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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  April 12, 2013 5:30am-6:00am PDT

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>> you are making a big mistake. he and a distaste warns north korea over its aggressive words. >> you rhetoric we are hearing from north korea is unacceptable. >> you are watching al jazeera live from doha. also on the program -- a visitor in a country he once ruled. leaders tell cyprus no more cash. and the race horse that has the bit between her teeth to
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continue in record-breaking run. for weeks, the tension has been building on the korean peninsula. the rest from north korea that it is prepared for a nuclear strike on the united states and elsewhere. john kerry met south korean president in the capital of seoul, south -- korea. they have strong war -- words of warning for the south korean leadership. >> the rhetoric we are hearing from north korea is unacceptable and it -- by any standard. i am here to make it clear on behalf of president obama and pieces of the united states and our bilateral security agreement that the united states will
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defend our allies and defend ourselves. harry, you heard from the foreign minister. tell us about the talks. >> as well as what you would expect to hear with john kerry, this is strong support for american i lack -- allies. he is also coming into a situation with an ally that has changed its position. south korea said it would not negotiate with north korea, especially on the issue of the industrial complex that has been shut down. in the last couple of hours, that position has changed. south korean officials in size on friday that they were open to talks. was a necessary first step in lowering tensions.
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john kerry said the united states with only talked with thea if north korean -- united states would only talk with north korea. he was asked directly if he would support bilateral talks between south korea and north korea without such a precondition. he says south korea had been right. he said both sides have agreed that they would engage with each other before they took in the steps with north korea. -- in qualified support the to a bit of daylight between washington and seoul on this issue. intelligence reports says the korea potentially does have a nuclear capable missile. how does that change the conversation? conversation that the foreign minister and the secretary of state had with
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reporters. they were asked specifically about the issue. the report suggested that there was a miniaturized device capable of being delivered by missile in being the korean peninsula. they say they were moderately confident about that. it was a classified report that was declassified and read at a congressional hearing. thatentagon response was the u.s. understood that there was no fully developed, tested means of delivering a major rise nuclear warhead. they did not say why they thought you'd what was wrong. if north korean did have this capability, it would be low level and unreliable. they did not score as the idea that an untested misfile was available -- missile was available to north korean. that would change the calculus
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considerably. ofther the wmd capability north korea, they had a response plan in place and were capable of dealing with the threat in south korea. >> it must be an strange feeling for him to visit south sudan since 2001. was a bit awkward. >> almost exactly one year ago this was the state of elections between the north and south. the two armies poured over the north here fields. all-out war was only narrowly averted. 12 months later, the president is making -- making his first is to south sudan gaddafi two country split, south sudan stopped production of oil because of its dispute with the north. the industry was a major source
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of revenue for both countries. all was months of negotiations, with each side watching to see how long the other side could hold its nerve. wishing khartoum to cooperate and vice versa. of them haveone collapsed. week, oil production in south sudan was restarted. signs thatother relations were improving. acountry agreed to implement demilitarized zone. cobham's remain. there is disputed territory. both countries have experienced currency depreciation. maybe them in assessing the forces khartoum to cooperate.
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both countries are in economic distress and have severe problems at home. neither side can any longer site -- afford to have conflict with its neighbor. payypress will have to money toward its and bailout -- cypress will have to pay money toward its bailout. will have to pay money toward its bailout funding eu. the $9 billion that they were originally asked to find, they have now come up with $17 billion. the deepening recession is being priam's -- blame for the credit downgrade. for more detail, we are joined
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with -- by a financial analyst based in london. your analysis on what the figure has risen so much. >> what have we learned during this economic crisis? the famous saying goes that truth is in first casualty of war or an economic crisis. i wrote about this on my blog. at the time of the bailout. we know the $17 million -- $17 billion was a fast underestimates. how quickly it has proved to be too low a figure. how didu predicted it, all of these eurozone ministers and financial experts manage to miss it? >> what have we learned. the costs are too optimistic. why are they too optimistic? the politicians, the panthers do
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not want to tell the voters teaches. the original estimate for the dates russian deposits would always be 40% at the maximum. that soon got destroyed. he numbers talked about were 60%, 70%, a%. there are many that will be wiped out entirely, all of the savings in the thanks are likely to be wiped out completely. >> that is a pretty bleak situation. even with cyprus to what it is doing, will it be able to come off within there? is saying, we would not contribute more than $10 billion -- within 10 billion euro. that is a nasa the line in the sand.
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the bailout accounts of less cost has gone up to $23 billion. of that increase goes into the cyprus economy. where is cypress? it is a tiny country. where is it going to take the money from? he has to be from the think tanks -- the bank deposits. that to be something left in the cyprus the timing. tracked remarkably largely this year. >> why is there such reluctance from the eurozone and from the imf to help cypress -- cyprus out of this. to the greeke it bailout, it was to a 40 billion euro. >> a good point. i made this in a speech recently. i dealt that the bailout of such
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a press -- of cyprus was a rounding error. 23 billion euros is not small change. it is small when you look at the size of the new budget. it is really small change. germanecause it is a election year. the last thing merkel wants to do is bailing out the irresponsible, the russian oligarchs with their prospects money, which is how it is being portrayed in germany. the other thing i would give is, cypress is too small for anyone to be bothered about. it is unlikely, so the thinking goes, to cause much of a problem in the eurozone. way germany would tell spain that all of your bank -- then deposits would have to be larger.
