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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  March 6, 2018 4:30am-4:57am EST

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this is "eyewitness news" this morning. tracking another nor'easter, this was potential than a lot more snow than last week's storm. when it moves in, how much snow you can expect to shovel. and, as we get ready for this next rounds, thousands are still in the dark are cleaning up for the last nor'easter, liver in one of the area's waiting for the lights it come back on. >> before this next storm hits , advice for all homeowners what you should do to avoid one of your trees from falling down on your property. today is tuesday, march 6, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. >> talking about the trees falling down, so yesterday during traffic we were talk about those being littered on the roadway, now seeing more of those, right now just
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construction, but lauren, no? >> hard to believe second nor'easter in a week's time. mother nature, i don't think she likes us very much right now, but winter weather advisory has been up upgraded to warning for many areas including philadelphia county, area to north and west, lehigh valley, poconos, northwest suburbs, all under this winter storm warning that kicks to effect at 7:00 p.m. this evening and goes until 3:00 a.m. early thursday morning. as we likely are to see a significant snowfall across parts of the area, as we head into tonight, especially, through the day tomorrow. temperatures right now, though , quiet. we are chilly, 29 degrees in millville. twenty-seven in ac. 30 degrees if your current temperature in philadelphia, so probably need the winter coat, definitely going to need it tomorrow. storm scan3, showing us, the calm before the storm right now. really nothing to see, just few passing clouds, but up winds, we do have this dynamic area of low pressure, going to see two areas kind of merging together of energy, that is
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going to bring us potential for significant snowfall across good portion of the area late tonight, through the day tomorrow, into tomorrow morning, braking out the shovels in the lehigh valley, poconos, northwest suburbs, in and along i95. we will talk more about the totals, how much to expect in your full eyewitness forecast coming up. >> just no fun. >> no. >> just no fun. all right, thanks, lauren: weaver to talk about that and of course looking at our travel all morning long, as well. 4:32 a.m. to be exact. what we are looking at, construction on the schuylkill eastbound between vine and south street. right lane is compromised. you can see our crew workers out there right now and the off ramp to 30th street also closed overnight construction on the schuylkill kind of getting used to it is back out there this morning, 59 south at cottman looking good. looking good. i would actually say it is maybe couple of more vehicles than what we typically see at this hour but still looking normal and looking great. downed tree chestnut hill. downs mill road closed between
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ridge, church road is your best bet. route 101 trolley shuttle between g between woodland avenue and media. jim, back over to you. >> thank you shall meisha. news of another nor'easter approaching is not good for the man storm. >> peco reporting about 24,000 homes, and businesses, still without power. ppl, 1800 outages, numbers muscle smaller for ac electric , delmarva power and pse&g. trang do live in hatboro where trang some people are still without power this morning, good morning. >> reporter: that's right, rahel, jim, they are going into their fifth day without power. as you can understand, they are getting restless. now, most of peco customers who remain without power are in delaware county and here in montgomery county. take a look, this is the reason why. teams like this, you can see this massive tree, that crews have actually gotten to, but, power remains out for several homes here in hatboro.
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peco says it is working as fast as it can to get power restored, and they actually gave us a look at their emergency operations center ment take a look at this video, this center has been fully staffed since friday nor'easter. now, in all, roughly 630,000 of peco's 1.6 million customers our area were affected by outages, that's about more than one in three. employees are working 12 on, 12 off shift, coordinating crews in the field at the same time peco is monitoring another nor'easter, expected to whallop the region on wednesday, race against time to get all customers restored before the next storm hits. >> we have every available peco crew, all of our local contractors, and we have 1,000 personnel, from other utilities, as far away as texas, georgia, arkansas, louisianna all working around the clock to get everyone on specially in front of another potential storm. >> and to deal with all of the fallen trees, the state brought in some lumberjacks
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from the forestry commission. they and tree trimming companies obviously extremely slammed with all of the widespread damage that remains even days after this storm. but for now, liver in hatboro, trang do, cbs-3, "eyewitness news," rahel, jim, back to you >> this next storm has terrible timing, thank you. >> in another coastal storm moving in, crews are now trying to turn those downed trees into mulch before they can do any more damage. when the trees fall they not only knock down power lines but also path of destruction, experts say home own kearse spot warning signs their tree might go before it actually happens. >> and you also want to c the t. because when the grounds is are, they tend to uproot>> you will , change in color, the tree trunks andtree the b checked once a year for de day and disease, if a tree fallsof removing it.
