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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  December 27, 2012 5:30am-6:00am PST

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>> syrian government forces bombarded the city. there's no russia-u.s.-backed peace plan on the table. this is al jazeera, live from our headquarters in doha. an assassination that shocked the world. five years after the death of benazir bhutto, are we any closer to knowing who killed her? president obama cutting short his holiday to take up the financial fight in washington. plus --
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>> in central kenya, this is one of the last remaining northern white rhinos in the world. new technology could help protect it. >> welcome to the program. i wish there was a plan, words from the man trying to broker a peace deal in syria. international envoy lakhdar brahimi made the comments in the last few hours at the end of a trip to syria. he met with representative poe representatives from both sides. >> some have come here to market a russian-american project. i wish there was a russian- american project. hence, i did not come here to market it. >> the syrian government
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delegation led by the country's deputy foreign minister has been in russia for talks. he was reportedly sent to moscow by bashar al-assad. . expect an announcement on the outcome of those talks later on a thursday. this activity a shows police shelling in the tone of rastan, an important town for the rebels, who have a large presence there. there's been your children being killed on the internet. a warning, the report begins with a disturbing pictures. >> these are the bodies of civilians who civilian activists say are the victims of government shelling in the northern province. other videos show heavy fighting in several areas. government tanks on the
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outskirts of homs, where intense fighting continues. smoke rising. the government still enjoys superiority and is using it without preserve -- reserve. but these rebel fighters in the suburbs of damascus are getting ready. they are training here for a future syrian army. cracks after liberating several areas and the total control of other areas, we have now shifted toward building a new foundation for the syrian national army. our main goal is to topple the regime, the alternative to take over -- but we must find an alternative to take over. >> their target is clear. the basic training lasts up to
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45 days and then these men are dispatched to the battlefield. they know if they win, they will inherit their country. >> pakistan is marking the to anniversary of the death of former prime minister benazir bhutto. she was killed in a suicide attack at an election rally. no one has ever been convicted of her killing. thousands of people are gathering at the family mausoleum for a commemoration. thursday's events are expected to launch the political career of her son. elections are expected in the next. few next he is the co-chairman of the pakistan people's party along with his father. he is still too young at 24 to stand as the age limit is 25. he's expected to head up a reelection campaign for the ppp. of joining me is our correspondent who's been
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following events in islamabad. much depends on what is said today and how the public response to him as to whether he will be a hit or miss. >> indeed. it should also not be forgotten that the performance of the pakistan people's party has not convinced the people across the country that the country is going towards financial bankruptcy and the fact that the ppp has already lost one prime minister who was sent home on contempt of court charges, regarding the swiss authorities. a lot of people will be working carefully. it will be an uphill task for the pakistan people's party to regain its capability as far as the people of pakistan are concerned. >> elections r. less than four months away and the ppp certainly have a lot of work to
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do and they not been very popular, kamal. one assumes the general election will be a tight race. >> there are big questions about the general election because of the security situation and the demand by other forces that there should be accountability before those elections. you correctly said the people's party-led coalition government continue on the 16th of march and an interim government will take hold. they will then hold collection. it will be interesting. the opposition also has to be taken on board, so we will see if there is contention. anything can happen in a country like pakistan. as we know you'll keep an eye on it for us with our team in pakistan. thank you. fighting between rebels and government forces in the central african republic and has forced
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thousands of people to fully. people in northern parts of the country are leaving their homes and looking for safety. the latest round of violence broke out last week when fighters took over strategic terms in a mining region. government troops were receiving help from neighboring chad to take back the town, but the rebels are maintaining control. they are within 100 kilometers of the capital. the rebels are angry with the president, who they accused -- of an arms deal. the country has had a history of coups and rebellions. groups in this area say they have been left out of profiting from their recent rich resources. in medicine group has extended
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its works in african central republic, concerned about people living near the fighting. >> for the moment, the situation is still relatively calm, however we are concerned about the well-being and security of the people with the possible incursion by the rebels in the next days or weeks. most of them are fleeing, as they have done over the many years there have been these kind of offenses by different groups. they basically go next to their crops and just stay there without any shelter and with minimal drinking water they can find in area and with a little food. it is dire conditions already for a population that is been suffering tremendously and has some of the word health indicators in the world under normal circumstances. there are still two areas. so there are still -- they are still a few hundred kilometers
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away, but they could be here relatively quickly, because there's only one front line. >> south africa pose a former leader nelson mandela has been discharged from hospital. these are the latest pictures. the 94-year-old was in the hospital almost three weeks from a lung infection but will continue treatment and home. now this reports from johannesburg. >> the news that former president nelson mandela has been discharged from hospital will be very welcome news in south africa, where he is adored by millions of people. beloved by millions more people around the world as a global icahn, the country's first black president, a man who sacrificed much in his life, spending 27 years in prison, much of it on robin island, for his part in trying to bring about an end to the apartheid government here. >> former u.s. president george h. w. bush is in hospital
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intensive care. the 88-year-old has a fever. his spokesman says that he is still alert and talking to his doctors but he has been battling bronchitis' more than a month. president obama has cut short his christmas holiday and is on his way back to washington for the fiscal cliff talks. without a deal, budget cuts and tax rises will automatically start on january 1. a senior congressional reporter with the american news service "politico," says while he is doubtful they will strike a deal before next year, obama and democrats have the upper hand. >> they know that the polls are on their side, that a majority of americans would blame the republicans for the failure, and they know that -- they say president obama was just reelected on a mandate to raise taxes on the stockton% of income earners and the republican party
