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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  March 31, 2013 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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>> this is al jazeera. >> welcome to the newshour. islamist rebels launch attacks in northern mali. north korea issues another .arning to its enemies tens of thousands gather in as doctors say nelson mandela's condition is improving. a passionate piece for -- plea for peace in syria.
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mali backed by french fighter jets are battling islamist rebels. timbuktu came under attack saturday night. there has been on attack -- an attack on another city, from which al jazeera filed this exclusive report. >> files -- fighters from the separation movement. one was shot during a battle with al qaeda fighters. the other was wounded on sunday when his group fell into a ambush. this man says he belongs to the movement for unity and jihad, a group linked to al qaeda. >> we were suddenly attacked by the fighters. they were writing to vehicles. we fought for two hours. two of our men were killed. five wounded. i do not know how many of them died, but we captured one.
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>> attacks by armed groups almost day in every -- almost every day in different areas of northern mali. heavy fighting broke out near timbuktu saturday evening when a military checkpoint was attacked. the french led intervention began in january but with a timetable already set for them to leave more african troops are arriving. 400 senegalese joins the other forces on sunday. 1800 hrs ourth@ mission is to contribute to securing the city and assure the progress of the mission. >> the african offensive force is due to changing to a un peacekeeping meeting as soon as -- mission as soon as possible, but that will first require the pacification of armed groups who seem far from completely defeated. >> more on that story later on.
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nelson mandela is getting better and the government says the health of the former note -- south african president is further improved. he spent four years -- four days in the hospital treated for pneumonia. >> nelson mandela continues to receive treatment. we are satisfied the doctors are providing the former president the best possible medical care to enable him to recover and do so in comfort. south africacross held services with tens of thousands of people praying for his recovery. his family says they are encouraged by the support area the resources necessary as a church to pray.
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i know that by the time the this fortifies me as a person, to give me strength to carry on and support him whatever way he needs. >> to support nelson mandela's privacy the south african government has not revealed what hospital he has been treated at. he says he wants to spend his final days in his hometown, which is where al jazeera filed this report. >> incredibly peaceful here where mandela grew up. his first day at missionary school he was given the name nelson. he was taught how to herd cattle and become a man, a man who made such an impact on the international stage. but when he decided to retire from public life with the words, do not call me, i will call you, it was here where he returned. he invested heavily in the community, founding a school and church. he would often hand out sweets to children. he has such a deep love for the
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town, which is why he says this is where he wants to spend his final days. >> pope francis delivered ap -- a plea for peace in his first message since becoming pontiff. this report. it is from the same balcony that the world got to see him first 17 days ago that hope francis gave his easter blessings. he called for peace in the world with a special reference to the middle east. peace andis our through him we implore peace for the middleld, in east and particularly for israel ease and palace indians, -- palestinians. so they can end the conflict that has lasted all too long. and aboveandin in iraq,
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all dear syria, people torn by its conflict. >> the pope also talked against human trafficking and called for the protection of the environment. the message resonated among the 250,000 people who had gathered here for the pope's first easter celebration. he did not disappoint. >> his focus is very different. talks to her head , this new pope talks to your heart. ismy definition of peace excepting all religions. sunday marks the resurrection of jesus christ, a joyous celebration for roman catholics. on this day st. peter's square was decorated with 14,000 flowers from holland. the person who designed the
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display had the privilege of meeting pope francis, which made her rethink her belief. >> it was really amazing. i never thought about becoming catholic. i am not sure if it is going to happen, of course, but already the thought of it. >> so many people in such a short time -- many now expect on to get down to business the very sensitive issues of reform and clean up of the church. his humility and simplicity will be the driving force to implement much awaited changes. al jazeera, the vatican city. >> more on the program, including flying the flag for justice. we speak to a syrian journalist and aleppo who says so-called liberators are as brutal as government forces. in spain, migrants say it is slim pickings when it comes to
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working conditions. >> port coming in -- and remarried at the -- andy murray at the miami masters final. >> north korea's rubberstamp parliament is due to endorse the budgets and policies and send in other strong warning to the united states and south korea to keep up with near daily threats. on sunday the workers party warned of the nuclear arsenal is the country's life and will not be traded even for billions of dollars. kim jong-un ordered rocket units to set targets on u.s. bases in the region and put soldiers on standby for war. more now from seoul. >> monday's meeting of the supreme people's assembly is an annual event that happens around this time every year. an opportunity for their leadership in north korea to cement any policy decisions and
