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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  March 6, 2018 2:07am-2:37am EST

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sell it.... to we buy any car. learn more and get your free online valuation now at we buy any car dot com ♪ find out how much your car is worth at ♪ >> three days after a strong storm thousands without power. as crews work around the clock another major storm looms, the second nor'easter in a week has its sights set in our region and this one is expecting to bring us much more snow. good evening everyone. i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. a winter storm watch has been
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posted for much of the delaware valley. kate bilo has brand new information on this storm and what we can expect. kate? >> thank you you guys. let's take a look at what's hang as far as our winter storm watch you just mentioned it's for the majority of the region, all of southeastern philadelphia, and new castle delaware under that watch. starts at 9:00 tomorrow night and will continue until 3:00 a.m. thursday. they may end that a little earlier as it looks like the storm may get out of here a little sooner. this also may be changed over to a winter storm warning for parts of the area and a winter weather advisory further south. as of now winter storm watch is in effect as this next system bears down upon the region. and here it is the upper low spinning over portions of the northern plains. this all heading east and we've got a secondary low that's going to form avenue the coast. that's the one that's going to take precedence. it will start to strengthen through the day wednesday and throw some anotherus snow back into our region. we'll start off tomorrow 5:00.
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your evening commute looks okay. a little bit of light rain starting just west of philadelphia by 5:00. by 9:00 wetaee light rain to the north, light rain to the south. the resipation stays light through tomorrow and into wednesday morning. as we head into mid morning wednesday the coastal low begins to ramp up and starts to send these waves of moisture back into the region. you can see the waves of snow starting to intensify around th come down heavily between 11:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. we start to get into that convective banding snow. heavy snowfall rates will continue through wednesday afternoon and by 7:00 or 8:00, that storm starts to wrap up. the highest impact with this storm will be the snowfall. low risk of ice but another threat for moderate wind damage and power outages. not as windy as the last storm, certainly. but coming up we'll talk more about why this system could
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create more power outages and of course i have our latest snowfall map so you can see what to expect where you live. jessica back to you. >> okay, kate. thank you the timing of the storm is not good for many who remain in the dark from the last storm. right now peco is reporting about 28,000 homes and businesses still without power. ppl still has power. greg argos is in people are still waiting. >> reporter: that's right. there are still without power tonight. this neighborhood fortunately, their electricity is back on despite situations just like this. take a look at this massive tree more than 30 feet tall collapsing right on those power lines right there and that is what has peco workers' hands
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full. they are working 24/7 to get power restored. march came in like a lion. a roaring nor'easter slamming our region. and affecting more than out of three peco customers. >> the total number of customers impacted by the storm was 630,000 of our 1.6 million customers. >> monday night thousands still in the dark. th coming out higher. >> reporter: those customers include most of the folks on windsor park lane. people like doug without power since 3:00 in the afternoon. >> sets up a shop, sets up a shelter, sets up a place for us to come and get something warm. any sort of place for us to come and be safe at all. nothing. >> reporter: peco's emergency station fully staffed, employees working 12 on, 12 off shifts. all while monitoring another.
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>> all of our local crew, and we have 1,000 personnel from other utilities as far away as texas, georgia, arkansas and louisiana all working around the clock to get everyone on especially in front of another potential storm. >> reporter: that storm expected to hit mid week, just as peco predicts, they'll have the last of the power restored from the first one. he hopes his lights are on before then, but he's making anith family just in case. >> i want to make sure that my kids can come home to a war house. i think it's 42 degrees in there right now. >> reporter: now ukee, jess, i did speak with a peco person e warming centers. they did say the areas that were affected had those warming centers opened but they were closed this past weekend because people were simply not showing up. likely they were going to family members' or friends' homes. i'm greg argos.
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>> our alexandria hoff tags along with two tree trimming companies and they've got advice for all homeowners. what you should do before a storm to avoid falling trees. that story is coming up in just about 8 minutes. >> it was a murder spree that shook the region last summer. four young men shot, killed and buried on a bucks county farm. now the attorneys for families of three of those victims have announced wrongful death civil lawsuits against the accused killer, his parents and his cousin. the families believe more should have been done to suspect from gettin a gun. >> it's undescribable, the emotions i fall and the law. i never thought i would feel this and lose my son. >> the family of the fourth victim filed a wrongful death suit last year. according to the criminal
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complaint, sturges was shotith a gun owned by dinardo's mother. >> bill cosby was back in court today hashing out issues before his trial next month. prosecutors want to call 19 accusers to the within the necessary stand as evidence of prior bad acts. cosby's lawyers oppose letting the other women testify. cosby is accused of assaulting and drugging andrea constand in 2004. he says that encounter consensual. both sides return to court for more arguments. >> this surveillance video shows the suspects armed with handguns and a shotgun. this happened last monday night around 8:00. police say the suspects made off with about $1200 in cash. these three camden county men are accused of stealing $1.3 million from a morristown
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funeral home. investigators they were in charge of running the funeral home. according to the authorities from 2008 to 2016, the men diverted payment for funeral services until their personal bank accounts. >> police in mercer county have arrested a teenager for a deadly hit and run that killed a gas station attendant last month. an 18-year-old is acharged with death by auto and leaving the scene of a deadly motor vehicle accident. the victim was reportedly trying to stop reed, who just hit an suv. police say they reviewed surveillance footage and a tip also helped them crack that case. >> in the wake of the deadly florida school shooting, the florida state senate has passed a school safety bill. it places new restrictions on rifle sales raising the age to buy from 18-21.