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is dead set against tax increases. -- on the top 2% of incoming earners. he wants to raise taxes on folks making more than a million dollars, but that was not enough for democrats and that was too much for lot of republicans. the republicans in the house are the ones who endangered the speaker's efforts to cut a compromise deal. the democrats know that they are the ones that have the upper hand in the fight and if we go into the new year, a new congress will be sworn in. democrats will have more seats in the house and the senate and they feel they will have a better chance of getting a deal on their terms in 2013. >> in the dying days of 2012 it looks like japan pose a new leader has injected a local, at least financially. he's had his first day as the new prime minister. abe has been talking about reviving the economy and investors are still a little more optimistic. the nikkei average has climbed
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to a 21 month high. that's against the u.s. dollar. good for japanese exporters. a former adviser to the japanese foreign ministry says that abe will have a tough time fixing the economy because a, japan's because of japan's large budget deficit. >> the japanese fiscal cliff will be larger than the one in the united states, because japan's financial burden is considerably heavier than the other developed nations. in order for japan to put its fiscal house in order to, japan is launching a tax hike soon. there's one important condition for japan to do that. that is to observe stable growth by the time the taxes will be raised. this government, it has to be eager to boost its economy so that you can see an uptick of
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growth in the first half of next year. >> toyota is having its largest ever safety crisis, but it will cost more than a billion dollars. japanese automakers selling with customers in the u.s. will say that their vehicle suddenly exploded for no reason. about 16 million vehicles were sold between 1998 and 2010. investors are relieved the payout was not even bigger. shares ended the day a little in tokyo. -- up a little. israeli-arab politician is appealing to the supreme court after she was barrestole the
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american dream, thursday, 30 eastern, 7:00 p.m. pacific.
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>> welcome back. a reminder of our top stories. the international envoy to syria is calling for an international government with full powers to take over so elections can be held. the will go to moscow now, on saturday for talks on how to end the crisis in syria. pakistan is marking the fifth anniversary of the death of former prime minister benazir bhutto. thousands of people are gathering at the family mausoleum for commemoration service. fighting between rebels and government forces in the central african republic has forced thousands to flee. people in the central and northern parts of the country are leaving their homes and looking for safety. a politician in israel barred from standing in next month's election is having her case heard in the supreme court. last week she was disqualified for "undermine israel."
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that's because she was on a flotilla that tried to reach israel's blockade of gaza in 2010. the israeli supreme court has until the end of the week to decide whether to revoke the ban. james has been following procedures for us. one has been going on in court? >>-- jane. >> they've been hearing an appeal in the supreme court. the announcement last week that the electoral commission had voted to disqualify error has been followed by this hearing. also, they are not going to make their decision until around december 30. it could take a few days before we hear an announcement about this. in jerusalem, people feel it is not likely she will be disqualified, because it is such an extreme of. her own party has said if they do disqualify her, they will boycott elections and not take part. so far, people are saying it's not likely. but nobody is really making any
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predictions, because anything could happen. >> the media in israel has been commenting on this case. it's obvious that the state itself, the attorney general, has said he does not think she should be banned. so the state seems to be on preside as well. -- on her side. >> it seems that way. her most vocal opposition from the far-right last year tried to have criminal proceedings brought against her for her involvement in a flotilla. the attorney general and throughout the claims, saying it was not clear she had actually broken the law. that is what the states take is thehis and they are the onnot ones who will decide. it will be the supreme court. she is now a well-known politicians' concern of all but in the flotilla. from left to right across the board and politics here last
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year she was really condemned for her involvement in that. >> we know that you will be following events for us from jerusalem over the next couple days. a woman who was gang raped in india has arrived in singapore for treatment. the 23-year-old student is in hospital now. she was moved from new delhi after a condition worsened. she was thrown from a bus after being attacked on december 16. there have been days of occasionally violent protests by people calling for a crackdown on sex crimes. now more from the indian capital. >> keeping the pressure on the government with calls for the chief minister to resign. hundreds of activists from the right-wing hindu group are demanding action. they want the death penalty for the six suspects arrested following the gang rape of a young woman on december 16. the incident sparked protests across the country as people
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vented their frustration over the government's apathy and lack of justice for sexual crimes. in response, the government has appointed two committees to push for a speedy trial for sexual assault cases and stringent laws. >> the safety and security of women is of the highest concern to our government. a commission of inquiry is being sent up to look into precisely these issues in the capital. >> the protests are no small and sporadic and there's a tight security in the city. at the height of the demonstrations just days ago, thousands of people " to the streets. this is one of the areas where the protests turned violent and many protesters and police were injured. this person was on duty at the gate. he was pronounced dead on tuesday and the circumstances leading to his debts have now become a point of controversy. the city police maintains that he died after sustaining injuries while trying to control
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the crowds. they said the post-mortem shows there were in remarks to his body, but eyewitnesses say otherwise. >> i was standing there and saw that no one had scuffled with him. no one beat him or through stones at him. he collapsed on its own. he fell as he was feeling dizzy. another girl and i went to him and picked him up and took him to the hospital in a police vehicle. >> statements from the hospital where he was treated lent credibility to the eye witness account. >> nothing except for construction bruises. >> protesters accused the authorities of politicizing the death of a police officer and using it to justify a citywide clampdown on demonstrations. reporting from new delhi. >> a family of an afghan policeman accused of killing an american contractor in kabul says she has a history of
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mental. mental authorities have identified the woman as a 40-year-old. her family says poverty may have also played a role. the mother of three moved to afghanistan from iran 10 years ago. >> she was usually complaining about poverty. she was complaining to my father about her condition. she was saying my father was poor and are living condition was not good. >> despite extreme weather be a big thing all over the world, politicians and not been able to agree on a deal to curb the effects of global warming. nicklaus has been to a village in bangladesh that the extreme measures to deal with rising sea levels. >> these children are attending school, but it's not just any school. theirs is on a boat. all of them are climate refugees forced to move from their homes due to rising waters. according to u.n. agencies, floods and torrential rains destroyed thousands of schools last year.