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budget and often, interestingly, promotions and appointments to senior positions. that is something to watch very closely by those looking to see if there are signs of change or continuity in north korea. what happened last year is there was an extraordinary meeting of this body as well in september. the run-up to that was full of speculation kim jong-il and -- kim jong-un o nouns economic reform measures. this time there will be speculation as to whether such measures are announced. one reason for so much over-the- top rhetoric from north korea in recent weeks has been that been that they have been trying to get the military to get something they do not like, set out the package of economic reform. the senior meeting of the communist party of north korea seems to suggest no major shifts, cementing nuclear weapons in law as something that
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north korea would never give up and, indeed, economic construction. we will watch developments coming out on that. one thing to note south of the border is the united states has announced it has been sending out-22 stealth fighters from japan to south korea to take part in the combined exercises with the south korean military. this follows thursday's use of stealth bombers over the korean peninsula for the first time in the exercises, which brought about such a strong reaction from north korea. we will wait for a reaction to this latest move as well. >> five people in kenya have been killed in riots after a supreme court decision upheld the election of uhuru kenyatta as president. after calls for calm by the defeated candidate. reporting now from nairobi. >> this is western kenya. the defeated presidential
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candidate's main stronghold. people are angry due to the supreme court decision to uphold the presidential election results. police dispersed the demonstrators using tear gas, but this was an isolated incident. for the most part canyons are trying to move on. ♪ sunday services in nairobi preached peace and reconciliation. the country needs to put the presidential vote behind it and heal. >> it is not about uhuru kenyatta. it is about the mission of kenya to move forward. if they can go to these people and treat the -- preached the message of reconciliation, maybe you did not vote for me but i am ready to be your president. 5 million votes 6ainst uhuru kenyatta's
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million. passions are strong around the country. these people more than most uhuru kenyatta needs to reach out to. discuss theorters outcome of the case. they tell us they will not accept the ruling. >> a decision can be final but not fair. the finality of the decision does not change the fairness of the decision. >> she knows the president- elect has a tough time ahead. >> kenya is very tribal. the president-elect needs to see how he can talk to all sides and bring them together. there is a huge responsibility. he has accepted the court's ruling and wished the new government well. uhuru kenyatta has extended a
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peace offering to his political rival. but it will take actions, more than words, to prove to the supporters that a kenyatta government will not ignore them. al jazeera, nairobi. >> 10 people have died in flash itiuss in voracious -- maur this weekend. island has experienced torrential downpour since saturday. officials warn of more floods in heavy rain to continue. the central african republic's self-proclaimed process it -- president has formed an interim government. todia -- they say they will hold elections in 2016. the african union discussed a power-sharing agreement. soldiers killed 14 islamist
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soldiers in a raid on the islamist group boko haram. it is said the fighters were planning an easter sunday attack. m23 olitical leader of rebels in the democratic republic of congo says they will not attack united nations soldiers. the un it recently decided to enforce peace. backed by his soldiers, m23's for acal head arrive news conference. he wanted to talk peace. his message was for the united nations. we will not run away. we will be there. but we think this is not the
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solution. it is a clinical solution. >> m23 believes the un is advocating forced as the answer. last week the security council unanimously approved the creation of an intervention brigade to neutralize rebel groups. its rules of engagement will allow the un forces to fire on the rebels first. it was m23's entrance into goma late last year that prompted the international community back. the rebel force is made up of soldiers who deserted the government last year. it is called the march 23 movement after the date of a failed peace deal signed with the government in 2009. it is made up of soldiers mostly from the tutsi tribe. rebels have been fighting for
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territory and to gain control of the country's mineral resources. but they are looking for a peace agreement now because their group has been weakened in recent fighting. new video appears to show rebel fighters attacking government soldiers at the airport in aleppo. the opposition has been trying to take control of the international airport for weeks. spent more -- army send more troops earlier. more accounts of violence by the rebels. they say fighters trying to overthrow the regime are operating far beyond the normal rules of engagement. more on the fight to control syria's largest city. >> too scared to speak against those in power in the city. that is why the journalist says he will no longer be intimidated by the new authority.
