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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  March 3, 2018 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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>> live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs3 "eyewitness news" >> it looks like the fourth of july in our backyard. >> tonight at 11:00 covary mode, explosion is caught on camera, and in ambler as pine tree falls onto a transformer. a scene that plunged more than dozen homes on the block into darkness. >> and in new jersey, mature trees turn neighborhoods into construction zones. whipping winds, broken limbs, snapped tree trunks, all of it
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caused property damage from counties all across the state. similar scene played out all over delaware county, as women but it may be days now before everyone gets the lights back on. that's workers clearing debris from roads and home a day after a nasty nor'easter blew through. good evening, i'm natasha brown. the outages are affecting customers all across the region, delaware county, though, was so hard hit, officials have now declared disaster emergency. alicia went to find out what that means, alicia? >> reporter: well, natasha, a desperation of disaster emergency essentially allows the county to ask for help, way of the county saying that the disaster and the damage after the storm may be too much to handle on its own. roughly 24 hours after a nor'easter rips through the region, this is what part of delaware county still look like. we found this car crushed near drexel hill, and this home
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with a toppled tree on it in havertown. the nor'easter, that ripped through this region yesterday, delaware county, hit there particularly hard. >> we felt like it would be just real quick flurry and that's about it, and apparently not. >> this home with toppled tree on it in havertown is hope's home. her bedroom is crushed in and her power is out. she is unable to sleep here tonight. >> i'll be sleeping at work. >> roughly 65,000 people in the county are still in the cold, and in the dark, because of the storm. county officials have been told by power companies that it could take days before the power is restored to everyone, with all of the outages and the damage, the county had to declare a disaster emergency. >> there was a winter storm couple of years ago, where there was significant damage, and ice storm, and we had many residents that were out for days at a time, but in speaking with our people at our emergency services 911 center last night, they said the eight-hour period from about mid-afternoon untilmiht te
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highest they've ever had in the history of the 911 center and we are told that peco and other power companies are working around the clock to restore power. in the meantime officials a few warnings, one, they are saying, if you have a generator right now, make sure that it is staying outside. if you don't have a generator, and you're home is cold, do not be tempted t use a gas oven, as a heating source, that could potentially seriously carbon monoxide situation, and then lastly, if you are driving down the street and you across one of these traffic signals, where the power is out, make sure to think of this as a stop sign, make sure to stop, unfortunately, we are seeing a lot of people just blowing past these traffic signals that are out and could potentially lead to a crash. the last thing anyone needs after this storm ravage in the area here. for now reporting live from delaware wear county, cbs-3, " eyewitness news." >> all right, alicia, thank you so. also now to montgomery
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couldn't. police are investigating a death related to the storm. a 57 year old man was killed when part of a tree fell onto his car in upper merion township. it happened on south gulph road about 7:00 p.m. friday. the victim's identity has not been released just yet. as people in pennsylvania continue their clean up efforts, communities all across new jersey are also dealing with serious wind damage, as well. trees toppled onto power lines , and left homes and roof thomas all over the state damaged in some way. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan, caught up with homeow crews cutirway through b. >> the powerful winds took outnumber of big trees like this oklahoma that ripped up part of the street, and worse than that, it slammed into the roof of this home. it was snowing sawdust and mulch saturday, tree crews tackled extremely winter storm >> heavy winds, big storm, a lot of trees. >> bob woke up to the sound of
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this tree falling onto his home on hillside avenue in haddon heights. >> big crash, my wife and son started yelling, hey, tree is coming down. part of it is coming down now. >> now that the storm is over the headaches begin trying to figure out how much insurance will cover. >> it looks like it is just outside and on the front little bit and over on the side, the deck got some damage but, you know, everyone is safe. that's all we really care about. >> few street away another crew was removing this tree that fell on home on west high street. this belongs to a family that was not home when the tree went down. >> what did you think when you saw your house? >> pretty scary. i was worried about my dogs. >> despite the hole in the roof the family was able to stay the night. >> could have been worse, nobody was home, nobody got hurt. dogs were in there. my kids were worried about the dogs. they were fine. >> utility repair crews are also busy, as they restore power to tens of thousands of customers. by late saturday afternoon, the majority of customers who lost power in south jersey,