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>> i don't want my grandchildren to rely on nature is good will to survive. they need an education so they can lead this land. >> the school is funded by a local charity. the goal is to ensure the children still get a basic education. this 8-year-old wants to become an engineer. he says he wants to build a wall to protect bangladesh from slumps. -- from floods. by the time these children become adults, one-third of bangladesh territory will be permanently flooded. the himalayan glacier a, a source of all major rivers in bangladesh, but because of rising temperatures, those glaciers are melting at an unprecedented rate. this, along with deforestation of the continent, causes the rivers downstream to overflow. as bangladesh is a low-lying delta, on average just 1 meter above sea level, people's homes
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and livelihoods are being destroyed. under these waters is an entire village. seasonal floods and torrential monsoon rains gradually wiped it off the map. all those old enough to have moved away to find work. the young and the elderly have stayed on. this person and his two grandchildren now live on a boat floating over what once was their village. >> i set up my home, but the floods keeps emerging the land and destroying it. i keep moving. i'm fed up with this. >> as developed countries continue to pollute the air with carbon dioxide, by the end of the century, global temperatures are predicted to rise by four degrees. these children face a future floating on water. al jazeera reported from bangladesh. >> in ecuador a bus crash has killed 14 people and 37 others injured when the bus plunged off a mountain road in the central andean region.
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the police claim speeding and possible brake failure. accidents are the second most common cause of death in ecuador. more than 300 families living near a volcano have been ordered to leave their homes. the highest volcano in nicaragua began spewing hot gas and ash on tuesday. a yellow alert was declared. it has regular small eruptions, but the larger ones are not predictable. one of last remaining leaders of a powerful peruvian rebel group is in court for the second day. the combat has into it rejected all the clans against him including terrorism and drug trafficking -- the comrade has rejected all the claims. he was captured and tora bora. the prosecution wanted to be sentenced to life in prison and to be given a large fine. an endangered whale of its washed up on a remote beach of queens in new york city.
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the 18 meter mammal is a finback whale. it's not known why it beached itself, but it looks like it had been sick for while. here are some chinese shoppers getting more than they bargained for. the security camera caught this. dozens of turtles and small fish and three dozen sharks died. 15 people were injured by the falling glass. animal conservationists say that there could be an answer to bringing back the white rhino from near extinction. are only seven of these left in the world and four of them live in kenya. >> they are the barista large mammals in the world. these northern white rhinos have spent most of their lives in a concrete area in the czech republic. them freedom,en
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but they are under constant threat from poachers. conservationists think this could be the solution, an unmanned drone designed to monitor tornadoes. each rhino will be tagged so the sensors can recognize individual animals and use on board gps to store an image, getting location coronets. -- coordinates. >> it allows us to put in whatever sensors we want. we can put in the regular cameras during the daytime and some imaging cameras for use at night, solar imaging. >> this is what the drone could help prevent. in the past two years the conservancy has lost four rhino poachers. their horns were cut off. the average wage is a dollar a day in the country. one rhinoceros horn can bring in $12,000. >> unemployed guys that are part organized crime are
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doing this. this is their reward. >> at the moment, this is all that stands between the poachers and the animals. no. 30 highly trained rangers. they were recruited from a local community and have helped to change attitudes toward poaching. >> we need to conserve. ande don't conserve rhinos they keep on killing them for the horns, they will not exist in the next five years. >> 50 years ago, there were 2,000 northern white rhinos are running central africa. conservationists hope that they can save them from extinction. a sample of the female is sent to a laboratory every few days to see if she's pregnant. they cannot manage to reproduce, so far. they hope to raise the money to
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start applying a drawn above the rhino's by march of next year. the conservancy says it is the best hope that these endangered creatures have. creatures have.
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