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,e has long documented the war the killings, the shelling by government forces. he is now also focusing on what he calls the mistakes of the opposition. he shows us what he says is proof of how some rebel the grades operate outside the law -- brigades operate outside the law. a group of armed men stormed a school and ransacked it because they were trying to arrest a member of a rival per day. >> i need to highlight what is going wrong because that is the only way to protect. we need to talk about them because we do not want to get rid of al-assad only to have another. >> they said those involved in the raid were forced to leave aleppo. >> when people take to the streets they do not just show opposition against the government. on many occasions they have criticized the new reality of rebel controlled areas of aleppo
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city. they complain about lawlessness and the lack of services and their suffering. that, he says, is why he has to be the voice of the voiceless. for decades the media in was state-syria controlled. if you to challenge authorities. now people speak their mind in territories outside state control. but he says there is a different type of danger, especially since those who are armed have at times turned their guns on each other. now have guns because at the beginning they took up arms against the government. now we see kidnappings and theft. there is no security. s now.we have 1000 bashar opposition is made up of many groups with different agendas. some call it a democracy in the making. the force used to
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by ais being replaced newfound freedom where the gun is the strongest voice. >> a popular talk show host and comedian has been released on bail. he was questioned after several people said he criticized resident mohammed morsi. reporting from cairo. >> reporters of satirist bassem youssef protested against the decision to investigate. he faces several accusations, including undermining security, insulting the president, and contempt of religion. >> this is very disturbing. when we took to the street we demand freedom, which includes all forms of freedom of expression. to summon any media personality like this is against the principles of the revolution. >> the aim is to terrorize the media as the -- as a whole.
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instead of focusing on the media, official should worry more about the people's concerns like bread and fuel. >> the chant against the president and the mothe delivera clear message. although accusations were not filed by any specific group, they were quite mad at the prosecutors, accusing them of only acting when it was in the interest of the president. dozens of people had already gathered outside the prosecutor general's office, demanding his resignation. protestst staged their after a court ruled his appointment was illegal. for months people have accused the government of systematically targeting its opponents and for many the questioning of a popular pc -- tv personality bassem youssef was a turning point. he did not speak to reporters on his way in and out of interrogation but on twitter he thanked people for support and urged them to continue to focus
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on activists being prosecuted. out on bail, bassem youssef will no doubt use this as fodder for his widely viewed show, but supporters say this is no laughing matter. al jazeera, cairo. >> thousands of antigovernment protesters marched through morocco's capital. members from the two largest trade unions said the government is failing to look after worker interests. morocco is cutting fuel and food subsidies and pensions as a condition for international monetary fund loans. and northcans africans have left home to seek better opportunities abroad. some travel to spain's southern province to find steady work in agriculture, but are now suffering because of the europe's economic recession. --thousandspain's of acres of greenhouses
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producing vegetables for the export trade. look harder and you can also see it is home to some of the poorest festival pickers. many now trapped by spain's recession. a builder inob as barcelona and came here in search of farm work. home is a shipping container shared with four friends. >> we are wasting our days here and wasting our lives here. it is what it is. >> he crossed illegally from morocco to spain 12 years ago, clinging to the underside of a lorry. he says he has been working for 10 days picking tomatoes but he claims the farmers are refusing to pay him. many workers say that with jobs so scarce farmers are refusing to give them written contracts. the farmworkers union calculates there may be up to 45,000 undocumented or illegal immigrant workers in this province alone.
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meanwhile, every day the producer -- produce is sold to supermarket chains and act borders at auction. growers say those sales are down but demand elsewhere in europe remain strong. the main problem, they say, is obtaining bank loans to cover their costs. as a result some growers have cut their workforce. we are having serious difficulties buying seeds and water and to pay workers. ,> faced with tough times union officials say many migrant workers are heading home. that is not an option for some. homends much-needed money to his wife and four children in morocco. >> i have my head full of problems. i am worried about my children and my residency papers. >> as night falls he relaxes a little baking bread.
