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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  March 6, 2018 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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ng us htth storm now it willer strength andome ouror'eas wr in less than awinter storm warning goes i h jessica dean. i'm ukee washington. we will help get you ready and this just in all philadelphia public schools and all archdiocese, high school and elementary school will be closed tomorrow due to the coming storm. >> we have live team three coverage from all across the area beginning with meteorologist kate bilo, who is gathering latest forecast date a kate this storm now just a few hours away. >> that is right we're expecting precipitation to spread in our area as early as 7:00 o'clock tonight and continue as varying rates of intensity right through ever night hours and even through the day tomorrow. so lets get you out to storm scan three with what to expect , two pieces of energy with this storm this is what we have been talking about as we have watched these ingredients coming together. upper level low pressure system over midwest producing snow in illinois, into wisconsin. now we have a coastal energy here. see rain along the coast across carolinas, up in to
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virginia light precipitation moving in with that buthappens tomorrow this system moves off the coast. it begins to strengthen asm the upper low to the coastal low and once that storm intensifies that is when snowfall rates will pick up. so precipitation will remain rather late to moderate through this evening and through the overnight hours mainly rain to the south snow has started to break out around state college and williamsport right now and we will see this move in relatively slowly through this evening. here are your winter storm alerts in pinkies winter storm warning from the city on northwest, from 7:00 o'clock tonight right through early thursday morning. we have a winter weather advisory notice downgraded it was a winter storm watch now it is a winter weather advisory for portions of new jersare and that speaks to inning chase we have made for areas south ande of i-95. i want to show you first future weather which shows precipitation increasing in intensity tonight. here's 10:00 o'clock when we go on the air on our sister station cw philly. l track snow in the
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western suburbs rain to the south and that continues overnight. there may be brief intensification over chester county montgomery bucks county through overnight hours tomorrow morning ongoing rain to the light to me snow to the north but aroun 10:00 a.m. that the coastal low starts to ramp up and start to get that banding especially in western suburbs but watch where mix line is that is an little piece of this system. heavy snow to the north rain to the south and question is does the sno around far enough to bringccumulation, to sou and delaware.that is going to be your uncerta. so more snow on the way between 7:00 p.m. and midnight rain and snow spreadsnight to 10:00 a.m. snow to the northwest rain south and east but heaviest snow and banding will be from 10:00 a.m. 4:00 p.m. tomorrow, peak intensity of t will show yated snowf talk about the impact and your shovel stay tune. >> transportation departments across the region are get ahead of the weather. pennsylvania, new jersey, to role. "eyewitness news" rep take lancesth the latest on, roa preparations >> reporter: 07,000 tons of
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salt are readily available here at penndot to treatorheon roads in >> stay home or where ever you all cost, this is not a storm you should be traveling in. >> reporter: warning from penndot ahead of the nor'easter, expected to the region fordays. >> timing of it is, it good a lot of people arewithout power. a lot road is closed. a lot of smaller roads to help solve that problem create new situations than 420 pieces of c equipment inhiladelphia regi roads penndot will impt midnight on interstate 78 and empty trucks, large combination vehicles and tractors hauled bypass eveninger motorcycles and rvs. in norristown we caught up with drivers at this citgo on >> i'm trying to get gas now. >> i'm from >> reporter: alyssa moved from ontario. s where i'm from where everybody just traveled snowmobile. >> you know, essential things, you know. >> i hope the storm just passes us it is weather it is going to change, get over it,
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hopefully be in gets injur tonight, you know. >> reporter: road crews will report here at 8:00 p.m. to start treating the that is very live from the penndot for cbs-3 "eyewitnessews". >> all right chantee thank you. short time ago city of philadelphia will declare a snow emergency beginning at 8:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. that means all city offices will be closed. and septa says that stay home, tomorrow. if you if you can. >> please be patient with the roadway situations, please keep walkways clear and avoid shoveling snow, into the street. >> with the ground already saturated, and trees weaken from the winds we can seetional down treason tracks rail overhead power lines a roadways. we will make service adjustments as needed to assure the safety of our customers. >> amtrak says that the northeast corridor and keystone lines will operate on a modified sched tens of thousands of people in the tri-state area are still without power to last week's nor'easter.
