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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  April 24, 2013 5:30am-6:00am PDT

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>> and eight-story building collapsed in bangladesh, killing dozens of people. you're watching a al jazeera live from doha. the death toll rises in iraq as the government promises to investigate why more than 50 people died in a security raid. the collapse of what was iceland's biggest bank, the man in charge appears in court. want a pay rise that would make them some of the best paid in the world.
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isassive rescue effort underway in bangladesh after the collapse of an eight-story commercial building. the plaza north of dhaka employed 5000 garment workers when it came crashing down wednesday morning. at least 82 people are considered a dead at this hour. now this report. >> this used to be an eight- story building. and this is all that is left. inside was a clothing factory, a bank, and shops. tens of thousands of people are at the site now in the suburb of dhaka. firefighters and the army are using any equipment they can treat people trapped under the debris. worried friends and relatives are joining in the rescue effort. many forced to use only their hands to dig. >> my wife came to this fact report in the morning. after learning the building collapsed, and rushed here to look for my wife.
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i've not found her. >> i went into the building and saw many people stuck inside. i rescued some women and some are dead. there are many people not able to get out. >> its not clear why this happens. there were reports of cracks in the building the day before. but people still went to work. building collapses are common in bangladesh. many multistory blocks are built in violation of conduct and standards -- a violation of construction standards. there was a collapse in 2005. fires are also a problem for the garment industry. more than 100 workers in november were killed in a fire at a factory in an industrial suburb od dhaka and because the public outcry over safety standards. bangladesh is the world's second largest garment industry. it is aggressively going after more business. but these sorts of disasters will only add to the already many demands being made to improve safety.
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>> our correspondent is on the line in dhaka. we have seen chaotic scenes of destruction and people being pulled from the rubble, all morning. what is the scene now? >> it is still the same. there are hundreds of people trapped under rubble that are being pulled out. hundreds of army officials, police officers, firefighters, and civilians doing what they can collectively to help get the bodies out, some of which are dead and some injured. the fireot just service and army officers helping with the rescue effort. >> no, it is civilians. civilians are actively involved with this as well. they are helping the victim's hand there are dead bodies being carried to hospitals. the civilians are helping with
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that. it's a chaotic situation. people are doing what they can to help. >> we know the building collapsed just after 8:30 in the morning local time. it's been a few hours since the collapse. any idea yet what happened or what might of caused it? asit is still very unclear to what happened. local officials are still looking into it. there is no clear idea of what has occurred. there was a crack on tuesday evening. >> we do know there was a garment factory in this building as well as a market and a bank. >> there were four garment factories, 3 or 4 of them housed in this complex, and a bank.
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correspondent. thank you. a magnitude 5.7 quake has hit a afghanistan. it was centered 16 miles northwest of jalalabad. it's the latest in a string of terrorist to shake asia in the past week. fighting in northwest china has killed at least 21 people 50. in of them police officers. most of the dead were ethnic uigurs. it's not clear what started the fight, but police were investigating an arson attack at the time. >> the preliminary investigation showed it was a premeditated attack carried out by a violent terror group. i would like to point out to the current situation is good in general, but a small cluster of terrorist forces are still doing their very best to disturb and sabotages stability
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and development. >> our correspondent has more from hong kong. >> racial tensions run deep in the autonomous province. there are more than 10 ethnic groups that live here. the area is dominated politically and economically by the haan chinese. uigurs say they are the indigenous people and not getting their rights held. this has become the focal point of ethnic tensions in china. over the years, there have been many violent clashes such as that seen on tuesday that left 21 people dead. 2009, more than 400 people were arrested over racial riots. and more than 26 were given a
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death sentence for their involvement in such racial violence. the chinese police say they're investigating to see exactly riot this time around or the class that left at killed.d people >> the u.s. is holding talks with brussels. the secretary of state john kerry is trying intto create stability on the ground in afghanistan as u.s. troops will be soon leaving. >> when it comes to afghanistan, the u.s. clock is ticking. it has committed itself to stabilizing the central government before it withdraws combat forces at the end of 2014. the u.s. feels the key to success is reconciliation between the afghan government and the taliban. >> reconciliation is the best provide the surest
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end to violence and to secure a unified and sovereign afghanistan. >> , the obama administration has insisted that reconciliation must be afghan-led. but pakistan has aided the taliban and provided them safe haven in the past. while the u.s. is pushing all parties to start negotiating now, pakistan has accused the afghan president hamid karzai, of being "an impediment to the peace process."analysts say all this makes the process of reconciliation that much harder. the problem is how to cobble together a government that has all of their stakeholders buying in. many of these countries for decades have very different geopolitical interests when it comes to afghanistan. >> as officials praised the progress of the afghan forces, the u.s. military concedes that the afghan air force will not be
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ready to take over air operations until at least the end of 2016. of considerable assistance coalition partners will still be needed. >> it will take time, the afghan air force to end up as fully operational. >> u.s. officials don't want to predict the outcome of peace talks, but they do feel obligated to push for reconciliation at every opportunity. secretary john kerry will be pushing his counterparts to find a political solution to the military campaign in a tennis fan. al jazeera, the state department. >> the trial of the former president of iceland's biggest bank is on the way. he's charged with fraud and manipulating the bank during his time as president. prosecutors say that his actions contributed to the bank's collapse in 2008. tim is live in the capital.