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the smell reminds him of home on the edge of the sahara desert. al jazeera, spain. up annmar has set emergency committee to tackle sectarian violence in the central region. the president said the violence had tarnished the country's image. at least 43 people have died in riots between muslims and brutus -- buddhists. check out these before and after satellite images from human rights watch. they show the extent of the destruction. the unrest quickly spread to other areas, prompting curfews in 15 townships. live for us in bangkok. look at these pictures, it is extraordinary. you can see clearly the extent of the destruction. , ashose images coming from you mentioned, a town where we saw that violence break out between march 20 and march 22. a started really with
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seemingly harmless fight between a small group of muslims and a small group of buddhist and spread in the days after that to completely engulfed the town. those areas you can see on the satellite images released by human rights watch are according to them the muslim neighborhoods. those people have gone, forced to flee the town. there are some refugee camps that have been set up on the outskirts of town. getting access to those areas has been and media difficult. ascertaining how many people have fled those areas is difficult. what according to human rights watch they around 12,000 people have been forced from their homes. that is in the area that saw the worst of the fighting. in the days after that it did spread to other towns around the country. >> we hear the government has set up an emergency committee
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to try and tackle sectarian violence and look into the violence. >> yes. and is obviously of great concern to the president, but also other reformers within his government. couplehat election a years ago, there are people within the government and military who do not like these feet of change in myanmar and at times you get -- the feet of change within myanmar and at times you get the feeling he is referring to people stoking this violence in the security forces and communities themselves to try to destabilize democracy. there is a great deal of concern. this will take a long time. and he official report or the result of any official investigation -- we are still waiting for the official report from last year's violence between muslims and buddhists in the western part of the country. any investigation into this
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latest violence will take a long time and still some of the attacks are continuing. over the weekend there were reports that some people tried to attack some mosques in the town and were unsuccessful. there has been ongoing attempts to burn down muslim areas, muslim mosques as well. this is an ongoing problem, but thankfully the large-scale violence we saw appears to be dying down. >> thanks very much. reporting from bangkok. , includinghead farmers in bangladesh paying the price for political unrest. and, a healthy new appetite for food safety. why china is upping its standards when it comes to what you can need. -- details coming up in sport.
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>> as you look at the weather across northeastern parts of asia you can see fine conditions across japan for monday. as we get to tuesday the system moving across the east china sea, looks rather cloudy. outbreaks of rain at times. 15 degrees the high in tokyo. mainly dry. temperatures coming up in beijing. getting down close to freezing at night. south across china, an awful lot of rain that has been here a few days now. really no sign of easing off. that rain, a very wet one .xpected in hong kong across indochina there are a few showers but not looking too bad.
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30 in hanoi. process asia we have lots of warm weather here. r, calcutta - naipui -- dry in sri lanka. -- a fineh are here picture here in the arabian peninsula. mecca, a very warm nine degrees celsius. > >> welcome back. our top story from al jazeera, heavy fighting in northern mlaa. islamist fighters in timbuktu are engaging with african soldiers backed with french fighter jets.
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southgations across africa have held services for the former president nelson mandela who has been in hospital since wednesday with pneumonia. the government says his condition is improving. the united states has sent in more stealth aircraft to north -- south korea as pyongyang says a's nuclear arsenal is not bargaining chip and that they would attack u.s. bases in the pacific and are still at war with the south. more on the rebel attacks in ma li. al jazeera has spoken to some of the fighters who fought with al qaeda linked rebels. >> they were riding to vehicles --two vehicles. two men were killed and five wounded. we captured one. >> we spoke to an activist and west african policy expert. he said the international community needs to do more to help mali or cover.
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>> the international community has been dragging its feet. the other thing that worries me has very porous borders, so the thousands of fighters who have disappeared, some may have drifted to other west african countries including nigeria and niger. some of said they have gone as far as darfur were. it needs to be much better. [indiscernible] i think if it is done properly it will make a big difference, and by properly i mean we have to begin now but it is linked to the issue of elections. elections that are properly planned and properly carried out. if they are rushed they may cause more problems than solves them. if you do not have elections you do not know who is a legitimate representative. so beyond even the military
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problems, mali has a number of political problems that have to be handled extremely carefully and properly. >> people have been killed at a gas explosion in a coal mine in china. the mine was run by a staine ne. -- state owned company. for safety and maintenance mean china's mines are some of the most unsafe in the world. a new strain of bird flu has been blamed for two deaths in china. the strain had originally been considered harmless to humans. both infections were in shanghai. there is no vaccine against the strain. china is adopting new measures on monday to restore confidence in its food safety standards. for now it they will only be implemented in the capital of beijing. the appetite for safety.