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though, it back. >> because of the downed trees , power companies say it will most likely take until sunday night before power is restored to all homes n haddon heights, cleve bryan, cbs-3, " eyewitness news." >> well utility companies are making some progress in repairing downed power lines. peco has restored power to morehan 440,000ustomers at this point. still in the dark. the majority of those customers are expected to be back on line at least by monday night. meantime, 164,000 peco customers are in the dark at this hour. it is 22,000ppl, 4,000 for ac electric, 3,000 for delmar have, and nearly 2,000 for pse&g. >> public transit is also been affected and it is also cents experiencing some delays and detours due to the storm. train service on septa, some of the regional rail lines is still suspended because of power equipment or track issues. at 30th street station, we
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found passengers patiently just waiting for the few trains that were running today septa says crews are working very quickly to clean up storm damage on the tracks. >> trees, many of them off of our right a ways, fell over onto us. this is a tree that came down, another very tall tree that came down on our doylestown line, last night, near the end of thein >> septa says 25 bus route are being detoured because of storm damage, as well. >> and, amtrak has resumedrthead keystone service following the storm. but there are still some delays in effect, both lines are operating on a modified service plan, so check with amtrak, before headed to 30th street station. the auto train service will resume tomorrow. and you know what difference a day makes tonight in rittenhouse square. folks walked to their destinations pretty much with ease, no problems, far cry froma breaking
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winds that blew through the area last night. meteorologist, lauren casey is tracking the very latest from the weather center. so little bit of reprieve today. still some wind out there, lawyer glenn still some wind. still feeling effect from the nor'easter off shore. so windy conditions, but not the dangerous and damaging winds that company this system yesterday. thankfully. rid now getting live look at center city philadelphia, pretty quiet. still heavy snow falling. we like that, 38 degrees, so little chilly, winds out of the north at 18 miles per hour , so wind speeds still elevated feeling like 28 degrees. still gusty winds, not gusting to the 50, zero six, 70-mile per hour range, gusting to the 20's, it will be the case through the overnight periods. some gusty winds. still do have coastal flood warning in effect until 3:00 a.m. wildwood, reporting coastal flooding in that area at high tide. it is lingering and shutting down roads, be aware that far along the coast, winds do start to relax finally to calm levels as we head late day into monday, but then we have
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the potential for another nor'easter, number two,, inside after week as we head into wednesday. we will talk more about that coming up in your full eyewitness forecast in just a >> sounds likeun, the storm clean up is also underway from winds and flood damage, all alo tas maryla virginia, h of and a half homes and businesses are still witht say a killed slammed into his house in virginia. >> he went terminally ill. he wasn't sick. just freak accident in the middle of us. >> all messed all that matters. >> well, airlines are also now working to re book thousands of passengers who were left stranded by the storm. >> and now the latest weather headlines, right at your
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fingertips, for the cbs-3 mobile weather app. just download it today from the apple app and google play stores to get your local forecast right on your smart phone. a hamilton township police officer meantime, suffered serious injuries after authorities say a drunk driver plowed into his patrol car. take a look at the damage, left behind, in mays landing last night. investigators say, officer leo rudolph was in the car diverting traffic from route 322 onto route 50 when smith of north carolina failed to yield and crashed right in the front of rudolph's carp. smith was not injured. he is charged now with driving while intoxicated. >> also the camden county prosecutor charged curtis woods of voorhees with attempting to have sex with a minor. investigators say he was chat wag undercover detective posing as a 14 year old girl. yesterday officer arrested woods when he arrived to meet with the teenager in runnemede d
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now in the camden county >> stay with us, everyone, still ahead on "eyewitness news" tonight, could a trade war be brewing for america? why the president's most recent tweet about policy are causing some commotion among lawmakers on capitol hill. >> plus, breast cancer awareness, we will take youo thete the phartnered wh g cocoa man p, foa kind event today. and ait later on, honorary firefighter. >> aire company in new york city spent the whole day honoring the life of a little boy from hawaii.
