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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  March 6, 2018 5:30am-6:00am EST

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tomorrow. >> still in the dark, days after last week's storm. >> moles of peco customers who remain without power are in delaware county and here in montgomery county. take a look, the reason why. >> bracing for another hit. the coastal town of ducks berry massachusetts is racing to fix this sea wall. >> any tree is sus epp recall to damage, but expert say that there are some outward signs of weakness. >> you'll see them rot. you'll see the change of color , the tree trunks, and the bark. >> you also want to check the grounds around the tree. >> you're quite nervous around animals, right? >> ♪ >> what is wrong with you people? >> today's morning minute.
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brought to you by pen medicine >> animal expert jack, along with otters, on the late late show last night. >> i don't blame them. did you see the teeth on that thing? >> ya. >> let's sends it out to lauren, this storm has -- >> oh, i see what you did there, i like that, yes, definitely does, beautiful right now, little chilly, but a beautiful waning moon behind me. crystal clear skies. temperatures chilly, probably need the winter coat, maybe but things will start to get going and then deteriorating big time through the day tomorrow. temperatures right now at 30 degrees in philadelphia, 28 in millville, 25 degrees right now in allentown, and 25 in re the day, a lot of sunshine in store for the first half of the day. up to 41 degrees by tur seasonable for this afternoon, clouds start to increase headed into the second half of the day. in our second
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nor'easter in a weekatch upgrado warning in many areas including for philadelphia county. goes into effect at 7:00 p.m. this e expire until 3:00 a.m. on thursday. your shovel forecast, where you have to looking likely in the lehigh valley, poconos, our northwestern suburbs, in and doe only place you might not have to break out just kind of way a -- wipe away the snowfall. looking like significant snow event forlaware valley. we will talk more about the potential accumulations cents, meisha, your full eyewitness forecast coming up in just couple every minutes. >> sounds good to me, thank you so much. very good morning to all of you, happy tuesday. looking outside right now at the vine. looking good. travel on westbound, jump on the schuylkill, eastbound side starting to heat up little bit but i want to pull your attention to the flooding on columbus boulevard. both directions cents, between race street and dock street, you can see, all of the water here. now, all lanes were block, were you having to use an alternate. but we are now as you just saw seeing vehicles drive-thru it
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both on the northbound and southbound direction. but, just a heads up, as you head out there, i would maybe factor in just couple every observes interest minutes, you will have to take it little slower around there. then, also looking at some malfunctions traffic light. route one city avenue at 59 street, then this guy right here, kelly kelly drive between fountain green drive. traffic lights, and overhead light, are out here, so as we get more vehicles on the roadway, that's going to be some areas that really start to slow down. another area where we have malfunction traffic lights as well there is on the blue route north and southbound, immediately, directing traffic on the ramp. crews will be out there, this is going to be another evidence area where we will see slow downs, especially the more vehicles we get out there pushing toward that 6:00 hour. so just heads up. and, for my septa riders, route 101 trolley, shuttle bussing between woodland avenue and media. so head out the door this morning make sure to check the schedules on line, rahel, over to you. >> meisha, thank you. while we are gearing up for another nor'easter, some people waking up yet again
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without power. >> "eyewitness news" reporter trang do live in hatboro where the pain end among neighbors is running thin. good morning. >> good morning, you can toll ly understand, these people are going into their fifth day without power. just unbelievable to imagine. but take a look, what they are dealing with here in hatboro. this is why the power is out for several homes here, this downed tree, that has been taken care of, the power has yet to be restored. now, most of the 24,000 people without power this morning are here in montgomery county as well as delaware county. and to deal with this, peco has brought in about a thousand contractors from across the state, as well as across the country. take a listen. >> crews are working around the clock, chopping up fallen trees from friday's nor'easter now, in addition to county and municipal crews, the state brought in 22 lumberjacks from the forestry commission to help with the clean up efforts meanwhile over at peco emergency operations center,
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employees working 12 on, 12 off shift, for crews out in the field, also monitoring yet another nor'easter expected to wallop the region on wednesday those still without power are hoping they'll be restored before the next storm. >> we lost power about, well, on friday, around 4:00, 4:15, ever since then, been cold, getting gas for generators, having coffee in the morning, because i know some of us can't fudges without a hot cup of coffee. but it has been a long time, peco has been, you know, casino every changing their estimates, we were supposed to get it back before at like 5:00 and then the fifth, sixth , now it is all the way to the eighth. >> well, in a in all more than third of peco 1.6 million customers our area were affected by outages, so they have made a significant amount of progress, again, though, still 24,000 peco customers in the dark. but for now live in hatboro.
