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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  March 5, 2018 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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>> now at noon, in norristown, it is back to court for bill cost been his defense team wants to keep dozen against testifying against him. >> widespread damage still a problem for philadelphia suburbs, four days after a nor'easter ripped up trees and plunged communities into darkness. and it may be days before total power is restored. >> i'm rahel solomon, meteor jollies, chelsey ingram in for another nor'easter could bring more snow than the last one so what's the latest? >> starting you out with a look at today, yes, definately
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going to cover, that of course gorgeous day, you wouldn't think another nor'easter is even on the verizon, looking at current temperatures, we start you out live look at plenty meeting camera there, high atop the apartments, see couple every clouds in the sky , got some sunshhough , temperatures right now are responding to, that right now checking in the lower 40's , 42 degrees if philadelphia, 43 wilmington, the at 42 in millville, temperatures in atlantic city and 42 degrees in allentown, feels cooler with you factor in the breeze out of the north and west around 50 miles per hour feels like mid 30's, throughout the rest of the day today very quiet conditions, in fact, going to see less win , as we head into this evening, then all eyes on our next storm, going to see an area of low pressure developing off the coast. looks like it would be a nor'easter, headed into tuesday night, wednesday, already have winter storm watches that have been posted for areas north and west of town. those are also the areas that will have the best chance for accumulating snowfall. we will talk more about timing
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and totals in just a few minutes, for now sending it back to you guys. >> thank you, chelsey. >> clean up continues in delaware county one of the areas hardest hit by friday's nor'easter, crews have had their hands full with power outages, and downed trees. "eyewitness news" reporter alicia live in havertown with more on the big job of cleaning up. alicia? >> reporter: well, jim, essentially been 48 hours of non-stop cleaning here in the county but as you take a look hine me, you can see, there are still downed trees, like this one crews have not been able to get to, actually one of many sites throughout the county the day after the storm . >> downed power lines still common site here after friday 's nor'easter. the damage throughout the county is so significant, that officials had to declare a disaster emergency, over the weekend. and requests help from the governor's office. but the damage done by the storm is just half of the headache here. the other half, the widespread
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power outages. friday afternoon, over 70,000 households in the county were without power. peco crews worked around the clock to bring that number down to about 22,000 today. but that still leaves tens of thousands of people still without power. and that's people who have been in the dark for over 48 hours. >> that's pretty much stump pumps to make sure the basement doesn't flood and refrigerators, noea nothing, i've never seen anything like this around here i mean, not this magnitude. it is everywhere. >> it has been a struggle with nine month old trying to warm up his bottles, trying to run his humidify err, that didn't work. so luckily we had a portable sound machine. but he woke up in the middle of the night screaming. so just trying to keep him warm, and keep him fed. >> and the governor's office has gun to deploy additional resources to the county. additional state police were sent out here this morning, to man intersections where traffic signals are out because of the power outages,
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those state police office remembers expected to return for the evening commute. as far as people getting their power back, people owe -- peco says most people should have power by midnight tonight. few may have to wait until wednesday. and that's of course when we are expecting another nor'easter to hit the region. live in delaware county, alicia, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." >> thank you, not great timing there at all. making progress in repairing downed power lines, for the latest numbers right now more than 48,000 peco custom remembers in the dark. 5600ppl customers still without power. those power hasn restored for ac electric customers but still scattered outages, also, delmar have, about a thousand, and scattered for pse&g as well. >> keep track of the latest storm as it arrives in our area with the cbs-3 mobile weather app, just download it today from the apple app and google play stores to get your local forecast right on your smart phone. >> and in other news this noon , it is back to court for bill cosby. his defense team wants to stop
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his accusers. >> prosecutors want to call as many as 19 women to the witness stand, joe holden live at the montgomery county courthouse with more on today's hearing. good afternoon, joe. >> jim, rahel, good afternoon, of course the elephant in the room is the looming retrial of bill cosby on sexual assault and drug charges dating back to offense in 2004. fourteen years ago. however, the focus of this hearing has been on cosby's defense team attempts to derail the proceedings and have the judge dismiss the case. essentially, this is lawyers battling lawyers. and into two hours into the hearing before, there was even a mention of the big picture that bill cosby will again be fighting, to disprove sexual assault charges of the there he is, arriving at the courthouse. now, the defense is challenging the credibility of andrea constand, they have a witness, by the name of margo jackson, who contends andrea
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constand confided in her that she would hatch a plan to extort money from cosby. now, the defense claims that rises to the level of prosecutorial misconduct because alleged detectives destroyed notes. now defense attorney kathleen blitz told the court, and i quote: we have a man who has been charged with serious charges affecting his life. there has to be a fair prosecution. it requires one without bias or imprope motive. the allegation of an improper motive of course speaking to the claim that andrea constand was out to make money. well, montgomery county district attorney, kevin steel , countered all of that, he said, and i quote: the posture of this case even in the most aggregious circumstances is not to dismiss the case, but to have a trial. meanwhile, they had argument on that, there is argument going on right now about a motion to dismiss based over