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> welcome back everyone. we have information now on deadly shooting right next to the white house. the secret service says a man shot himself just before noon while standing near the tent along the north lawn. the president and first laid bring in florida at the time. the secret service says none of the shots were fired at the white house, no other injuries were reported. >> and president trump meantime is now tweeting again about his willingness to wave a trade war. he threatened the european union with increased taxes on automobile imports, also trade
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deals struck by president he is zest ers. weijia jiang has more. >> you'll have protection for the first time in a long while and you get to regrow your industry. >> president trump promised manufacturing executives a new playing field, into taxes cents on, 25% on steel, and 10 % on aluminum. but the idea quickly sparked fears after trade showdown with china and other us trading partners. canadian prime minister justin trued owe. >> we are impressing upon the american administration, the unacceptable nature of these proposals that will hurt them, every bit as much as they will hurt us. >> in wisconsin, the governor 's announcement of new jobs at a localompany was overshadowed by ut of wisconsin, out of america. >> the president of the alliance ands for american manufacturing.
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>> what is stopping our tradingers likfrom taking thein elsewhere? >> there will be an adjustment , as we re-balance this, but i think every other nation knows that they've been getting a good deal, in fact, ld call it a gift from the united states, and now we expect rest pros at this. >> unlike other policy changes , such as gun and i am graduation reform, president trump can impose these tarriffs using executive action, he sales, the details are still being written, as he plans to sign off on the changes next week. at the white house, weijia jiang, cbs news. >> local student every year, held big celebration at the logan lows philadelphia hotel in center city. raised the most money during a fundraising competition, now move ton compete for the national title, all of the money raised goes to the fight against blood cancers. >> and breast cancer survivors
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from differs cult cultures and backgrounds gathered at the kimmel center for some musical inspiration and breast cancer awareness, as well. susan g. komen philadelphia survival event included performance cents by the philly pops. and he had, i was with my colleague jim donovan and meisha johnson, today's event honored our friends joanne who received 2018 jamie lieberman remembrance award. joanne recently retired after more than 30 years as communications director with kyw-tv, cbs-3. there were about 2200 participant at today's big event. it was an inspiring event, beautiful day for a wonderful cause. great day out there. we didn't get blown into the event like blowing around yesterday with the winds. >> yesterday you couldn't even go outside. authorities even stand up at times because that far insane wind. today still windy but not damaging winds. we'll keep the winds aroundhrouy
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tomorrow as well. yes, here is thengn the parkway. flags blowing in the breeze. and we do, so dramatic, do have blustery night, temperatures are fairly chilly , especially when you add in that wind component. high temperatures today 31 degrees in mount pocono. little cold for the skiers with all of the fresh powder. 46 degrees, average, 48 degrees in philadelphia, so few degrees shy of that, wilmington, 50 degrees, and 6 degrees today in dover. but temperatures down seasonably chilly 38 degrees in allentown, 29 mount pocono. thirty-seven in millville. forty yeast in atlantic city but of course we still have those elevated winds, so feels like temperatures, down into the 20's for most of us.28 in p. twenty-nine in wilmington. feeling like teens in the poconos, and wind speeds right now, up around 12, 15, 16, 18 miles per hour of constant winds, then we have the higher
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gusts cents on top of. that will storm scan3ng us precipitation wise, very nor nor'easter, working it way out into the atlantic still impressive. overnight tonight partly cloudy, blustery, 35 degrees with the chilly windchill temperatures for the day tomorrow staying windy but of course win speeds or wind gusts in the range of 30 miles per hour. , mostly sunny, seasonable recall, high of 48 degrees, looking like good day in the poconos with all of that fresh powder. sunshine, high temperature 36 degrees, still bit windy so do prepare for that if you're out on the slopes, northwest winds around 20 miles per hour , but i know you might want to hear it but looks like we could be dealing with another low that moves off shore, intensifies, second nor'easter, in a week's time, tuesday night and wednesday, looks like we could