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it also requires a three-day waiting period. the bill also allows some teachers to carry school has not yet ew mental health du taken up its version of the bill. here at home a bipartisan plan on gun safety today. the bill would require federal authorities to alert states when someone fails a background check while trying to buy a gun. currently some states use their own system and do not use the federal background check system. senator toomey a return and senator koons say the bill can earn broad congressional report. >> president trump welcomed benjamin netanyahu to the white house today. he expressed appreciation for the decision to move the embassy to jerusalem. they also discussed the rising dominance of iran in the middle east as well as the efforts toi >> what better if we could make peace between israel and the
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palestinians. and i can tell you we are working very hard on doing that. >> while meeting with the israeli prime minister, today the president stood by his plan to impose tariffs on steel and a aluminum. attorney general files a lawsuit against uber. >> also ahead tonight, the strange case of the stolen oscar statuette. what the subject did after allegedly swiping the award. >> plus tree trimmers are in demand right now helping people clean up from last week's nor'easter. they also want to help people avoid a giant mess like that one. what experts say all homeowners should do once a year. >> now we await nor'easter number two. this one could dump a lot more snow than the last one. why are march storms so common in our region. >> here's a live look in center city. it is the calm before the storm.
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meteorologist kate bilo returns with an update. when we can expect the worst of it whe
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>> a man is under arrest tonight. police say he stole an oscar statuette after an the awards ceremony. a photographer followed him because he didn't recognize him as a winner. when he was confronted he handed back the statuette without a fight. >> pennsylvania's attorney general is suing uber after a massive data breach. the lawsuit claims it broke state law when it failed to notify thousands of uber drivers for a year that hackers stole their personal information. in november uber admitted it covered up a data breach that affected a total of 57 million drivers and passengers.
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washington state and chicago have also filed lawsuits. >> the powerful nor'easter that trail of downed trees. they not only knocked out powerlines but composed significant danger to anything or anyone in their path. as eyewitness news reporter alexandria hoff explains checking your trees before bad weather hits may keep you safe from the storm. >> most people never even look at their trees, not until they fall down. >> reporter: limb by limb, trunk by trunk, the wreckage of friday's winter storm is turned to mulch. >> we'll take pieces off slowly until we get everything off the house. >> reporter: krees with -- crews with ryan tree and landscaping have been working around the clock as fallen timber continues to weigh heavily on the region. day turns to night and crews brace for the possibility of more rain and snow this week. >> we're way behind we're about three months backed
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up now and another storm coming it's justoi back even further. >> reporter: logan says that many residents only start or storm.about the health of >> a lot of jobs i'm looking at, the tree is already in the ground but the one has big splits in it or is rotted and you to explain to them that this the ground. to damage when with is hit enough weight or wind. there are some outward signs of weakness that homeowners can recognize. >> you'll see the rot, the change of color in the tree trunks. >> also want to check the ground around the tree because when the ground's saturated like they are now, they tend to uproot easier. >> reporter: both say that the best preventative measure to avoid falling trees is to have them assessed once a year to check for decay and disease and if a tree has fallen, leave it to the pros as it can be very dangerous especially in the presence of wires.
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in delaware county, alexandria hoff, cbs3 eyewitness news. >> we keep saying it march is living up to the saying in like a lion. >> so it shoul as no surprit there is potential for significant snowfall again this week but it doesn't mean we have to like it. >> nicole brewer is joining us and people are sharing their thoughts. >> there's snow and there's march snow. for many it's hard to take. >> reporter: inside the philadelphia flower show, shades of spring. >> the birds of paradise, all the beautiful flowers. >> it's like oh, it's here. >> it remind you what the spring is really going to be like. >> that doesn't change the forecast. with a mid week nor'easter in our midst, kate bilo is calling for 6-12 inches in and around
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philadelphia. >> oh. >> i've heard it. i don't believe it though. >> i don't have my power back yet from the last storm, so i would really prefer that that doesn't happen. >> reporter: for some it may be an unwelcome winter storm but kate says it's not exactly uncommon. >> it isn't but you always hope it is. >> reporter: in fact some of our biggest most power liesing snowstorms like the blizzard of '93 has happened in march. a lot has to do with transitioning. you've got more heat and moisture across the gulf of mexico and when that comes up and clashes with the arctic outbreaks you can see more explosive storms. >> it doesn't mean we have to like it. >> it just means i have to shovel it. >> big girl panties and snow boots. >> like you said, it happens every year. >> the big girl panties. >> it's really difficult. no matter how often it happens, you're still like what?
