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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  December 21, 2012 5:30am-6:00am PST

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>> tribal fighting in kenya. at least 30 people are dead. hello. top stories for al jazeera. thousands of people take to the streets of egypt us second city of defence on religion and the constitution. at 1-year mandate for mali. the go-ahead for national troops. at no end, the standoff for washington. republican plans to avert a fiscal crisis fails to win back supsupport in the white house.
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at least 30 people have been killed in southeastern kenya. the deaths in the region are being blamed on tribal fighting between the two communities. more now from al jazeera -- nazanineazeera's moshiri. >> a victims are at least five children, five women. many people injured as well. enya's red cross says they have managed to evacuate 16 seriously injured to a town on the coast. they are still searching in the area for more victims. at the heart of this is land. this is the arid area, water is scarce. grazing land is scarce as well. the orma on the one side, her on
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the other side the pastor list -- the pokomo back in august and september, hundreds were injured and thousands were replaced. also part of this our politics. kenya is heading for a presidential election in march, 2013, and the political boundaries, the constituencies of this area have been changed under kenya's new constitution. people are not happy about that as well. it is unclear why this village was attacked and why so many people were killed. >> an american citizen has been detained in north korea, accused of committing a crime against the government. to khas the north korean state media, who they
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say this man came in on a tour of the northeastern city and was put into custody by a relevant institution. evidence proving that he committed a crime against the democratic people's republic of korea was revealed. he admitted his crime, they say. u.s. interests in p'yongyang. they say legal actions are being taken against him in line with criminal procedure law of the dprk. a little over a week ago, a u.s. korean men was in custody. he is said to be the operator of a tour company based in beijing that specializes in tours to north korea, and the u.s. state department said they were aware of these reports and that the welfare of their citizens with their chief concern. in 2009, there were two
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instances of khas u.s. citizens been jailed in north korea, the first in march, accused of trying to cross illegally into the border. later a christian activist was jailed and eventually released after repenting. the two earlier detainees were released after bill clinton who visited hong yang. -- visited p'yongyang. >> britain has paid money to iraqis who say they were illegally obtained -- rick detained and tortured by british troops. over into the following the 2003 invasion. most of those were male civilians who said they were beaten, deprived of sleep, and threatened before being interrogated. britain's prime minister has promised to bring home half of the country us troops serving in afghanistan by the end of next year.
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david cameron made the comments after speaking to troops in -- he said the mission has been a success. >> we can to afghanistan to help this country stop being a haven of terror, but we always wanted the country to be able to police itself with its own army and police force, successfully treating them up so that we are able to bring our troops back home. i am delighted the 9000 troops that we have here will be coming home, almost half of them at the end of 2013, and almost the rest of them by the end of 2014. that is good progress. >> pictures now from alexandria, crowds gathering in egypt's second city in support of the new draft constitution. the bill backed by president mohamed morsi and the -- the referendum passed by a narrow margin, while opponents say the
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draft constitution does not protect the rights of women and minorities. >> i would have respected the results of the referendum if i felt there were no violations in the process and no fraud. >> no one is looking for what is the best for egypt. everyone is looking for what is best for themselves. we need people seeking the best for the egyptian people, who will work for a better egypt. >> this is the role of democracy, and we expect it to read something like 60 percent. if you see 60 percent of the population, you have to follow that. >> the head of nato says the syrian government has been increasingly desperate and is close to collapse. these pictures filmed last week show how badly parts of damascus has been damaged in the ongoing fighting. this is the largest which the
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largely deserted province of dalian. a food and fuel for shortage has become severe. the lack of fuel has forced the closure of several factories in damascus. gasoline is selling for less than $20. foreign fighters are taking sides in the growing syrian comfort. reports suggests that the war is increasingly being fought along sectarian lines. >> undoubtedly, the opposition fighters are making territorial gains. they have managed to push into the province of hama, taking over some villages. but the government fights back, using with united nations describes as a disproportionate force. neither side is winning, and
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the u.n. secretary-general believes there is no prospect of an end to the conflict. >> syria began in conflict and ends in war. day-by-day the death toll has climbed. >> that can only mean more violence, the u.n. warning that conflict has to come over -- has become sectarian. the u.n. human rights council said in its latest report that there has been a clear shift in the nature of the conflict, with more fighters and civilians on both sides describing the civil war in ethnic or religious terms. foreign fighters are filtering into syria to join the rebels, and lebanese hezbollah and ha possibly iraqi shia are supporting the government. where are foreign fighters, some with links to extremist groups, and some anti-government forces are becoming radicalized.
