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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  March 8, 2018 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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>> ♪ >> live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> right now on cbs3 "eyewitness news" at noon digging out and picking up the pieces. a day after the storm a look at the damage and cleanup after another nor'easter walloped our region. good afternoon i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. we have cleared our second weather hurdle of march. could more be headed our way. >> chelsea ingram joins us with a look at the forecast. we understand there's a possibility of more snow. >> maybe a little more snow in the forecast. it is not a guarantee but we could even see some flurries
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around tonight. of course we'll talk about all of that but let me start you out with a beautiful picture right now. our live look at center city. look at that blue sky, the sunshine, we have nice cumulus clouds out there but a lot of snow on the ground from yesterday's system. let's recap some snowfall totals. the big winner richboro around 16-inches of snow. a lot of areas picked up that that double digit snowfall. even in philadelphia international we picked up over 6-inches of snow. that is a new record daily snowfall for philadelphia yesterday. 38 degrees right now in philadelphia. so we are above freezing. we're getting that melting process going. 37 in wilmington. it's 36 in reading. right around 37 degrees in allentown. it does feel a little bit chillier though when you factor in even just a tiny bit of a breeze. it's going to feel like the upper 20's and 30's pretty much all day so that's really what you should dress for if you're planning on going out for the remainder of the afternoon and evening. a chilly evening in store. temperature right around 39 degrees. we will see increasing clouds
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later on tonight and then, yeah, the potential for a couple flurries or brief snow shower. we will talk about what you can expect for the sunday night, monday time frame in a few minutes. back to you guys. >> chelsea thank you. after yesterday's storm crews are working around the clock to get the power back on for 10s of thousands of homes and businesses across the region. more than 50,000 peco customers are still in the dark. pse&g has about 20,000 customers without power. ac electric more than 9900 outages and numbers much lower for ppl and delmarva. >> the storm knocked down power to about a third of the county yesterday. >> progress is being made but crews still have a lot of work ahead of them. jan carabeo surveyed the damage and the cleanup. >> reporter: dealing with a one-two punch from mother nature. the delaware valley digs out yet again following the second nor'easterly in less than a week. this time bucks county was hit
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hardest. >> four hours with the snowblower to get the drive way clear. >> reporter: steve knapp lost power yesterday during the height of the storm after tree branches heavy with snow not only took out a power line outside but fell on top of his richboro home. richboro hit the jackpot when it comes to snow totals. this nor'easter dumped 16-inches of snow yesterday. >> all the treesame down, wires down, our electric went out. it was a bummer. >> reporter: snow covered streets and road closures made getting around during the morning commute nearly impossible. >> i feel like they haven't plowed them at all. one other car i saw the guy slipped and crashed into a tree which is bad. i was like my god. >> reporter: council rock school district canceled classes thursday due to messy roads and power outages. in bucks county alone peco says close to 50,000 customers woke up in the dark. >> i know it's a tough job but, you know, we're paying for the service so help us and give us some timeline. they're not telling me >> reporter: steve says he
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hopes peco pulls through today and tonight will be warmer than the last. in richboro jan carabeo cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> and crews are also hard at work in delaware county working to restore the power there. chopper3 is live over media right now. workers on west baltimore pike are trying to get back up and running in the wake of the storm. yesterday's storm toppled plenty of trees include a pair in the fairmount seconds of philadelphia. this one came down on to top of a car near the intersection of 18th and green streets. on the other side of green street a different tree fell onto the sidewalk and hit a car damaging its back windshield. >> new jersey didn't escape the wrath of the nor'easter. the storm dumped heavy snow that that brought down trees and poles. it left a car of damage across other east coast states as well. >> reporter: tow trucks rihanna moving stranded tractor-trailers in northern new jersey this morning. hundreds of cars and trucks were stuck for hours on highways last night. as the second nor'easter in
