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tv   Eyewitness News at 7  CBS  March 4, 2018 7:00am-8:00am EST

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power companies work to turn on the lights after friday's nor'easter, coming up we will take a lot the hardest hit area. plus septa's getting back on track after the storm, next , how much progress the transit system is making on the rails and buses. it is sunday march 4th, good morning i'm jan carabao but first lets start with the forecast with meteorologist chelsea ingram with eyewitness weather g sunday morning, chelsea. day by day your win is dying down but still we have it around this morning. >> we are under the influence from that nor'easter that is now well out to sea but still dealing with wind, not as much as yesterday, but certainly
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not as much as the day before that, but we are also going to be tapping into good amount of sunshine today with high pressure moving in control. lets look at a live look at center city, you can see sun in the cloud we are dealing with a little bit of cloud cover this morning but that should thin out, and we will see sunshine in the afternoon. 37 degrees in philadelphia, 38 as we are's waking up this morning in wilmington. thirty-nine in dover and lancaster this morning at 36. right around 27 degrees waking up in the poconos. look at the winds coming out of the north and west and around 16 miles per hour, sustained at philadelphia international airport, so, that is, making it feel a little bit chillier out there. we have wind chill values right now in the upper 20's across much of the region and a couple of spots in the lower 30's. poconos feeling more like 15, at this hour, so, coming up here's what we will talk about , plenty of sunshine in the forecast today we will let you know when winds really
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subside and also potential for a mid week, nor'easter, i will have details in a few minutes, jan. >> thank you. new this morning, philadelphia police are trying to figure out what sparked a shooting that left one man dead and another man in critical condition. the shooting happened at sixth and spring garden streets in northern liberties this after 2:30 a.m. police arrived and found those two victims inside of a car there. officers rush the two men to the hospital where one died, the investigators say man fled in the silver vehicle so far no arrests. a car has crashed in the tree on roosevelt boulevard killing one woman, crash happened on the boulevard near friendship street just after 3:30 this morning, that woman died at a hospital a short time later, the cause of the crash is now under investigation. and a suv goes crashing into a fence in philadelphia's nicetown neighborhood killing one person, and this accident, happened on the 4200 block of wissohickon avenue around 12:30 a.m., we are told victim
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died at the scene there investigators are trying to figure out what caused this crash. in other news today utility companies are making progress in repairing down power lines, peco has now restored power to more than 500,000 customers but hundreds of thousands are still without electricity, this morning. the majority of the customers are expected to be back on line, by tomorrow night, right now more than 123,000 peco customers are still in the dark, and it is more than 54,000, from ppl and more than 2,000 for ac electric, 3,000 from del marva and almost 4,000 customers, for pse&g. 53,000 of those in the dark are in delaware county alone, officials have declared a disaster emergency there, they fear that some people may be without power, for another couple of days, here's "eyewitness news" reporter alycia nieves. >> reporter: roughly 24 hours after authorities ripped through the region, this is what, parts of the delaware county still looked like.
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we found this car crushed near drexel hill and this home with the toppled tree on it in havertown. nor'easter then ripped through this, reaching delaware county , particularly hard. >> we felt like it was just going to be a real quick flurry and that is about it and apparently not. >> reporter: this home with the toppled tree in havertown is hope finel i's home her bedroom is crushed in and her power out out. she's unable to sleep here. >> i will be sleeping at work. >> reporter: county officials say it could take days before the power is restored to everyone with all of the outages and damage the county has to declare a disaster emergency. >> there was a winter storm a couple years ago where there was significant damage and ice storm and we had many residents that were out for days for a time but in speaking with our people at our emergency services 911 center last night they said an eight hour period from mid afternoon to midnight last night was the highest volume, that they have ever had in the history of the 911 center.
