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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  March 7, 2018 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news". right now on cbs3 "eyewitness news" at noon, states of emergencies are in effect in schools are closed as another round of wintry weather hits our area. as the storm picks up utility crews in delaware county are still scrambling to get lights back on for hundreds impact beside last week's storm. >> snowplows are out in full force this noon keeping the roads clear for anyone who needs to venture out. good afternoon everyone i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. so we've been talking about it all week and now it is finally here this of the second nor'easter of the march we have a team of reporters all across the region tracking the snow and rain and what you're seeing
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really depends on where you are. we've got you covered. >> but first let's get right to lauren casey in the weather center she's been tracking the storm since early this morning. lauren what's the latest? >> latest i'm exhausted. this nor'easter wearing us all out all across the delaware valley. but, yes, the storm intensity is really just getting going we'll see the prime energy and action of this system as we head into the next couple of hours. and throughout the afternoon. but snowfall totals they are picking up we saw heavy band work through parts of the area and now heavy intensity snowfall coming down in center city philadelphia. as we get live look on skycam3. the franklin institute check out those huge snowflakes blowing on by. temperatures right around that freezing mark so we're seeing bigger snowflakes heavy wet snow and a parts of chester county, we're over a half a foot of snow in east nantmeal township. 7.5. 2-inches per hour snowfall lates of rates. well caln township over 6-inch 6-inches. gilbertsville 2-inches per hour
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reported at 5-inches of snowfa snowfall. chadds ford delco closing in on 5-inches and we still have more to go. storm scan3 showing us picture of the afternoon now we're starting to see colder air wrap around on the back side of this area of low pressure. we had been seeing mixing that's now changing back over to snow and the intensity starting to pick up we can tell how intense the storm is check that out. look closely offshore of cape may those are lightning strikes. hearing rumbles of thunder dealing with convention right now. and taking a closer look at center city philadelphia, stretching out into burlington county that is indicating heavy intensity snowfall we saw that heavy snow come through chester county that moved up into berks county the lehigh valley and the poconos. snow still coming down at a moderate to up tense clip so now until this afternoon mix to snow increasing in intensity storm peaking as we head throughout the afternoon hours. and then after the 7:00 o'clock hour, this really wrapping up very quickly we're not going to see lost lingering snow on the
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back side of this system but it's going to pack a punch over the next couple of hours. snowfall six to 12-inches as i mentioned in chester county we're already at that six to 12-inch mark along the i-95 corridor. possibly ten to 14-inches up towards the lehigh valley and poconos. lesser amounts but we still do have a period of all snowfall that is possible in along the coast. we can see quick accumulations as we head into this afternoon of course we'll talk more about all of this snowfall and what you expect as we head into the evening hours coming up in just a few minutes. guys? >> thank you lauren. now let's turn to the roads. >> mobile weather watcher out monitoring conditions. meteorologist matt peterson is inside with a look at the roads in center city. matt, good afternoon. how is it looking. >> good afternoon rahel and jim it is definitely starting to get messy out here in center city. we'll take you right to our dash cam you can see out front of the mobile weather watcher windshield wipers going the snow as lauren said in center city really in about the last hour an
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hour, 40 minutes has really pick up in intensity. lots of big wet snowflakes coming down and the roads are now starting to get a slushy coating on them. i wouldn't call it an accumulation but definitely a slushy coating on. of the roadways not just on the side streets but we're talking across the board so it's going start to get slippery. i have not seen too many people driving. there is someone in front of us right now. but the good news is, not a whole lot of people have been on the roads. so that means that people are staying inside. they're heeding the warnings to not be driving around in all of this nasty weather. and the other thing is i haven't seen too many plows out just yet. but i'm sure that peco will be getting out and trying to really kind of get out in front of this as best as they can as we get through the rest of the afternoon. from the eyewitness mobile weather watcher meisha let's zen it back to you in the studio. >> stay safe. this day everyone wants their snow mobile i've been telling you from the beginning when it snows this is when we want. like matt pointed out the good thing, yes, we just have not
