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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  January 3, 2013 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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>> five men charged with the gang rape and murder of a woman. her father supports the death penalty. welcome to al jazeera live from doha. sectarian tensions continue to build in iraq. 27 sherra pilgrims are killed. hia pilgrims are killed. the leader is killed in a u.s. drone strike in south waziristan.
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the man -- men accused of raping and murdering a woman in new delhi could face the death penalty. a court formally charged the five. activists say the case could mark a turning point for women's rights in india. >> female lawyers in students calling for changes in what they call a patriarchal justice system that discriminates against them. it is one of many protests that have been taking place since details of the crime were made public. the case has aroused the motions of even those within the justice system. the 2005 hundred members of the local bar association have adopted -- 2500 members of the local bar association have adopted the case. >> what we're doing is we will stand by this. the accused would not be
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jeopardized. there would still have some lawyers to represent them. >> lawyers say the case could be wrapped up within three months using the court system. this case is expected to set a precedent when it comes to dealing with crimes against women. in india, rape cases can take almost 10 years to settle. the attack took place on a bus. police and prosecutors say they have a solid case against the suspect. they are awaiting the results of the blood test on one of the suspects to verify his age. he says he is under 18. under indian law, juvenile cannot be charged for murder. the charge sheet is 1000 pages long. more than 900 pages outline evidence and witness statements. it includes the victim's testimony recorded from her hospital bed. >> that would have happened to me as well. i would have been in her place. >> doing something to combat rape has been low on the
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government agenda. statistics indicate a rape is reported in india every 20 minutes. many are hoping the media attention and the public anger on this case will help other victims waiting for assistance ffeet received better treatment. >> the father said he supports the death penalty for his daughter's killers. >> the toughest and harshest punishment should be given. so in future no one will think about committing a crime like this. >> in another case, a rickshaw driver has been sentenced to death. she was attacked in her home in the state in march last month. it was among the quickest cases to be settled. a man had shot dead three people and wounded two others in a
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small village in southwestern switzerland. he was receiving psychiatric care. the shooter was -- fired about 20 rounds and threatened police when they arrived on the scene. the gunman was shot by officers in taken to hospital. -- and taken to hospital. >> my daughter was here in the cafe. someone came in and said lock the door and switch off your lights, he is coming down the street. >> we apprehended him. the ambulance could not reach them because there's a danger the rescuers could be caught in the crossfire. >> the car bombing south of iraq's capital has killed 27 people. the victims are believed to be shia pilgrims. the attack happened in a packed bus station. 16 other people were wounded. tens of thousands of shias or
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traveling to mark the end of a mourning period. there have been weeks of protests by the sunni minority. they are angry that the shia government ordered the release of prisoners. they can be released on bail. against hertesting government. she is one of hundreds of women demanding the end of sectarian policies and anti-terrorism laws. their case stands out. she survived the car bomb blast. she is the mother of 13. four of her sons are detained on terror charges. two of her sons inlaw were killed in sectarian violence last year. >> i do not know what to do.
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my life is hard. no one has mercy anymore. i wish i was dead. they're innocent. they were taken because they are sunnis. have been tortured and beaten. -- should they have been tortured and beaten. -- they have been tortured and beaten. >> she is not alone. hundreds of thousands of people have been protesting for almost two weeks across some provinces. accusing the shia prime minister of adopting sectarian policies. they are demanding the release of prisoners and the end of they perceive targeting of sunnis and their leaders. they have been sent to different parts of the province. their intentions are to continue the protests. the government in baghdad said
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the protests have been infiltrated by criminal gangs. >> the prime minister is threatening to end the protests by force. he has offered the release of female prisoners saying parliament can abolish laws. the politics and in fighting means nothing. she wants her sons to be released and her family's misfortune to end. >> the offshore oil company transocean has agreed to pay $1.40 billion for its role in the 2010 gulf of mexico oil spill. transocean owns the deepwater horizon rig which exploded and caused one of the biggest environmental disasters in u.s. history. the settlement includes $1 billion in civil penalties and $400 million in criminal penalties. america's federal trade commission has decided not to take legal action against google over their business practices.
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a 20 month investigation found they had not biased its search results to favor its own products. the company has agreed to make a number of changes and promised to give advertisers access to more reformation. from all this, let's speak now to a former editor of, joining me from san francisco. good to have you here. victory for google. are you celebrating? >> i think it was a good process. google having to be under the regulatory gun and have people look closely at what it is doing is a good thing for everybody. they are a huge, powerful force on the internet. my sister when she talks about the internet or the web, she talks about google, i need to go to google. to have the regulators tell them i have to watch where they're going is a good thing. >> what will mean for the future of non-google commerce sites?