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>> reporter: alycia nieves for cbs-3 eyewitness news. well, pennsylvanians continue their clean up, communities across new jersey are also dealing with storm damage, "eyewitness news" spotted crews tackling the aftermath of friday's winter storm, high winds caused trees to topple on to power lines there and leave holes, roofs all over the state. now that the storm is over the headache begins, people are trying to figure out how much insurance will cover, one home owner told "eyewitness news" his family is just happy that everyone is safe. >> it could have been worse, no one was home, no one got hurt, dogs were there my kid were worried about the dogs, they were fine, they were probably barking their heads off but not too worried. like i said, it could have been a lot worse. >> utility crews have been busy restoring power to tens of thousands of customers in south jersey. septa's operations are almost back to normal after winter storm, some bus routes
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are running on detour because of the weather. services on some regional rail lines is also suspended, passengers waited patiently at 30th street station yesterday for some of the trains that were running, septa says crews are working to clear debris from track. >> trees, many of them off of the right away, fell over on to us. this tree came down, another very tall tree that came down on our doyletown line last night near the end of the line >> septa officials recommend checking the transit services web site for up to date information on service disruptions. amtrak service on the northeast corridor is getting back to normal today, rail line says nearly all of the services between washington and boston is scheduled to operate today, amtrak also plans to full keystone service too and from harrisburg and auto train service from virginia to florida. we are not only won hard hit by this powerful storm. governors of massachusetts,
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maryland and virginia have declared states of emergency. hena doba shows us how the storm battered much of the northeast bringing heavy winds and a mixture of rain and snow >> reporter: massive clean up underway after a powerful nor'easter clobbered the northeast. officials say more than a million and a half homes, and businesses, in several states, were still in the dark, saturday, and then numerous utility poles are down and water town, massachusetts. >> it was pretty, it was pretty intense, never seen anything like it. >> reporter: whipping winds caused havoc from maryland to maine. huge waves from the atlantic ocean crashed on to streets submerging cars, emergency crews used boats to reach people trapped inside their homes, by rising flood water. >> all this stuff, you know but it is automatic. >> reporter: police say a little boy was killed when a tree slammed into his home in virginia. >> right now we're just devastated. >> he wasn't terminally ill,
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just a freak accident in the middle of the night that took the baby from frustrates. >> reporter: upstate new york received 16 inches of snow, flood warnings remain in effect as powerful storm moves out to sea but the headache, left behind, will be felt for days to come. airports are working to rebook thousands of passengers, who are left stranded during the storm. hena doba for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and in other news today, if you are looking to try a new place to eat, head on over to east passyunk avenue for sixth annual restaurant week. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh is live at -- well, a neat, you can let me know what restaurant you are at, good morning. >> reporter: that was good, jan, less cala veer a we showed you mexican cuisine at asian cuisine a half an hour ago and now we are in italy. this is my italian friend neapolitan friend chef le
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brando. >> i don't think many people can say it as good as you can, so... >> reporter: we are going on a world tour here on east passyunk avenue for restaurant week. explain what we are looking at because i'm having heart palpitations right now. >> we have traditional homemade and old fashion style meat balls, recipe from italy, grandmother in this case helped a lot. we do a little twi a base of thd whipped sweet regatta underneath with salt, pepper and parsely and we shaved some directly from the wheel right on top of the meat balls. >> smells and looks amazing what do we have with sea food. >> he is our seafood diabolo which is a medly, sauteed in a very spicy red sauce. we give it a particular twist considering that we fuse our seafood with beer and dry our chile, so, it makes it a
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diabolo in the real term. >> reporter: that is one of my favorite dishes, i must say and i like how you have a unique twist. i also love my dessert. so what is this right here. >> this is hands down probably one of our top sellers. it is our homemade dish. we do a 48 hour fermentation for the dough, natural, like we do back in naples at home so after that we proceed to fry, the dough in little balls and stuff them with cannoli cream, chocolate chips and we serve them with a little chocolate made in the house and raspberry is made out of a mixed berry that we make in the house as well. >> reporter: i'm so or toy everyone at home to look at breakfast of champions i'm about to experience right now. we're so excited for east passyunk restaurant week you can come on down through friday, that information can be found on our web site at cbs live on east passyunk avenue
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anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". you may remember him as one of the stars of mash this morning we will look back at at the career of the virtual actor. west virginia teachers are not leaving the picket lines, what will it take to get them back into the classroom, we will take a look after the break. dangerous storms not just on our coastline but dramatic rescue after a man is buried in an avalanche, that is when "eyewitness news"
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and voice actor playing, h ogsworth the clock in 1919 beauty and piece and poke hand as. he died at his oregon home of bladder cancer, and, david was 75 years old. students in west virginia, are still home on monday, as the teachers strike is expected to extend into an eighth day. the west virginia senate voted yesterday to raise teacher pay , by 4 percent, not five, which is what the teachers union is demanding. this state house has approved a 5 percent increase but when that bill reached the senate, one lawmakers decided the figure should be lower to 4 percent and savings should be used to give allstate employees a 4 percent raise.