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seen a lost vehicles on the roadways certainly nowhere near where we typically see specialsly on busy wednesday during our morning rush through the afternoon and early evening rush. so this is basically what we're dealing with on 95 southbound past cottman we were looking at an accident pulled off to the shoulder on the northbound side that has now since been cleared out of the way. you can see visibility issue clearly going to be an issue basically wherever you're drying around warrington township, this is 202 lime kiln pike area all the slush and that snow lots of which is refreezing on to the road surfaces. 42, 42 freeway northbound creek road take look at this. it almost looks likes the evening hours it's so dark out there. again, visibility issues if you to head out there the good news s you're not going to be fighting any sort to bumper bumper conditions we didn't scene it in our morning commute. so now during the afternoon it's going to settle down a little bit more or you're going to have some late risers out there heading out right now hoping it's a little bit better. however we do have an accident in jersey. 295 south past route 256 and flooding route 130 at route 47
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that is still closed. so give yourself extra time. rahel over to you. >> meisha, thank you. bensalem bucks county downed wires were caught on camera sending sparks on fort road and meeting rotor off bensalem boulevard. wet heavy snow brought the wires down that road is now back open to traffic. today's weather making things difficult in delaware county. >> falling trees and found power lines still an a issue after last week's storm. joe holden is lifer in havertown. what are the conditions there right now, joe. >> good afternoon. i'll tell you right now the temperature is dropping. the snow has really picked up. and i believe we have a nor'easter on our hands here. right now the township still trying to rebound from friday's storm. there are still power outages. last number i got from township officials 360 peco customers still without power. i am told the crews from out of state still trying to energize those homes as long as it remains safe for them to do so. now, win the last hour, it has
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really started to snow. these roads were clear an hour ago. now, beginning to get snow covered all over again. we spoke to township police chief john viola about 20 minutes ago. take a listen to what he had to say. >> very concerned about that with the tree that is are weakened already. from the past storm heavy winds and rain and snow from friday's storm and now with this wet snow on top of it what tree hasn't come down we're very concerned what could happen with the additional weight and the winds are supposed to come in this afternoon. >> reporter: back life and what what happened on friday the ground so saturated the trees just most of them fell over under sustained winds. the township is expecting of course not to see such dramatic wind speed today but they are hoping of course and keeping an eye on things and we will dot same for you. reporting live along the eagle road in havertown, joe holden cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you joe. with a power problem still lingering from last week employees are work aig round the clock at peco's header
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headquarters. "eyewitness news" at headquarters this morning utility company reports about 11,000 customers are currently without power. ppl reports thee 54 outages. the number of outages are manage lower for delmarva, atlantic city electric and pse&g. >> it is a mix of conditions across pennsylvania, let's check in now on chester county our greg argos is live along east gay street in west chester what he's seeing right now. greg, good afternoon. >> reporter: rahel, jim g afternoon. yeah we must see be one of these bands in the past 20 or 30 minutes the snow is starting to come down. we're actually on east market street right here behind me. you can see this is sort of the scene. the sides of the roads they're slushy little bit dangerous but the main roadways at least right now they're passible. we've seen some crews go by with plows and shovels but everyone really navigating the roadways pretty well. this is a very wet, very heavy snow. you can see accumulating here
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we're talking maybe about 4-inches or so on the ground right now. like i mentioned it is very damp very heavy and that is the concern you just heard from joe holden there in havertown about downed power lines it's really sticking to the power lines and as the weight accumulates n could be an issue. but right now, here in west chester, the roadways are clear. the snow is coming down and this is only expected to get worse as we go into the afternoon. that's the latest life here in east market street in west chester i'm greg argos cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> greg, thank you. latest blast of winter weather is making it hard for people without cars to get around in the lehigh valley. team coverage continues now with trang do live in allentown where the storm canceled classes and public transportation and trang we've seen you all morning long. what are you seeing now? >> reporter: guys, it is still snowing here just as lauren had told us it was really going to start to pick up here around 10:00 an round 10:30 when the heaviest snow began to fall. and that snow is still falling it's lightened up a bit. you can see it is finally accumulating here in allentown
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this is downtown allentown at hamilton street and seventh street. you can see these guys are out here shoveling the sidewalks you can see a lot of accumulation just in the past hour and a half. in addition to that, take look at these roadways they are getting very slushy. so that makes for slippery conditions. we've seen a number of snowplows come through here in the past hour and a half just scene so much snow accumulating that these crews are dealing with right here. we did talk to some people who were just strolling around in downtown allentown just about how the snow is affecting them. take a listen. >> i am a little concerned. i hope that the power doesn't go out in allentown and i know there's still a lot of people without power, um, i'm lucky enough to have power, but i'm hoping that it doesn't -- it's not as bad they are predicting. >> the bus service canceled today. got up at 4:00 o'clock this morning get ready for work. and get down there and they cancel. >> reporter: oh no. what are you going to do now. >> well, now i'm going to go home and eat a good hot