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>> the families of three of the victims of bucks county murder spree are filing murder spree against the accusedan thomas mayo, patrick, announce againsto , his parents and his cousines belve more should have been done to prevent the suspect from getting a >> undescribable. the emotions i f law, i never thought i would feel lose my son. >> the families of the fourth sd wrongful death last year, according to the criminal complaint, sturgis wasa gued owo dinardo's mother. >> both sides of the bill cosby sexual return to montgomery county courtroom today. lingering issues ahead of next wanth'o call 19 accusers to the witness stand as evidence of prior bad acts. g
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the other women testify. cosby is accusedn g and sexually assaulting andrea ntual.nd, he says the >> member of philadelphia's sheriff's offers after ng deputy sheriff and assaulting her. forty-two year old steven, say t complains about in october accusingeceny opposing, said also sexually assaulted her at work on he's charged with indecent expose your annex as is all the. >> philadelphia police are investg robbery in west philade. it was all caught on camera. this market on the 5200 block of jefferson street last m sy.pecte store, armed with handguns, and a uemployee and forced him to empty the cash register, police say the suspte about $1,200. >> police in camden county say these three men stole
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$1.3 million from a investigators say family members sean ronald zale were if running a funeral home from 2008 placed the payment for funeral services into their own and mercer county teenager charged in a deadly hit-and-run killed gast. stati eighteen year old read charged with death by auto and leaving deadly motor vehicle accident. they say read struck and killed charles navios at quick check in laurence tonight ship tried to stop him who hanad j s. surveillance and a tip helped them crack the c students in cherry hill. police officers now patrolling are in response tols, full the deadly florida school shooting. parents filled areds of cherry hill school board meet to go discuss safety concerns. the township will now pay for officers to patrol the schools
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through june. >> florida's house taking up gun restriction bill this morning, the version with passed the senate yesterday put new restrictions son rifle sales raising the purchase age from 18 to 21. it also imposes three day waiting period. the bill also allows some teachers to carry guns in schools and create new school mental health programs. the senate passed the bill after the stillman douglas high school shooting left 17 people dead. >> closer to home, 2us senators, coons, and pat toomey, have unveiled a bipartisan bill on gun control their plans call for federal authorities to alert when someone trying to buy a gun fails a backgrounds check. some state use their own systems don't use the federal backgrounds check systems. both coons and patme can bring d support. >> isr embassy opens in may. hosed benjaminet appreciated the
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president's decision to move rise ofssy. dominance in roy r. >> what is better if we could make peace between israel and thetinians. and i can tell you we are working very hard on doing netanyahu, the president stood by his plan time post tarriffs on steel that plan has come under criticism by lawmakers from both parties. >> w nor'easter, lauren end runs more on the expected snow totals the worse of the storm. >> also ahead, scattered glass crashing to the thi roof to collapse at an airport staes stw this man got his hands on the best actress ross cents car and how he was caught. in two m.
