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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  April 28, 2013 2:00pm-2:31pm PDT

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>> elections just weeks the government opened fire and rum. in rome.
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beibiotics could soon practically useless. s, not quite leak the grand opening brazil was hoping for. the pakistan political campaigning is under way. the violent campaign, it would appear, is also increasing. in fact, the pakistani taliban is predicting even more bloodshed. two people killed in a party rally. islamabadreport from on the violent acts to disrupt it. was planted outside the campaign office in a northwest city. the target, an independent candidate running for election before the polls.
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people were killed, many others wounded in the attack. shortly afterwards, another bombing, also targeting an independent candidate, killing several and injuring many more. the taliban has claimed responsibility for both attacks. there were looking at three political parties, the national and thenother movement, ruling pakistan people's party. all three are perceived as secular and liberal. seems to be the the taliban are talking, to bring in any pakistan which is conservative, more religious. completely wiped out secularism. betweene distance liberals left of democracy in
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pakistan. >> the son of a violence follows a series of attacks in karachi one day earlier. the offices of two secular of buses were targeted in bombings, and another bombing took place near a shiite mosque. it has forced some to change their campaign strategies, and it has raised concerns about whether next month's vote is a problem. the caretaker government overseeing the election has come under intense criticism for not being able to protect secular or liberal-leaning parties from attack, but it has promised increased security before the polls. elections scheduled for may will be historic. it will mark the first time a democratically elected government will hand over power to another to the ballot box, but the wave of violence by the taliban calls into question just how free and fair the boat can really be and whether or not things are being done to make
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sure that it is. aljazeera. >> it is not just the violence that is concerning voters in pakistan. they're also worried about institutional corruption. pakistan is now the 34 most corrupt country in the world. last year, the supreme court tried to go after the president on corruption charges. the judiciary itself is not immune, and local judges are notorious for taking bribes, and then there is the army, which was recently the center of an infamous scandal, and it is not just high-level corruption that poses a problem. paying bribes here is a part of everyday life for many in pakistan. >> this is it. applying for a passport eight weeks ago, he was told it would take eight days, but still nothing. he wants to go on a religious
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pilgrimage. it will be the first time he has ever left the country. >> i am pour. it costs money. i want to do more with his duty. us poor folks. if i was rich, i did get my passport straight away. i just bought my passport, but every time i come here, i am told to come back. it is stressful. >> there are people here with similar stories. they say they lack the materials to make passports. hence, the delay, but not everyone has to wait. those that can afford it, they can pay a bribe and have their passports in three days. frustrated by the process and afraid of losing his job, he took desperate measures. >> i had spent four months trying to get a passport. i have a job offer and was about to lose it. i asked my agent if there was anything he could do. he said if i paid $500, i could
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get a passport. it was a huge amount of money. i struggled to pay, but after i paid, my passport was ready, and i picked it up three days later. >> the story is common, but processing corruption and getting cases to court here is a difficult business. corruption cases are rare and some said the corruption is too ingrained. everything, id think it is very difficult. it is very difficult. you can point your hands to the big vicious you have made this, the corrupt society. >> it is not just passports. most basic government services are open to bribery and corruption. pakistan has a culture about who you know. couple that with restricted
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government services, low government salaries, and a market that is willing to pay, and you can understand why corrupt practices occur every single day. aljazeera. >> syrian government forces are reportedly bombarding rebel strongholds around the capital. they say the army has launched an air strike in a northern suburb, just two kilometers from central damascus. operation forces and the military have been battling for control of it for months, and two military air bases are under attack. fighting has intensified at an airbase, and levels -- rebels are also reported to be stored in other areas. in afghanistan, a deputy police chief and tuba officers have been killed in a roadside bomb attack in the east of the country. the police convoy drove by. the taliban has claimed responsibility for the explosion, claiming it is the
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first attack in the spring offensive. in sudan has said it has regained control of a city in a north state. armed fighters had seized the city for a short while on sunday before being pushed out by government troops. with aarted communications tower. and turning down hosni mubarak and his plea to be released from prison while an investigation into corruption charges takes place. he has been in jail for two years, waiting for a final verdict on charges that he is responsible for the depths of up to 900 protesters during an egyptian uprising in 2011. and a funeral for five soldiers who died during anti-government protests, which have claimed dozens of lives in recent weeks. and there are 10 television satellite channels, including