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>> not much, really. a lot of this was yelp is big in the united states and they were unhappy about the way google sharing things. if you link to the page would get this nice little box and it would show you a picture and tell you the opening hours and how many -- how was raided. if a company like yelp does not want the number to show there, google will not do that. there have been no changes to the search algorithm or the experience people say. -- see. >> we apologize. we lost ryan talking about google. britain is rejecting calls over the top -- over the falkland
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islands. the prime minister david cameron -- christina kirschner urged the u.k. to end. president claims handling of the falkland islands is a cause supported worldwide. 108 years ago on the same day in a blatant exercise of 19th century colonialism, argentina was stripped of the islands which are situated 14,000 kilometers away from london. since then, the colonial power has refused to return the territories to the argentine republic, preventing it from restoring its territorial integrity. she called on britain to abide by resolution inviting both sides to negotiate a solution over the islands. >> my reaction is the future of
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the falkland islands should be determined by the falkland islanders themselves. the people live there. when i have been asked their opinion they want to maintain their current status with the -- they have been asked their opinion, they want to maintain their curr itent status. last year marked -- their current status. this is one of several memorials in britain to accomplis. the president tried and failed to get david cameron to take an envelope. a letter was delivered demanding the islands be handed over in the region to be demilitarized. while it may not be a burning issue, many do support her initiative. it is good they're doing what has to be done.
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the all-out -- the islands belong to us in their colonized. >> there are a lot of young ones who went to war in vain. i do not think there is a solution. >> the stakes have been raised by oil exploration. argentina has pulled out and more fighting but the referendum is not likely to mark the end of a diplomatic battle. >> they have the right to choose their own future and dismissed argentina's claims that the referendum is illegal, an official said. >> they are -- we hope the results of the referendum will give us something we can show internatio you are watching lin.
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>> >> welcome back. let's recap of the headlines. headlines.he an indian court has charged the five men accused of raping a woman. a bomb had killed 27 people. shia pilgrims were returning from a religious festival.
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60 others were wounded. investigators say a man was receiving psychiatric care who had shot four and injured two. a prominent rebel leader was killed by u.s. drone strike. -- tribal leader was killed by a u.s. drone strike. >>in south waziristan. the missile killed him when he was swapping vehicles. he was targeted in november and was believed to have been injured in that attack. fighters of many nationalities who fought alongside him respected this man. he belongs to one of the three factions of pakistani tribal fighters who have struck deals with the government.
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in 2007 he held pakistan and security forces -- helped pakistan and security forces. he said the enemy was u.s. forces across the border. >> the groups are united as we're fighting for one cause, against all those were against islam. >> his killing will not bode well for the peace talks with the taliban. it comes at a time when the u.s. and pakistan are making efforts to engage with them. pakistan said the program was counterproductive and of violation of its sovereignty. -- a violation of its sovereignty. >> they have eliminated a crucial link, whether it has any major impact on the reconciliation process, it is difficult to say at the moment.
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there is someone else who could walk into the footsteps. >> u.s. troops are said to leave in 2014. this death could further jeopardize the prospects of these future -- of a future deal. the killing also coincides with a conditional offer by the pakistanis about a possible cease-fire. military leaders are due to meet on friday. the killing is expected to have an impact on pakistan's 2014 strategy. al jazeera, is all about. >> as western troops prepare to pullout, a growing number of citizens are considering leaving. they fear the possible return of the taliban and more instability. when the taliban were toppled in 2001, 52,000 applied for asylum overseas. that number dropped away from 25,000 down to over 10,000 in
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2007 because people felt the situation was improving. since 2008, the numbers of people trying to leave has risen again with 2011 proving to be the worst year since 2001. nick spicer has met some afghans who have arrived in germany. >> the air is cold and the snow is deep but it is a pleasant stroll after what this family went through to get to germany. it paid $27,000 for a trip involving regular beatings by the human smugglers and the car rolling over in a river in dupont de of hiding in fear. they had greater fears at home. after western soldiers leave, life will become unbearable. >> right now, their troops from western companies patrolling the streets of the city but when they leave the taliban will take
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over and my wife and i will not able to go out into the street together. >> the western countries say they are training afghan security forces of the country can protect its own people. the continuing refugee flow supports the idea that many have their doubts. around 7000 afghan nationals applied for asylum in 2012. very few will get it. the estimate is under 3%. the rest will be allowed to stay here in an uncomfortable legal limbo. the chairperson of the human rights commission was herself a refugee for many years. she said she was hopeful for her country's future but admitted western countries would still need to consider the case of every asylum seeker. >> absolutely because there is lack of role of law and lack of accountability and justice unfortunately still in the country. there is a continuation of the
