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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  March 4, 2018 6:00am-6:59am EST

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democrat wear county officials declare a disaster emergency, as clean up, and recovery efforts, continue, today, the progress, utility crews, and, restore power to everyone. two men are just eat nothing their car when a gun man opens fire killing one and leaving the other badly hurt, we will tell you where all of th overnight. and, this is a live look right now at center city central library camera, we are back to seasonabletis out side today just how cool it will feel as you step march 4th,s morning. good morning, i'm jan carabao, lets start off with the chelsea ingram with the
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eyewitness weather sun day morn. >> good morning. >> wind was not as tough this morning. >> it wasn't but we are still under the influence of that storm, that affectedut two days ago and we're still ing with some of the wind associated with winds are not as bad as re t days ago lets look at a live look at center city sunrise, outside 29 minutes way at this point in time. we have got a little bit in the way of cloud cover out there but we will see sunshine as we head in the afternoon with those clouds, spinning on out, right now 38 degrees in philadelphia. thirty-seven waking up this morning in wilmington. thirty-eight in millville. thirty-seven in allentown. right around 27 in the poconos as you wake up in media, it is 348. will he grove at 36. doyletown right around 35 degrees there. feels a little bit colder though there is still a breeze , 28 degrees, is what it feels like in philadelphia. feels more like 29 in allentown.
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28 degrees in reading. here's that wind speed sustained at 20 miles an hour at philadelphia international. breeze will stay with us today , we will see plenty of sun, and it will feel chilly, out there we will talk about when the winds actually subside and tracking potentially, another coastal storm by the middle of the week we will have details coming up in a few minutes, jan. >> sounds good, thank you. >> 6:02. new this morning philadelphia police are trying to figure out what sparked a deadly shooting that left one man dead and another in critical condition. now the shooting happened at sixth and spring garden street in northern liberties, just after 2:30 a.m., police arrived and found two shooting victims there inside of the car, officers rush the two men to the hospital where would be of them later died, and investigators say a man fled the scene in a silver vehicle at last check no arrests. also, new this morning an suv goes crashing into a fence in philadelphia's nicetown section, killing one person, this accident happened on the
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4200 block of wissohickon avenue around 12:30 a.m., we are told a victim died there at the scene, investigators are trying to figure out what caused the deadly crash, at last check, no arrests. utility companies are making progress in repairing down power lines, peco has restored power to more than 500,000 customers, but hundreds of thousands are still, without electricity, this morning. now the majority of the customers are expected to be back on line, by tomorrow night, right now, more than 128,000 peco customers are still in the dark. and it is more than 55,000 customers, for ppl, close to 3,000 for atlantic city electric, 3,000 for del marva and nearly 4,000 for pse&g. more than 50,000 people in delaware county alone are still without power this morning. officials have declared a disaster emergency. they fear that some people may be without power for another couple of days. here's "eyewitness news" reporter alycia nieves.
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>> reporter: roughly 24 hours after authorities started to rip through the region this is what parts of the delaware county still looked like we found this car crushed near drexel hill and this home on itn havertown. the nor'eastertn in delaware county particularly hard. >> we felt like it was a real tt it, and apparently in the. >> reporter: it is home with t it in havertown is hope fineli's ho and power out she's unable to sleep here. >> i will bele >> reporter: county officials have been told it could take days before the power is everyol of the outages and damage the county had disaster emergency there was a winter storm a couple years ago where there was storm, and we had many residents that were out, for days at a time, but it is in speaking with our people at our emergency services nine is
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11 center last night they said eight hours from mid afternoon to midnight last tonight was the highest volume, they have ever had in the history of 911 center. >> reporter: alycia neares for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". while people in pennsylvania continue their clean up, communities across new jersey are also dealing with storm damage. yesterday, our camera, spotted crews tackling the aftermath of friday's winter storms, high winds caused trees to topple on power lines and left holes in roof all across the state. homeowners are trying to figure out how much insurance will cover that damage, this man told "eyewitness news" he was just happy his family is safe. >> it could have been worse no one home, no one was hurt. my kid where is worried about the dogs. they are fine. they are barking their heads off, but not too worried. like i said, it could ab lot worse. >> utility crews are repairing , infrastructure as well they have been busy restoring power to tens of
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thousands of customers in south jersey. well, amtrak services on the northeast corridor is getting back to normal today. rail line says nearly all of its services between washington and boston is scheduled to operate today, amtrak was also planning, full , keystone services to and from harrisburg, and it is also resuming train service from virginia, to florida. septa's operations are almost back to normal after the winter storm, some bus routes are running on temporary detours because of the weather. services on regional rail lines, they are suspended as well, passengers wanted, waited patiently at 30th street station yesterday, for some of the trains that were running, septa says crews are working to clear debris from tracks. >> trees, many of them off of our right of way fell over on to us, this is a tree that came down another very tall tree that came down on our doyletown line, last night near the end of the line.