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right now peco says more than 17,000 homes and businesses are without power and tha number is more than 12,000, for ppl. outages are lower for atlantic city electric, del marva and pse&g. "eyewitness news" reporter alycia nieves is live in montgomery county tonight where utility crews are working around the clock to get things up and running up against this next storm alycia. >> reporter: yes, jessica thousands of people here in montgomery c still without power we did have a peak he crew not too far from where we are at, but that crew has since moved to another site. it is essentially a dash to a restoring of the service to as many people as possible before this next storm storms through. four days after a destructive nor'easter hit the region, we are for another one. >> they did say march will come in like a lion but i'm hoping it goes out like a lamb >> reporter: danielle thomas in hatboro one of the thousands in montgomery without power for days. >> we lost power about friday
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around like 4:00, 4:15 and ever since then it has been cold, it is rough. especially with children it wrist rough. >> we have been given an estimate on the peco web site and peco app they say 3/7 at midnight so closer to the eighth but we know with the storm coming likely that power will be restored several days after that. >> reporter: erika goldblat, highlighted many in the county who at this point are just brace to go ride out this next nor'easter in the dark. >> frustrating, but it is really terrifying. we don't know how bad the storm will get. >> we want to let customers know we have not log side of you. >> reporter: peco trying to offer comfort to customers while assuring them it is doing everything that it can. >> we do have additional crews that are on system right now we have, more than 1500 additional personnel from other utilities from as far away as chicago our sister utility come ed, louisiana and
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texas. >> reporter: peco says half of the customers currently without power should have power, by midnight tonight. but the other half, will likely be riding this next storm out in the dark. live from montgomery county, alycia nieves for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". nj >> thank you. inside emergency servi delaware county. areas across the county that a still impacted by last storm. deployed to those areas to help with the clean up efforts literally doubled our force out in the cutting trees clearing accesses, and a cyst ted with peak toe to make sure to get ahead of the next storm >> we are told rangers will work across the county as long as they are needed. well, so far no closures or alerts from the state of delaware however a state of emergency initial to effect in new jersey, tonight at 8:00 o'clock. "eyewitness news", new jersey reporter, cleve bellmawr tonight with more on the preps in the garden state >> reporter: well, despite that quick turned around between the twoaring from officials from the local to state level saying that they are ready for
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whatever happens next. for the crews that load up salt trucks it is a little bit of deja vu, just four days region weathered an extremely windy snow filled nor'easter here comes another. >> we are announcing a state emergency statewide effective at 8:00 p.m. tonight >> reporter: after meeting with leadership at state's center new jersey governor phil murphy emergency some parts of the state particularly i jersey are still experiencing widespread, power outages and chopping up down trees from last weekend's storm. those same areas are expected to get the worst of this next storm too. >> just as west weekend's nor'easter we are engaging all levels of government to be ready to act to protect our residents and businesses. >> reporter: south jersey will have its own challenge unlike winter storm bellmawr superintendent of public works pat gallen ger say brining the roads before this storm won't help. >> this storm it will rain first so when it rains first you cannot put it down if you do you are wastingve to wait until
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the snow gets the street before you can lay the salt, for anything to work. >> reporter: so far this winter bellmawr boro has used 200 tons of salt but officials say they have plenty left. >> today we loaded up three salt trucks, 15 plow trucks and numerous men are on call, to come >> reporter: to note even though is there a state of emergency at 8:00 p.m. tonight that doesn't mean all governmental offices are closed or schools. that is up to individual school districts and you need to pay attention looking into the evening hours and early tomorrow morning to find out fur local schools ared. bellmawr, cleve bryan, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". track the very latest nor'easter anytime down load free cbs philly weather app available on itunes and google play. count on to us get you through the. we have the very latest on the storm track throughout the night and we will be on extra early tomorrow night joinrahel, jim meisha, lauren at 4:00 cbs-3. as the storm continues we willpdatesw both here on cbs-3 and our
5:10 pm >>bill cosby's back in court for second day of pretrial hearings. >> reporter: prosecutors want 19 other women to come tell their tail of interaction with bill cosby i'm joe holden, defense terence strike back said it is pile on connect to the me too movement and media barrage. selling belongings of a deceased loved one can be tough, filled with emotion and it can be very time consuming. there is a new way to do to it save thaw time and heartache but it will cost you. also mcdonald's is making a change to its famous burgers they still have special sauce, we will tell you what the change is,