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>> yes, the workers would talk about home land security people and protect us every day. >> already had the problems with embarrassment, from the government and we already had sheriff's written promise, in the house. >> we will stay united, 55 strong, and this will continue , indefinitely. >> state house refused to agree to the senate's 4 percent increase, conference committee will work out differences. west virginia teaches are among the lowest paid in the entire country they have promised to remain on strike until they get their 5 percent increase. florida senate reject a ban on ar15 style rifle, they would have lasted two years, introduced asiana moment to a remember gun reform bill, that aims to make it harder for mentally ill to obtain guns and strengthen background checks for people trying to
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buy guns, when the amendment came up, the senate could not agree. >> our constituents back home wonder why we just can't, why we can't address guns. >> if i thought for one moment that we ban add salt weapons and all of these tragedies would end, you would have me, i would be with you but will we been ban fertilizer which is what they used in objecting a bombing, pressure cookers, it is not the weapon, it is the evil from within. >> now the bill would also allow some teachers, to be armed, and it is expect to pass tomorrow. it has been more than two weeks since the mass shooting at marjory stoneman douglas high school in park land, florida, that shooting left 17 people dead and the accused gunman used an ar15 style rifle in the shooting. in weather now weather out west is improving, heavy rain drenched the california coast while mountains received a lot of snow, and a man had to be rescued at a ski resort near lake tahoe and a avalanche,
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buried them under several feet of snow, they work hard to get them out safely. >> he opened up his eyes, and, he is looking right at me, he said where is my wife. >> this storm is being blamed for killing two snow borders on other mountains in california's sierra nevada, the blizzard dumped up to 3 feet of snow and closed major highways there, meantime officials were worried that heavy rain might cause mud slideness southern california but there was very little damage. officials say that the rain has turned out to be good news for the region since it is still in a severe drought. back here at home now looking at our weather, quiet today but also, already tracking another storm. >> i know, that is exactly right, potentially another coastal storm as we head in the middle of the upcoming week we will talk about that and lets look live, at cape may this morning, camera shaking just a little bit we are still dealing with the breeze out there as well today and breeze here in philadelphia, two really across the region winds won't be subsiding until later in
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the evening and at nighttime on monday. wind still sticking with us still under the influence of this system, and even cape may , we're still talking about potential for some coastal flooding even into today. let me take to you a look at coastal flood advisory that remains in effect yesterday, coastal flood warning, today an advisory, so some minor tidal flooding will be possible for shore points in the delaware beaches at high tide between 8:45 abe 9:45 this morning. easterly swell as well, some additional beach erosion can be possible too. storm scan three is showing you sat light view this morning, and we are tapping into some cloud cover especially into south jersey along our shore points but, beyond some sunshine right along i-95 new castle county in delaware and even into portions of delco. we will see sunshine as we head in the afternoon but it is rather chilly as we are's starting out your sunday. 37 degrees right now in philadelphia. thirty-eight millville. down the shore temperatures in the upper 30's, chillier up in the poconos, in the 20's as we
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start off the day this morning here's the winds coming from the north and west and they are on the breezy side, we could see gusts even lead nothing to the afternoon around 25 to 30 miles an hour or so and that is going to make it feel inn chillier. our weather today, 43 by noon time with sunshine but chilly afternoon, 46, why is 46 going to be chilly? that is because of the wind. lets track that wind chill as we head throughout the day, by noon time wind chills in the 30's, regional wide, if you are out and about today, and who wouldn't with the sunshine , just make sure that you are dressed for 30's. as we head in the ladder part of the afternoon still dealing with the wind chill in the 30 's and teens in the poconos, so feeling even colder up there if you are going to be doing any type of skiing or snow boarding, by 7:00 wind chills dropping down in the 20 's and it is a very chilly start to your, monday morning, with wind chills in the teens and 20's. so still breezy today with sunshine, high temperatures make it up to 46 degrees in
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philadelphia, down the shore in cape may county plenty of sunshine, minor tidal flooding , possibility of 46 degrees there as well and then in the poconos a high temperature right around 33 degrees, wind which sun and cloud but with that northwesterly wind around 20 it is going to feel even colder. lets talk about potentially, nor'easter number two, expecting a coastal area of low pressure to develop tuesday night and wednesday, we might see rain changing over to wednesday snow it will be less of a wind thread compared to the most recent system we have deal with. very chilly start to the workweek in the morning, subsiding monday evening, and, monday night. mid week storm chance possible accumulation was that. here's your seven day forecast 48 on monday, chilly start, lit day rain chance on tuesday , all eyes are on tuesday night into wednesday, and then we will quiet down by thursday, friday, saturday, jan. chelsea, thank you. it is now 7:20.