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>> now septa officials recommend checking transit services web site for up to date, information,n disruptions, of course you can check out cbs as won hit hard by a powerful storm, governors inmaryland and virgine declared a state of emergency, a nasty n northeast bringing 's hena doba.d mixture of rain >> reporter: massive clean up unde a nor'easter clobbered the northeast, officials say more than a million and a half seval states, were still in the dark , sda utility poles are down, in waiteddertown was pretty strong, whipping wind. >> reporter: whipping wind caused havoc from maryland to maine. huge waves from the ono the strt submerging cars, emergency people trapped inside their homes by rising flood water.
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>> all that stuff, you know, messed up, but, i'm okay. >> reporter: police say little boy was killed when a tree slammed into his home in virginia. >> right now we're just devastated. he wasn't terribly ill or sick just a accident in the middle of the night. >> reporter: upstate new york received 16 inches of snow, flood warnings remain as a powerful storm moves out to sea but headache left behind will be felt for days to come, airports are working to rebook thousands of passengers, that were left stranded during the storm. hena doba for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". all right, switching gears now if you are in the mood for a good meal you are in luck, east passyunk avenue hosting sixth annual restaurant week, "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh is live in south philadelphia to take a look, good morning, anita. >> good morning, jan i'm always in the moody must say, this is the very first
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restaurant week, and this is our chef, adon trinidad, today what can people expect. >> for restaurant week we are preparing a special menu we have carmelized onions, we have a mexican truffle, mushroom, goat cheese, we have beautiful pan seared salmon, with olive caper, tomato sauce and bacon fufu with mashed and smoked bacon, a little bit of salad on top and we finish with -- impact cake in mexico which is medication tour of chock kate cake and goat milk
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and we have this a beautiful margaret a we have those right here which is super delicious. >> everything in here is beautiful, do i like the vibe what do you want people to take away when they walk in the door today. >> well, we are, we take all of this, i don't know if you net ised the stained glass and wood from the bar. >> yes, you have a lot of great detail. >> we took all this from the old church in fishtown, so we have used old wood and stained glass and we converted to it this beautiful place where we are right now. >> reporter: that is amazing. the pricing is going to be different today for lunch and dinner. talk quickly about what prices people can expect. >> fifteen-dollar for lunch for restaurant week and 35 for dinner. >> yes, so just a great deal if you want to come down, multiple different restaurant, 26 restaurants, participating and find that at cbs philly .com. live from east passyunk avenue
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anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, still ahead on "eyewitness news" this sunday morning, skiers and first responders move quickly to save a man buried in an avalanche, the rescue was all caught on camera. what the man said as everyone, rushed to free, him from the snow. and it may be hard to believe but art you see here is made out of human hair, that is right, we will take you behind the scenes of this new exhibit, on display now at the mudder museum, we will be right
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back on "eyewitness news" students in west virginia will stay home, on monday as teachers strike, a teachers strike is extended in to an eighth day. the west virginia senate voted yesterday to raise teacher pay by 4 percent, not five which is what the teachers union is demanding, state house has approved 5 percent increase but when that bill reached senate one law maker decided figures should be lower to 4 percent and savings should be used to give allstate employees a 4 percent raise. >> all employees need to be treated equally, and we get to talk about our home and security people, teachers, that protect us every day. >> we have already had problems with the government and we have had sheriff's written promise. >> we are going to stay united
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55 strong and this will continue, indefinitely. >> the state house refused to gree to the senate's 4 percent increase, conference committee will work out differences, west virginia teachers are among the lowest paid in the entire country and promised to remain than strike until they get that 5 percent increase. in other news today weather is improving out west, heavy rain drenched california coast while mountains received a lot of snow, a man had to be rescued at a ski resort near lake tahoe, avalanche buried him under several feet of snow , crews worked there to get him out safely. >> unaudible. >> pulling him out, yes. >> he opened up his eyes, and looking right at me and said where is my wife. >> now the storm is being blamed for killing two snow borders and other mountains in california's sierra nevada