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we have met foreign fighters and they do not make up the majority of the opposition, but some work independently from the mainstream army. and some have made clear they do not recognize the syrian national council the main political body in exile and want an islamic state. fears are growing that the war may not enlist president bashar al-assad leading power. there is the possibility of reprisal killings and prolong the violence that could last for years after the government. the conflict is approaching its second year. while this was not the first time warnings have been made, so far the u.n. reports is the gloomiest assessment of the conflict yet. >> the u.n. has given the go- ahead for military intervention in northern mali, but also wants to see efforts of political rally and -- political
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reconciliation. the troops will be giving a one- year mandate to break from all qaeda-linked fighters. >> the miley -- mali is pleased with the adoption of this resolution, which shows the commitment of the international community. >> the united nations security council resolution was the final diplomatic hurdle for member states to consider. they can go about discussing ways in which they can bring them into the country. there is broad language that gives them a lot of leeway and freedom to discuss ways in which they can help. they have been given, "all necessary measures, which means military intervention, but there are doubts about what force can go into mali ha.
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-- into mali. who is to pay for the force as well? the united states -- the united nations secretary general says he does not count on direct funding and prefers to rely on voluntary contributions. who will train them? this is basically an untrained amateurs force. but they need soldiers on the ground. not expected to be ready until october, 2013, meaning the continuing record of human rights abuses could go on, as well as concerns over increasing entrenchment of extreme -- of extremist organizations in the north of mali. >> in the united states, which attempts to tackle a financial crisis has become deadlocked. the house has scrapped a republican party plan to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff. taxes -- tax increases and spending cuts are due to go into effect.
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if a deal is reached before the new year, the so-called cliff will be averted. otherwise it is feared a combination of spending cuts and tax increases could push the u.s. into recession. >> republican house speaker john boehner, unable to get his way in a deal with president barack obama over how to raise taxes and cut spending, thought he found a way to make sure the american people hawley the president when their taxes went up. he wanted to introduce a bill where taxes go down for all khas except for people making over $1 million. >> the house will stand in recess. >> but it turns out they did not have the votes, not enough republicans agreeing to raise taxes on millionaires. so the house adjourned, saying they may come back after christmas late next week. days before the deadline.
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democrats warned americans on tv hoy it likely means no deal will be reached. >> who i think he will be very difficult to avoid it, but i am hoping that they will come to their senses over this christmas holiday. >> the only possible solution now, speaker vader gives in to most democrats demands, which her -- speaker john boehner gives in to most democrats' demands, which seems unlikely. it sends a were reading a message about the future of the country. >> it is very apparent that the united states government hope is basically not governing in a competent way. the american people know that, and foreigners are seeing that. >> when wall street heard about the break down, stock futures plunged 300 points, making it seem that what was supposed to be a little hot drink could prove khas that for many. patty kohen, who of jazeera,
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washington. >>. but not necessarily clean. ahead on the program, a debate rages in israel over pesticides. a sticky situation for canadian police. millions of liters of maple syrup they are missing. europe khas weather is looking unsettled at the moment. we -- europe's weather is looking unsettled at the moment. torrential rain, leaving more than 100 flood warnings in force, and yet more weather systems moving in from the west. flooding issues here leading up to christmas. elsewhere, we are seeing some significant snowfall over the last day or so, causing problems
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across much of the country. we are expecting improvement here. the snow tending to move away. ukraine seeing heavy snow, desperately cold weather here in. as for the west, we are seeing that rain pushed in across the uk, down into much of france. flooding is likely. it should be fine across much of the iberian peninsula, 15 degrees expected in madrid. further east, this extends through north africa, so for both tripoli and benghazi, it will be cloudy, the chance of some showers. 19 degrees in cairo as a maximum. along the coast, for the west, whitely dryer -- likely dryer.
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solutions for america, friday, 7:00 p.m. eastern, 4:00 p.m. pacific. >> hello again. top stories on al jazeera, at least 30 people have been killed
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in southeastern kenya. the deaths in the delta region have been blamed on fighting between the orma and pokomo tribes. the first round of the draft for the egyptian constitution is planned for friday. u.s. president barack obama says he will work with congress to avert spending cuts and tax hikes in the new year. where republicans budget bill to avert the -- a republican budget bill to avert hit the fiscal cliff was killed in the house. 20 people have been killed in flash floods and landslides in sri lanka. 14 people are missing. tens of thousands of people have been affected. more now from miguel fernandez. >> the worst destruction seen in the center province of sri lanka. behind me, this was washed down by a wall of mud a few days ago.
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five of the six houses that were supposed to be where the border now lies where completely obliterated. no signs of the family which lives inside them. over here, the workshop of the local mechanic. as you can see, heavy equipment and machinery used by him who is covered in mud and sludge. the family lives right next door in this house. as you can see, another story of destruction. corrugated roofing torn down. hall of these metal girders. the day luge of water that came crashing down at 4:00 in the morning, it did not give many people much of a chance to get elkhorn. -- to get out. there is a strong smell coming out of this house, stagnating water and mud. how hot it is possible the family might still be stuck inside hot -- it is possible that the family might still be stuck in the mud inside.
