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tv   Al Jazeera English Newshour  LINKTV  May 12, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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>> this is "al jazeera." >> hello, welcome to newshour. i am at our new center in doha. the top stories, poised to return to office, resounding elections return now was sharif -- nawaz sharif to office. the victims of two car bombings in turkey, syria denies any involvement in the attacks. a new virus has killed 18 people. health experts say it could be passing from human to human.
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demolition debacle. the building that refuse to fall even after dynamite was used. he was ousted in a military coup, thrown in jail, and then sent into exile, but now he is back. now was sharif is preparing to become the prime minister of pakistan for a record third time grid he has been invited to india for talks with the prime minister there. the two countries fought four wars over the past 60 years, and sharif has promised to improve ties with new delhi. u.s. president barack obama said he will work with the new pakistani government as an equal partner. official results do not come out until later on monday, and sharif is too hard head -- too far ahead of his rival. we report from the capital islamabad.
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the chief election commissioner has the air of a man whose job was well done. it is the largest ever exercise in pakistani democracy. more than 50 million people casting their votes. the percentage of voting is very high. this is what i call empowerment of the people. a public show of strength. nawaz sharif will be pakistan's first three-time prime minister, hoping that after being driven by the army from office, this time he will get to complete his five-year term. there was a satisfying victory for the pakistan's people party which for decades has been the only other viable horse in the race for political power. a merging in this election, a third course in pakistani politics, imran khan's movement
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for justice may have only come second in the polls, but it was a staggering first inning by the former international cricketer. have moved forward, democratic process has moved forward. we have become a force. we will play a role as an opposition in the center. >> more importantly perhaps imran khan's party changed the way the political game is played. pti attracted a substantial portion of the younger electorate, including millions of first-time voters. in a campaign that began long before these elections, the pti set an agenda based on substandard issues like the economy and corruption. in so doing breaking up a system that was largely placed on clan ideology in which
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families and interest groups made political choices rather than individuals. , onee sweeping change thing stays the same. the other -- the ever present specter of lyrical violence that claimed dozens of lives during the campaign. it is this violence for dominantly based on extremist religious ideology is a challenge the new government will face. in this moment, a moment of reflection between the announcement of results and the formation of a new government. endfact has emerged -- the of a two-party system means the political landscape of pakistan has fundamentally changed. mike hanna, al jazeera, islam of that. sharif's supporters hope his political extremes will help to solve pakistan's problems. we report from the stronghold of lahore. old, supporters of 's partyharif
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celebrated wildly outside of his home in lahore. the revelry began shortly after polls closed on saturday evening and has not stopped since. the celebration shows no signs of slowing down. people are very pleased that is claiming himself the winner of this election. the reason sharif has so much support here and indeed around the country is because many people believe that his pakistan muslim league party can improve pakistan's many problems. n has been in charge of the punjab government for five years, and they have done so much for our province. i think sharif can solve all of our problems. >> he is a familiar figure in pakistani politics. he has been prime minister twice before, from 1990-19 93, and from 1997-1999.