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blizzard dumped 3 feet and closed major highways there, meantime officials were worried heavy rain might cause mud slideness southern california but there was little damage there officials say rain turned out to be good news for the region since it is still in a severe drought. wild weather all across the country, chelsea. >> so true. >> we are calming dunn. >> still breezy today, we will note that is breeze as we head in the afternoon but we will talk about when the winds will finally subside. we have been dealing with wind for days now. things are going to quiet down as we start off the workweek. storm scan three showing we have a layer have clouds over us, right now especially across philadelphia, south jersey, and there is a couple areas north and west of philadelphia breaking out in sunshine here soon as we make it to sunrise and we will see good amount of sunshine as we head in the afternoon as well. it is 38 degrees in philadelphia. 37 degrees in wilmington. we are at 38 in millville, down the shore temperatures are checking in the upper 30's it is 38 in wildwood.
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thirty-nine in atlantic city. little bit chillier up in the poconos right around 27 degrees, there. take a look at these wind is still breezy but not nearly as gusty as it was, yesterday and day before that. we have wind is a at the northwest at 20 miles an hour sustained at philadelphia international, about 17 miles an hour in trenton, 12 miles per hour currently in millville. the breeze, will stick with us , we will have morning cloud , today, that will be filled by good amount of sunshine leading in the afternoon and temperatures will make it as we head in the ladder part of the afternoon into the mid 40 ease, however, it is going to feel much chillier throughout the day. we will factor in that breeze that i showed you. feeling more like mid 30's as we head in the noon time hour in philadelphia, 29 degrees is what it will feel like for allentown. as the day goes on by 3:00 he clock feeling in the mid 30's still in center city down the shore temperatures feeling in the 30's, feeling in the upper 30's for wilmington. said it is a chilly feeling day.
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we can talk about whether that can be expected down the shore coastal flooding a possibility coastal flood advisory now in effect. yesterday was a coastal flood warning. now an advisory until 2:00 p.m. we are looking at potential for minor coastal flood to go day, at high tide between 8:45 . also with an easterly flow in the ocean we could see additional beach erosion as a possibility so keeping an eye on. that minor flooding possible today in cape may county, 46 degrees for your high temperature down the shore. what about the poconos. 33 degrees. staying relatively close to freezing for the high today, it will be windy, so certainly feeling chillier in the poconos with that sustain north west wind at 20 miles an hour gusting higher then that at the time, a mixture of sun and cloud in the poconos. when will the winds finally subside? looking at future wind gusts you will notice heading in the 6:00 o'clock hour tonight that breeze will stay with us overnight, a very chilly
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breeze, it will feel very chilly as you wake up on monday morning, look at what happens by monday night though and into tuesday morning. there is a lot less color here on the map so things will really quiet down wind wise for us, however, behind, the wind quieting down we will have to machine for things as we head into this upcoming tuesday and wednesday, and potentially another nor'easter , on our hands, we will talk about detail about that as we head in the next half an hour. here's you're witness weather seven day forecast, 48 on monday, 47 on tuesday, late day rain chance and then probably some snow as we head into wednesday, jan. >> chelsea, thank you. 6:19. a new exhibit is on display at philadelphia's mudder museum that features art made out of human hair and vittoria woodill gives us a closer look >> reporter: pronounced mudder >> it makes a sound. >> reporter: mudder museum since 1863 has had a reputation for being disturbingly informative helping american 25,000
6:20 am
objects, haphazardly hair raising about the human body. but there has never been a exhibit as hair raising as this. woven strands the art of human hair work. >> this hair that grows out of our head is it is just so personal, it is so intimate, that this is probably one of the most intimate art forms, you can ever look at or see. >> reporter: just about, piece that he is trick your eye from believing these works of art are not made from human hair but they are. you will see hair styles in many ways, wrapped with the meaning behind it from morning , to love and family. >> this is a total family history of the williams family >> reporter: art form that collector john whitenight displays proudly at times on his wrist. >> there i am with my initial j, and then that would be my hair, there. >> at the museum where many pieces of the personal