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the statute of limitations. a lot of legal least unfolding i'll break it down for you starting on "eyewitness news" at 5:00. reporting live outside the montgomery county cho joe, appreciate it. well, firefighters recovering from injuries afr battling a house fire in feasterville overght. firefightee cled to 20 henry avenue around 2:30 a.m. this morning. officials say the injured firefighte conscious, and alert after being rescued told no one was home after the fire stard. house was on fire when the fi fire company came in. put the fire out. >> the cse o the fire is r investigation. anpolice are looking for the person who fired a stray bulletha elderly woman iner southwe philly apartment, hned about 12:30 a.m. this morning on the gra her bed when investigators say the bullet came through a first floor
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window and hit her in the rightne area hpital she house but not hurt. >> family and friends will gather fallende wilson. carlton hip and ramon officer's. they were t face a hearing today but the court a officer wn was buying a video ge from a game stop in north philly, when police say the brothers opened fire in march of 2015. >> well, coming up on cbs-3 " eyewitness news," big day for florida lawmakers, as they tackle gun legislation. >> ahead, more on the proposals that could limit gun purchases in florida as is potentially bring armed teachers into school buildings >> andater, some of the best oscar moments that you may have missed, entertainment tonight kevin frazier joins u with highlights from last night's academy
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>> welcome back everyone, florida lawmakers working to pass new gun lays for the first time in a decade after the parkland school shooting. >> today state senators in florida expected to vote on new bill that would raise the age to but rifles from 18 to 21, would a lay teachers and staff to be armed after 132 hours every training. yesterday pro gun advocates head rally to protest restrictions of the new bill. >> there have been students from spillman douglas here fighting for gun control. what would you say to them. >> you have a right to begry. i am angry w we can've rights fr dollars. >> if the bill passes today it llhe florida state house, state senators passed two year ban on ar15 assault weapons, the motion
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israeli benjamin netanya today at the white house two, office, will partipate ing lunct room expected to discuss president trp's decision to move the u s viv to jerusalem, another topic on the agenda is the rising donance of iran in the middle east. its intention to e my latest ray he will with its 6 million jews, makes no bones about it. >> have over one had hundred thousand missiles pointed at israel. >> now the white house is also reportedly close to releasing its plan for peace between the israelis and palestinians, an issue president trump has called a top priority. still ahead on "eyewitness news" at noon, last night marked the 90 year for the academy awards. >> next up, talking oscars, the winners and red carpet moments, ahead, kevin frazer from entertainment tonight has more of what everyone is buzzing about, following hollywood's biggest night,
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chelsey? >> and it might be monday, but it is never too soon to start talking about the weekend. right? and it looks like have bit of half and half weekends, have a good amount of sunshine for saturday, but some rain returning to the forecast as we head into sunday, overall, seasonable temperatures can be expected, with high temperatures actually in the upper four's, we will talk more about nor'easter number two com
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>> hollywood's biggest night kin fziand gone butany awardse. los aeles this afternoon veity and thethe awards show,
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rerpet moment.kevin, alw good to >> always good to talk to you all, let me just say this, that i thought last night, was the perfect wrap up for what has been little of tumultuous awards season with me two, and times up, but francisc doorman when she accepted her award as best actress, she put a bow on the season with a gesture that i thought wen long way, to addressing everything that's going on in hollywood. listen up. >> if i may be so honored, to have all of the female nominees in every category stand with me, in this room tonight, the actors, merrill, common. thil makers, the producers , the directors, the writers, the cinema to go per, the composers, the songwriters , the designers >> you know, that was great moment. think that hollywood is listening now, and i think things are changing, remember, if you have half the
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population, they should reflect half of the people working in an industry, and i think things are changing in the entertainment wormed. now, can you talk about the big win here didn't win an award last night? it had to be the one and only tiffany. she had talk to me earlier in the week about this dress she wanted to wear to honor her father. when she h red carpet, low and behold, she it had it on. >> i told you i would. >> it is beautiful. >> what's it mean to have this dress on knowing what it would have meant to your father today, knowing what it would have meant to your father? >> i know like this means everything to me. and to be able to wear this dress, represent my father's country, my father's country, i know that if he was here he would be so proud. he probably would be ah-whoo, and cheering being and just so happy, i'm so happy wearing t i feel so much joy in me life. i'm here, i'm going to find merle street, i'm going to get
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her to be my mama. hi, merle! >> i want you to be my mama one day. >> one day. >> just one day. >> let's get this money, girl. >> tiffany had quite a night. by the way, that dress she was wearing was the same dress she wore when she hosed saturday night live. and she said on saturday night live i'm going to wear this dress over and over again because it cost $4,000. it is an alexandra mcqueen, she said she wanted to get married in it and wore it to the academy awards, too, great night for herment people like katy perry, tyra banks are saying she should host the show next year, we'll see, weaver so much to talk about on entertainment tonight. it was a great, great night. >> definitely looking forward to the show tonight. >> we will be talking about it for days to come. thank you, kevin. >> you better believe it. take care. >> and as kevin just said, there is more from hollywood big night. catch it all on et at 7:30 tomorrow right here on cbs-3. >> people also talking about the weather. >> i know, people not happy about the weather.