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his premiership was cut short by constitutional crises and a military coup that led to his eventual exile. he was allowed to return in 2007 to contest national elections, and since then, has spent most of his time as leader of the opposition. how he appears to be on the cusp of an historic third term as prime minister, and many observers say sharif is an older and wiser politician, one who is ready to meet the needs of pakistanis. rockedink people have him in because they think he deliver better, that he means business, and when compared, his , he introduced better governance. this particular government which is been voted out has really badly performed on the governance sector. 's true test will come when he tries to tackle the
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country's chronic energy crises, it's weak economy, and the rapidly deteriorating security situation. for now, many supporters are content to celebrate his apparent return to power. al jazeera, lahore. >> there has been more violence in pakistan could a suicide attack in the capital of the southwestern robbins has killed six people and wounded more than 40 others. the bomber detonated explosives near a police chief's house. the officer was unhurt, but security personnel and a passerby were killed. we have more from lahore. really attack underscores some of the very nawazs challenges facing sharif as he inches closer to becoming pakistan's next leader, as well as the serious security situation in pakistan. pakistan is also struggling with a very fragile economy. there is a major energy crisis group indeed, pakistan's
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relationship with its neighbors been very has always tricky. there is an awful lot on sharif's plate as he again gets that much closer to being named pakistan's next leader. on the ground, when you talk to the average actress danny, any people believe that he is the pakistani, many people believe that he is the one to solve many of these issues. he is a former two-time prime minister. oath times those terms or cut short. any time -- many hope he will get a full five-year term in office, and within those five years, he will be able to solve pakistan's many issues and indie take pakistan to a place that many pakistanis want to see it go, which is a place that is safe and prosperous. >> for more in-depth coverage of the election in pakistan, you can head to our website al
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clk on t link to the spotlight page. you can also post your own views using our new interactive comment tool. latest pictures of violence in the country. this is an dish -- this is a town in homs province on saturday. several explosions were reported as bombs were dropped i military planes. the images cannot be independently verified. in while, for un peacekeepers who were abducted last tuesday have been released -- released. the filipino soldiers were being held by a syrian rebel group. a were captured as they monitor the cease-fire line between golan heights and syria. the same group detained 21 peacekeepers in march. the turkish foreign minister says it is time for the international community to act on syria. the syrian government says it was not behind the twin car bombs that hit a town on the
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turkish border on saturday. hundreds of protesters marched in different cities across turkey to condemn the attack. the blast left at least 46 people dead. demonstrators say they are angry about the lack of security. the first bomb went off right next to the municipal building. the second went off in the main market. turkey has arrested nine people in connection with the attack. andrew symonds reports on the aftermath of the blasts. >> wherever you look in this town, there is grief and subdued anger. it is the worst attack on turkish soil since the syrian conflict began, and the list of dead, some still unidentified, has grown in number alongside the depth of the shock. , policem the funerals and investigators mixed with recovery teams in the sprawl of rubble from two car bombs. amateur video shows the second explosion that came only 15 minutes after the first. this restaurant owner was
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injured in the blast and said local people should not bend their anger at the syrians living here in march numbers. >> none of those people, the syrians, are guilty. they have only taken refuge here. we cannot make them scapegoats. i think it is wrong to accuse them. >> whoever did this, if their intention was to rip the heart of this town out, then they succeeded. has always town been known as little syria, a place where refugees, politicians, and geos use as a garrison town close to the border. is turkish government blaming syrian intelligence agents, the usual suspects, said one minister. arrests of turkish nationals have been made, but it is not clear what evidence police may have. >> i can clearly say that the attacks were carried out by a group's name and activities are known to us and which has direct links to syrian diligence agencies. >> as the clear up went on,
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syria denied any responsibility and criticized the turkish government. >> the turkish foreign minister said turkey can defend itself could defend itself against who? it should itself -- it should defend itself from a terrorist. accusing theare government of failing to give them adequate security. prime minister says the bombings were done by the pro- assad organization. or is our intelligence agency? where are the border security units? where are our soldiers? >> this makes turkey's exposure to the conflict deeper and more dangerous. it is also at a time and there is a glimmer of political hope as russia and the u.s. are attempting to get some dialogue going. what happens on the ground in syria and now in turkey has its own tragic costs. it only delivers more pain, more suffering.