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time to see how traffic is moving with cheryl golden in the cbs three traffic center. >> here's a live look at vine street expressway, the schuylkill is looking good both east and westbound in center city, 95 north and southbound as well as blue route, northeast extension and pennsylvania turnpike all checking in delay free. in philadelphia olde city chestnut street remains closed between third street and second street, and it took place about three weeks ago. and, detour in that area. the rails is, almost back on schedule but, and, at septa .org live from the cbs-3 traffic center i'm cheryl golden now jan, back to you. still ahead right here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this sunday morning the possible medical benefits of nuts, new study that shows eating them could help some cancer patients, we will explain after the break.
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back on "eyewitness news" march is colon rectal cancer awareness month, new research now that shows, colon cancer patients, who regularly eat nuts are at a significantly lower risk of cancer recurrence, health reporter stephanie stahl explains the study. >> reporter: tree nuts like almonds, walnuts, cashews can help patient was stage three colon cancer live longer. new research track 826 patients after they were treated with surgery and chemotherapy.
7:25 am
>> i think it is significant, i mean many people, are already eat nuts. >> reporter: doctor aldeari deputy director of fox chase cancer center says it is not known exactly why nuts improve survival, research found stage three colon cancer patient whose regularly consume at least two, 1 ounce serving of nuts every week had a 57 percent improvement, in overall, survival. >> if you know you knew that, eating more of these tree nuts can help your chances of keeping this cancer from coming back and living longer, i would certainly do it. >> reporter: the doctor says that nuts, when part of the mediterranean diet that includes healthy fats can improve colon cancer outcomes along with exercise, and keeping a healthy weight. avoiding things like sugar and processed food food in meat is also important. >> lots of red meat, western diet is associated with increased risk of colon cancer >> reporter: best way to prevent colon cancer is to have regular colonoscopies which can identify early stage
7:26 am
cancer, the doctor say treatments have become more sophisticated. >> this is a powerful new technology where you can really start to get information about a person's, tumor, its genetic, its response to treatment. >> reporter: by analyzing tumors doctors can customize and target treatment. >> this is really an advance in the last couple of years that we're excited about. >> the research on nuts say improvements were only found with tree nuts, not peanuts, and in terms of the nuts being fattening, 24 almonds for example of about 200 calories and 14 grams of fat, other studies have shown overall, people who eat nuts, tend to be leaner, and that helps fight cancer too. i'm stephanie stahl for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". in the next half an her right here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news", as nor'easter moves out to sea the clean up continues, here at home, find out how many people are still in the dark this morning.
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and, dishing out variety what one south philadelphia neighborhood is serving up for restaurant week, "eyewitness news" is coming right
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today is sunday, march 4th , good morning i'm jan carabao, meteorologist chelsea ingrammys live outside on the sky deck with
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eyewitness weather, this morning, how does it feel. >> good morning to you and you at home, it is chilly, courtesy of the breeze we are still dealing with, still under the influence of the nor'easter as it continues to make its way out to sea. we have cloud cover out there in center city and we will break out about some sunshine. we will have temperatures across the region. here's the chill. 37 degrees in philadelphia. thirty-eight in wilmington. down the shore in the upper 30 's. thirty-seven in allentown. eg poconos. here's a look at that wind coming from the north and west , sus6ed miles per hour, currently allentown,phia international, and 15 miles an hour in the poconos. as we head throughout the afternoon yo winds gusting from 20 to 30 miles an hour at times, and, of it feel n colder and right now it feels much colder then what i just temperatures across the region feels more like 28 in center
7:31 am
city. feels more like 15 up in the poconos. it is a chilly start the two na wide we are looking at 40's from the shore to philadelphia, and then in the poctemperature righ3 degrees, up in the poconos, a mixture owe wl have your full forecast in a few minutes and we will talk about nor'easter heading our way. details in a bit. >> chelsea we're still week, thank you. 7:31. delaware county is struggling to recover after that nasty nor'easter ripped through our region. officials have declared a disaster emergency as 53,000 people, are still in the dark. "eyewitness news", spotted down trees, damaged homes and crushed cars yesterday, and friday, powerful winds caused trees to topple on to homes throughout the region. one woman we spoke with said, that she was forced to sleep at work after a tree toppled on to her home and her power went out. >> it felt like it was just a real quick flurry, that is about it and apparently not.
