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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  January 8, 2013 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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>> humanitarian crisis. the world food organization says it is unable to feed 1 million syrians. also coming up, political uncertainty in venezuela. it is confirmed hugo chavez will not be sworn in on thursday. the president of the central african republic tells al jazeera the rebels have been backed by foreign powers. it is called the dream liner. now it is more of a nightmare for boeing. we will tell you why.
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about 1 million people inside syria are getting hungry because you win agencies cannot get food aid in side. the food organization is handing out rations to one and a half million people. it leaves many who are desperately in need without food. the un says more than 60,000 people have been killed in the uprising that began in march of 2011. the u.n. refugee agency says nearly 100,000 refugees have escaped violence in syria in the last month alone, and there are more than 590,000 refugees, up from before. many of those people have escaped the jordan camp, where winter storms are making already difficult conditions worse. tents have been flooded. many people are stranded, and a
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big snowstorm is expected to hit very soon. >> the weather is so cold. they tell us if they give us heater's a tent may burn. you can see how bad it is. rain and cold and water seeps into our tents. you wake up at night and find yourself surrounded by water. >> we have no heaters. why have they left us stranded like this? our children are cold and sick. everyone is sick. >> tensions came to a head when refugees attacked aid workers as they distributed food. more from the jordanian capital of oman. >> aid workers in the refugee camps told us riots and scuffles broke out on tuesday when refugees were queuing for food handouts. we were told the refugees were
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very frustrated, really angry about the bad weather conditions and nonstop rain for the last couple days, and water has entered some of their tents and other refugee tents were blown away by the wind. we are told the refugees were angry in the first place when they approached the queue to receive food handouts, and that is when scuffles broke out, and a number of refugees were injured in scuffles. we have heard statements coming out of geneva, the world food program, which said it is facing difficulties of providing food assistance and aid to all internally displaced inside of syria, and that is due to access rather than shortages. the food program has had trouble accessing its shipment and has pulled out on essential staff.
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that has limited its abilities, where now it is relying on the only local partner it has, to deliver aid, and even that group has been targeted and has limited capabilities at this time. >> the chief spokeswoman for the world food program explains why agencies are having such a problem reaching people. >> the hard thing is often in some of the areas where there is a lot of fighting our trucks cannot go. sometimes the roads are closed. sometimes trucks are scared to go into certain areas, so in security is our real issue. access to certain areas is a real issue, but the biggest problem we are facing is we cannot scale up more than one- and-a-half million people we are reaching at the moment, because
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our partners are doing the best they can. they are doing amazing work, but they cannot scale up, so without more implementing partners on the ground, our people and syria cannot scale of to the level we would like to do. you need to have people help bring food in, and we need to ask the organizations when we delivered to the various areas to distribute. the u.n. world food program always works with partner organizations, and the crescent is during amazing jobs on the ground in various areas, making a lot of sacrifices, but they are stretched to the limit right now. what we are seeing is a tough winter for the syrian refugees in refugee camps outside of syria, and you have to remember
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for the syrians inside of the country that have been displaced, they have sometimes moved several times. they have moved in with relatives and other families, but the situation is ongoing, and they are wondering how long they can endure. >> the venezuelan government is confirming president hugo chavez will miss his inauguration on thursday. he is still in cuba following cancer surgery but the president has asked us to inform you that in accordance with the recommendation that has taken care of reestablishing his health, it will be extended further than january 10. because of this, he will not be able to appear on that day in front of the national assembly. >> this update. >> the government has confirmed something people here have known for a long time.