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less than a week slammed the region. emergency crews used snow mobiles to shuttle people to safety. wet heavy snow toppled trees and power lines causing several fires. almost a million people began the day without electricity including more than 100,000 in connecticut. >> there are people without power. we understand that that's not optimal and we're working with the utilities and watching the utilities in the recovery efforts. >> reporter: at least 2 feet of snow fell in parts of new york, new jersey, connecticut, massachusetts and vermont. in montclair, new jersey, massive trees like this one crashed to the ground uprooting huge patches of the sidewalk. near philadelphia, the women's basketball team at northeastern university had to push their bus to get it out of the snow. coastal areas were spared the heavy snow but parts of east haven, connecticut are under water. and so are residents of duck's
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berry massachusetts. >> it's an awesome community. it's an incredible town. we love it here but we think they could be better prepared as far as having a pump, something to bail people out so we don't have to go through this. >> reporter: to make matters worse, forecasters are watching another storm that cool threaten the region early next week. meg oliver for cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> and our storm coverage continues online at there you can find more images of the nor'easter's aftermath, snow totals, updated power outage numbers and details on amtrak's modified schedules. >> in other news police are searching for the driver who struck and killed a pedestrian in radnor township. this happened on the 500 block of east lancaster after just after 8:00 last night. the vehicle slowed down after hitting the 52-year-old man and sped off westbound. the vehicle is described as a dark colored suv possibly a gmc model with significant damage to the front driver's side. if you have any information call police.
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a historic vote on restoring local control of philadelphia's public schools has been postponed. >> city council was supposed to take a final vote on the issue today but scrapped plans at the last minute. just last month city lawmakers approved a measure that would give voters the final say through a ballot question in the may 15th primary. it's unclear if or when council will schedule a new vote. >> bethlehem's sands casino has been sold for a hefty price tag. an american indian tribe from alabama agreed to purchase the casino. the deal was announced today but it is still pending approval. the bethlehem sands opened in 2009 on the site of the old bethlehem steel headquarters and cost more than 800 million to build. >> coming up on cbs3 "eyewitness news" at noon, will he or won't he? a look at the new tariff plan that president trump is considering signing into law despite criticism from both sides of the aisle. >> mcdonald's turns its famous golden arches upside down. why the m is now a w
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>> welcome back. president trump has invited steelworkers to join him at the white house this afternoon where he could possibly announce new tariffs on imported steel and aluminum. the tariffs are meant to keep american steel plants competitive but critics say it will do the opposite. weijia jiang has more details from the white house. >> reporter: president trump is preparing to announce new tariffs on steel and aluminum imported into the u.s. >> the president is very focused on making sure
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american companies are treated fairly. that's what this is all about. >> reporter: the president's plan would place a 25 percent tax on imported steel and 10 percent on aluminum. the proposal is expected to exempt canada and mexico as long as they agree to a new nafta deal. canada is the leading supplier of imported steel and aluminum in the u.s. >> imposing tariffs on steel and aluminum coming from canada simply makes no sense. >> reporter: the president's plan is drawing criticism from many lawmakers in his own party who say the tariffs will hurt american workers. >> if the president goes through with this, it will kill american jobs. >> reporter: the nebraska senator says the tariffs may help american steel manufacturers but they will hurt many more american companies who use steel to make their products. >> there are 140,000 production steel mill workers in america. there are more than 5 million factory workers in america that work at factories that use steel as a primary input.