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here's a live look from our parkway central library camera we are hours away from nor'easter, kate says it will bring snow but just how much, when can we expect it we will check in with kate in two minutes. lawyers for bill cosby day in court trying to block what a jury will hear in his upcoming sexual assault trial. >> and, we have more from norristown, and many remain un decided. >> reporter: bill cosby was angry yelled at on the way into court works man behind screaming says his alleged crim conduct has inspired movements against victim says. >> listen to what i said and i will keep going i had a lot more to say. he started walking on. >> reporter: cosby's legal team seven lawyers in all is trying to block prosecutors from calling 19 women to the stand at comedian's retrial. d.a.'s office say those accusers would illustrate a four de long sadistic
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sexual script, legal experts say added voice was andreathe prosecution's prime witness, would strength against cosby but defense lawyers argued that they need virtual ly hamstrung in a defense and with the me too movement, they claim that the accusations would be more prejudicial, in today's environment. cosby's attorneys also haled against inconsistenciness how prosecutors say he used his medicine to incapacitate victims. lawyer reasoned quoting it is not a crime for them to be involved if intoxicants are used all the time inticular encounters actually. after the hearing cosby had nothing to say. ho there bill. only pointing beyond our camera. lead defense council tom mesereau who defended michael jackson had this to add this case will be tried in the courtroom not the media. >> reporter: it is unclear what the judge will rule on the request to have those 19 women take jury selection schedgin in the march
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29th. outside the courthouse in norristown, joe holden for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". kate joins us right now to e on the forecast. >> yes. >> yes, i know. >> well, here it comes. we have got snow beg is going to be, not a storm where it just hits and snows heavily. it be a gradual pace when the snow might, falls lightly, maryland rately and intensifies tomorrow during the day. long duratio this, but heaviest during day tomorrow between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. wt that doesn't mean we will not see some overnight either. lets look outside. we had anice day across the area for most of the day lots of sunshine, temperatures slightly on the mild side, you can see clouds have now moved in, and that is, kind of the look at things to come as approaches the area cloud increasing, dry for now but overcast, sky as we look live at plymouth meeting montgomery county. camera mount add top place one apartments. taking a look at our almanaclightly below average, day
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time high. morning low was 29. seasonal day all things considered for the month of march and certainly were no strangers to snow in march either. it is not out of theike this but the limiting factors thaw deal withn march are something we will be watching this storm. we have not a lot of cold arctic air. temperatures in the boundary level will be above average at surface above freezing, most of the storm duration, that is going to cause the threat for some mixing. that is what we have to watch closely. here is are your two pieces of energy. upper low will len strength to that storm and fun until cold air for this as well. so snow already across portions of central pennsylvania with rain to the south. timing this out hour by hour, you can see by 10:00 o'clock tonight we will see snow in the far and north and western suburbs, from reading allentown, even chester county rain to the south. that intensifies overnight and this band right here around 2:00 a.m. may drop a decent amount of snow in our northwestern suburbs with that mix line setting up around
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i-95 and rain to souling tomorrow morning with rain to the south at 8:00 a.m. what we have to watch is here at. once banding starts u system to wrap that cold air and wrap it further south pushing the mix line south and allowing snow to accumulate even in philadelphia and points to the southe, if that doesn't happen your amounts will be lower across south jersey and delaware. i know there are a lot of colors here but general idea is the same in what we talk about yesterday, 20612 around heavy wet snow but notice how tight this grade is, three to six its what i have for us in philadelphia, one to three in the nearby new jersey suburbs and a coat to go an inch or possibly less across south jersey and southern delaware, there will be an area oven hansed snowfall in the poconos where some spots get over a winds will gust you have up torow sanstorts aea fna rain and sleet and if you remember, we had storm last year where sleet held down our totals in the city. that would be a long, southe
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and i-95, they may either be slightly low or slightly high depending on how far the mixing is. so possibly you will need to shovel i-95 south and east, unlikely down short but likely you need to break out that shovelor 20612 inches of, heavy wet know in the nor suburbs lehigh valley and poconos. friday is 42, not 28. that was cold. weekend looking better with sunshine and highs in the mid 40's, both days and we spray forward. "e matt peterson had i great time showing off cbs-3 mobile weather watcher getting out before the storm started. he traveled to the philly charter school for arts and sciences in the northeast. kids learned about weather and seeing up close all of the technology in that, mobile weather watcher and certainly we will have that out on the roads monitoring conditions. >> no doubt. >> got to g thanks, kate. still ahead at 5:00 what was she thinking. >> many people are wondering what was on the mind of jennifer garner at oscars when she was caught on camera looking perplexed.