7:32 am
>> we're told power companies are working around the clock to restore services to customers, they are hoping to have that vast majority of the customers back on line by tomorrow night. lots of clean up jobs in new jersey, after friday's nor'easter as well, trees toppled on to power lines there and left holes in roofs all across the state. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan, caught up with homeowners, cleaning up. >> reporter: powerful winds took out a number of big trees like this oak, that ripped up, part of the street, and worse then that, it slammed into the roof of this home. it was snowing sawdust and mulch saturday as tree crews tackled aftermath of the extremely windy winter storm. >> heavy winds, big storm a lot of trees. >> reporter: bob woke up to the sound of this tree falling on to his home on hill side avenue in haddon heights. >> a big crash, my wife, son started yelling, hey, trees coming down, it is coming down now. >> reporter: now that the storm is over the headache begins trying to figure out
7:33 am
how much insurance will cover. >> it looks like it business that size and on the front, little bit and over on the side we have got some damage but everyone is safe, that is all we really care about. >> reporter: a few streets away another crew is removing this tree that fell on the home in west pine street, this house belongs to the naphony family that were not at home. >> what did you think. >> it is pretty scary with you i still got my dogs. >> reporter: the family was able to stay the night. >> it could have been worse. no one was home. dogs were this there. my kids were worried about the dogs but they were fine. >> reporter: utility crew where is busy as they restored power to the tens of thousands of customers. majority of the customer who lost power in south jersey had it back. because of the down trees and other hazards power companies pse and g and atlantic city electric say it will take sunday night before power is restored n haddon heights i'm cleve bryan for cbs-3
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"eyewitness news". remember, the latest weather headlines are right at your fingertips with the cbs-3 mobile weather app just down loaded from the apple app and google play stores, to get your local forecast right on your smart phone. north carolina man is charged while driving, while intoxicated after a crash injured a hamilton township police officer. this crash happened friday night in mays landing, investigators say officer leo rodolph was in his patrol car diverting traffic from route 322 on to route 50 when rasul smith failed to yield and crashed into the front of rodolph's car, smith was in the injured. flags are flying, at half staff in wilmington after the death of police captain, stephen misetic. police say he suffered a heart attack at his home. he was 45 years old and 21 year veteran of the wilmington police department. still ahead on "eyewitness news", a feast so bigot runs a
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week, anita? it is a good morning, 26 restaurants are participating in east passyunk restaurant week i'm anita oh with the food you can expect and what this does for the district here coming up next. even though nor'easter is moving out seas remain choppy at the new jersey shore how long will that last? chelsea ingram's forecast is just minutes no, please, please, oh! ♪ (shrieks in terror) (heavy breathing and snorting) no, no. the running of the bulldogs?