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this was picked up on a hot -- and left on a tree that was also uprooted and knocked down. residents are saying they have not seen something like that in 30 or 40 years. it caught everybody by surprise, so much so that with this level of destruction, talks of finding anyone else missing have begun to fade. >> around 2 million miners who dig who million migrant workers in thailand are facing the prospect of deportation. they failed to register with the authorities, but the workers say they cannot afford it. from this port town, which got reports. >> living in crushing policy committee living in crushing poverty with no prospect of work -- living in crushing pov
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erty, she has left. >> today that dream is over. >> she works at a fish cannery south of bangkok, making $270 a month. she paid off her debt to the one who ranger job, but had to take out -- who arranged her job. now there is the possibility should be deported. she could not afford the fees to have the application process done, and it has been extended six times. according to the author of a study on migrant workers in thailand, now that it is being held -- >> there will be open season on migrants. everyone of these deadlines, the way the policy works, who is accompanied by a crackdown. >> it usually comes with payoffs to the police. but the thailand government says this time will be different.
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the labor minister says there is corruption but when the new administration will limit the opportunity for extortion. >> i cannot tell you 100 percent that it will be right, but this time we mean is that we will have a deadline. >> the minister is looking to delay deportations. thailand is the world's third largest exporter of fish, a $6.5 billion a year industry. because it is so labour intensive, it is heavily reliant on khas highbridge workers to keep the industry -- reliant on migrant workers to keep the industry growing. >> we expect at the beginning the process will not stop the abuse of illegal immigrants. >> she was helping to provide a better life for her son that she left back in myanmar. now she is just surviving.
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>> did not ask me about my son. i miss him every day, and i am struggling because i do not make enough to carry me through the month. >> this could drive more of them underground, and giving their future in the place they came looking for a better life. scott heidar, while jazeera pinhole >> when of the more prominent symbols of capitalism is being sold to a rival firm. the new york stock exchange is owned by the atlanta-based intercontinental exchange. the deal is worth $8 billion. the brother of bernie madoff has been sentenced to 10 years in prison. pleaded guilty in june. bernie madoff lost a total of about $20 billion. africa's president has pledged to end poverty in his country.
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jacob zuma was speaking on the final day of the ruling party conference. what will it take to bridge the economic gap? >> she and her friends say they are struggling to look after children. their patience is running at all. -- their patience is running out. >> but the leader is not listening. always come to the people to promise you'll get a house, electricity. but nothing. >> half an hour away, anc leader jacob zuma makes more promises. economic transformation and a better life for all africans. >> the government will therefore transform the structure of the economy through a
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industrialization, broadbased economic empowerment, addressing the basic needs of our people, for women and youth, as well as strengthening and expanding the role of the state. >> but there will be no radical shift in policy. naturalization is not happening. instead, there is greater taxation on the mining community. officials also promised to mix the mistakes -- to fix the mistakes of the past. wasb zuma's administration mired in -- he is under pressure now to do things differently. millions of poor in african --
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it is damaging for africa's image internationally. as life gets harder, the poor are becoming more disillusioned. the next five years will be telling for the ruling party. >> more than 1000 people in china have signed a business -- a petition where people -- it is part of an effort to tackle corruption in the government. while less as if elected -- there is a growing debate in israel over the use of pesticides in some of the country's favorite foods. a survey has found high levels of residue in more than 100 types of produce. james ferguson has the story from jerusalem. >> -- james ferguson has the story from jerusalem. >> israelis in fresh and local but how healthy are these foods? in recent government study has called hadi has caused some alarm.
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>> there are people that tackle these issues seriously and start to grow something which -- it should hand -- it should not happen to a thing like this. >> the study of pesticide residues in 56 of -- 56 percent of the foods, there are higher levels than permitted. there is possible exposure to pesticide use in farmington abutting quantities within the range of risk. others say the longer-term effects are potentially harmful. >> there have been studies in urine samples of israelis that almost 100 percent of israelis have pesticide residue in their urine, meaning they are exposed to it all day long, every day. >> that is why shoppers here who feel organic is the only safe food to feed their families. the small store is one of three in nihon -- in the chain.
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and even calls into question how healthy israel's blowhole fresh fruit and vegetables heart -- israel's fresh fruit and vegetables are. most israeli families will share a salad made from tomatoes and cucumbers. for a traditional breakfast. it is these vegetables that have been called into question the most. >> in israel, there is no supervision of the farmers, and they want to make maximum profits. they want to make a living and get as much money in their pockets. >> but shoppers are concerned about their pockets. organic food is expensive, and despite the concerns expressed by some, this non-organic market is heating. the long term health risks of pesticides are not fully known.
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until they are, it
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