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we have a few answers with the hot minute in hot minute with bex. jaywith anxiety and aew financial sports coming up oo6z z12fz y2oo6y y12fy
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so i want my glasses to be unique... my girlfriend loves artists. and i need a conservative pair, cuz her parents hate artists! get up to 40% off a second pair of glasses. schedule your eye exam at don bell joining us on this night before the nor'easter, part duex. >> is that the eve.
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>> sure. >> yes right. >> yeah. >> now we will see is what going on in the sports world. >> sports must go on. >> it must. >> and some love for ivy league. >> all right. >> 2006, mo cheeks was coach of the sixers and donovan mcnabb was quarterbacking the eagles, the year was, zero six it was last time that penn won a conference champion ship. until right now. quakers are earning the chance and today steve donahue was name year. second ranked villanova ended regular season in second place and now they are gearing up for the big east conference tournament their first game is on thursday at madison square garden playing either or marquette. not knowing who the team is, though. it is source of anxiety for the coach. >> we have had this situation before where we're a top seed and you have to wait, longer situation where we have been playing games in the ncaa tournament. at coaches it is nerve racking i don't think playersbut we, the coaches we do. >> they are.
5:23 pm
forward to a fresh start they lost four of five to end on thursday they take on tulane in theathletic conference tournament , and they beat the green wave, a month ago. >> every anew and youet a chance to makehe in our league feels beat anybody else, and that is a realut for us, playing tulane, th place and we had we shot it better when we down to tulane. we both had a taste of victoryeanwhile chopper three high over lincoln financial field. >> wow. >> y there. >> that looks good. >> isn't that nice. >> do you see those persons. >> i like them. >> different from seeing it on peoples hats, and t-shirts around town, but when it that is big and on the home, on bu a different feel to it. >> sure. >> large and in charge right there, baby. >> that looks good. >> waiting for banner night. . >> beautiful. coming up next half an hour doctors are saying it should be, a wake up call, new data shows the opioid crisis is deadly. the type of drug people are
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abusing, is another majors of storm bearing down people in the northeast are still without power, i'm lou young in west chester the race is on. the race's on in new york and here in our area, at storm scan three as nor'easter moves our way winter storm warning is in effect for our area, and winter storm watch for others, we will check with meteorologist kate bilo wn we come rightn3
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here we go again with another nor'easter set to live in just a matter of hours road crews are doing what they can to get ahead of the storm. here in philadelphia crews are loading up their trucks with salt to make tomorrow's commute safer. this is area, tomorrow a major winter is dumping snow in themidwest. when it gets to us it will strength men tor. i'm jessica dean here in the cbs-3 weather center with meteorologist kate bilo. by this time tomorrow, kate here doing its things. >> that is right by this time tomorrow some of the heavier snow will be moving out ofl be really the next 24 houhat we will watch this system moving n lets look at is what happening right n out to storm scan three which is showing that pnergy
5:28 pm
we are talking about over upper midwest low , still rotating over lakes with some w.ti energy taking precedence over portio vi carolinas. that is piece that will move out over opene and then strengthen through tonight but certainly during the day tomorrow. so, light rai breaking cennnsylvania, that will get here by 7:00 o'clock tonight and once precipita to an end until at least this time tomorrow. here is your winter storm alerts at 7:00. winter storm warning in the pink, that is from the city on north and west where snow will be heaviest. winter weather advisory has been issued in areas adjacent to i-95, to the winter weather alerts for shore points and much of the cumberland county and southern delaware because it will in those areas. so, timing this again snow spread sast between midnight and 10:00 a.m. we will have snow to the north and east heaviest snow between 10 and 4:00 tomorrow and that is the peak intensity of the storm. lets talk about precipitation types from the city north and west this is mainly snow, south jersey and delaware, mainly rain. area that we have to watch
5:29 pm
including unfortunately the city of philadelphia not a straightforward, forecast there, that is in the mix zone where we could see rain sleet mixing in that could change the totals soe you are, we have different types of precipitation to plan for and in just a little bit we will look at our snow map and tell what you to expect once this stormin the for now, ukee, back over to you. we are not alone when it comes to this latest blast of winter this week's winter storms are expected to affect 10s of millions of americans throughout the country. cbs news correspondent lou impact storms are having nationwide. >> reportemped several more inches of snow, on t bay wisconsin making for a messy commute. moves east utility crews in the northeast are scrambling to restore power and knocked out the nor'easter. >> main concern at this point get all of the streets opened and so that the salt trucks and plow trucks are able to come out. >> reporter: here in west chester county mace i have down like this one hands without power the race people here are wondering if
5:30 pm