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welcome back. east passyunk avenue has food up for grabs during its annual restaurant week. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh is live, at yet another restaurant, good morning, anita. >> reporter: good morning, jan , until friday you can get these restaurant week menus so right now we are at north, my friend john, a wonderful fantastic chef whom we love. so what are we go to go expect today at nord. >> well, today for dinner we areee course is for $35, really highlighting the food of northern europe these are three traditional, best dishes but a few, mash up of two dutch dishes real traditional dutch dish and belgium chocolate you air loyal list to east passyunk avenue nord is on the corner here what does this do for restaurants and participating ones on the avenue. >> it keeps news mind with people, and, you know, we're a great community of restaurants very supportive, a great place
7:39 am
to, i live upstairs, great place to live and do business. >> reporter: yes. we have been to several other restaurants this morning, many different cuisines, what do you think people will take away when they walk into nord specifically. >> we walk in the door we want you to feel like you are coming into our home but you bring the wine, sit down, relax, have an interesting kind of a little different dinner. >> reporter: setting is intimate. people come for brunch as well what are your dinner prices for fix price. >> three course is for $35. >> reporter: excellent. thanks so much for waking up. this is what you can expect when you come down to east passyunk restaurant week, 26 participating restaurants. find that information on our web site at cbs live from south philadelphia, anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". chelsea, how does the weather look for brunch crowd. >> we're looking good if i say so myself, but chilly. you will to have dress for temperatures in the 30's,
7:40 am
pretty much all day long. lets look at our weather watcher images we have ed connor who says he is waking up to cloud cover, no sun here at least not yet but we will be seeing some sunshine a little bit later on today. another gorgeous picture this one coming from phil, look at that, beautiful sunrise, this morning, gorgeous, and temperature wise, weather watchers are checking in with numbers in the 30's, we have had fran in nottingham who says he is right around 35 in his backyard. william in levittown right around 39. james in ocean city checking in the upper 30's as well, looking at john in mullica at 38. allen in delran says right around 38 degrees in his backyard. place where it is feeling colder then 38, well, that would be the poconos, right now, let me take you to a live look here jack frost big boulder, they have got some fresh powder over past couple of days some areas in the poconos picked up 2 feet of snow, and crazy weather with
7:41 am
that nor'easter that moved in. here's your forecast today in the poconos if you had are doing any skiing, snow boarding, anything like that, 33 degrees, back to the forecast high temperature snow will keep things a little bit cooler up that way, wind which sun and included today we will have winds coming from the northwest at 20 miles an hour and, of course that will make it feel even cold tore day. temperatures right now across the region we are in the 30's. 37 degrees in philadelphia as i mentioned the poconos, 27 degrees, up there this morning waking up. thirty-eight in wilmington. thirty-nine in dover. we are in the upper 30's down the shore as well, and then zooming into pottstown at 36 degrees, media right around 37. forty as we wake up this morning in palmyra. 38 degrees in the mount holly area look at these wind from his the north and west. definitely on the breezy side of things and that wind will keep things feeling colder throughout the day. as we head in the afternoon noon time, 43 degrees, breeze stays with us, 46 for that high temperature, but here's what it is going to feel like
7:42 am
as the day progresses. feeling like upper 20's around 10:00 a.m., feeling like 35 by noon time, so dress for the 30 's pretty much all day, all the way through four through 6:00 o'clock this evening, it will be feeling in the mid 30 's. we have coastal flood advisory in effect, yesterday was a warning, so it has been downgraded, minor, tidal flooding can be expect, especially between, 8:45 and 9:45 this morning and easterly flow we are also going to be dealing with the potential for additional beach erosion as well. here's your forecast down the shore cape may county 46. plenty of sunshine and that risk for minor flooding. when does the wind subside and do you down we have been dealing with the wind for days look at what haps head into monday, we are still breezy, and it will add to teens and 20's starting the day and then by monday afternoon monday evening, less color on the map those wins will subside and it will feel better out there. fast forwarding in time in tuesday night we will track
7:43 am
our next potential winter storm, maybe even a coastal storm a nor'easter this particular model does develop an area of low pressure off the coast, as you head into tuesday night and wednesday morning and possibly bringing that rain snow line all the way down into philadelphia, especially as we head into wednesday night. so this will be a system that we have to keep a very close eye on. chance of rain and snow as we head into tuesday night into wednesday. accumulations are possible. we will have very cold east wind but stay tuned because this is an evolving forecast and we will give you more specifics into the next couple days. eyewitness weather seven day forecast 48 on monday. forty-seven on tuesday. forty-one for that high on wednesday and 46 on thursday. well, do you love watching the weather you can be featured by bee copping an eyewitness weather watcher. sign up now at cbs watchers. jan. >> 7:43. time to check roads and highways lets get over to cheryl golden in the cbs-3 traffic center, good morning, cheryl.