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a very important trial, what happens in court today. >> well, you're right. it's probably the biggest trial of its kind in europe, certainly in iceland. it centers around market rigging, market manipulation. essentially, what the bankers were accused of this morning was toouraging key customers bank and inrom the turn encouraging them to use that money to vuy shares in the bank, thus inflating the bank's share price. -- to buy shares in the bank. money is going round and round in circles. it is alleged some of the bankers made huge amounts of money by this process. of course it all came tumbling
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down in late 2008 when lehman brothers collapsed in the united states. the credit markets rose. froze. and the banks in iceland collapse. many people suffered and there is considerable resentment. nine executives in court today all denied the charges. the trial is now being delayed because there are technical arguments about representation of the defendants. until that is sorted out at the supreme court, it will be awhile before the trial resumes. but when it does, it could go on for the year. >> that was from iceland. thank you. gunman havevernment been fighting after the death of 66 protesters on tuesday. the bodies of some of those who died have been taken through the streets.
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there were killed when security forces tried to stop protesters in the northern town of hawija. jane, how are people feeling about the killing of these protesters there? >> elizabeth, they are furious. be blocked off. police are not letting people in or out, but they did allow a funeral procession that started in kirkuk this morning carrying the bodies of those killed back to full agenda to be buried. ack to hawija to be buried. people said look what they have done, they have executed our relatives. one councilman held up a gun in honor of what they're now
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calling martyrs and he shot into the air. people are furious on what they see as an attack by the iraqi army on the citizens. the iraqi government says that these were not mere protesters, they were militants. >> they have set up a commission to look into this incident. why have we not heard anything from the prime minister himself? 66 protesters dead. therobably because he and government feel they are in a fight for survival. part of that fight for survival is against al qaeda, against aptist loyalists -- baathis loyalists to sadaam hussein. they believe this protest was turned deadly -- was actually
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infiltrated. the government is on increasingly shaky ground. suni andnt between shia asked and between kurds and arabs is threatening to tear the country apart. this government is in the middle of this and is struggling with a lot of things. the prime minister has not been one prone to make conciliatory statements. >> that was our correspondent and joining us from kirkuk. stay with us. coming up, a tweet that sent wall street into a panic. a report on how syrian activists packed into the ap it -- hacked the ap. affectingresident is the banking sector. we will tell you why.
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>> ♪ >> for some of us over parts of europe, it is glorious at the moment, but not quite for all of us. an area of clouds marching across the northwestern parts, theng things murky for northern parts of britain and bringing some rain to the southeast. london will get to about 21 degrees on thursday. then the sunshine extensor many parts of france and across the rest of the continent as well. plenty of sunshine for most of us. that sunshine extends all the way down to athens, 26 degrees. look what's happening to the southwest. more clouds and rain. that's moving north toward from the northern parts of africa. and algiers.nis more showers through the day on thursday. they will be very heavy at times
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to and could cause a problem with flooding. towards the east, largely fine. cairo making it to 31 degrees. the east, it's fine for most of them. babe ruth getting to about 24 degrees. the unsettled weather is towards ng collapse pin the bangladeshi capital. the eight-story structure crashed down wednesday and early. rescuers are searching for survivors. at least 21 people including 15 police officers have been killed in clashes in northwest china. the majority of the dead were ethnic leaders. police are investigating an arson attack at the time. uigurs.ic le
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dozens of protesters were killed in kirkuk. in syria, there's fighting around the border city intensifying. a lead fighter from hezbollah is reportedly leading the battle against a free syrian army. in the north, rebel fighters are battling for control of a military airport near aleppo. qatar and the u.s. say they will continue to cooperate closely to end the conflict in syria. the emir of qatar and during a meeting with president obama said that he hopes for a political solution. >> we also discussed the syrian issue, what's happening in syria is a major tragedy in the region and in the world. we hopes to find a solution to the bloodshed in syria and for the current government to leave power, to give room to others do give order. we hope any partner that succeed
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the current regime would be supportive of democracy and the political process. sayse associated press that syrian activists have hacked its twitter account. posted this tweet saying barack obama had been injured in an attack on the white house. stocks on wall street stumbled briefly in response to the phony post. the message was re tweeted hundreds of times. it's not the first time this year in electronic army has targeted a global news organization./ .- the syrian electronic syrian the group also hacked several bbc accounts treating messages in support of president assad. have jazeera, the attacks been extended to our internet news alerts. the afp and sky news arabia have also reported similar attacks. a senior security researcher at
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the internet security firm joins us live via skype from romania. good to have you with us. they describe themselves as a group of enthusiastic syrian youths. them?o we know about it is very hard to find information about who the persons are. behindf these people are the internet. along with popular the conflict in syria. most of their actions in the whathave shown close that they're basically doing is spreading pro-assad propaganda.