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i'm trang do, cbs-3, " eyewitness news," jim, rahel, back to you. >> trang, thank you. >> time now 5:36. in business news this morning, united airlines makes a move after some controversy over its bonus program changes. >> die ainge king hall joins us live this morning from the new york stock ex krajewski with the details plus a look at the numbers. good morning, diane. >> good morning, rahel, jim. while president trump says he won't back off his plan on steel anal aluminum import, hoping it is cents a bargaining toy for better trade deals. so the dow rallied 336-point yesterday, the nasdaq finished 72 points higher. >> after employee backlash, dropped plans to replace its bonus program with a lottery. united announced newest program last week it, wouldn't replace bonuses cents, in the lottery where employees could win cash, cars, vacation packages, butt employees who didn't win get nothing. announced misjudged how the changes would be received.
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and, minneapolis st. paul is list every cities where target is refurbishing i shall g stores, 28 twin city stores will get top to bottom make over, $250 million, part of $1 billion effort to fix up 325 stores around the us that are complete with amazon and walmart. >> kids between four and 14, raked in $50 in in allowance money, court to go money pole, 10,000 users, the survey found most jobs for young people include caring for pets, babysitting and gardening. >> i must have missed out because i was luck if i my parent gave me 50 cents, diane >> well, mine used to say you live in our house for free, they used to say in. >> that is your allowance. >> that roof costs money. >> how about you, duscheusne. >> exactly. >> hey, no, i didn't get allowance, it was just, you know, be happy with what we give you. >> the roof over your head, the food that you eat, the bed that you sleep in. >> yes, exactly. >> thank you, diane.
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>> well, pennsylvania's attorney general is suing uber , the state says the ride sharing service violated state law to notify people of a data breach within a reasonable time frame. new claims uber failed to notify thousands of drivers for a year, that hackers stole their personal information. uber says it is cooperating with pennsylvania investigators, and has taken steps to be accountable. >> the families every victims every lasts summer shocking bucks county murder spree now filing wrongful death lawsuits , opponent for the families every three victims dean, thomas mayo, jimmy patrick, made the announcement yesterday. families are suing accused killer doses cosmo dinardo, parent and huskies inch sean kratz. they claim his parent didn't do enough from keeping guns from him. marge sturgis filed a suit last year. >> and philadelphia police are investigating a brazen armed robbery in west philadelphia caught on camera. this happened at the i and s market on the 20000 block of jefferson street last monday. suspect barged into the store
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armed with handguns and shotgun. roughed up employee and forced him to empty the cash register police say the sus make made offer with go $1,200. >> and philadelphia sergeant facing serious charges this morning, 42 year old steven postell charged with exposing himself annex pat g -- us a at you go. one accused him of indecently assaulting her when on assignment together. charged with indecent as exposure and assault. >> terrifying bus ride for mother and young daughter they came under attack by a woman wield ago knife. this happened on greyhound bus headed from las vegas to oakland, california. eyewitnesses say a woman acting irradically grabbed a three year old girl and hell her at knife point. the girl's mother tried to wrestle the knife away but was stabbed in the stomach. that's when other passengers stepped in. >> iowas grabbing her fink terse try to pry away the knife. the bus driver had her other
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arm. she slipped away, at that point she started going for herself. >> police say the suspect stabbed herself, but is expected to be okay. the mother also underwent surgery and is recovering. the little girl and two other on the bus sustained minor injuries. >> well, up next, what beyonce did then undid has her beehive buzzing. >> plus pat checking out new work out craze, good morning, patrick. >> reporter: good morning, guys. yes, we are planning this morning, in berlin, new jersey , see my friends are up breitbart and early getting ready, but me, ahh, i'm just relaxing. see the cupid shuffle plank channel henge we come back. maybe i'll get
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>> jay-z and beyonce could be coming to philly, could. beyonce, listed on the run two concert for july 30th at the linc, but then the post were quickly deleted. no word yet from the pair on whether the post cents were true or not. this would be the first time the couple has toured together since the 2014 on the run tour we'll let you know if we hear anything, fingers crossed. >> the man accused of stealing the oscar is being held on $20,000 bill. still no word on how he got into the oscar after party. sunday police arrested this man, terry bryant, on
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suspicion of felony grand theft. now, apparently, he stole m mc door man's statuette right off the table at the governor's ball. the photographer didn't recognize him as a winner so followed bryant as he was leaving the ball. bryant was confronted, he handed back the statuette without a fight. >> meantime, we have to tell you oscar ratings at all time low. 26.5 million people watched the academy awards sunday. that's nearly 20% drop since last year. the oscars are often the most watched tv show after the super bowl. the ratings for other live awards show like the grammys have also plummeted. >> and a heads up. drew carry joining the cast of ncis with tonight's episode. former marine reservist himself plays retired marine sergeant taking pride in sending car pack ands to marines, becomes suspect in nc i investigation when a cookie layed when cyanide, and watch it tonight at 8:00 right here on cbs-3.