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breakfast, cup of coffee and call 8-day. [ laughter ] >> reporter: jim ran hell that is exactly what i planned to now this is my last live shot. i'm handing over the microphone to chante lans. she'll be here for four, five, six and 11. as this storm continues. kind of keep up until right around the rush hour. for now we're live in downtown allentown. i'm trang dough cbs3 "eyewitness news". back to you guys. >> well deserved trang you have been on air since 4:00 a.m. so, yes, go back kick your feet up have something warm to eat. >> allentown correspondent. >> thank you trang. if you have any snow photos or videos you'd like to share with us use the hash tag cbs3 on facebook or twitter you may seem them right here on "eyewitness news". our storm coverage continues here on cbs3. >> live look now at philadelphia from our rooftop camera not quite white out conditions but not looking great out there. we'll go live to bucks county and check on conditions in south jersey. "eyewitness news". reminder you can fine the latest developments on our website and our twitter
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and facebook pages at cbs phil
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at this point not everyone has been seeing snow from the nor'easter in new jersey along the shore this a live look at very soggy ocean city. rain is coming down steadily there. you can see it over in our camera but reaching over to -- switching over to snow. this nor'easter bringing mixed bag of wintery weather to south jersey. >> "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan is live in pennsauken, camden county with how thing are looking there.
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cleve? >> reporter: good afternoon. because of all the rain as you mentioned there couldn't treat the roads much ahead of time. so crews are really relying on salt now to tackle the snow that's on the roadways and as you can see they have plenty of it here at the salt barn in pennsauken in camden county. takes a pretty big loader to load up all the sand into the trucks they have. and these are the live conditions now. the snow is really coming down heavy around 11:00 o'clock it switched over from rape to snow and we see that sticking on the ground. on the cars. we're very close to route 130 and just a little while ago we took video out there when it was raining. it was just raining all morning. we were wondering are we going to get any of the snow? as i said around1:00 o'clock, all that rain started to then turnrd tonight big snowflakes and now it's coming down in large clumps from the sky. in camden county there are few concerns now with this snow, and
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so we brought out here very kind to join us is freeholder carmen rodriguez, and freeholder, we're looking at these huge clump cluf snow coming down. tell me about some of your concerns with this storm. >> some of my biggest concerns this is actually wet snow. the ground is saturated so some of the things that i'm really worried about is flooding. i'm worried about the weight on trees and power lines knocking some of that down which made easier because the ground is very saturated. so i think it's really important that people remain in safe environments so if they can stay off the roads that would be fantastic. it also allows our vehicles to do their jobs. we have 1200 miles of roads that we have to salt now. as you mentioned. so our guys will be hitting the road now and making sure that happens. >> and so they are out on the roads right now putting all this salt down. trying to make sure that the roadways are clear. again, snow coming down pretty thick now in south jersey. we're live in pennsauken, clear
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brcb news". >> sure is, cleve. thank you. back on "eyewitness news" is our storm watch coverage continues now from montgomery county. >> victoria witness woodill s with conditions there. it look like it's coming down steadily there as well. >> rahel it's snowing outside. jim and rahel, yeah, right now we are by cheltenham plaza live in wyncote and our story today is visibility. as you can see behind me, the know is coming down very very hard. and earlier when we were on our way to doylestown because that's where we were supposed to be, um, visibility became a probl for us. earlier not because the snow was coming down super heavy, but because i don'know if you can see it right here, our windshield was meetly smashed. so jim and rahel here i am sitting passenger side. casey kuhn or incredible photograph is driving and we're going like, you know, the speed limit like 30, keeping it, you know keeping it light. all of a sudden, while i was, you know, i guess playing on
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facebook a little bit, i hear boom! wack! right on the windshield. yeah, it turns out, a huge chunk of snow and ice off of a sign on 309 just by susquehanna smashed our windshield. case come over here so they can really see i'm going to open up the door of the van. can you see that you guys? shards of glass are all right here. thankfully we are all fine. but this -- tears the things that happened out there. unpredictable thing. it's incredible. needless to say it's going to be a very interesting day because this is a very interesting start. so we'll see how the day picks up and that's all coming up next.
