation that national security advisor, h. r. mcmaster mcmaster, is on the outs with trump, but sources
5:39 am
say that tension has reached a tipping point. he could be leaving within weeks.s n >> still ahead news" this morning: strong tides down the shore just could not real these boats in. a sneak peak at what is being called the biggest boat show in the northeast. >> plus: children take part in a live experiment. see how far germs can spread in just 30 minute.
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>> the boat show will go on. annual atlantic city boat show is back in atlantic city this weekend, and whether you are an after i had fisherman or you just enjoy the fancy life on luxury yacht, right, place to let your dreams run wild. and it is being called the biggest indoor boat show in the northeast with 500 both on display. the boat show runs through sunday. >> for the love of money. new survey reveals what young people are willing to do to get and give up for their career. as our nicole brewer tells us, turns out staying sing sell just fine if it means more success at work. >> what is more important? love or money? >> love. >> i would have to say love. >> yes, definitely love. >> not for some millennials, at least according to a new
5:43 am
survey by financial services company, comet. it found 41% of working millennials without a spouse or children would end a relationship if it meant getting a promotion. >> wow. >> i thi don't have it to like w how to value it. >> to get ahead response between the ages of 20 and 36 said they would stay single for 11 years, delay marriage for seven, and put off having kids for eight. >> that's not really surprising. the opportunity to go to a great grad school in different city would be more important to me than staying with someone that didn't want to move with me. >> if everyone has cents their price there is group is no pay bump was enough to end a relationship. >> then they shouldn't be in the relationship at all. >> that's greedy. >> while postponing marriage and children required nearly double that. >> where does that leave us? >> i don't think there is a monetary value for love. life is not promised. tomorrow is not a guarantee. >> nicole brewer, cbs-3, "
5:44 am
eyewitness news." >> back to our big story of the morning, chelsey, this nor'easter we endure. >> yes, that's right. it caused a lot of problems, a lot of damage, wind gusts over 70 miles per hour in some low cases, and some areas, like in the poconos, pick up 2 feet of fresh snow. however it is the heavy wet kind of snowfall. so kind of little sloppy maybe in spots. no doubt about it, ski resorts appreciate any type of snow, especially for this time of year. let's show you snowfall totals bryn mawr, around eight and a half inches of snow reported with the system yesterday. chalfont, around five and a half inches, downingtown, 4.6 inches of snow reported, around 2 inches in cherry hill , in fox chase, just under 2 inches of snow. what a mess. very sloppy, heavy wet snow as you can see. things have wind dollars down here on storm scan3. and, unfortunately the wind will be sticking around with us, and also some other hazards, as well, so heres somet
5:45 am
alert we have in place. wind advisory for the i-95 corridor, the media and surrounding counties and suburbs, for another half hour or so. and then we also have wind advisory in effect for delaware, and also, our coastal counties, in south jersey, that's until the noon hour today. wind gusts to up around 50 miles per hour, can be possible, until then, also dealing with that threat for coastal flooding. so, coastal flood warning in place until 3:00 sunday, so still have several high tide cycles that we have to deal with here, you can see it, includes our delaware beaches, also our shore points, into new jersey, as well. so, we're going to be dealing with the potential for moderate flooding, moderate coastal flooding, also, some beach errosion, that's going to be because of the high tide cycles, the unusually high water levels, and then also shore waves, anywhere from eight to around 15 feet. so, definately some problems, even into today, and part of sunday, can be expected down the shore.
5:46 am
gusty wind, coastal flooding, high temperature today, in cape may county, right around 46 degrees taking live lookutside at ce city, you can see completely different story compared to what we dealt with yesterday. but we, again, are still going to be dealing with that wind. 35 degrees right now as you wake up in philadelphia. thirty-five in allentown. right around 36 in trenton. down the shore, temperatures are also in the 30's, 35 in atlantic city, 37 in wildwood, also 37 degrees this morning as we wake up in dover. but, then you factor in the windop of that, and these are currencies sustained winds, so actually seeing gusts cents even higher than this at this point in time. sustained at 26 miles per hour in philadelphia. 29 miles per hour in wilmington, again, you can still see that pot for a gust hire to 40, 50 miles perho. and with the wind, on top of the chillier air, colder out there, starting you out with windchill around 22 degrees in philadelphia, feeling like 11 degrees this morning, in
5:47 am
the poconos. tracking the windchills, throughout the day, guess what , dress for the 30's, even though forecasting high in the four's, because it is going to feel like the 30's pretty much all day long. so, speaking of your forecast high temperature, 43 by noontime, 47 as we head into the afternoon. but, definitely dress warmly. going to be blustery out there your eyewitness weather seven day forecast, 47 sunday. breezy, tons of sunshine, and then really a pleasant and sunny afternoon on monday, with a high of 48 degrees. jan? >> at least we're improving. >> that's right. >> 5:47. and on the health watch now, the worse of this wicked flu season is finally over. health officials say the flu season takes in early february , and the number every people getting sick has been falling ever since. now, flu is still widespread in pennsylvania and new jersey , but the outbreak now considered moderate in delaware. >> it has been specially bad flu season as well well, influenza and cold, come from
5:48 am
viruses that are very contagious, one shows just how easily germs spreaded. health reporter stephanie stahl shows just this einstein healthcare science center report. >> a lesson in disease prevention, om the experts. these four year old have learned about germs. >> if you sneeze, and you cover your mouth up. like this. >> and how they spread. >> now they're going to see those germs in action. >> going to see how germs spread from just two friends. >> friends guiliani a and a.m. airy start the demonstration. >> back of your hand. >> they're rubbing on glow glow germs, harmless lotion, visible only under a black light. >> oh, my hands and on my fingers. >> the goal i to see how far the germs travel, and how fast. when kids do what kids do. >> i'm going to be the mom. >> as they play ... the glow
5:49 am
germs start spreading fro from . >> you can see the glow germ on knobs, on the back after chair, the train set and utensils, the glow germ even showed up on many ohe children. >> on their arms and faces. >> you have some right here, right here. >> and there were traces of the glow germ even after they washed their hands. >> that's we wash our hands allhe >> good advice because real germs aren't this much fun. >> seeing how quickly generals can be spread among children, it is easy to understand why the average american student gets between six to ten colds a year, and that's in addition to outbreaks of th flu and other contagious infections. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3, " eyewitness news." >> and still ahead right here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news," sixers play their fifth game in seven nights. but the process doesn't seem to get tired. see how they came from behind, to take the win against charlotte.