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>> that's is of course if you are knott at the grocery store stocking up for french toast, so much french toast, yes, dinardo believe we're tracking another nor'easter, this will be more after snow threat and less after win threat. but we could see it still more power outages, unfortunately, we know a lot of people talking about don't have their clean up from last storm. so here we go, charge forward, live look on "skycam 3". carbon, monroe counties in the poconos, they're making some snow, but mother nature will make quite a bit of snow for quite a few of us as we head through the day tomorrow. checking in though this morning with our eyewitness weather watchers, and they're reporting chilly conditions, some frost, as we wake up this morning, we have clear sky conditions, and temperatures that are cold. you need the winter coat generally in the two's across much of the area. so we check in in jersey right now, at 29 degrees at david's house, clementon, nice clear sky conditions, this morning, getting great view of that waning moon. we will head across the river
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where it is 25 degrees right now, as we get a look at bill 's house in cart inning ton, pennsylvania, calm win, he said, make your preparations today. and get ready for round two of march madness. those are wise words from bill stock up, get all of your supplies tomorrow. travel will be extremely difficult, especially, come tomorrow afternoon. so, do plan ahead for this. we are likely to see significant snow, across good portion of the area. and so we will head north and west of the city, check in one more temperature, 20 degrees chilly at eileen's house, few more clouds in gilbertsville, pennsylvania, she says, used to to get ready for the tom. last week was practice. yes, we are going to see more in the way of snowfall totals, more widespread snowfall totals head through the day tomorrow. but for today, increasing clouds, late day shower, high temperature that will be seasonable, 47 degrees, and then for tonight, start to see the precipitation building in starting likely as rain, wintery mix, changing over to
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snow, 43 degrees, could see change over back to rainfall, wintery mix specially east of i-95 tomorrow morning. then as we head into tomorrow afternoon, that will likely be all snow so for tonight, nine p.m. to 2:00 a.m., light precipitation over spreads the area. 2:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, dealing with wintery mix that could be heavy at times, could be seeing heavy sleet mixing in specially in the city, south jersey and down the shore. and we transition for most all over to heavy snow, late morning hours, and through the afternoon, that's when we will see the peak every intensity, of this next event, as far as snowfall accumulations, six to 12, in a angelo. ninety-five, two to four for south jersey lowest totals down the shore, highest totals , our western suburbs, up toward the lehigh valley, meisha, could see over a foot of heavy wet snow in these areas. >> man, that's no joke. and specially because a lot of people don't have winter tires out here, and that is something, it can be actually really dangerous, driving conditions, so all right, lauren, thank you so much. well, this morning, good news,
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our commute is actually looking pretty good. 295 south at betsy ross starting to heat up. see all of your friends and neighbors out there. but we have accident. delaware there is one is involving injuries. if you can avoid the area, you certainly want to do so at airport road. then also looking at some flooding columbus boulevard both directions between race street and dock street. heads up, this is water. it was all lanes blocked, we were having to use alternate. you can drive-thru it, now, but i would say if you are headed out there give yourself couple of extra minutes, malfunction traffic lights out there, as well, 69 street, right there, close to kelly drive between fountain green and hunting park avenue. traffic lights and overhead lights are out here. so this will start to post some problems for us. and another malfunction traffic light on the blue route north and south at media swarthmore, and they will be directing traffic on the ramps as well. septa, route 101 trolley is shuttle bussing between woodland avenue and media. so just make sure to check the schedules on line, jim, back
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to you. >> thank you shall meisha. if you can't find the motivation to work out but you lover dancing, a new viral fit necessary challenge is just for you. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> the shuffle became popular in 2007 now made it way back around, the shuffle with plan- k and you have a real work out. pat gallen live any time fitness in berlin new jersey with the manhattan behind the work out. i see you are back from vacation, pat, looking for some punishment, good morning. >> reporter: yes. exactly. thanks, back from vacation, they throw me right out to do a plan k challenge. thanks, guys. what? but it is early in the morning , that's not going to stop me or stop my friends here at any time fitness from berlin new jersey from doing that plank challenge, the man who created it and the millions of just behind it. dan, my friends. >> morning, pat, thanks for coming out, this breitbart early morning. >> yes, feeling good? >> oh, i feel awesome.