7:44 am
>> good morning, jan kicking things off at 42 freeway, and, and, and, 295, and montgomery county, in lansdale a crash with injuries, at east main street at north chestnut street so please use caution in that area. in philadelphia olde city chestnut street remains closed between third street and second street due to a, took place, and, and, please, and, edge of time, in mass transit, and, they are back on schedule before we head out get updated information, at live from the cbs-3 traffic center i'm cheryl golden, now jan, back to you. turning to sports now, villanova finds out if it is top cat, and the flyers, struck by lightening. "eyewitness news", "eyewitness sports" reporter, leslie van arsdal has the report. >> flyers take on panthers this afternoon they have lost two in a row after yesterday's wild game with tampa. flyers goalie peter mrazek, has task of slowing down
7:45 am
lightening owe negligent. they win face off ivan provorov his shot finds back of the net for his, 12th goal of the season. flyers up five-four. tampa with the two on one and stephen stamkos with the one timer for his second goal of the game and we are tied at five. and then less than three minutes later tampa on the attack, and vick ter headman's shot from the top of the slot is good, second of the game, tampa has the lead. under three minutes left in regulation claude giroux's pass deflected but get that puck back and scored his 23rd goal of the year and we are tied up, the game goes into a shoot-out. stamkos, has the chance to win it, and he does just that, tampa beats flyers seven-six. college hoops villanova won last four big east regular season titles, there will not be a fifth, xavier beat depaul to win the crown and number one seed in the big east tournament, villanova is second seed. final regular season game at center against georgetown, first half know of down by one , jaylen brownson, knocks
7:46 am
the three ball to the top of the circle and with 16 points and they never looked back. still in the first half still time donte divincenzo for three, that is good, and villanova's leadings to 11, down to 15 points and they are not finished, but then miguel bridges with the steel and two hand slam. bridges with the team high, 24 points. fourth ranked cats will finish the regular season 27-four with a 97-73 victory. penn state looking to keep their ncaa tournament chance's live against purdue in the big 10 semi final. penn state down, chip gardener makes basket and foul. he led lions with 32 points. boilermaker will pull away here in the second, carson edward, penn state loses 78-70 lions will finish at 21-13. they will find out on sunday if they will make the tournament. now to the phillies pulling double duty, two split squad games with the orioles and pirates.
7:47 am
wide receiver torey smith threw out first pitch in clearwater. and, then celebrated. and mine are leaguer tom, took the mound begins fightins a guns baltimore. he hits a line drive, cedric mullens scored and orioles will take the lead. he went one and a third, struggled with control. orioles had a no hitter in the eighth, phillies ryan with a single to left and baltimore will beat phillies four-two. and the other split squad game ben lively, who is bat nearing fifth spot in the rotation, threw three shut out innings giving up just one hit and three strike outs but phillies who four-three to the pirates. fightins will take on the blue jays this afternoon. the union opening up the season last night against new england at talen energy stadium. union with the ball, cross the box to rookie anthony fountain a from newark, delaware scoring his first mls goal, cj sapong would score later and union will open up the season with the win, 2nil the final.
7:48 am
off to the sixers are in action tonight against the buck that is all for sports i'm leslie van arsdal have a great day. still to come on cbs-3 "eyewitness news", what these young won learned in school about being kind to animals, and how your child's school may want to start the very same project. animal advocate, carroll erickson tells us about it in this morning's pet project with "eyewitness news" co
7:49 am
7:50 am
7:51 am
time for the pet projector with carroller son an and carroll ann stewart a local teacher. >> i heard a project that carroll ann stewart from the genuine elementary school in malvern did and i could in the believe it. i said i have to have this woman on the show. this is something that teaches kid about kindness, animals, and jobs, and, use all of their skills as well. carroll, welcome, tell me how did you even come up with this >> well, it was a project that i learn about from my niece knowing that children are just so interested and love learning about dogs and their jobs, it just fell into place. >> lets take a look at the video right new because this is from the event, and there are three phases to this event , what all do they get out of this. >> well, they certain empathy, kindness toward dogs and it was just so far reaching because we had so many rescue dogs coming n we had therapy
7:52 am
dogs. we had guest experts with their dogs, search and rescue dogs, and, k-9 dogs. >> and it used all of the skills and then presented this big dog expo and kids were there. so many of the skills that kid s would normally be learning in school, anyway. >> oh, for sure during our non-fiction unit, and it entailed math, social studies, writing, reading. >> year ago you did just for your class, what happened when only one class at that school got to do it. >> yeah, it was a great project but the other second grade teachers and students were very jealous as they saw these dogs come into the school. >> they wanted to make it go school wide which it did in the second great. >> absolutely great. it stresses kindness and message cannot start early enough. that dogs have many jobs, and they do many things and they have to work like a dog, that was the name, too. >> they certain difficult did for many, many weeks.