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aljazeera, accusing networks of inciting violence through their reporting. aljazeera's strongly rejects these accusations. >> a military ceremony to honor the fallen in iraq. commander say they were off-duty and coming home. among the dignitaries, their commander in chief, speaking to the relatives. prime minister nouri al maliki had this message. those atage to all of the protests that it is to leave now. we know it is al qaeda. the trend has been revealed. we will deal very harshly with those who remain in the protests if they do not hand over the murderers and evacuate the squares. we will not allow our army to be put in danger. >> the killing of the five soldiers could be the turning
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point. they say they have arrested three suspects and handed them over. it is not clear what the next government action will be. but for many here, the threat to use force is not new. been and died of a protests in see any areas for more than four months. government forces have killed protesters in fallujah and other areas, but last week, attacking protestors was different. at least 65 people were killed when government forces stormed. members of parliament accused the government of committing a massacre. provedave pictures that protesters were executed. these men were killed, executed in the square. this man was alive but was shot dead later. we have and medical report that proves he had gunshot wounds. >> almost 200 people. they are now at a crossing
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point. the danger for the country is to slip back into sectarian violence. aljazeera. >> in the last few hours, rescue workers have brought in heavy machinery to begin excavation at a factory that collapsed on wednesday, killing at least 380 people. this is after police arrested abreast of the code of honor. yes connections to the ruling party. the efforts to pull people from the rubble is now in its the evening, and there is little hope of finding more. south korean managers are planning to leave the industrial point north of the border on monday. 120 left on saturday. in order to go came after north korea threatened to shut down the plant at the tensions between the two states continues to rise. north korea blames this out for the dispute. complex shutdown,
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they would be cursed and blamed a long time by its people. is worsesaying this than the former south korean government. ms. khe sanh rests entirely but the public. >> still ahead on aljazeera. everybody deserves a second chance. while the party which presided over the economic disaster in iceland is set to return. plus -- >> a report from the north, where people are finally moved to low-cost departments.
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took a government offer. together, more than four dozen people have been moved to apartments more than two hours away. the government gave them free rent for small business to earn money. poor person. has nevere life, this happened to me.
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>> the smell is unbearable. many are happy they can finally move. she is one of them. >> i like it here in the apartment so far. my children want to go to school year, and my husband has a job close by. move,persuade people to the government has provided free transportation. creating new jobs. it has been the key of success. but the best thing the government has done is find new jobs near the housing complex. more than 250 people have found new jobs. this shows people have found their way out of their situation. >> by next year, and hope to
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have resettled more than 20,000 river bank dwellers. they are hoping the capital will be free. they will have to start believing in a different future. aljazeera. >> aljazeera continues that series on slums on monday. has the largest illegal settlements, thousands living inside madrid, but that is perhaps not for much longer. do not miss that on aljazeera on monday. an indian man had died as he tried to perform an elaborate event. a hearttedly suffered attack. these pictures were shot in the moments just before he died. he was already well known for similar stunts.
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iconic stadium has reopened after a three-year refurbishment even though it was not entirely finished. they are hoping it will be done when brazil hosts the world cup, but organizers have been in a race against time to get it ready for an upcoming tournament. the event is still mired in controversy. ontear gas and under arrest the streets, and this is not quite the way brazil had been hoping to welcome the world to their newly refurbished stadium, and arguably the world's most celebrated football venue, hosting an exhibition game, although at reduced capacity. this low-key, an official has cost close to half of $1 billion. the work has resulted in the
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demolition of communities facilities, including the school and a museum. >> it is a historical mistake that the state government is making. the entire process has been way too expensive. it has not been transparent. it has not involved the public in any meaningful way whatsoever, and it has been carried out with the violence. >> this is a key test ahead of next year's world cup. the delays are not an isolated concern for the football world governing body. with the clock ticking, the fans might be ready, but brasilia organizers are also behind schedule with other stadiums and infrastructure projects. >> in south africa. it is the same challenge we faced. it is not so easy to organize. it is amazing that people are
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talking about 64 games, it is nothing, but 64 games is more than 30 days, and that is the challenge, and that is a big one. >> there will be a full-scale game between brazil and england.
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>> hello, and a very warm welcome. i am in berlin. our top story this hour. thepoliceman shot outside prime minister's office, and the new italian government is sworn in. the german green party wraps up its campaign and for the upcoming general elections, and the battle against relegation. in italy, the


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