6:21 am
collection of hair art are on display. >> our earliest piece from 1681 a piece of jewelry small piece have jewelry from the 19th century where the at home , form, art form, really, really was paramount. >> what a momento to have of someone, you know, that is a keep sake, that is a part of their organic self that you still have, with you, take a closer look, look at it, it looks good. >> vittoria woodill for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". exhibit runs until september 16th and it has been extended because of its popularity. well, still ahead right here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this sunday morning comedian kevin smith is recovering after a big health scare just how serious it was and what doctors say you can do to prevent something like that from happening to you, we will explain, after the
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life's bleachable moments need clorox bleach.
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welcome back, popular new jersey film maker and comedian kevin smith says he is lucky to be alive after a massive heart attack. health reporter stephanie stahl has more on the health scare and how it could have been prevented. >> reporter: social media film maker kevin smith says he is still aboveground after surviving a massive heart attack. doctors told him there was a 100 percent blockage of the artery often referred to as a widow maker. >> it is called a widow maker because when that artery close s patients tend to die from the close another. >> reporter: lankenau cardiologist irv says it is more called a partner killer
6:25 am
because blockage in the left an tear beyond discending artery happens to both men and woman. >> unfortunately in the world we live in today it is not unusual. >> reporter: this is what it should look like but blockage stops blood from circulating, traditionally fixed with the s tent which is what smith had. on facebook director said he felt nauseous and heavy sweating and chest pain. on twitter, smith says if i hadn't cancelled show two to go to the happy would have died tonight. >> his risk is his family history. >> reporter: smith's at 47 revealed his father died after a massive heart attack. while other things like smoking and being overweight can increase risk for heart disease, family history is a primary indication. >> i believe in people who have a family history of heart disease as kevin does, there are test that is we can do to identify the presence of this disease, early in its course, and prevent these heart attacks from happening.
6:26 am
>> reporter: that test is called coronary calcium scoring, stress test can also find heart disease and once diagnosed patients are often treated with statness and aspirin to prevent blood clots on facebook smith said he would be facing some lifestyle changes, joking maybe it is time to go vegan. doctor hurling says diet, exercise and medications could have prevented the heart attack if he had been diagnosed early. i'm stephanie stahl for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". still ahead on eyewitness news jussie great day to try out a new restaurant there east passyunk, anita oh give us a taste coming up next. president trump's proposal for new tariffs is garnering, criticism fear and abroad what world leaders are saying about his idea we will take a look, stay with
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today is sunday march 4th, good morning everyone i'm jan carabao, lets check the forecast here's meteorologist chelsea ingram live on the cbs-3 sky deck this morning with eyewitness weather. how does it feel, chelsea. >> we're chilly starting off this sunday morning, good morning to you and at home, and, those will be thinning out with good amount of sunshine. here's what you can expect for your sunday, a few morning clouds followed by mostly sunny afternoon and it is
6:30 am
still going to be breezy out there especially this afternoon we could see gusts to around 30 miles an hour and with that breeze, we will see wind chills in the 30's pretty much all day. we are starting out your morning in philadelphia with a temperature around 38 degrees, it is 37 in wilmington, right around 38 degrees in millville , down the shore temperatures in the upper 30's as we start off with this sunday morning. it is chillier in the poconos thanks to the snowfall a few days ago right around 27 degrees, there. so waking up this morning, for places like pottstown at 36, and media it is right around 38 degrees. of course, it feels chillier when we factor in that breeze right around 28, and it is wind chill value in philadelphia and i can feel it out here for sure, right around 29 is what it feels like in allentown, 28 degrees is what it feels like in reading. we will talk about how cold it will feel through the rest of the day and as we start off the workweek. we will talk about when the winds diminish and a possible nor'easter, all coming up in just a few minutes, jan.