5:50 am
pumped. i got some awesome people with me today, it will be a fun time. >> so how does one come up with something like the cupid plank challenge? >> so, if you have ever done a plank before which i'm sure you have, you know it is super boring, tonight, awful, teed tedious. so why not take a song that everybody gets up and dance to and use it to get everybody up and exercising to it. >> so you just went through the catalogue, you said this one will work because it will get people moving? >> i decided you know what, i just like to dance, pat. and, yes, it just goes with it so well, just a great time. >> all right. >> when you came up with the idea, did you think that first off 15 million people would view the actual video that you made and then hundreds of thousands if not millions more would be behind it all across the world? >> when you say 15 million, that's incredible amount. the power of social media is ridiculous, when i first
5:51 am
created it, i didn't think i was going to reach a thousand people. i just shared it for fun. and people got wind of it, you know, they took to it which is awesome. and the goal was to get people moving. and, you know, i accomplished that. >> you have done other songs, as well. this isn't your first rodeo? >> this is not my first rodeo. >> cool little mix. >> absolutely. and i think people just take to it because, you know, it is simple but yet it is hard, and it is fun. that's the key. fun is, you know, contagious. >> now is this something, because you're obviously a personal trainer, something you incorporate now in your work out? >> absolutely. and, it took a love hate relationship. you know toll them we would do the cupid shuffle work out sigh of relief but they know it is a whole lot more fun than a regular plank. >> i know my friend here will kill mimi, this is going on way too long, how long is this segment going to be? >> absolutely. >> about two and a half minutes how long this segment goes on for, so when we come
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back in the 6:00 hour, i have to warm up. >> we'll get you red. >> i we'll get me ready. jim, a head -- rahel, i know you guys can do it back in the studio. i would love to see you do it right now. >> we're trying it right now. >> jim has a little bit more flexibility than me at the moment. >> i'm practically a gymnast. >> all right, give this a shot meantime, we'll be right back. >> to the right to the right to the left to the left to the when we see a woman who comes to cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia to have her breast cancer treated, she's coming for the expertise that we have, for the multimodal therapy where the specialists talk to each other and form a treatment plan together. we were looking for a cancer team that would help us decide the best course of action. amy met with specialties, radiation oncology are sonetics-there many different options.
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> beautiful sunrise. >> yes. >> well, welcome back to cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning , apparently robots are not just for high tech jobs any more. >> this robot designed to lend a hand in the kitchen. flip i, the burger flipping robot, placed in a california burger joint called kelly burger, using 3d vision, artificial intelligence to master the task every flipping burgers. experts say flippy is perfect fosh the fast-food industry. >> any time go to kelly burger anywhere, you know the patty will be cooked exactly the same. not a fun job. hot, greasy, dirty, it is the
5:56 am
kitchen of the future, will always have people in it, but we see that kitchen as having people and robot. >> that's what they say, jim, when they start ought mating jobs. they say it is important to have flippy do things the right way, because the robot cause about $50,000. >> and they're about the g somebody out of work. >> well, they claim. >> a young kid or something like that? i don't know if i like that idea. coming up: lawyer send tracking snow. >> and a lot of it. >> yes, talking about another nor'easter, hard to believe, too. plus, alarming new report on e -cigarette. why some are comparing them to chemical weapons. >> and nearly three weeks after the deadly shooting at marjorie stillman douglas high school in florida there could be some changes in the gun laws there. we will explain coming up.
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>> this morning race against time for those restoring power to thousands every people still in the dark from friday 's storm. >> the rush is on, because we are about to get clobbered by another nor'easter there is one expected to bring a lot more snow to the area. >> today is tuesday, march 6. good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. lauren is keeping an eye on things this morning, this is the calm before the storm? >> i only like snow when there is a snowmobile involved. looking outside, thank goodness this morning commute actually looking okay, but riddled with some weird stuff.
6:00 am
we've had columbus boulevard, malfunction traffic lights, pothole, imagine that, weaver pothole reporting, we will be talking about that coming up. >> commute tomorrow morning, then specially tomorrow afternoon. you may want to just opt out altogether, with this second nor'easter that's moving in, but all is quiet right now, beautiful scene, we get a look at the ben franklin bridge. on our roof cam right now. we're about 27, 26 minutes away from official sunrise, temperature, though, little chilly, 29 degrees, to start things offer this morning, winds around 5 miles per hour, so windchill temperature, down at 24 degrees. and we got lots of 20's on the board, 27 in ac, 29 degrees in wilmington, at 24 degrees right now in allentown, and yes, today, is the calm before the storm by the lunch hour. mostly clear, still chilly, 41 s we head into the afternoon hours, that's when we start to see the clouds beginning to increase in advance of our next coastal low, that winter storm watch has been upgraded to warning


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