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they have sent a letter to the national assembly. he basically confirmed chavez will not be coming here on january 10 for his scheduled inauguration. it is the article 231 of the constitution that said he could be sworn in later by the supreme court's, so there is no inauguration taking place. the government has called the supporters of chavez to gather outside the palace, and several latin american leaders are coming to venezuela to do the same. >> the president of the central african republic has led an attack on the rebel movement. speaking to al jazeera, francois calls the fighters rebel terrorists. this comes ahead of planned peace talks. andrew simmons reports. >> his army may have been
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defeated outside the capital, but this is the president on the attack. francois hollande claims the rebels are backed by foreign powers but will not say which states or produce any evidence. he did not sound diplomatic. >> i call them mercenary terrorists, mercenary because , terrorists,g paid b because they are terrorizing the population. we will defend democracy that has existed in central africa for almost 10 years. we cannot let it be destroyed by some opportunists. >> the president is a man under threat, traveling in a motorcade. he has turned on france, accusing the colonial power of abandoning his country and whipping up hostile reactions
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from the people. the french flag is removed from public places. he has upset several states by not telling about the major appointment of south african troops, but he feels safe. >> we feel safe, but the truth is why i am here. i will not run away. i am not frightened by everything that has happened. i have done what needed to be done so my brother the country man could be together to build the country. they want this share at any cost. -- chair at any cost. >> what this amounts to is an offensive ahead of the talks. he is expected on friday. i asked him. he has had elections that were criticized for being flogged, so one -- being flawed, so why
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not have free and fair elections to solve the problem. >> it is alive. the elections took place for international observers. >> rebels want him to stand down. they have already accused him of peddling propaganda about the cause. this is not a man -- this is a man who says he wants peace. >> rebels in the democratic republic of condo have declared a unilateral ceasefire. they made the announcement ahead of a second round of peace talks. they pulled out again in december after a nine-month rebellion. rebels said they will honor the cease-fire even if the government will not. india is promising to respond to
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the killing of two soldiers in the kashmir region. they say they were killed by troops who crossed over into indian territory. francois hollande has denied the accusations. >> according to the indian army, the group of soldiers took good vantage to cross what is called the line of control that separates india and pakistan in parts of kashmir. >> while the patrol was out, they came across pakistani troops, which come into indian territory, and they probably made use of bad weather conditions. while the pakistani troops were challenged and firefight ensued between the parties. >> two indian soldiers died, and one was mutilated.
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pakistan has released this statement. pakistan military officials denied accusations of unprovoked fighting. the latest incident is being seen as one of the most serious breaches of the ceasefire between the countries. >> the potential for escalation is considerable, and i hope the facts of the case are established at the very earliest, because in the of zandt the pakistani military had been taking the support of this, in many ways, this would be setting the population's back in a very irreparable manner. >> india and pakistan have tried to mend their differences by playing each other in friendly
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cricket matches. they encourage people to interact, but despite the effort, there has been an increase in cross border scuffles. the indian military says it will deal with the attacks through diplomatic channels and expect islamabad to honor the cease- fire. it was put in place in documentary's to open your eyes. >> let's have a reminder of top stories. the u.n. says it is unable to help 1 million syrians that are going hungry inside the country.
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two and a half million are thought to be in need of food aid. the world food program has only been able to reach a little over half of them. the venezuelan government says it will postpone hugo chavez's inauguration. chavez is still in cuba, recovering from cancer surgery. the president of the central african republic has said he believes the rebels are terrorists backed by foreign powers. officials are having peace talks this week. forces from the netherlands and germany are in turkey, where they will be in charge of these -- of the missile system. turkey has asked for help defending its border from the violence in syria. we caught up with some of the troops in the netherlands. >> and emotional goodbye for the families. these are the first in a large nato deployment involving u.s.
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forces. the mission comes after turkey asked for help protecting southeastern cities from of possible chemical or missile attack. >> this is the threat on turkey's side, because they put in the request for nato, and it could be a threat by ballistic missiles. >> the missiles and troops will be responsible for defending a city around 120 kilometers from the syrian border. the americans will be just 50 kilometers north of the syrian border. iran, a regional ally, has denounced the employment as a provocation, while some suggest it could deter the government from attacking syrian civilians living near the border, but those involved are clear this is a defensive mission only. >> we are 20 kilometers from the
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syrian border, and our weapon system can just defend the city close to where we are deployed. the system is not able to defend people, so we are not even able to defend an issue that far. >> this is the personal kit started its journey to turkey. the military hardware is due to arrive in two weeks' time. in total, 400 german troops and a similar number of dutch soldiers will arrive in turkey before the end of the month. while they will be rotated, the missiles are expected to be in place for a year. whether or not they are used depends on a events over the border. the united states may not leave any troops inside afghanistan after the 2014 troop withdrawal despite a recommendation by officials some troops should stay on to strengthen security.
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the white house should be considering a range of options after 2013. officials say as few as 3000 or as many as 15,000 could stay on. jobless rates in the eurozone have hit a record high. unemployment is now at 11.8%. that is the highest since the currency was founded, and that means almost 19 million people were out of work in november. spain and greece were the most hit with unemployment rates sitting at 20% respectively. and this was meant to gauge progress. >> they had a panicky field. he is now a hero for keeping greece in the eurozone.