they will lose it again. usually don't come back to back like this. now, tonight, there will be more. it will be, a tough couple of days. >> reporter: frustrations are running high this woman started protest outside of her apartment buildihat is still without power.n babies, we have senior citizen have disable people, we have, people that need treatments. hauling in bold tore sure up a sea wall that collapsed in last weeks storm damaging oceanfront homes. >> we want to make sure that the people are safe and out of harms way and we want to try minimize the impact that we have already experienced. >> reporter: the storm is not expected to bring the coastal flooding as the one last week but somethe northeast see more than a foot of snow. lou young cbs news, new york. track this latest nor'easter every step of the way, down load free cbs phillyr app available on i stay with "eyewitness news" we will hav tonight and we will be onextra early join rahel jim meisha and lauren at 4:00 a.m. on cbs-3. >> a medical milestone a second baby has been center in dallas texas to a
5:31 pm
mother, who receivedrus transplant.s say the healthy baby february via c-section, mother took part in l at the hospital for women who were born without a functional uterus or lost their uterus due to surgery or trauma transplant team held a news conference today to discuss the landmew arrival. >> this is a testament not to us but to the woman who trusted us and decided that they wanted to take this very difficult road to achieve pregnancy and then having their own baby. >> the very first baby been to a mother who received a uterus transplant was born at baylor university medical center, last year. latest snapshot of the epidemic showing aming trend even with increased attention from both medical community, hospitals are seeingrdosees then ever before. working in a new york city emergency room doctor peter scherer sees the opioid epidemic first hand. >> i don't know it is heroin,
5:32 pm
methadone or fentanyl, we are just working to save that person in the moment. >> reporter: cdc smonth period there were more than 142,000 suspected overdoses, and an increase of 30 percent. the biggest jump was in the midwest with a 70 percent increase. >> but the intention and attention, it vice disappoint ago this we are seeing these increases but this is a complex epidemic. >> reporter: it has gone from prescription pain kill tears heroin and new to fentanyl, more than 50 times more potent then heroin. >> it is just day, might have just made you, you know, sleepy can be enough to kill you. >> reporter: doctor scherer's department at mt. sinai happies trying to more than resuscitate. >> we are trying to reset them for a chronic addiction and then making an intervention that might person, if they are willino change. >> reporter: cdc agrees, eacheone out of the addiction and intoatment. th --ort overdoseness large cities
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in 16 states,54 be ready e u.s. about halting its nuclear weapons program that is, coming from south korea after its leaders met with kim jong korea. the two korea is diplomatic talks in late april. president trump is cautiously optimistic about north korea's latest offer the president says he hopes it will lead to a break through for easing tensions but would not discuss any preconditions for possible talks. former trump campaign aid sam nunberg now says he will probably testify before a grand jury as part of the russia investigation that announcement was a 180 for nun berg yesterday he to defy a subpoena from special council robert mueller, who is investigating russian interference in the 2016 election. e-mails with president trump, and his inner circle. meanwhile is there more push back on president trump's proposed tariff on steel and aluminum, some fear a trade erase economic gains european union has now
5:34 pm
threatened to tax american em ports in response to a 25 percent tax on steel and 10 percent tax on aluminum, and today the president doubled down. >> the european union has not treated us well, and it has been a very, very unfair trade situation. i'm here to protect and one oeasons i was elected i'm protecting our workers and aim protecting our co. >> reporter: house speaker paul ryan believes it is smarter to direct tariff at nations like chine, chuck schumer agreed to be i agreement on that. still to come on "eyewitness news" spending money to share heartache, some the belongings of the deceased loved one can be tough, filled with emotions and time consuming. there is a new way to save time and heartache but it will cost you details and using robot technology to make the perfect burger we will tell you science behind the new at a burger joint, kate. well, we are watching the weekend as we attempt to get through this next nor'easter, relatively quiet
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, we will be on the chilly side for march temperatures below average but we will see sunshine on saor rain returns to the forecast on sunday and again temperatures are seasonably cold, we will stay on the low side of average but remember to set those clocks forward before you go to bed saturday ya know, denny's new dulce de leche crunch pancakes remind me of my favorite bakery. you mean, denny's denny's? yeah, denny's denny's. ♪
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well, mcdonald's is doing away with frozen beef at least in some of the meals. >> burger announced quarter pounders will have fresh beef in may. in the past few years mcdonald's has changed up a few meals in order to improve image, antibiotics out of the chicken nuggets added fruit and removed soda from the happy meals. burger chain in california isn't worried about new ingredients but could use some extra help in the kitchen so it broad in a robot. kelly burger, it used thermal imaging, 3-d vision and skill to make the perfect burger, and experts say a robot can do wonders at the grill.