7:53 am
>> yes. >> so next year what do you think. >> next year we may even expand it to cats. >> equal opportunity, of course, stick with these cats. >> yes. >> and they managed to raise $500 for animal charity just a way to give back, to everybody , and it is wonderful , what if somebody wanted to have these project like that in their child's school and teacher watching this morning and start this and meets all of the state guidelines. >> they can contact me at the school. >> the school again. >> genuine elementary school. >> in malvern. >> and have your school dogs readily invite dogs in, our school vice dog friendly we have three therapy dogs coming in on a weekly basis one of the things we do is give a reward and the reward is you can sit with the dog or have ice cream and what do they usually choose. >> their favorite is having a session with their therapy dogs. >> okay. >> that is saying something. >> sure is.
7:54 am
>> this dog would be a great therapy dog. i could read to bear all day long. let me show you cats because next year you may be dog cats and look at this beauty, a wonderful cat named munchy a domestic short hair who was recently surrendered to his family. his family could not care for him. great with kids and other cats inn everybody he meets. he is wonderful. and cuddles is apparently the most amazing, wonderful cat, ever, a 12 year-old senior domestic short hair cat, came to the spca in 2014, ended up in another shelter but through no fault of his own, back at this shelter, rather she and she is, just a wonderful, wonderful cat. >> and blue, well well well, blue is five years old a, great dog wants to be your only dog but i think he would love this handsome, beautiful dog, knows all of the commands , loves kids and just meeting new people and just a wonderful animal to have
7:55 am
around. just terrific. in the a little bit of time we have left the main take away you think from this project that you put on in the second grade at genuine elementary school, about animals and work like a dog, the one thing that you would tell people would be what? what did they get out of this the kids, positive dog experience. >> the children realize that everyone has a purpose and dogs have a purpose as well and we all thrive with physical, and mental activities and challenges. >> lets talk about bear, pennsylvania spca, this is a big, big, baby, loves her kong she's house broken, she's 11, she's a senior, she does need to get in the loving home but she's fine at home if you have to go to work. she's fine. she will not mess up at all. she will not bark at your house. she will not be messing up your house. her name is bear. she is, just as sweet as she can possibly be, pennsylvania
7:56 am
spca where you can find all of the other animals that we have showed you this moan. >> bear or anyone else, visit spca at erie avenue headquarters at 350 erie avenue saturday and sunday 10 to 5:00. machine through friday, one to 8:00. you make a great point start these kids off young in being very kind to animals because we know that is key, down the road. >> for sure. >> thanks, jan. you too, carroll. >> that is it for "eyewitness news" at 7:00 o'clock here's what we have coming up for you at 8:00, meisha johnson takes us on yet another dream drive to a candy factory, see how asher's chocolate company plus visit a live look outside this morning, a wind is still sticking around today we will tell you when it will let up in the full forecast when "eyewitness news" continues, we will be right back.
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delaware county declares a disaster emergency after being hit hard by that nor'easter. straight ahead see what people are still dealing with after friday's severe weather. plus a man is dead and another man hospitalized this morning after they were shot while sitting in their car, straight ahead we will tell you where gunfire broke out. and we finally have a sunny day in store, a live look from our place one
8:00 am
apartment sky cam in plymouth meeting coming up we will tell you if the sun will be bringing any warmth with it today. today is sunday march 4th good morning i'm jan carabao, lets start with the forecast with meteorologist chelsea in gram with eyewitness weather good sunday morning. >> good morning. >> still windy though. >> we are dealing with the breeze today so still under the influence of that storm that is well in our path at this point in time. wind is around today. it will feel breezy, make it, of course, feelle me start liver city you can sicture as we start and see good amount of sunshine as we head in theoon, n philadelphia. forty in wilmington. in atlantic city, 39king it in wildwood, 27 degrees up there in the here's that breeze, coming in out of the north and west, that iss an hour at philadelphia


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