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and another nor'easter, and still dealing with the after effect from the one that made its way through town friday. just a mess out there. and we've got another one headed our way, however, wind wise, it doesn't look like it will be as bad or as widespread as is what we dealt with on friday. so, that's the good news, but some areas might ends up picking up little bit more in the way of snowfall. let plea take you right now to a live look at center city. some beautiful sunshine out there. and also, some nice cumulus clouds out there, temperatures checking in in the 40's this afternoon. it is right around 42 degrees in philadelphia, 43 in wilmington. we are on our way up into the upper 40's, during the latter part of the afternoon, but we do have breeze coming in out of the north and west. about 16, in philadelphia, so that's making us feel just little bit cooler out there today. the breeze is finally, though, going to be subsiding. and calm down as we head into this evening. and also, tonight, with generally clear skies, and overnight low temperature
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right around 31 degrees. things pretty quiet on storm scan3, at least locally. zooming out i'll show this system that we are keeping a very close eye on, making its way toward the east. then what happens, it ends up transferring some energy off the dose. than is where we will find our coastal area of low pressure or nor'easter developing as we head into tuesday night and wednesday. so starting tuesday night, likely see rain-snow mix, also for areas well north and west of town, as we head into the overnight hours tonight, tuesday night, that's when it continues to occur. and then by wednesday morning, likely seeing rain for areas south and into delaware, or shore points, but look what happens right along i95, dealing with a little bit of no mix. if enough cold air pulls its way into the system we will prolonged head throughout the day wednesday, for that reason, i think, the wednesday ly ebably end up being the worse of the storm, if you will, then things will start to move on out fairly quickly. a winter storm watch has already been issued for areas
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north and west of philadelphia so that does include places like allentown, reading, jim thorpe, mount pocono, bush ppe could be some more ale coming down with this stuff. as we town get more information and so keeping an eye on that, as far as cast amounts, we're doing something little different, adding confidence metero the map. here thinking anywhere from one to 3 inches, possible, right along the i95 corridor, areas north and west, will be the location that feed the higher amounts, right now putting moderate confidence on this forecast. so, what doses that mean in it means things are probably diagnose to change little bit as we continue to tweak things , meteorologist lauren casey and also kate bilo will be looking at new data and they'll continue to update things as we head into tonight probably even into tomorrow morning. so, why don't we have the high confidence with that yet? well, easy answer, this is the reason why, look at t t model, t actually performed very poorly
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on friday, with the last system, only about an inch, and then north american model, saying over 10 inches, so a lot of stuff we still have to ion out with the forecast, what we will continue to do, keep you updated not only on cbs-3 but also your eyewitness weather seven day forecast, 47 degrees with increase in clouds, that precipitation moving in on tuesday. as we head into wednesday, rain and snow likely, probably likely seeing most of the rainfall for our shore points, then also cents into portions of delaware. wedngs quieting down on thursday, it is going to be breezy though, couple of flurries possible, a lingering snow chance as well on friday, then plenty of sunshine, saturday is looking rather gorgeous. so, not as big of a wind threat. but you know stuff has already been kind of loosened up whatnot from the last system, so won't take too much wind to cause some damage. keeping an eye on that. >> thank you, chelsey. check it out, all kinds of secrete yours washed up along beaches in the united kingdom following the nasty nor'easter that impacted much of the east
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coast. they stepped around entire coastline of star fish, crabs, as sorted shells, marine experts call this a mass stranding and say it happens when shallow water becomes extremely cold during a storm. >> that's fast naturing. >> i know. be right back.
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>> welcome back, jim, you managed to fit in a little dancing. >> i do my best.
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we joined natasha brown at the kimmel center saturday for the susan komen survival and strength, more than 2,000 women registered for the event , heard from 30 cancer professionals, 30 breast cancer survives ores, our pal huey dillon took great photos over there, of us, and as well as our friends joanne, she works here many decades at cbs-3, honored for her work on the race for the cure and the pink light campaign. and the philly pops entertained us, people were dancing in the aisles, including me. >> i told but my rhythm, rahel >> is that rhythm is it. >> yes, it is, audience practically up on their feet. >> they're amazed at the dance were you doing. >> no. >> you have people up dancing with you. >> more on my facebook page, check it out. that's "eyewitness news" at noon, i'm jim donovan. >> i'll rahel solomon, thanks for watching. "eyewitness news" continues at 5:00. >> the young and the restless
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>> previously on "the young and the restless"... >> dina: jackie, please! help me! >> ashley: dina was gonna be in bordeaux for a couple days visiting an old friend? >> jack: what? alone? >> ashley: no, she had her nurse with her, jack. apparently, they got separated at the train station. >> jack: she could be anywhere! >> ashley: we have no clue how we're gonna find her. >> victoria: that watermark signifies that you could have only gotten that information from one person -- your sister. but to fire the traitor. >> jack: everything is handled on my end. my interview comes out tomorrow. >> victoria: let's hope that the editor kept in the quotes about newman. otherwise, i'll have no way o stilst take you up on it. >> sharon: of course it still stands! you can move in tonight if you want to!
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