5:39 pm
>> anytime you go to a cali burger you know patty will be cooked exactly the same. not a fun job, hot greasy, dirty. the kitchen of the future will always have people in it but what we see that kitchen having people and robots. >> cali burger is testing at one of its locatcosts about $60,000. >> crazy, look at this. >> let me take away your jobs, people still want to be there. >> yes. >> we will see how that works. >> years to come. >> up next incredible look at aircraft carrier done during world war two that was just discovered under water. >> just hours away from the nor'easter hitting our area, here's a live look at, storm scan three kate has your updated forecast when we come
5:40 pm
when we see a woman wh centers of america in philadelphia to have her breast cancer treated she's coming for the expertise that we have
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and those who embrace it. the future is for the unafraid. ♪ ♪ ♪ we are a waiting for an approaching nor'easter, kate's forecast in about three minutes. taking a modern approach to the estate sale. selling a loved won belongings after they have passed away can be a very difficult thing but tonight our jim donovan explains how some companies are trying to make that process easier. >> this is a famous, photograph of my dad. >> reporter: amber keith's father passed away three years ago. >> we have eric clapton my mom
5:43 pm
pregnant with me. >> reporter: her father toured for decade with the rolling stones and played alongside legends. >> return to sender with elvis that is my father, and then of course, mad dock and englishman rover the. >> reporter: overwhelmed at sorting through possessions amber turned to an on line estate sale service called everything but the house for help. >> we find things of value and things that they do know existed. >> reporter: handful of co offer services bridging gap between do it yourself internet options and traditional on site sales. everything but the house sending a small team to sort and photograph the seller's items, they are posted on line every bid begins at one dollar >> they are carried at sales and auction, five to seven days and then you get yourcheck. >> reporter: service geared to the items themselves but convenience comes at a cost. receive up 65 percent of sale proceed instead of the full amounts they would get if they handled the sale alone. for amber it was well worth it
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>> thank god for these guys, i are it was like having my own little army. >> reporter: much needed help during a very difficult time. everything but the house says they sell 99 percent of the listuyers from more than 150 countries. reporting for three on your side donovan. newly released under water video shows final place office long who u.s.s. lexington. >> japan sang the american aircraft lady lex during world war two.lorers led by microsoft co paul allen discovered wre coast of austra the bottom of the carol sea. that is below the surface. >> wow amazing pictures, amazing. >> isn't that a nation. >> kate's back, here wenow, winter, i'm getting really tired of it. >> yes, winter lets start with good news. we set the clocks forward. >> that is right, this weekend >> this time next week sunset will be an hour later. we are not too far away from the start of spring on the 20th, so that is creeping up but we h a snowstorm too. >> bring it back.