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welcome back it looks like we're starting to see snow really all across the region except in certain spots dealing with wintry mix throughout the morning hours now peak intensity overtaking the region and we're dealing with heavy snow across good chunk of the delaware valley that includes center city philadelphia. you can see the skyline because of the reduced visibility. because of this heavy and up tense snowfall.
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what a difference an hour makes. we really didn't have the snow on the roadways now starting to accumulate not on the grassy surfaces on the cars but on the roads as well. temperature right at 32 degrees. so when you get that temperature closer to the freezing mark, you get these big flakes that are flying now in the scene northerly winds around 14 miles per hour. had little bit of warm air sneak into the mid levels with the approach the low over the last couple of hours. saw little bit of mixing colder air wrapping in on the back side of that low is expected so it's cutting off that mixing threat now we're seeing heavy snow and that is reflected by visibilit visibilities near zero in mount pocono. half a mile in allentown half a mile in philadelphia right now. about quarter of a mile in wilmington. that winter storm warning remains in effect for much of the area including center city parts of south jersey, up into our western suburbs. lehigh valley and poconos. through late tonight. you can see by our winds you can see now they're more out of the north and temperatures have dropped a degree or two changing over that mix back into heavy
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snow with that colder air mass in place. temperatures along the coast have dropped from 40s to 30s. just in the last hour here is our area of low pressure. this is our nor'easter all of that moisture wrapping in on the back side of this system. as that center of the low gets even closer, the storm is onlenm scan3 showing us packed in were had he a wintry mix across south jersey that changing over to snowfl. philadelphia county seeing heavy snow back into chester county, parts of south jersey where we're seeing bright purple returns also we had a report inf .8-inches of snowfall in 15 minutes. that's about snowfall rate of 4-inches per hour. we're dealing with this heavy snow across portions of our northwestern you be suburbs up into the lee valley. storm scan3 showing us we were dealing with that wintry mix along the coast but now that rain/snow line is edging its way
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eastbound and ao there they some lightning strikes you'reesn cape may county dealing with possibly some thundersnow rain mix and for this afternoon snowfall rates at one to 2-inches per hour. wet roads turning noelly very quickly already seeing that very hazardous travel conditions and power outages possible. we'll talk more about the winter storm as we proceed throughout the rest of the afternoon. future weather showing us as we head throughout the afternoon widespread and heavy snowfall coming down across the region. now we'll continue into the early evening hours and then very quickly this will start to wrap up but it's going to pack a punch as we head into the next couple of hours then by this evening all of that falling precipitation out of here but as far as forecast snowfall totals we are still on track especially now that the heavy snow is getting going. six to 12-inches along i-95. lesser amounts to the south and east of the hire to the north and west. we'll be right back. ♪
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final check on the forecast lauren. >> snow through this evening. so be careful. just stay inside if you can and things quiet down as we head into the next several days. the weekend looking good. sunshine for saturday. we spring forward into sunday with nice quiet seasonal sunny weekend. >> that will be nice. >> yup. >> that's "eyewitness news" for today at noon. i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. for lauren and all of us here thanks for watching. >> the young and the restless is coming up next. stay safe out there, everyone. ♪
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>> previously on "the young and the restless"... >> billy: i just want to be grateful for what we have. >> phyllis: you're not screwing this up. i'm not gonna let you. >> shauna: she's my mentor. hilary's been helping me out for a while. >> devon: why didn't you tell me you were involved in a youth mentoring program, hilary? >> hilary: i want you to be the father of my child. >> ashley: you found these in jack's office? how did you get them? i've been set up. >> victoria: it's a new feature for our in-house website where employees can post confidential feedback about their co-workers. it can be critical or positive, as long as it is constructive. i started checking the anonymous feedback site that i created for newman employees. i didn't realize that a lot of people here hate me. >> j.t.: ah! "employee appreciation day." that is, uh -- that's catchy.
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>> victoria: yes.


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