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>> this is my second time in the chancellor's office, and i am happy to have the opportunity to speak to the chancellor. i want to make clear our country is making a lot of sacrifices to get back on track. the sacrifices continue to be felt in a sense. a record cold snap is hitting the homeless, and municipal workers are struggling to help them eat and find shelter. angela merkel focus most of her comments on the german economy and the need for economic growth to preserve jobs, while in the past she has talked about a third greek bailout, there are no such talks today. >> there is no reason for her to come up with another sensitive topic, especially not in times of the election. >> the next federal election is
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in september. that means she will do her best to steer clear of another bailout, which many see as inevitable for another nine months. >> the future of electronics is under one roof at the world's largest technology show in las vegas as they opened the door. more than 300 companies all showing off their latest gadgets and gizmos. i speak to j. gray, and we can go live to him. tell us what the highlights are. it is all about connectivity, isn't it? >> absolutely. you talk about the old truck hd television. they are making quite a splash. they convert into tablets. a lot of people are raging about these.
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it is really a continuation of technology, and especially when it comes to smartphones, everything you see here from the bike to computer and heart rate monitor all work in conjunction with the iphone. they give you real time data and help you convert into a customized fitness program that fits just you. also sound is always important, and we have some of the speakers big during the show. this one is completely waterproof. you can take it into the ocean. this one is not waterproof but provides high-quality sound when it comes to mp3. it may look like a smartphone cover, but the makers say not only will it increase your signal by as much as 20% but will cut any radiation from your smart phone by as much as 91% so
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smart and strong. this is a unique item. it attaches to your bike, and it actually illuminates a light you can also plug into the device. it will charge as you pedal, so you will get a little bang for your but as you are using that. this is just some of the latest and greatest when it comes to home electronics. >> you have a little electronics department. i was reading about this tv that apparently let's to people watched two different shows at the same time -- two people watched two different shows at the same time. have you seen that? >> it has got reversible screens and things like that. one other thing that is really neat we have seen is the coffee table, the table top is a touch screen, so four or five people can be doing different projects on their own computer, all using the touchscreen on the top of
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this coffee table. if it was in my house, no one would get anything done. we would spend all day on the table top. >> thanks very much indeed. we have got to leave it there. i get a feel you are enjoying your time at the exhibition. a decision by mexico's congress to offer free health care is proving popular to mexico and their neighbors. it provides universal health coverage to anyone who cannot afford coverage. americans are now getting free medical care. >> this is what retirement looks like for some americans living in mexico. it is not about taking it easy. it is about having a good time, especially for women like win the rose. >> you cannot find this lifestyle at this price in the united states or anywhere else.
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>> she is not the only one that thinks this is a retiree's paradise. there are 13,000 foreigners living here. the beautiful architecture, the great weather, and the relatively low cost of living are just a few reasons why american retirees have been flocking here over the last two years, but now they have another reason to move to mexico, and that is free medical care. while in the u.s., free medical care is only available for people over 65, in mexico it is available for everyone. under the program, universal medical care is no longer linked to employment. dr. and the emergency room visits are free for anyone who is not privately insured. for lin the rose, it is just one more reason she loves living in
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her adopted country. >> i love bragging i get free medical care. >> not everyone agrees. even though she qualifies, she has decided not to enroll. >> if you can afford to see a doctor and pay your way, you should, instead of relying on mexico to pay you for it. >> paying out of pocket to treat her heart condition became too costly, so she has made a tough decision to move back to the united states. linda has no plan of moving any time soon. she thinks the u.s. has a lot to offer it -- to learn from mexico. >> i think the president of mexico should meet with president obama and give him some good ideas. >> as long as she has her health, nothing seems likely to slow her down, not even retirement.
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>> shares in boeing have fallen after a dream minor suffered a fuel leak. this comes today after another dreamliner blogging to japan airlines had been on board fire minutes after touching down in boston. >> another incident to hit japan airlines and its dreamliner aircraft. the flight was traveling from boston with 178 passengers on board. the crew reported a fuel leak and headed back to the terminal. it is the second incident in two days to hit the airline and this type of aircraft. on monday a fire was discovered on board soon after passengers and crew arrived after a 13-hour flight, and and exploded battery is being blamed. this is not the first problems since it first entered service
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in october of 2011. in july of last year they grounded all of the 787's after a gear box made one of the engines failed. last month and three minor developed electrical issues, and another had to change flight in the air because of electrical problems. >> we just saw a series of glitches with the aircraft that entered service with their customers. these are not big problems. they can be solved pretty quickly. the problem is if they find something more systematic or if this gives the product of bad name and the public's mind. >> the 787 was designed to improve air travel by replacing traditional materials with new components. it is 20% aluminum, 50% titanium and 5% other materials.
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one crucial change is it has an all electric system that starts the engines and provides the cabin with air pressure and temperature. is that the electrical system some of the airlines have -- it is the electrical system some of the airlines have complained about. these latest incidents would
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