5:45 pm
ait took reality. we are tracking a major system that is hitting through the day tomorrow, but actually within the next several hours ramp ing up overnight and really hitting its stride during midday hours tomorrow. lets take a look whatoing on outside right now well, almost a nice sunset in cape may. we have had beautiful rays through the cloud earlier this afternoon, but now the clouds have won battle, it is looking overcast gray, and now it is looking like a storm is coming i heard people out and store which was packed, talking about i can't believe it is going to snow tonight and tomorrow. we a outside. now you can see things looking a little bit more ominous in cape may. lets check our weather watchers and see what they had to s this nor'easter eveour friend bill in levittown. bill sent us a photo of the cloud starting to build in after sunset earlier today looking overcast throu afternoon. we will head further to the west and check in at 45 degrees, with eric anderson sve, and now it is cloud there i in chester springs, and heading down into new jersey we are at 46, knoll
5:46 pm
pits how in man che cloudy conditions. she said it is looking a little gray outside and this, again, kind of for shadowing of things to come as this storm head our way. here's storm scan three, two pieces of energy. coastal low developing near the coast of the carolinas and which is swirl you see back across the midwest and great lakes.oin forces as we get in the day tomorrow this system is strengthening but it is tom start to get energy from the upper level low and also from theocean which starts to ramp up. once that happens that is when banding takes place and that is when change over from rain to snow is certain areas can occur as well. enough cold air is pulled down into this system. that is something we have to keep a close eye on, where that mix line is, where that rain/snow transition line w set up. can start to see some rain moving through lancaster andester counties, rain, snow startingight for now but will intensify overnight. overnight forecast we are down to 34 degrees, snow, rain developing, windsickmorrow iswhich snow, depending on where
5:47 pm
you are it stays as snow or mix west rain and sleet. in the city mainly rain as we head down the shore high of 37 degrees. so not a ton of cold air with this system but storms like these, they make their own cold air. as you start to get heavy precipitation rates pulling cold air down from the upper atmosphere we will see heavy rain change over to heavy snow so by 11:00 o'clock tonight we expect steady snow in the western suburbs, snowing at 2:00 a.m. from the city on northwest, rain to the south ande notice mix line hanging out along i-95. heaviest snow starts to come down tomorrow, watch how this storm takes shape see center of the low and banding, 10:00 a.m. and continues through noon, one two, and into the afternoon finally by four or 5:00 that snow starts to lift up further north. as far as snow amounts heaviest in the poconos and lehigh valley where as much as 10 to 14 inches could fall. north and western suburbs it is mainly snow, 20612 inches. in the city and nearby southeastern suburbs of new
5:48 pm
jersey snow, sleet rain, three to 6 inches, one to three further heading into new jersey and shore and southern delaware thinks mainly rain. enough snow wraps in around the back edge there could be a quick coating. these are not gospel numbers but i want to show how this storm is oriented, not much down the shore moderate amounts in the city and highest amounts with this system will be in the lehigh valley and poconos, and the coastal impact will see strong winds, chance for light accumulations, as cold air wraps in with this system. but again flooding concern relatively low. winds will batter the coast as we head through the day tomorrow. things improve thursday and friday, still breezy, below average and a dry weekend as we spring, forward ukee and guess. kate, thank you. her confused look sparked memes on social media find out what jennifer garner was really thinking about at the oscars. disney classic is getting a reboot, big willie style more philly flavor in the a laden in the hot minute and that is next with
5:49 pm
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jennifer garner embraces
5:52 pm
her new role and latest celebrity kid following in their parent's footstep. >> bex from today's 96.5 has those stories plus news about the upcoming a lane movies in the hot minute. >> thanks, ukee and jessica. local guy go on and make it big just like oscar tony and emmy winning song writer ben pacec, philadelphia native behind hits of la la land and greatest show man has been brought on board to tackle live action remake of the a laden. benj and his writing partner justin paul said they havegs philadelphia start just don't stop there will on theof expected out in 2019. and, another music duo have to keep our eyes out place chris martin his daughter apple. gwyneth paltrow captured this video of her ex-hubby and their 13 year-old in the middle of a guitar lesson as they learned the beatles bird, it is safe to say that the apple doesn't from the tree. it looks like we have our answer to what exactly was our
5:53 pm
jennifer garner's mind when she became an instant mem at sunday night's oscars. actresses unexpected facial expression went viral after her pleasant clapping turned into a horrifiedny media exactly what popped into jen's mine. well she's finally weighing in poking in a fun at the moment. >> can't wait to work with len a dunnham difficult sign a waiver. >> is what in your w wallet. >> conn greats to shape of water. maybe i should date a fish. >> reporter: tha i'm bex from today's 96.5. >> she's a good sport. now at 6:00 ready for round two, kate. >> that is right we're latestor'easter i will tell you when snow starts, how much you will get a areas could see a mix, i will tell g this lasn the storm i closer crews gearing up how officials planned to keep things safe when the snow starts falling. >> still in the dark as we re winter weather the way those without electricity from the last
5:54 pm
storm are planning to deal with the upcoming snowstorm. >> she was the first and that video he put her in a head lock. >> violent a salt captured on camera and now philadelphia police need public's help tracking dunn the man who did it. we will show you where it happened and yes is not the only suspect officers are looking for. snow accumulations are expect to be heavy and we're devoting all 420 penndot trucks and pieces of equipment to keep our roads safe,. >> preparing for winter weather second massive storm in less than a week and thousands in the region are still in the power struggle, and days after the last nor'easter many customers still remain without electricity. good evening i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica
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