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cyprus is thought of as irrelevant. >> thank you for joining us from london. ahead here on the program, a u.n. refugee camp was had 3000 people. a report by doctors without borders. and from the netherlands, how -- a leadingake artists is changing the skyline. >> a reminder of the top stories here on a on jazeera. the u.s. secretary of state hazmat south korean's president and finance minister in seoul, south korea. he said the -- the u.s. secretary of state meets with
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the president of south korea and the foreign minister. financeg of european ministers in dublin. cyprus topped the agenda. historic trip to south sudan, the first visit since the country split away from the north in 2011. he was supposed to visit one year ago. to harriet' she is in khartoum. was few weeks ago, i reporting that these don't show -- that these countries sides were on a war footing. they have been preaching their domestic audience. the president will be warmly
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welcomed. there is a substantial assigned to today's talks. ashir has arrived with a host of presidential advisers. there are things that must be left out, mainly along the border. it includes the disputed area. >> how fitial is this turnaround? you say it was a few weeks ago when the two sides were talking war. >> exactly. the hope is that now that this it is being turned back on, is south sudan's only form of income. in 2011 when south sudan became independent, it could never go to war with sudan because it means sudan to export its oil. sudan has the pipeline. after a year without well, but
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sides will be getting something toward oil revenue. it is hoped that that will help stabilize relationships. he government has seven them back to implement this peace is economic issues. the catalyst that has them time to implement this peace treaty is economic issues. they will try to implement this deal in the coming months. instead the trust to sustain implementation? >> thanks very much for joining us from khartoum. the mali prime minister has confirmed that elections will be held in july. -- francefirst time since troops to mali in
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november. place elections will take in july. these structures are put in place to insure the success of this mission. >> doctors without borders say facing poorees are conditions in the u.s.-run refugee camps. people are getting six men after they arrive. there is only one toilet for every 3000 -- people like after they arrive. been 15,000 more refugees since january. the number of children limited per week for severe malnutrition has more than double from 42% --
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32 to 106. the situation in the camp is said to be unlikely to improve anytime soon. arriverefugees to following the start of the an army really destabilize the camp. we had stories of one the train for 3000 people. the situation has improved. we are still not at the extent of a standard for a lot of the parameters for refugee camps. latrines, war care, shelter, food. asking international organizations to raise 10 games to achieve these minimum standards. we also want to explain deadly think this will be a long-term problem. we do not think this is a pointed end with the sections in
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mali. >> conscious of people in brazil have been protesting against the new stadium. it is home to a group of indigenous people. the museum is due to being demolished, part of the renovation. a rareastro has made appearance in a school in havana this week. a frail-looking castro attending the school, which is named for his system. the venice when the presidential election has finished with those candidates holding their final rally. hugo chávez died last month. >> the end of an election
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campaign and the first time in 14 years. it did not include her -- include hugo chávez in person. his name, image, and memory dominated this rally in downtown caracas. people gather to honor his last wish. a commander who is not dead, but continues to live within each of us. we have a commitment to make do without the presence on sunday. >> and argentinian soccer star chavez'shn s. -- family. former foreign minister and vice president says he never but will,--ugh,
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sought, but will meet. movement. >> he came within 10 percentage s int of defeating chavez' last year's election. he said he would rid minister of political division, crime, and inflation in the world's fifth largest oil-producing nation. despite competing on an uneven playing field, this time he will win. >> i have already put a team together for when we take over the presidency.
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>> polls show he is behind ma duro. with the campaign over, the biggest challenge for both candidates will be to try to guarantee supporters come to the polls. the section will be closely monitoring by international observers. depending on the outcome, it could dramatically change the landscape in the country. the chief fires have destroyed more than 200 homes inside a narrow lead in mandalay. most of the homes were built from bamboo. reported ande been it is unclear when the fire started. succeed.trying to
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a leading architect has a project in qatar. another project is set to open late this year. >> he has been working up on something that is almost a reality. the chief architect on an eye- catching development. this is the real thing. 150 meters tall. it is doing to open later this year. it was built by the partnership an of an addition that has projects around the world. people use its facilities every single day.
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contain the apartments. in the other, there will be wer with-- one to content apartments. the other will have offices and a hotel. >> the building is super large. if you are in the building, you do not feel the scale. >> the most important thing about the building is transparency. it was through all of the company's context. won won been building -- one bank won the building of the year award. >> he starts with an ordinary box and press a lot of fun things in it. breaks up like the human body.
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the box becomes an interesting one. riverside diane sawyer smaller creatures, his projects are likely -- riverside creatures, asler projects are likely to turn heads for years to come. >> the issue of forced feeding inmates on name -- on a hunger strike. the situation is unsustainable. >> the issue of guantanamo is politically blocked in this country. one employee and message i've u.s. into all of mine a lot of tears -- i've got to brought to.s. -- i all of my u.s., the parts is
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that this is an untenable blockage. they should put their energy and political imaging into finding a new compromise, which moves these issues forward. >> 3 people have been killed and several others injured after a tornado ripped the u.s. state of mississippi. the storm rattled parts of the northeast and rattled -- and left thousands without power. the storm is now heading toward the states of georgia. the world's most incredible athlete. she won her last 24 races in a row. on saturday, she will go for the 25th victory. she is a horse. racing, the australian mayor that has become the world's wonder horse. from 24 races, she has 24 wins.
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she makes other resources looked slow. caviar has won over $7 million in prizes alone and her career is not over yet. >> i hope she keeps going. >> on saturday in sydney, she will race for the 25th time. the six year-old is the hottest of favorites. >> she is the best in the world. there is not a force there that can beat her. >> the fact that she is racing at all is quite amazing. race, butr first picked up the muscle tear. the rehabilitation work. >> last year, we thought she
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would never race again. to be in this form into the racing is something we knew not to testify the less we knew when participating 12 months ago. 12 monthsng we knew ago when we started participating. >> 5 million australian dollars is over 5 million u.s. dollars, the most and intestine horse has ever been sold for. untested - an
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