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>> here we go again, thank you 6:30. new this morning philadelphia police are looking for a gunman whom they say shot and killed a man an left another man in critical condition. this shooting happened at sixth and spring garden 2:30 a.m., policen libertie arrived and found two shooting car. officers rushed those men to the hospital where one of them died,es fled the scene in the silver vehicle no word yet on amotive. also new this morning philadelphia police are trying to figure out what csu to crashn the cities nicetown section, ki crash happened on the 4200 block of wissohickon avenue mor, police say victim died at the scene, investigators belie an ay is struggling to rer nasty, nord through the region, officials have declared a thousands of people are still
6:32 am
in the dark this spotted down trees, damaged homes and crusheds 's powerful winds caused tree to topple on homes throughout one woman we spoke to said she was forced to and,went out. >> it felt like it was just flurries and that is bit, and apparently not. >> reporter: we're told power co are working around the clock to restore services to customers, they are hoping to have the majority of the customers, back on line by tomorrow night, meantime officials are warning people to stay safe, and are asking them to try to stay warm. after death of police steve steven, police say he suffered a heart attack at his home saturday morning. misetic was 45 and 21 year veteran of the wilmington police department. a north carolina man is charged with driving while
6:33 am
intoxicated after a crash that injured a hamilton township police officer, the crash happened friday night in mays landing, and investigators say officer leo rodolph was in his patrol car diverting traffic from route 322, route 50 when rasul smith failed to yield and crashed in the car, sh was not injured. camden county man trying haa minor. they caught curtis woods of under cover detective posing as a 14 year-old girl. on friday officers aeshen's arrt with the teenager in runnemede he is in camden countyprident tt ing, again about his willingness to wage a trade cale deals and policies very stupid on announced plans to protect american workers bysive with otr countries to ship steel and aluminum to the us up to date.
6:34 am
>> you will have protection for the first time in a regrow your industries. >> reporter: president trumputig field with new taxes on some import known as tariffs, 25 percent on steel, and 10 percent on aluminum but the idea quickly sparked fears of the trade showdown with china and other u.s. trading partners. canadian prime minister justin trudeau. >> we are impressing upon the american administration, unacceptable nature of these proposal that is will hurt them every bit as much as they will hurt us. >> reporter: in wisconsin the governor's announcement of new jobs at a local company was overshadowed by concern. >> we fear in wisconsin it would be pushing jobs out of wisconsin and america. >> reporter: scott paul is president for alliance for american manufacturing. >> what is stopping our trading partners like china from taking their business elsewhere. >> there will be an adjustment as we rebalance this but i
6:35 am
think every other nation knows that they have been getting a good deal, in fact i would call it a gift from the united states and now we expect reciprocity. >> reporter: unlike other policy changes such as gun and immigration reform president trump can impose these tariff using executive action. he said details are still being written but he plans to sign off on the changes next week, at the white house, weijia jiang for cbs news. the president's plans for tariffs on steel and aluminum will come up for discussion on today's face the nation, guest s include the director of the white house national trade council, peter nova ro and two senators south carolina republican lindsey graham and west virginia democrat joe mansion. it is this morning right here at 10:30 on cbs-3 on face the nation. it that is time of the year again, they are flock to go east passyunk avenue for the restaurant week. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh is live in
6:36 am
philadelphia. you are in a restaurant, with what is cooking there, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jan this is breakfast of champions if i can think of one, if you have been to this two fishtown this is the concept here on east passyunk avenue. joining me is, ben, thanks for being with us this morning. you have been doing this for several years now at the restaurant week. what does this mean to you and your business. >> great way for customers to come in get a different group of dishes that we don't usually serve. it is always good to get a pre fixed meal where you don't have to worry about ordering, it is just a great thing for the avenue. >> reporter: so you have dishes here you have been up early, cooking what can people expect when they walk in here today. >> for dumpl-ings we have smoke salmon that is cream cheese abe smoke salmon filling and crispy dumplings. >> on the left is there fried