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culture of impunity. >> the afghan to make it to your are relatively rich, lucky, or resultresourceful. things will get worse. >> to the conflict in syria. nine people have been killed after a car bomb exploded in the capital. activist groups say many more were wounded in the blast at a petrol station. there were reports of shelling in areas surrounding damascus. they show the aftermath of an attack on duma. there is heavy fighting around a key military base in the northwest. state media said the fighters retreated after suffering heavy losses. the latest figures from the
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u.n. estimate 1 million syrians have fled to neighboring countries. at the end of last year, registered syrian refugees in jordan, lebanon, iraq, turkey, and north africa totaled 480,000. there were 96,000 pending registration and it estimates there were half a million undocumented refugees in the region. hundreds of lebanese who lived in syria for decades make up some of the undocumented. they had been denied syrian citizenship which means they do not qualify for aid. >> the family is in mourning. their son was only 12 and killed by a syrian army sniper who fired through his school bus across the border. the family was told that the state media described him as the leader of a terrorist gang. >> he was only 12 years old. >> the bullets and shells have
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killed dozens of civilians inside lebanon. the conflict has affected one particular group of people in lebanon especially hard. these people of lebanon -- lebanese descent were born in syria but under the law they do not have the right to citizenship. >> we have farms and houses but it was lost and destroyed and looted. we have nothing. no work, no aid. >> the town has received 325 similar families fleeing their homes. because they're considered lebanese nationals, the un and other agencies do not recognize them as refugees. they will not receive any help from those organizations. syrians are provided food and shelter but they are not. >> no one in the government has taken responsibility of caring for these displaced lebanese. there are in the same situation as refugees are receive nothing from no one. >> the house can see behind me
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is a typical example of the kind of age discrimination -- you can see behind me is a typical example of the kind of age discrimination. most of the families have to live in on finished homes and they can opt and roll their -- unfinished homes and they can't enroll their children in local schools. no one is helping them. >> rebels in a central african republic have been ordered to stay out of town. the head of the international peacekeepers said entry will mean a declaration of war on his forces. >> they are here to maintain a fragile peace. these are soldiers from the
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central african multinational forces. they come from african nations such as gabon, chad, and cameron. their orders are to defend the town. >> it will be a declaration of war if they arrive here. it is our job to prevent them from reaching the town and to prevent anyone from entering the city. >> an agreement on wednesday to stop negotiations brought the rebel advance to a halt. not before 10 towns in the north and east had fallen into rebel hands. this creates a neutral zone, keeping the two sides apart but the need for warning shows just how flimsy the truce really is. >> the aim is to safeguard the city. we have received the declaration they will stop fighting.
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>> the alliance has been demanding that the president step down. they accuse him of reneging on earlier peace deals that promised money and jobs. in an apparent attempt to appease the rebels, -- is the defense minister. rebels say they will reject any deals that allows the president to keep his job. >> rebels in the democratic republic of congo are threatening to walk away from peace talks. they're demanding the president signed an official ceasefire. the sides are preparing to hold a new round of talks in uganda on friday. the previous attempts failed last month. >> the president has refused to answer to our demands so what do we have to do? we're going to speak to him in language he understands which is
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war. >> the captain of the doomed cruise liner the concorde has appeared in italian court. -- concordia has appeared in italian courts. the liner sank, killing 32 people. the captain left the court without comment. gerard depardieu has praised a court's decision to give russian citizenship. he worried he would have to pay an income tax of up to 75%. 13%.a's rate is one london borough wants to
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cut benefits to resident unless they get into shape. >> a new year, i knew you? it is that time again. millions of us decide to lose weight and eat healthier. for some in the u.k. there will be little choice in the matter. in westminster, in one of the wealthiest areas in the united kingdom. like the rest of the country it suffers from that obesity problem. the council has come up with a rather some say controversial new idea. they encourage people to leave their homes and have their doctors prescribe them exercise and get them into the nearest sports center and if they refuse, make them pay by cutting the amount of cash they get paid in benefits. >> they might say we can prescribe you a series of exercise classes and a person would come in and there would receive a discount on their tax
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or receive a different amount of council tax benefits. >> of the city is defined as abnormal or excessive -- obesity is defined as an abnormal or excessive accumulation of weight. a quarter is obese. it is expected to get worse. few would argue that exercise is good for us. into theng people right way to get them fit? >> we are being forced to go there. the gym is not for everyone. >> if they do not, they do not. simple. >> others point out that society should look at the causes of obesity. muchis junk food so
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