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partial roof clams at chinese airport sunday, terrifying scene for here, large pieces cents every metal came crashing down onto cars parked outside the terminal. fortunately, no one was injured. reportedly tops 67 miles per hour, the winds there. powerful storm is poised to pound new england again tonight. >> this is the damage left behind by friday's nor'easter in massachusetts. resident say they've never seen this side of damage before. now they're worried about even more damage with this approaching storm. >> well the storm moving our way dumped several inches of snow in minneapolis in the freezing rain mixed when snow made driving very difficult. and resident say strong wind gusts cents made seeing outside unbearable. >> good way to put it, unbearable. >> well, speaking every unbearable, time is 4:43. >> me? >> not talking about you, lauren. >> wait. no. rm, lauren, seems pretty unbearable, we just got over the one, and trang said
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people are still dealing with that damage. >> you're the bearer of bad news, no one likes me right now, because we just dealt with this incredible we ove another one in store tomorrow. the good news at least with this system is we're in the g d damaging winds, we had 60-mile per hour wind reported all valley on friday. but we will see some gusty winds, but n time we are going to dealing with heavy calm before the storm, looking at chilly start to the day, 30 7 miles per hour feeling more like 23 degrees. ,thverything is quiet for right now. quiet through the daytime hours. quiet r but here is the area of low pressure that brought the snowfall in and around the mioli help generate and spin off another area of low pressure off to our south gng to ride up along the coast, and bring us the snowfow. but for today, increase in
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clouds, maybe late day rain shower, highseas table at 47 de. and then for tonight, things start to gethangg over to snow, it will be light in intensity for good portion of thes ase stt to see the event taking shape, ng usgrees our overnight low what's in store today. all quietment as we head into tonight, your evening commute te precipitation swap overtaking the area light in intensity to t. line. looks like it will stay just east of the i-95 corridor, mo could see a period of rainfall, maybe even heavy sleet. as far wes but then as we head into the afternoon, hours, that's going snow, especially west of i-95, this is going to be pro prolonday tomorrow and tomorrow avianca noon before we start to clear things out as weng. as far as snowfall accumulations see why this is such a forecaster, city giving us 9 inches, close
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to five from the euro, 3 inches in the gfs. more about widespread totals taking another look comin show. right now the main foe to zero focus nor'easter coming into >> so gross. i'm so over winter. good morning, i know, so many of you fee m construction, schul eastbound between vine and south street that right lane compromised and the off to 30th street also closed overnight construction, we get used to, that'ac with. that will then also just heads up, weaver some flooding on columbus boulevard northbound, thisstre. so all lanes were closed, having to take 95 or front street. because me producer tim and i were actually watching how a vehicle drove right t'm not acte sure if you're loud to or if that vehicle just wenthr just by careful. looks like that's a lot of flooding happening right there again,ol northbound, near race street, all lanes were closed, they might be driveable, you might bee get through them.
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downed tree in chestnut hill here. ridge avenue. use an alternate. church road going to be your best bet. rahel, back over to you. >> meisha, thank you. mild, private area owe space company celebrating its 50th launch of its rocket. early morning sky, around cape canaveral florida, largest ever communication satellite. that's about the size after bus. >> well, talk about no shame. the man accused of stealing francis mc dorm man's best actress posted video on facebook claiming he had won t police arrested this man terry bryant on suspicion of felony grand theft sunday. apparently he stole the oscar statuette off of her table at the governor's ball, a photographer didn't recognize bryant as a winner, so he followed bryant as he was cents leaving the ball. when bryant was confronted he handed back the statue without a fight. >> i do believe he is facing charges now, he has yet to be arraigned, but facing charges. >> still ahead on "eyewitness
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news" this morning, walmart cooking up new planes. >> and who is most vulnerable to on line scams? new study shows it is not the elderly. we will talk about it in our money watch report. >> also ahead, uber sued. why pennsylvania going after the ride sharing program whether "eyewitness news" ohwhy don't you dry my dishes? oh, he doesn't know any better. you just need to add finish® jet-dry in the rinse aid compartment. it's there for a reason. it dries much better than detergent alone. sorry dishwasher. finish® jet-dry. for drier, shinier dishes. ♪ ♪ heard you had a hard day. i had a bad day too. i forgot my briefcase. there i was, at work... ♪ ♪ feed his kindness,