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seems they are getting better and better. >> this attack on the associated press, is their most successful. they managed to affect the u.s. stock market even if for f ew moments with the fake news about the attack on the white house. >> this incident surprised everybody in the information security industry. activelyople that research these incidents. we have seen many such incidents in the past, but never before have we seen such an incident that could actually shake up the world's financial markets. we saw the dow jones index plummeted 100 points after the tweet about the white house, and it's clearly an indication these activist groups are getting
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better and better and the damage they are able to cause is getting greater and greater. that we it is a threwat will see more and more in the future -- a threat we will see more and more. weather account says that the saudi weather station is down due to a head-on collision with camels. why do things like that? >> hackers aren't very interesting. they are very different from other types of actors such as cyber criminals. cyber criminals do what they do for financial gain. don't have financial gain. they are usually interested in spreading the message or an idea or saying something they believe
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in. they tend to go after whatever they can by using the tools they have at their disposal, as long as the victim has enough followers. will do anything to try to attract attention. so that is their business, to basically get famous and spread their message to the world. >> it seems it is working. you very much. pardoned president has 93 prisoners including 59 political dissidents. this comes a day after the european union lifted political and economic sanctions against the country. opposition leaders have accused the government of using the prisoners as bargaining chips in negotiations with the west. thousands of south african
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people are taking part in a strike, as well as in pretoria and cape town to demand better benefits and pay. the government has warned it will take action against any teachers who walk off the job. the u.s. congress has questioned security officials about battling of the boston marathon bombing. politicians have been asking why one of the suspects, tamerlan tsarnaev, was not monitored more closely. he was interviewed by the fbi in 2011 after being flagged by russian authorities. he died in a shooting with police. his tender brother was arrested on saturday and is now in hospital for gunshot wounds. u.s. prosecutors have dropped all charges against a man accused of sending boys and- laced letters to president obama and two other people. paul kevin curtis was released because new information has been revealed. the letters were intercepted before they reached their targets. the mexican president has suspended planned reforms to the banking sector if because of a
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dispute with opposition parties. as one of the first major challenges for him, who came to power in december, the legislation was meant to increase lending in a plan that he had agreed to with the opposition. his concern was the dispute could affect the progress with other forms. now more from mexico city. ishenrique pena nieto calling for them to work out an agreement with reforms that he has launched since he took office in december. but right now it's at a standstill. opposition parties have said they don't want to take part for now and are accusing him and his government of funneling millions of dollars through the social development programs run by his government in order to mobilize millions of voters to go to the polls to vote for his party in the upcoming state election. this accusation has a lot of
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weight, because in mexico that party has a history of corruption and authoritarianism. this is putting a cloud over nieto as he was open to continue introducing reforms in hopes of modernizing mexico's economy to lift millions of people out of poverty. these reforms look like they will be on hold until he can convince the other parties to come to the table. on tuesday when he said why don't we all try to work something out, he did not acknowledge the problem of the accusations of corruption. he did not say he would be firing anyone or asking for any resignations. that's probably what these parties are looking for, for some headstall role. -- roll. it's not likely will see any agreement until then. >> mp's in kenya are due to motion. a politicians say that they want
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their old salaries reinstated. many kenyans have lowell sympathy -- have little sympathy for the parliamentarians. >> every morning gregory takes a train to work. it costs him 50 cents u.s. approximately. he is a mechanic and has turned over all over -- has earned a little over $100 a month and has a family. millions of kenyans on minimum- wage. members of parliament are pushing for salary increases barely a month after they were sworn in. paid better to be than other kenyans. there would be doing a disservice to the country. >> a salary regulatory body last year reduced mp salaries to
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$78,500 a year before tax. they used to earn $185,000 tax- free. members in the previous parliament were amongst the highest paid in the world. they had the power to set their own salaries. when that's why an independent body to regulate their pay was interest in the constitution in 2007. it is this body that the current members of parliament now want to be disbanded. petition started a against that board. , thee power to make laws power to amend any law is of parliament. >> many kenyans believe that if history is anything to go by, members of parliament will
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reject any bill before them seeking to move their salaries
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