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>> the new rules represent the clearest signal yet that china wants to get tough on foods if the. they are being brought -- food safety. they are being brought into force after a series of tainted food scandals affecting dairy products and packaged foods and even baby formula. nervous customers -- for them, government action is long overdue. >> there is too much fertilizer and pesticide in the foods. but what can i do about it? i still have to eat every day. >> there are so many food safety scandals in recent years. i hope the government can solve the problem. >> new rules apply to the ,rojection -- production packaging, and distribution of food. >> we hope in the future we can increase production, storage operation, and distribution of every product. it is a guarantee of food security, the market in beijing. >> they are being reproduced
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only in beijing but it is thought they will soon be applied nationally. so widespread is the problem, with public confidence in the government itself in stake -- at stake. >> from the people to the government, if that is destroyed, because it is a whole country problem it will be in other provinces and other cities. >> it has led to a thriving cross-border trade in imported food from neighboring markets like hong kong. the level of distrust in the food supply can be seen in the demand for overseas brand, with the widely overseas -- widely held view that if it comes from overseas it must be good. >> china's government wants to change that with the same transformation of the economy applied to the food sector. can make their effort to the food safety the
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same way, it will be much better. >> for chinese consumers, turning the label produced in china to a quality assurance and not a health warning. al jazeera, hong kong. >> in libya armed men surrounded the ministry of justice in tripoli for several hours. the siege is now over. it happened after the ministry criticized armed groups in libya for operating outside the law. they held a press conference from inside the building. >> justices to be implemented. -- justice is to be implemented. we do not fear anyone trying to terrorize us. we want to tell those who attacked the ministry of justice to go back to the principles of the revolution. >> the afghan president has left qatar after holding talks with the emir.
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they also met with a taliban representative in doha. the taliban has been allowed to set up a representative -- negotiating office in the city. >> for president karzai to talk to representatives of the leader of caliban is quite significant, is quiteliban significant, but the president of afghanistan needs to convince them to join the political process. he is concerned with the future if americans pullout by 2014. taliban he knows the are far from degefeated. he would like them to join the political process and talk about the way out. said thean -- taliban past several years that they do not recognize the government of karzai. at this critical moment, they have to make some major
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concessions for them to be able to move forward. the international community is not going to allow for a taliban office in qatar if the taliban are not genuinely willing to talk to the government of afghanistan about what to do after 2014. >> let's move straight onto the world of sport. >> thank you very much. wills -- andy murray become the new world number two when rankings come out. he won the miami masters a second time. >> andy murray. >> the last time andy murray played a final on american soil he won his first grand slam, the u.s. open in september. having not won a masters title since 2011 the scott decided to
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put more focus on the series, but he lolost he first set in miami 6-2. murray had an advantage in his previous meetings with the spaniard. he fought back for the second set. 605 in the decider. murray was facing match point, and when he won the rally the spaniard used one of his challenges. was with marurray in the tiebreak wjhich he won 701. --1. >> to come back and win that from that position, it was incredibly tough physically. he is one of the strongest guys in the tournament.
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to see him struggling, a very tough match. >> our 2013 open champion -- andy murray. >> the added bonuses he will face roger -- surpassed roger fetter as world number two. >> in the english premier league liverpool came from behind to claim three points against the struggling aston villa to close the gap on everton. back to a good start, taking the lead. liverpool managed to equalize through jordan henderson. afterwards brendan rogers paid but did noterard exactly go overboard in his praise. >> he was not my hero. [laughter] maybe your hero.
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a wonderful man. when i was first at liverpool thomas he cut things -- liverpool, he cut things short to come see me. he welcomed me to the club and 100 50%y would be behind everything i do. >> liverpool beating. another team trying to avoid the drop -- they have wasted little a successor to andrew o'neill. thenew head coach -- italian courted controversy as a player and was once banned for celebrating a goal with a fascist salute. resigned from ha his position in protest.
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in spain third place athletico madrid missed a chance to reclaim the second spot after they were held to a broad at home by valencia. all the action came in the first six minutes. fivealencia one up after minutes, but six seconds later it was all square. is draw number four. they were held. long-ng 1-0 when that back inffort, but then front again. 2-1 espanol. alizez.l sociedad equ
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final score -- away n the fristfirst game of the season. their third on the hour mark. ca.oint behind mallor -- now ing from behind 15th, four points above. -- retains their lead in the dutch league. victor fisher scored twice. a brilliant chip from just out isde.
