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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  March 6, 2018 5:00am-5:30am EST

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worse, storm scan3 showing live look at the system that you where the next for eas winter storm warning is in effect, and how much snow we can get. >> this is most unwelcome for days, how peco is till working to get the will he trick at this back on. >> authority searching for three suspects who robbed and shot a pizza delivery man, didn't steel his cash but they did get away with something else. we'll tell you what it was. >> today is tuesday, march 6, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. katie is out. lawyer send here, and both keeping an eye on things, and this time tomorrow it looks a
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lot different out there. good morning, guys. >> good morning! >> malfunctionings traffic lights, flooding, columbus boulevard, lot of construction to talk about but lauren, also on you. >> i know, yes, hard to believe we're coastal. >> today will be quiet, go out an that french toast because you will be eating a lot of it tomorrow. temperatures now, little chilly, yes, still definitely feelingike winter chilly 20 's, 28 degrees right on storm scan3, and we will stay precipitation free thrghay and n things start to get goingarea o,
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storm will mover it way eastbound, will help to genera pressure, off to the south and seeg and that will run up the energy from both of these areas of low pressureare valley. as we head through the day tomorrow. , 41 degrees, then the clouds start to increase by mid- afternoon, 47 degrees winter storm warning for the entire area including philadelphia county and how much know you might have to shovel through the day tomorrow coming up. can't wait for june. thank you. good morning, everyone, yes, kind of bracing ourselves before the storm comes in, looking at your roadways right now, really just casino whatever we typically see although seeing couple of different things in just a second, overnight construction schuylkill eastbound, right lane, still compromised there and the off ramp for 30th street still closed then we've got some flooding happening on columbus boulevard northbound, now, this is near race street.
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all lanes were closed, were you having to take 95 or front street, to get around this, but we have been seeing actually vehicles go through this, so it is driveable, you can drive-thru it, like i said , if you want to avoid it 95 or front street will probably be your best bet. then downed tree and in chestnut hill, bells mill road closed german germantown to ridge avenue. alternate is church road your best bet. then septa, route 101 trolley shuttle bussing between woodland avenue in media. just make sure to check the schedules on line, than is where weaver some construction northeast extension, in this one cleared, still focusing on this one, this is near lansdale, that right lane is still compromised. jim, rahel, over to you. >> thank you shall meisha. two nor'easters in less than a westbound, just can't take it any more. >> so many feel in our area are still in the dark following last friday storm. right now peco says about 24,000 homes and businesses are still without power. ppl has about 1800 outages, and the outages are lower, for atlantic city electric, while
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the power and pse&g. so, now, the race against the clock to restore power before the next nor'easter. >> "eyewitness news" reporter trang do, liver in hatboro, where it has been tough couple every days for people still in the dark there. good morning, trang. >> most of the people who remain without power as well as delaware county, a look why there are still this has been taken care of but still, there are still several homes here, in hatboro, without power, bought of -- because of this, peco says working as fast as they can to get the power restored, they actually gave us a look at their emergency operations center. >> customers affected by
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outages, more than one in three. now, employees are working 12 on-12 off shift coordinating the crews out in the field. as at the same time peco monitoring yet another nor'easter, expected to wallop the region on wednesday. it is a race against time to get all customers restored before that next storm hit. >> we have peco crews, contractors, 1,000 personnel from other utilities, as far a was as texas, george, a arkansas, louisianna, all working around the clock, to get everyone on specially in front of another potential storm. >> days later lots every trees to clean up. the state hats brought in some lumberjacks from the forestry commission to help out, so they and tree trimming companies, they're absolutely slammed right now some people hearing it could be weeks before they get the trees picked up from their yards by