6:37 am
cauliflower with pickled red onion and mint it is a very healthy dish. and then noodles, they are the most popular. >> reporter: so good. >> they are mushroom chow fung it is wok fried noodles with mushrooms, peas and on top it gets a really strong, awesome, garlic chile sauce. >> reporter: we were also talking about the vibe in here love that. the art which took six months, hand drawn, what led to you kind of come up with this concept and this cuisine. >> i mean we're huge into art, we're big art fans, i'm a former musician, my mommies an artists, my business partner shawn is like soup inner to music so we're very cultural people and then we love dumpl ings and noodles so why not open up a restaurant where you serve dumplings and noodles. >> reporter: so people can come down. talk about the price for lunch
6:38 am
and dinner. >> it is $25, you get three course is, you can choose three april ties others, and add on dessert for five dollars. >> reporter: exciting. if you want to check it out that information is on our web site at cbs but for now live, anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> anita, thank you. still right a here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" biggest names in hollywood are gathering for the oscars, straight ahead, we will tell you movies topping the list and how law enforce enforcement will keep everyone safe. plus of all of the perks company can offer there is one people value the most, what employees say is key to keeping moral high we will be
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back on eyewitness news police will be out in full force during tonight's oscar ceremony, variety magazine reports more than 500 officers will be around the doll bye theater in l.a. tonight. fbi, fire fighters private security guards and police helicopters will be on hand for the event. officials say they are not aware of any specific threats begins the 90th academy awards but l.a. pk says it isn't taking chances. while security is gearing up for oscars so are nominees this years category include favorites as well as a few surprise nominees. chris martinez has a behind the scenes look at how, hollywood is now preparing for tonight's big show.
6:42 am
>> reporter: it is hollywood's biggest night, and outside the theater in los angeles, oscars gold is taking over. this year the shape of water leads pack with the most nominations, 13 in all. the war drama dunkirk is next in line with eight nominations and three billboards outside ebbing missouri follows with seven nods. >> we have had two official complaints about those billboard. >> from whom. >> reporter: this year there are some surprises including a few films that critics say wouldn't be considered oscar contenders. >> i think academy mind set is changing. >> reporter: variety magazine's tim gray says it is no longer only dramas dominat ing major categories, he believes nominations from movies like get out could signal a shift in what is considered an oscar worthy film. >> get out is kind of a horror
6:43 am
comedy suspense film. >> the world is not the same as it was. >> logan gets nominated for best screen play and that is a super hero movie. >> reporter: in the main acting category gray has these predictions. >> frances mcdormand for three billboards, gary oldman for darkest hour are clear favorite. >> reporter: as for who will ultimately take home hollywood gold only oscar knows. chris martinez for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". back to our big story of the day, of course, it is weather, finally wind tapering off a little bit but not going just yet. >> it is still breezy which is , in tern going to make it feel colder, january we are starting off with a couple cloud from i-95 and east into portions of south jersey and portions of central, southern delaware a couple clouds this morning but we will see those cloud thinning out breaking out for good amount of sunshine as we head in the 38 dn philadelphia. thirty-seven in wilmington. down the shore temperatures are in t
6:44 am
we have 37 in allentown. fresh snowfall from a couple days ago, little snow fromell, s in the poconos. it will stay cooler, up there because that 3 thigr morning in, 37 in west chester. 40 degrees inwarm spot on the m5 , mount holly, our winds coming out of the north and northwest, right sustain in philadelphia, so, of course, that is makg it feel chillimoing. coming in at 10 in wilmington, 12 in millville, breeze we head throughout the day-to-day , and then temperatures are goin know, makg it in the 40's, so it is going eafel cool day as you see if you will, 43 degrees by noon timehe we head e 3:00 o'clock hour. chilly afternoon. that is going to be because of the winds, so here's your feels like temperatures throughout the day, by noon time feeling like 35 degrees,
6:45 am