5:50 am
that's next in sport.
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almond fans, is now more almond-y. mmmm mmmmm it's good. the honey, sweet, clustery, crunchy taste of honey bunches of oats with almonds now has... ...more almonds. 25% more almonds. have you tried it yet? it was cents a built in schools. sixers playing their fifth game in seven night. pretty good reason to come up short against the hornets. but they're in the hunt for home court advantage in the playoffs. got to give it your all. here we are in south philadelphia. third quarter, sixers down seven, jo-jo rocking the rim, had 23 points, and 14 boards. fast forward to the fourth now sixers down by one. dario, drills a three, and the sixers take the lead.
5:53 am
later on, the hornets, their defense, they follow jo-jo, and that's a bad idea. because ben simmons taking advantage, and next possession , joel, nice pass to a cutting one, 18-point off the bench. the sixers win again, 110-99. >> hey, the flyers will spend the weekend in florida. this afternoon they take on the lightning, who had the best record in the league, and tomorrow they hook up with the panthers. and this trip to florida means it is a homecoming for shane. he went from marjorie stone mal douglas high school for two years, as you know, 17 people were killed by a shooter there. shane is impressed by the members of the hockey team who won the state championship. and he plans to meet with them after tomorrow's game. >> spring training baseball now, phils and raids, aaron nola on the bump. nice playwrite there.
5:54 am
nola gave up two runs, three innings of work, in the third, put down the glove, picks up the bat and he's gone two run shot to right. the phils snapping five game losingtrnine to two. the final score, the fighting 's host the pirates this afternoon. ivyoo to win the regular season title without help, they had to win their final two games. the quakers taking on yalen new haven. second half, they're up by one sharing, nice ball movement, and darnell foreman by three. he had 21-point, but now we go to the final seconds of the game. penn up by one. yale with a ball. driving into the lane. paul atkinson at the buzzer. and the quakers le a heartr eigo eight to 79. tied with harvard wh one game left in the regular season. former penn state running back , barkley, set the combine
5:55 am
on fire. a 41 invert call, and ran four , 440-yard dash. dude is about to be rich. cleveland browns had the number one pick and barkley looking like the best prospect >> that's all for s don bell, have a great te of eight local teachers to tell us what they thought about school safety. in those 40 minutes, the teachers p to take your mind and t someones opinion. and for that, we give those eight local teachers three cheers. >> eight teachers from across the delaware valley gathered at the cbs-3 studios here to talk about school safety. >> i want to just start off with a show of hands. who here wants to be armed in their classroom? raise youran you never know how an interview is going to go. much less one with eight people on a subject as complex
5:56 am
as how to prevent school shootings. the world we live in makes it easy to think it is impossible to have a calm, thoughtful conversation under those circumstances. but here is what we heard. forth.5 minute of back and >> i respect my colleague. i know he is well trained. >> there are so many sidesolotyw enforce. as well as teacher in these tehers didn' point to listen, to hear the other side, other. though small but powerful stures,ll for real conversati no high person lee, just thought and ideas. and it should commas no surprise. we learn in school how to debate. question and form answers to solve problems. these teachers reminded us all that equation works just as well in the real world. and for that we give these eight local teachers three cheers. >> jessica dean, cbs-3, " eyewitness news". >> and in case you missed it,
5:57 am
we do have a full conversation with those eight teachers about school safety on our website. just go over to or the app. >> still ahead right here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news." when, see her looking for scenes after crime. talking about donna the arson dog, we'll introduce you to this sweet lab retriever and show you the special training she has to help solve crimes. plus: thousands of people are waking up to damage and darkness today. this is live look from the mobile weather watcher in delaware county. we will show you some of the hardest hit areas when " eyewitness news" continues. we're back at the top of the hour.
5:58 am
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>> well the storm may be over but the clean up just beginning, see what people in some of the hardest hit areas are waking up to this morning. >> the wind sure had their way down the shore, trump plaza, some people still worried about possible floodin morning. >> and this is a live look this morning, at center city philadelphia. from our studios in spring garden. coming up: we will tell you what to expect for your weekend, and when we see our next chance for snow. apparently, no rest for the weary. >> today is saturday, march 3rd. good morning, i'm jan carabeo.
6:01 am
we have cpl coverage of this nor'easter aftermath. anita oh, live in the mobile weather watch they are morning looking at damage left behind, an


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