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these companies. live in hatboro, trang do, cbs-3 "eyewitness news," rahel , jim, back to you. >> the threat of the new storm putting pressure on crews trying to clear debris from last fright ' nor'easter, crews continue to remove trees and branches and turn them into mulch before they can do any more damage. and, not just knocking down power lines, expert say, home own kearse spot warning signs that a tree might go before it hams. >> and you also want to check the ground around the tree. because when the grounds is saturated like they are now, they tend to uproot. >> you will see them rotting, see the change of color, the tree trunks, then the bark. >> to prevent trouble at home, expert say, you should have your trees check for de cake, did i east, if a tree falls don't try to get rid of it yourself leave it to the pros. >> pizza delivery man fighting for his life after he's robbed inside north philadelphia. police say the man delivering pizza last night, on the 2,000 block of west haggard street, that's when three men walked up, stole a pizza and shot him
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in the neck, the victim returned to the hospital list in the critical condition. police tell us the suspect did not take his money, only the pizza, and so far, no arrests. >> mercer county police say 18 year old nausea read charged by death by ought over leaving the scene of deadly motor vehicle accident. on february 19th, police say read struck and killed charles at quick check if lauren township, trying to stop read who had just hit an s.u.v. surveillance footage and tip helped them crack the case. >> bill cosby will be no norristown courtroom again for hearing ahead of his sexual assault retrial next month. yesterday prosecutors asked to call 19 accusers to the stand, as evidence of prior bad acts. cosby's lawyers oppose allowing the other woman to testify. cosby's accused of drugging and assaulting andrea constand in 2004, insisting the encounter was concentual. >> sixty year old chemist faces hearing today on charges
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he stole dangerous chemical from merck and company. law enforcement and f.b.i. agent seo rock more than 200 grams every potassium cyanide from the labs last september, he planned to poison rodent with it but later dump it into a storm drain. the chemical has since washed out of the water system. >> happening today, three republicans running for pennsylvania governor hold their fifth debate, this one in philadelphia. lawyer laura ellsworth, ex healthcare consultant paul mango and state senator scott wagner will face-off this morning at the national constitution center. all three won challenge incumbent bent tom wolf, it is may 15, little more than two month away. >> the former trump campaign aid, who said that he won't cooperate with special prosecutor robert mueller now having change of heart. sam tells the associated press he's an angry over the request to have it before gang jury. muller also wants nunberg to
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turn over thousands of emails and other communications cents , number predict in the end he will find a way to comply with the subpoena. rest president trump moving ahead with his plan for his tariff on steel anal alluminum despite concerns, the rare public split house speaker paul ryan released statement urging the white house to not advance the plan. the president has threat 25% tax on steel and a 10% tax on alluminum. >> the dee dee bathe over florida gun restrictions bill shifted the house this morning >> the state senate passed the bill after the stillman douglas high school that killed 17 people, measure creates new restriction on rifle sales, they include raising the purchase age from 18 to 21, imposing three day waiting period, allowing teachers to carry guns in schools. it also creates new mental health program in schools. 2us senators, delaware democrat, chris coons, and pennsylvania republican pat toomey are backing new background check bill t would alert state law enforcement when someone fails a