really dress for the 30's if you plan on being out and about today and who wouldn't want to because it seems like we dealt with so much precipitation over last week kind of nice to get outside, right. 37 degrees by 2:00 when it will feel like, 36 by four and then 34 as we head in the 6:00 . lets talk more about the coastal flood advisory in effect into this afternoon for our shore points, also into portions of potential for more minor tidal flood to go day high tide to 9:45 just ar of. a possibility as we head flow, throughout the day-to-day. flood warning ian into burlingtn county this is north branch rancocast cek pemberton but this creek is expect to drop below flood stage as aftere are keeping an eye on that as well. future wind speed, wfilly subsi? we have been dealing with the winds for days, well, it isin
6:46 am
the afternoon, also as we move in the overnight hours tonight , and then into mondaye will be dealing with wind chills probably in the teens chilly startthere, keep that but watch what happens as we head into monday afternoon an ts will be subsiding,gl digits as d into monday evening. now lets talk about the potential for yes, maybe more snow in the forecast, fast forwarding, into tuesday night and late day rain, and, and, rain/snow mix and snow, air yas knotter and west as we head in the overnight hours we will start off with rain, in philadelphia, by wednesday morning but then, as an area of low pressure develops off the coast, that is a possibility it could pull that rain/snow line down and we could have accumulating snow right here in philadelphia still a lot of questions with the potential nor'easter as we head into tuesday and wednesday possible accumulations very cold east wind, this is an evolving
6:47 am
forecast. chilly start on monday and late day rain chance on tuesday, and then all eyes tuesday night into wednesday, jan. >> where is spring though, chelsea. >> i know just around the corner. >> all right. >> thank you. time to check the road lets go to cheryl golden in the cbs-3 traffic center, good morning, cheryl. >> good morning, pretty quiet ride on the roadways so far, live look at ben franklin parkway as you can see problem free and same goes for all of the delaware river bridges, moving over philadelphia, olde city, chestnut street remains closed 22nd and third, it took place three weeks ago, detours remain in the area so give yourself some extra time as you head out this morning. we have a disable vehicle 95 northbound approaching allegheny avenue so please use caution in that area. that winter weather that took place a few days ago your buses train and trolleys may be suspended.
6:48 am
live, i'm cheryl golden, now jan, back to you. >> 6:47. perks at work, it turns out we make employees happiest doesn't even involve machining i as "eyewitness news" reporter nicole brewer shows us it is all about how an employer makes them feel. >> reporter: with much of our day on fly by our job is important for work tours like what they do. >> every project i work on is different so constantly learning. that is what i like best bit. >> just to be able to work with children and do what i love. >> i get to go to lots of different places and see how things are made. >> it is whatever gets you up in the morning is different for each person. >> reporter: different career paths but one common goal job satisfaction. recent pole by a research firm found flexible hours top the american workers wish list. >> having some sort of independence offer control over your job. >> if you have kiddy can see that being a big deal. >> it was especially true for
6:49 am
women. >> reporter: second in line was professional development. >> it is a way for your employer to give back but you like where you at, where you are going is important. >> reporter: health and fitness benefits were as important as free food and time for third place. >> contradictions. >> you need to work it off too >> reporter: free food you cannot beat that. >> yes, no matter what profession. >> reporter: at end of the workday it is about employees feeling like people. >> you will spend a lot of time doing your job. >> i think if you feel valued if you are there for just labor and hours. >> corporations just can't be sucking up profits they have to address the need of their employees. >> reporter: nicole brewer for
6:50 am
6:51 am
oz y2oo8y y12fy
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flyers take on the panthers afternoon. flyers goalie peter mrazek has task of slowing down lightening owe even if, flyers up four-three. face off ivan provorov his shot finds back of the net for his 12th goal of the season. still in the third flyers up five-four, tampa with the two on one and stephen stamkos with the one timer for his second goal of the game and we are tied at five. less than three minutes later tampa on the attack and victor headman's shot is good, his second of the gale, tampa has the lead. under three minutes left in regulation claude giroux pass is deflected and get the puck back and scored his 23rd goal of the year, we are tied up, the game, goes into a shoot-out. stamkos, has a chance.