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>> reporter: 107 republican members of the house of representatives sent a letter to mr. trump expressing their concern that the new tariffs will spark a trade war. weijia jiang, cbs news, the white house. >> a new school safety bill is now in the hands of florida governor rick scott but it is unclear if he'll sign it. the legislature passed the legislature by a 67 to 50 vote yesterday and raises the age to buy rifles increases mental health resources and allows some teachers to be armed. the bill is in response to last month's deadly shooting in parkland florida that killed 17 people. the debate over the possible effects of violent video games on young people will be the focus of a meeting the the white house today. president trump will host a round table discussion with video game industry leaders. the president criticized violent video games in the wake that of parkland shooting. other news today two female empowerment movements taking center stage during
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international women's today. >> the eiffel tower lit up to honor women's right and promote the french equivalent of the time's up movement. in south korea thousands of women took to the streets to rally against sexual harassment. demonstrators held signs reading me too and called for an improvement in women's rights in the workplace. some mcdonald's franchisees honoring international women's day by flipping their golden arches upside down to make a w. 100 women owned mcdonald's restaurants around the country will sport the flipped arches. many mcdonald's customers thought it was a great way to celebrate the achievements of women. the upside down logo will also be seen on package and and on employee uniforms. still ahead, details on meghan markle's latest step to show respect for the queen. >> and we may be in the clear but new england is still feeling the pinch of this latest nor'easter. a look at the flood damage along coastal regions that are still cleaning up from last week's storm. chelsea. >> a close eye on the weekend.
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good news is much of the weekend is going to be completely quiet. we'll see a ton of sunshine on saturday, some extra cloud cover moving in later in the afternoon and evening on sunday and then things get a little bit tricky sunday night into monday. that's where we have the potential for a coastal storm to develop and form. i'll have more details coming up in just a few minutes. we'll be right back. >> ♪
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>> well, the effects of the nor'easter being felt in new england as well. many streets along massachusetts shore line are be under water after yesterday's nor'easter. in marsh field backhoes are being brought in to move the water out. much of the region is reeling from last weekend's storm which broke a number of sea
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walls leaving some under 4 feet of water. >> further northern in maine most of the state is expected to pick up 10 to 16-inches of snow likely to fall at about one to 2 inches per hour before it tapers offer -- off later this afternoon. there are more than 20,000 reported outages. check out this nor'easter from space. weather satellites beamed these images back to earn. earth. you seat bubbling clouds. that's what caused the thunder storm. did you see it. >> i was asleep. [laughter] >> i was working. >> exhausted from yesterday morning. >> yeah, i know. >> just incredible weather. i mean, the strength of that system, the convection in system which created those high cloud tops is impressive. >> i'm glad it's done. >> cool we can see that type of resolution on satellite. completely different story today. a live look at our plymouth meeting camera. you can see we got the
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sunshine, some cumulus clouds out there and there's still quite a bit of snow out there as well. here's what you can expect over the next six hours. lots of afternoon sunshine, so that's going to contribute to noticeable melting happening today along with temperatures that will be well above freezing. making their way slowly but surely into the low and mid 40's. wind chills, however, throughout the afternoon are going to be in the 30's and we'll see some clouds on the increase later this evening. let's recap some snowfall records from yesterday n philadelphia around 6.1-inches of snow fell, that beats the old record by about 2.1-inches, the old record set back in 1969. also a snowfall record in wilmington. record snow of 4.6-inches fell yesterday. that's a new dailyathat's 2-incd record that was also set back probably with the same storm back in 1969. 38 degrees right now in philadelphia. again, we're on our way up into the 40's. 39 in trenton. 37 in allentown. we're at 31 degrees in the
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poconos. 38 in reading. it's 37 in wilmington. right around 40 degrees now in millville. also 40 degrees in atlantic city. heading into the overnight hours tonight, we could deal with the potential for black ice, refreezing. temperatures are going to drop very close to freezing or just slightly below that. you can see 30 degrees, that's the forecast low temp in philadelphia. 29 in allentown, 30 in reading, 29 in lancaster. some of these locations are areas that i'm concerned about as we move into tomorrow morning especially given the amount of melting that's going to be occurring throughout the day today and a lot of it really has already happened as well. the sunshine helping with that, too with high pressure building on in. here's a look at the storm system that caused us all of those problems yesterday. look at it spinning counterclockwise flow there causing issues up into portions of new england even still but that is a distant memory for us right here in the delaware valley. however, as we head into the overnight hours tonight, we