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background check while trying to buy a gun. right now some states save or their own backgrounds checks over the federal system. >> and, big changes for student in cherry hill, police officers will now patrol all 19 public schools, full time. into paw trolls in response to the deadly florida school shooting the last tuesday hundreds every student and parent filled cherry hill school board meet to go discuss safety concerns, the township will now pay for officers to patrol the schools through june. >> still ahead, we will tell you why pennsylvania attorney general is suing uber. >> then we aren't the only ones bracing for another hit. we'll show you how resident throughout the northeast are cleaning up, and also, keeping an eye out for this next round every winter wetter. >> and space ex launches another rocket. we will tell you what makes this one specially historic. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> more than a decade old. the cupid shuffle inspiring new work out craze. pat gallen back from vacation and will be here to show us how it all works in a little bit. we'll be right back. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> back on "eyewitness news," space ex marking a milestone, the rocket lit up the early morning sky around cape canaveral florida, the company launched communication satellite into orbit, space ex says the satelite is its largest payload ever, about the size after bus. >> well, ' long miss being is delighted over the launch, tweets very proud, can't believe it has been 50 falconine launches already, ten years ago we couldn't even reach orbit with little falcon one. >> turning to wealth ever, brutal driving conditions in minneapolis minnesota after several inches of snow and freezing rain fell, storm system is moving into our area tonight. sound like fun, right? folks in the midwest are accustomed but it was unbearable because of the strong wind gusts. here at home bracing for the worse but hoping for the best
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the damage from friday's nor'easter is widespread with thousands of homes and businesses cents along the east coast still without pear. news correspondent hena doba in new york which could bear the brunt of the incoming weather. >> the coastal town is racing to fix this sea wall, desomated by last week's nor'easter. >> you have until tonight before another powerful storm rolls in and threatens home. >> too close to the house we'll ends up with the foot action of the house being undermined. >> rounds two is headed in from the midwest where it already dumped loads of snow and ice, looks poised to do much the same all along the northeast corridor. >> this is colder storm, than what we had last week so as it moves up the coastline, big snow totals northwest of the i 59 corridor over foot of snow looks likely, some of the heaviest year totals could make their way into new york city as well as heart forwards >> hundreds cents every
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thousands of homes were still without power. >> i have no more wood for my stove, i have no heat, i have no -- i have nothing. >> as crews rush to get the light on before the next storm , officials say it is not going as quickly as they would like. because of all of the damage. >> the power can only be done safely, and when trees and other debris are removed. so we have to make sure that workers can access ther. >> crews from mid western and southern states have been called in to help get homes and businesses back up and running as quickly as possible , hena doba, " eyewitness news." >> the time 5:16. let's talk about our forecast here at home, timing couldn't be more terrible. people still dealing with the damage and destruction from the last storm, the one-two punch, here we go. >> here we go again, likely see more power outages with the second system, and of course, those relief efforts to get out there and restore power are going to be pam heard by the storm tomorrow, because we are dealing with strong wind gusts cents and heavy snow coming down across
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a good portion of the area. for now, all is quiet. temperatures little chilly as is we get up and get started this morning. 30 degrees in philadelphia, 25 allentown, 28 degrees in atlantic city and 28 this morning, in dover. as we head throughout the day today, yes, get all of those preparations in place. get the groceries, increasing cloud, late day shower, quiet today, 47 degrees, high temperature, then things start to ramp up as we head into tonight. rain developing, changing over to snow and wintery mix, low temperature at 33 degrees, then the timing for this event , nine p.m. to about 2:00 a.m.,, start to see the light precipitation over spreading the area and pick up in intensity headed into the late overnight period for your compute youth tomorrow morning , wintery mix specially east of 95, some could be heavy mainly west of i95. into the 10:00 hour throughout the afternoon hours, tomorrow, heavy snow for most of us, save the coastline there is will be the peak intensity of the system.