6:53 am
tampa comes from behind to win seven-six. to college hoops villanova won last four big east regular season titles. there will not be a fifth. xavier beat depaul to defeat crown and number one seed next week. nova will be second seed. final regular season game, georgetown, first half, nova down by one, jaylen brownson, knocks the three ball from the top of the circle. he had 16 points. cats took a lead and never looked back, still in the firsthand, donte divincenzo for three, that is good, and villanova's leadings to 11. down to 15 points. they were not finished. nice defense by cats. miguel bridges with the steel and two hand slam, bridges with the team high 24 points, fourth racked cats will finish regular season 27-four with a 97-73 victory. penn state looking to keep their ncaa tournament chance's live against eighth ranked purdue in the big 10 semi finals. been state down, he pulls up three and makes basket and
6:54 am
foul. he had 33 points. boilermakers will pull away here in the second. carson edward knocking down the three, they win, nittany lions will finish 21-13. they will find out on sunday if they make the tournament. phillies pulling double duty, two split squad games against orioles and pirates. torey smith threw out the first pitch and then celebrated. minor leaguer tom took the mound, here in the second, he hits a line drive, begins the wall, and he scores from first orioles would take the lead. he went one in a third, struggled with control. they had a no hitter in the eighth. phillies ryan with the single to left to end, baltimore will beat the phillies four-two. the other split squat game ben lively who is battling for that fifth spot in the rotation, threw three shut out innings giving up just one hit in three strike outs but phillies lost four-three.
6:55 am
fightins will take on blue jays this afternoon. the union opening up the season last night against new england at talen energy stadium. union with the ball, across the box to rookie anthony fountaina from newark, delaware scoring his first mls goal, cj sapong would score and union win two to nothing the final. sixers are in action with the bucks, that is all for sports i'm leslie van arsdal have a great day. well, sports fans are getting ready for another march madness, basketball tournament. right here on cbs. but employers, are not so, excited bit. correspondent hena doba shows us a new study on productivity during the playoffs. >> reporter: americans seem to go mad for march madness but as the field dwindled down to the number one seed contender as all of the employee excitement good or bad for
6:56 am
business. new study from office feed suggest americans spend 25 and a half minutes during their workday on sports activities during the college basketball playoff, and with the tournament, right across 16 work dates that is a total of six hours. while checking game scores and team rankings are the most common occurrence in the work place simple sports talk can also be time consuming. >> habits are important because they compound overtime >> reporter: time management expert james clear says key to more productive habits at work achieving small goals, according to the study make sure you are following the company play book, know your employers rules on personal internet use, sports a tire, and work place decorations. don't fall behind on assignments and then it is okay to root for your favorite team but remember it is just a game. >> they seem like small choice s but in the moment it seems like nothing, in order to make these choices but over span of the lifetime it makes a difference.
6:57 am
>> reporter: study also suggest that employers shouldn't worry too much about march madness being a distraction, allowing employees even a few minutes can be time well spent, giving staff the opportunity to bond with collogues and return to their desk rejuvenated. hena doba for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and that is it for cbs-3 "eyewitness news" at 6:00 o'clock here's what we have coming up at 7:00 picking up the pieces a massive clean up job, continues today, after last week's nor'easter, as power crews work overtime to get the lights back on we are back at the top of the hour, stay with
6:58 am
oh no. oh no. i hate this belt. man oh man. mom, we have a situation. life's bleachable moments need clorox bleach.
6:59 am
7:00 am
power companies work to turn on the lights after friday's nor'easter, coming up we will take a lot the hardest hit area. plus septa's getting back on track after the storm, next , how much progress the transit system is making on the rails and buses. it is sunday march 4th, good morning i'm jan carabao but first lets start with the forecast with meteorologist chelsea ingram with eyewitness weather g sunday morning, chelsea. day by day your win is dying down but still we have it around this morning. >> we are under the influence from that nor'easter that is now well out to sea but still dealing with wind, not as much
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