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13,000 drivers for a year that haak her their personal information. uber says it has taken steps tore more now 4:50, time for check on business news. >> money watch'sfrom the new york took stock exchanges, good morning, diane, move over blew apron, walmarts wants in, tell us more about this. >> oh, yes. good morning, r walmart has been testing the meal kit service in 250 storesl
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soon be available nationwide sean ers meal kit, or meals that just need to be heated, feeds two people, to $1, definitely coming for bluele, t. >> yes. i would try that out. so diane, i not? >> because at least you're not obligate g yourself to a underss show millennials are folks? >> yes, that's rtradcommission e as many millennials reported fraud in 2017 lost over 60. while older people were more likely to become victims of bets bureau report younger people might be expecmo for on line sc, through social media or on the web. whenldmone they lost more, medin 62 is dollars for those in0s as0 bucks for those in their 20's, i
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think it is interesting, though, because it definitely turns on it headybe older people are more susceptible or, so ever everybody has cents to be alert and vigilant. >> telling you.myar lent never e an air horn, they blow into that phonecas. >> thank you you, diane, see you in the next hour. hallowte depending how you lookt it for this little this past weekends, had a chance to meet jason at autograph signing at the casino. he wore a mummerse kelce, we're told he lovers the little bit of competition. landon looks a little cuter in the costume than hecoming up: w could be headed our way. >> lawyer sek nor'easter we're back in just a moment.
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> good morning, once again, your time now 4:55, they're making some snow in the poconos right now. mother nature is going to make some snow as we head through the day tomorrow, playing 1 foot, that's right, some parts of the area could see even more than a foot of snow with this next nor'easter, too. and a week's time there is one will be more of a heavy snowfall threat, than a wind threat, than the lasts one we saw. we still could see some power outages across part of the area because of the weight of this heavy wet snow. winter storm watch in effect for much of the area, that has been since up upgrade today warning by the national weather service as of this morning, in effect for philadelphia county, or western suburbs, berks, up into the lehigh valley and the poconos, 7:00 p.m. this evening, and runs until late wednesday night, storm impacts , your impact from snowfall is going to be high.
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icing, could see period of sleet, especially just east of philadelphia, across portions of south jersey, and down the shore. winds, going to see wind gusts cents potentially 40 miles per hour in and around the city locally higher closer to the coast, moderate threat there, we could see some power outages, again, meisha, across portions of the area because of the wind gusts, and already weak trees from last week's storm. >> what a mess, and can be very dangerous, thanks, lauren looking outside for your morning commute, still what we're look at overnight construction, right lane compromised off ramp to 30th street, still closed we also are looking at some flooding on columbus boulevard northbound near race street. so, all lanes were closed, if you were having to use an alternate, 59 or front street, but actually looks like vehicles are able to get through it right now. just a heads up, that it is out there. >> downed tree chestnut hill. bells mill road closed between germantown and ridge avenue. alternate church road. we are talking about it coming
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up in a little bit. back to you. >> meisha, thank you. art lovers are letting mother nature decide the fate of public art in downtown glassboro. >> the scene is climate change , pop up ice sculpture at the corner every victoria street and rowan boulevard says melt. it will do just that, as time goes by. >> there were free give ace way for everybody who came by to watch the weather play it role in a exhibit by the artist kicks offer thursday at rowan's art galleries. >> well, coming up the in the next hour, new details in the russia investigation. finds out who now says they've been subpoenaed by the special council. >> also this morning, authorities are searching for the gunman who shot a pizza delivery man, we'll tell you new they managed to get away work out craze inspired by popular song, pat gallen checks it out, back athour.
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worse, storm scan3 showing live look at the system that you where the next for eas winter storm warning is in effect, and how much snow we can get. >> this is most unwelcome for days, how peco is till working to get the will he trick at this back on. >> authority searching for three suspects who robbed and shot a pizza delivery man, didn't steel his cash but they did get away with something else. we'll tell you what it was. >> today is tuesday, march 6, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. katie is out. lawyer send here, and both keeping an eye on things, and this time tomorrow it looks a


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