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even possible we could hear thunder snow. check this out. yes, hear lowest totals in along the coast, coating to 2 inches, primarily see rain and mix but closer to i95, expecting six to 12 inches of snowfall specially in center city philadelphia, probably be a little closer to the higher end of that than just west of i-95, likely seeing accumulations of ten, 12, 14, maybe even higher, as we head late tomorrow night, into early thursday morning. so, this will be a significant snow event for most of us, and it will be that heavy wet snow , as as far as levels, pushing it maybe to the high category, models starting could into more agreement. the only question that period of when we could see some rainfall transition early tomorrow morning, and possibility of some sleet but we still have concerns for downed trees and downed wires the weight of the heavy snow, wind gusts cents 40 miles per
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hour still weakened trees, and saturated grounds, so we again could see problems with power outages, downed trees, and more damage with this second storm. >> no doubt, and that is going to happen and it will be dangerous and disrupt a lot of commuting, thanks, lauren. looking outside right now, looking at construction here on the schuylkill eastbound between vine and south street, crews have now moved out of the way. so looking good there. we do however have some flooding on columbus boulevard northbound near race street. so all lanes closed here, alternate 95, front street, it looks like the vehicles are able to get through the area right now, just a heads up, that you will still see some water out there. downed tree in chestnut hill ment bells mill road closed between germantown avenue and ridgeour best alternate: then in the world of septa route 101 trolley shuttle bussing between woodlands avenue and media. so walking out the door make sure to check the schedules on
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two plane cents now condense today one northeast con, right compromised there. route one city avenue at 69th street, and also, kelly drive between fountain green drive and hunting park avenue. traffic lights, anda, ove more n there coming up in the next ten minute or so rahel and jim back over to you. >> three men hired to run the funeral home in moorestown charged with stealing more than $1.3 million of company funds and diverting the money into their personal accounts. they were charged with theft by deception, the funeral home ceased doing business back in 2016. >> from the trentonian, new jersey transit announced on morning train that immigration agents were on board looking for illegals. new jersey transit called the alleged conduct offensive, unprofessional. >> in the news journal for over a decade portion of fines
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lever i had against delaware commuters given to the community environmental project fund, it sparks environmentally project. funds are wind bing, once $2 million on hand to re incest in the community, the funds now at a $21,000 low. >> and now the newspaper headlines from around the delaware and lehigh valley. >> up next: some big trade rumors flying around the eagles, details in sports. >> and hearing from passenger being called a hero this morning, he helped send off attack here stabbed a woman, attempted to charge her child on greyhound bus, stay with us , we'll be
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>> this is "eyewitness news" this morning with jim donovan, rahel solomon, katie fehlinger , pat gallen, and meisha johnson.
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>> welcome back everyone, so glad you're with us this morning. >> and rumors are swirling about possible trade involving super bowl mvp nick foles. here's don bell with the morning sports. >> nick foles is a now, he may be removed from the equation. nfl writer jeff moser is reporting that the eagles have received a trade offer for foles. unnamed afc team has offered a second round pick, how much, the birds are holding out. they reportedly want at least what they got for sam bradford that's first round pick, along with a fourth. now, we also have an update on the benny curry story. recording the birds are trying restructure curry's deal, scheduled to count 11 million and gets salary cam, the birds are 9 million over. they'll save five if they decide to release him. >> patrick robinson is one of the best cornerbacks available on the market.
5:26 am
he was great for the birds, and the giant may want in on that action. billing blue is reportedly interested in signing him. the move would obviously help them. but also weaken the birds, he is one of the best players in that secondary. >> the sixers continue the road trip tonight. they'll play the hornets in charlotte. that's all for sport, i'm don bell. have a great day. >> well, coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news ," we have an update on controversial program that one airline was going to implement trang? >> well, clean up continues as thousands remain without power i'm trang do live in hatboro with the race against the clock to get par restored before the next storm hits. >> and meet flippy the burger flipping robot. explain how it works, when " eyewitness news" continues at
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>> good morning, i'm rahel solomon. >> i'm jim donovan, lauren and meisha will be along in just a moment, first what you need to start your day in the morning minute, today is tuesday, march of. >> things start to get going tonight. >> tracking another nor'easter >> prolong the snow event headed through the day
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tomorrow. >> still in the dark, days after last week's storm. >> moles of peco customers who remain without power are in delaware county and here in montgomery county. take a look, the reason why. >> bracing for another hit. the coastal town of ducks berry massachusetts is racing to fix this sea wall. >> any tree is sus epp recall to damage, but expert say that there are some outward signs of weakness. >> you'll see them rot. you'll see the change of color , the tree trunks, and the bark. >> you also want to check the grounds around the tree. >> you're quite nervous around animals, right? >> ♪ >> what is wrong with you people?


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