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on the european tour -- the second trophy in morocco. the shot of the day came from this man. he had to take off his trousers after he hit a ball out of the water. he eventually finished the tournament in 15th place. but at the top of the league, he began the final round with a four point lead. he would win by three shots finishing 17 underpar overall. >> i feel i've played the best golf of the whole week. i was not well enough to shoot a really low round, but it happens. >> oxford be cambridge in the university boat race. tourity on the river thames make sure there would not be a repeat of last year's drama when a swimmer cost the boats to
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stop midway. they led from start to finish to claim their 77th victory. cambridge still leads overall with 81 run. 64 to help sried lanka. --reply, bangladesh in the nhl chicago blackhawks thrashed the detroit red wings. he scored twice for the first time in his career. dave boland netted a double. the 100th tour de flandres in the outskkirts of bruges. the radio shack rider had f
11:45 pm
allen last year and this time around burst forward and beat peter sagan for his second title. >> the goal was to win. sometimes you cannot predict how it will come. it is just amazing. one year ago i was on the ground and now i am back. on the new course. everyone had a big favorite. it is not easy, but i'm just happy, really happy. >> the olympic and world champion won the women's event for the first time. finish ahead of eleanor vandyke. is begun, butson
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not in the usual way. he was involved in a 150 meter race. 14performed the sprint in 10 oh 1wo seconds, 7/ short of his own record. >> thank you. political violence in bangladesh -- a impact on the farmers not named for security reasons. >> he worked all year for this crop in bangladesh, but most of it has gone to waste. political unrest has caused violence and reaches across the countryside. , most protest strikes people stay at home because bombings are common. their precious products do not make it to the market. , butey are supposed to go
11:47 pm
if you go on the road they might destroy it. the vehicle costs over $25,000. >> they do not have expensive cold storage facilities. if they cannot get their products to the market they use everything. he is trying to use what is left of his potato crop. after weeks of protests he says other crops have already been wasted. , itecause of the hassles will take 10 years to cover these losses. --caught between pain paying interest on loans and paying workers. those who work the land always lose. he has not been paid for a week. he says it is common these days. >> because he cannot pay us when we come to work our minds feel heavy. i feel sad i did not get the money because my children's education and family's future has a problem. >> they are struggling to buy
11:48 pm
food. >> i have lots of problems. i have no money. it had we arrived here just reopened after being shot for a strike. they were packed with produce trying to still be sold before rotting. their struggles will continue as long as bangladesh's political crisis drags on. al jazeera, bangladesh. >> in venezuela petrol is cheaper than water thanks to huge government subsidies. low cost fuel is creating a lucrative black market. this report from venezuela's western border. >> this is how many people here earn a living. they fill their tank with petrol for less than one dollar and sell it on the black market in neighboring colombia. this smuggler who asked we not use his real name sells 180
11:49 pm
liters every year to middle man -- every week to middlemen who take it over the border border. >> i do this out of necessity to support my children, my family. this is what i live off of. there is no other work here. >> poverty is widespread in this stretch of western venezuela and there are few jobs to be had. fullce stations are often of people filling expanded tanks, sometimes two to a car, and large capacity barrels. the smugglers may be small scale but they are part of a massive network feeding fuel into a black market where -- worth billions of dollars a year. here in western venezuela along the colombian border. colombia is 50 meters that way and this area is littered with full and empty gasoline tanks. once it crosses the border this fuel is 20 times more valuable in colombia than it is in venezuela. we filmed this depot undercover or cars line up day and night to empty their tanks. the highways are patrolled by soldiers who spend the day
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confiscating stashes of gasoline. venezuela set up a legal cooperative here that sells discounted petrol up to one million liters a month to columbia, but it does not meet the massive appetite for cheap fuel. >> the back road smuggling is much greater than what goes legally through the cooperative. no one would be able to get rid of the cooperative as long as venezuela does not raised your prices. venezuelansmany realize fuel subsidies are unsustainable no political leader has dared to cut it especially as inflation drives up prices on most other goods. the government has installed barcodes on cars meant to track fuel purchases and cut down on smuggling, but the trade continues with the complicity of soldiers and officials. >> when you go to the pump you have to bribe a soldier and a government inspector so they will let you fill an illegal tank like this. for bigger trucks it is more. each big truck is worth $50,000. 15 of those cross every day.
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i imagine how much they pay. on they of life here border unlikely to change anytime soon. the most important date in the christian calendar comes to an end. we will leave you now with some images of its celebrations around the world. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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