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see rain changing to ever wet snow, accumulating snow looking possible, still very early on, evolving forecast, widespread wind, this wednesdae threat. than system on friday. good news, there but stay tuned, to that forecast. as we head into monday, chilly start to the work week, 29 degrees. but with the breeze hanging on , bin chill temperatures will be down into the teens, bundle up for that. then on tuesday, some late day rain moving in, transitioning to snow snort and west. and watching for the potential of another nor'easter on wednesday. as we head into the end of next week. quieter conditions. and hey, ladies, we spring forward next weekend. >> oh,. >> there is that. >> okay. glass half full. >> we do see the positive. >> you can always tell not happy about the weather, i start gasping. sorry, it is an audible thing. appreciate t what's going on, leslie? >> march madness coming up. >> and march madness. >> penn state, looking to keep the ncaa tournament channels
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three minute left. regulation. claude giroux, able to get the puck back and scores. twenty-third goal of the year. tide at this point. game goes into a shoot-out. tampa comes from behind to beat the flyers. >> to college edge hoops, villanova won the biggies title. there will not be a fifth. xavier beat due paul today. nova will be the second seed. final regular lays season game , against georgetown, first half nova down by one, ball, knocks down the three ball from top of the circle. the cats took the lead, never looked back, still in the first, for the three, and that's good, villanova lead goes to 11 at that point. had 15-point. weren't finishedment tonight's defense right here. bridges with the steel. and the two hand slam. bridges with a team high 24-point. the fourth ranked cats finished regular at 27 and
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four, with 97-73 victory. penn state looking to keep their ncaa tournament chances alive against purdue in the big ten semifinal. penn state, pulls up for deep three. makes the basket. led the lions, boilermakers pull away. carson edwards knocks down the three, purdue beats penn state 78-seven, nittany lions finish at 21 and 13, so have to wait until next sunday to see if they make the tournament. >> now to the phillies pulling double duty today. against the orioles and pirates. torrey smith throwing out the first pitch down in clearwater celebrate a bit. minor leaguer tom, took the mound for the fightings against balance more, here, at the plate, line drive. rolls the ball. mullins will score first. and with that the orioles take the lead. and one and a third, struggled with control. no-hitter going into the eighth. phillies ron with the single
11:26 pm
to left, ended, and baltimore ends up-beating the phils four to two. we have ben lively battling in the rotation, through three shut out innings. but the phillies lost to the pirates four to three. union opening the season against new england at the energy stadium. forty-third minute, with the ball, inside the box, fontana from newark delaware scores first mls goal. the union opens the season with a win, two-nil, the final >> very nice. >> little post celebration there. >> thank you so much, leslie, appreciate t stay with us, still ahead, little boy becomes honorary firefighter for fighting the ultimate battle. >> he loves being with the firefighters. loves having lunch with us, loves having a snack with us. >> how the life and tireless spirit of three year old little boy who lost hits -- his battle with cancer still little boy who lost hits -- his battle with cancer still affectin
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>> fire fighters new york city gathered to remember the life of a little boy from trucker duke died a year ago, but is now an honorary member of a new york city fire department. three year old spent most of his life in manhattan receiving treatment for stage four neuroblastomaah t
11:30 pm
crew at new ykine nine. firefighters. loved having lunch with us. loved having a snasnack withse or ice cream. >> to see all of these people honor our son, just incredibly special to us. >> floral lays could be seen around the next of dozen of firefighters at today's memorial center. a fire coat already displayed at his father's firehouse in hawaii. we will be right back. stay with us.
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>> welcome back everyone, finally tonight they say the show must go on, and for oneet r program, it did just that. in the dark. >> ♪ >> well, no power, no problem. for school theater production of liz miz, some which thick emergency of the cast and the audience lit up the stage with their cell phones. now, that is is an experience none of them is likely to forget. >> yes? >> there is a thought. >> i was cents an actress in high school, you know. >> oh, my goodness. >> you can'ty sunny
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degrees, still windy, watching system for mid week. ha it for us have a good gh us have a good gh take c>> ♪ ♪ what are you doing in a parish church? you ever spend time in one of your precinct houses? sure. have i answered your question? in your way. this an exercise in humility or just for show? what good's humility if you don't make a show of it? i mean, how's anyone gonna notice? you're really on your game today. kearns: i forget where things stand with us at the, uh, favor bank. oh, give me a break. you got the best institutional memory in this city.
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