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will have the risk for a couple of flurries to move on through, maybe even a snow shower. fast forwarding into the overnight hours i'm thinking anywhere between the time frame of 1:00 a.m. and maybe 6:00 a.m. tomorrow is when we could see a couple of those flurries or a brief snow shower. otherwise sun and clouds with snow showers up into the poconos as we head into the afternoon. now let's fast forward sunday night into monday. i'm going to take you through two different models here and show you the difference in their solutions. let's start with the american model. this brings a potential nor'easter right up the coast and then rain snow potential even right here at home. you can see that will white blue shade and pink shade. that's where we're going to be dealing with that risk for some wintry precipitation but the european model is a totally different story. this system actually moved down to our south, then it swings off shore. maybe we're just grazed by a little light rain. there's really two solutions we're keeping an eye on. i think with another model run
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or two we'll really have a better idea of what's going to be happening as we head into sunday night and monday so stay tuned. your eyewitness weather seven-day forecast, 43 degrees as we head into friday. couple morning flurries and sun and clouds, some snow showers up in the poconos. a very quiet saturday in store. then we spring forward. sunday looks relatively quiet as well. again, ironing out the details for what could happen sunday night into monday. for now we're watching the coast on monday leaving the chance for a wintry mix maybe some rain or snow in the forecast so stay tuned. >> all right chelsea. >> don't look at me like that. [laughter] >> don't look at me like that. >> meghan markle is now a full-fledged member of the church of england. the fiancée of prince harry was reportedly baptized in a secret ceremony in london this week. markelle was brought up protestant. she you lovers her man. >> kate did the same thing,
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kate middleton was baptized before marrying william. >> all the royal news at
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>> well, coming up later don't forget we spring ahead pushing our clocks forward by an hour. it messes up your sleep schedule but also can affect your health. we'll explain coming up today at 5:00. >> also a "star wars" icon was honored in hollywood today. >> mark hamil received a star
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on the hollywood walk of fame this morning. "star wars" director george lucas and harrison ford were both on hand for the ceremony. >> jim how is the new flavor of m&m sounds. mars announced it's working on three new flavors but only one will get to stay on store shelves. crunchy espresso crunchy raspberry or crunchy mint. >> the poll ends in august. >> let's get a final check on the forecast. >> quiet weather for the next couple days. we can enjoy that. we can take a breather, clean up from the past two storms. 44 degrees this afternoon, 43 on friday. couple morning flurries but really not a big deal. otherwise sun and clouds. saturday quiet weather partly cloudy skies. we spring forward. sunday we're quite as well. sunday night into monday that's when we're tracking the potential for some wintry weather, maybe a little rain/snow mix, maybe a little rain, maybe a little snow. we're keeping an eye on that. again the models really not
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totally agreeing but i think but i think another model run or two will have a better idea of what's happening. partly sunny on wednesday. no real big extremes when it comes to our temperatures so even though maybe some precipitation in the forecast we can still enjoy that. >> models are supposed to be attractive. i don't like that. >> do say. >> that's "eyewitness news" at noon. i'm jim donovan. >> and i'm rahel solomon. for chelsea and all of us here thanks for watching. >> ♪ >> "eyewitness news" continues at 5:00 and we're always online at >> "the young and the restless" is coming up next. have a great day, everyone. >> ♪
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>> previously on "the young and the restless"... >> abby: i want you to come see me in paris. >> dina: tell abby i'll start packing right away. [ crying ] jackie, please, help me. >> jack: once i am reunited with our mother, i am not taking her back to paris. i'm bringing her home where she belongs. >> j.t.: you can't talk your way out of this one. victor's got the proof that you betrayed him and his company. >> lily: victoria has been walking all over me, and it's getting worse, not better. >> cane: i'm behind you no matter what you want to do. >> lily: after the way that you belittled and embarrassed me, we have nothing further to discuss. i quit. >> j.t.: victor. >> victor: yeah. j.t. what can i do for you? >> j.t.: uh, well, look, i'm -- i'm head of newman enterprise's security team. yeah, i'm the guy who


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