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this can't be. >> i'm with you. oh. >> february was so spring-like for a little while that everyone started to get used to moving in that direction. but it looks pretty serious. the one good thing we march storms at least it melts quickly, it will as temperatures head back to the 40s thursday, friday and the weekend but it does look like we're going to get a serious doseall on wednesday. we'll take you up to the poconos where it is snowing butthat's not nature-made snow. those are the snow machines across big bolder adding powder to those slopes and mother nature may do more to add her part. it does look like the bulls eye of this storm may be slightly south and east of the poconos. storm scan 3 shows the ingredientses starting to come together. you can see the swirl of an upper low across the northern plains. the front lifting out producing
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snow across the great lakes. light precipitation starting to move across the ohio valley. it's on wednesday this begins to move off the coast but a new low will develop and that's the one that's going to throw all that moisture and all that snow back into our region during the day wednesday. timing this out hour byhour, tomorrow starts with sunshine, most of the day is dry. even you evening commute should be okay. a little light rain could start by about 7:00 and possibly some light snow around 11:00 tomorrow night. light snow, light rain from the city on south. precipitation stays on the light side tomorrow night into wednesday morning. it will be ongoing when you wake up wednesday morning, light snow falling around the city, light rain to the south. the rain is intensifying here at 7:00 a.m. but watch how this blossoms very quickly. by 11:00 a.m., cold air starts to work in. the storm ramps up offshore. strong, gusty winds and the banding begins to take place. the dark purple shading aroun a
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suburbs and that's going continue. you can start to see that snow eroding even no south the heaviest snow falling still around the city and the north and west suburbs. 2:00 p.m. it continues and finally by 5:00, 6:00 we start to see this wind up and move out. the heaviest of the snow between 10:00 and 6:00 on wednesday. but still that's eight hours of decent snow. when you're talking about an inch or two per hour, you can see where some spots will be in that 6-12 range. it begins tomorrow between 9:00 p.m. and midnight. maybe sneaking in a little earlier. it looks like by midnight that storm will move away but not before dumping 6-12 inches of snow. it looks like the bullseye will be just northwest of i-95. and the lehigh valley and the poconos perhaps will be in that range, possibly some locally higher amounts but it looks like 6-12. philadelphia on the border here. 3-6 as you head into south
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jersey and lesser amounts toward the shore. our level of certainty set at moderate. a high level of certainty this is happening. the moderate level of certainty is exactly where the bullseye is going to set up. some of that will depend where the bands set up and you can't forecast that ahead of time. future wind gusts during the storm could gust over 30 miles per hour, possibly over 40 mile an hour at times. not as strong as the last storm. the branches, the trees. the powerlines. this is another round of heavy wet snow and with winds gusting to 40 miles percould see power outages again. the ground remains saturated. all thst sitting in the soil and again it could down restore racial efforts. but the biggest impact will be the snow. major travel slowdowns all day wednesday. back to the 40s thursday and friday so it will start to melt quickly and hopefully we'll get the roads in better shape by
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mm-hm, with change to spare. (laughing) from winning super bowl mvp hors from the equation th the eagles have received a trade offer for foles. an unnamedafc team has offered a second round pick. however the birds are holding out. they reportedly want at least what they got for sam bradford which was a first round pick along with a four. reporting that the birds are trying to restructure curry's deal. the birds are 9 million over. they'll say 5 if they decide to
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release him. patrick robinson is one of the best corner backs available on the open market. he was great for the birds and the giants may want some of that as well. big blue is reportedly interested in signing him. the move obviously would help them while also presumably stay tuned.he birds. the sixers are in a 4 game road trip. it's the longest one they have remaining in the season. they lost in milwaukee tomorrow they have their second meeting with charlotte in five days. yesterday flyers defenseman met with the hockey team from marjory stoneman douglas high school in florida. weeks ago 17 lost their lives in a shooting. he attended the school for two years and he's been paying rather close attention to the news. he was happy to offer some brief distraction. >> to see their faces today and see how happy they were, that made it all for me. just like i said, just to get their minds off, you know, so
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many negatives and turn it into positive, it's good. >> spring training baseball, the twins visiting the phils in clearwater. it was a good start for velazquez, no runs allowed. decent day. how about the second inning.f t grapefruit league play. dressed up like as up like a football player dressed up likemummer. this is lan done. he turns tweekend he got a chan with a bunch ofchs long right t. also jason kelce. he said i outfit, man. >> thanks. up n tell you where
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people were
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>> watching paint dry is notoriously boring. what about watching ice melt. >> that's what rowan university invited people to do tonight in downtown glassboro. the pop-up ice sculpture was on rowan boulevard. freebies were handed out. >> we've got another nor'easter to get through before we get to the weekend but it never hurts to look ahead. it looks as though sunshine will be the story on saturday with seasonable highs. at least a quiet start to the weekend but rain returns to the area some sunday. we'll keep you
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