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andrew symonds, al jazeera, turkey. >> a new virus which has killed 18 people can be passed between humans, that is according to the world health organization. the coronavirus comes from the same family as the sars virus great most of the victims have been linked to the middle east, but the latest death happened in saudi arabia. >> despite spending several nights in an intensive care unit, the man is lucky. he believes he has just dodged death. hussein was admitted to a saudi hospital after catching the same virus that killed his father three days earlier. >> the first time they told me i have the coronavirus, the first thing i thought about was, i'm going to die. i thought about my dad. i said it is going to be the same case and i am going to lose my life. >> the coronavirus has so far killed 18 people. most of the victims either live in or have visited the middle
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east and much like the deadly sars virus that emerged in 2003, the coronavirus attacks the respiratory system and quickly leads to kidney failure. if not treated properly, that patients can die within days. the biggest cost or has been found in saudi arabia. in a visit there, the dubya a joke said -- the who said while it fears it can be spread from person-to-person, it is still -- early to judge how much >> it has been limited to small clusters. so far, there is no evidence at this virus has the capacity to sustain generalized community transmission. isfor now, the coronavirus nowhere near as widespread as sars was 10 years ago. that outbreak killed almost 800 people. but there is growing international concern. there are two confirmed cases in france, and like many of the other victims, one of those
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patients travel to the middle east. in ae last patient is stable but worrying situation. the situation for the second patient deteriorated, and that justified his transfer to intensive -- intensive care. professional say there is no case for excessive worry, but we should be vigilant. of thertunately, because unknown nature of the virus, some things will be left to chance as doctors and scientists figure out a way to ensure its containment. coming up here on the newshour, political reform. filipinos vote in congressional and local elections. we will be live from manila. after claims of election fraud in bulgaria, the country is facing a political stalemate. sports,have all the including on emotional day in
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manchester as united fans say farewell to their greatest ever manager. exit polls from bulgaria's election suggest no party will have an outright majority. 97 right is looking to win seats in the 200 40 member parliament while the opposition party is poised to gain 85. a coalition may be hard to achieve. jonah hull reports. >> this is bulgaria's former and possibly future prime minister royko borisov. the one-time bodyguard is credited with keeping the national debt low, but at the same time presiding over falling living standards and rising levels of corruption. here is no certainty that will govern after an election mired by long spread -- widespread allegations of fraud. a coalition may yet be out of reach. notpromised protests have
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materialized despite an apparent result that many people said they would not accept. this is a small, not really very representative group, and perhaps the apathy of voters has infected the protest movement. perhaps people have lost faith. or perhaps they are biting -- biding their time. earlier today at a high school, voters arrived in the shadow of literary history. bulgaria has been holding democratic elections since the end of communist rule in 1990. hasts recent history, there seldom been in a state of such bitter deadlock. >> we are all very confused, and i do not know what is going to happen. of freeve the benefit movement of people, but we are not part of the economic environment of europe. that may be our fault because of corruption and all of our other problems. country where one in five lives below the poverty line, the high hopes
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membership has faded away. >> the bulgarian government made bad choices. iso the bulgarian population still not realizing what is important for them. what is important for them is to work more productively, to work harder and to educate themselves. -- company -- our company our competitiveness is very low. >> in february, thousands filled the streets protesting against corruption, crime, unemployment, low wages, high prices. they demanded and got the resignation of their government, perhaps only a temporary reprieve. bulgaria's political and economic crisis looks set to , another casualty on the southern fringe of a troubled european union. jonah hull,. . >> thousands of antiabortion campaigners have been taking part in italy's third annual
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march for life. threeotesters marched kilometers to the vatican. they are debating an italian abortion law that allows women hr have abortions after months of pregnancy. a test of the filipino presidents time in power. to report.anila we have seen some violence in the run-up. yes indeed. so far, the report is that there are over 30 people that have been killed due to election related violence, but again, security enforcers are pointing out that this is a much smaller number than they had seen in previous elections. in fact, reported incidents of violence in the run-up to these gn tt thseeen on
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reforms that the president has instituted since he has been in power are so far working. these politicians are hoping some of the president's popularity rubs off on them. his approval ratings have been consistently high since he was elected on the promise of reform and good governance. three years later, this is the team. most of these politicians were not always in his corner. one senatorial candidate could have been first lady. thehusband ran against president in 2010. it was a bitter campaign with questions about the president's lyrical track record, his mental capacity to lead, and his psychological stability. we are always for the welfare
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of the country. real honestne is people on the street. this would make it seem as if differences have been put aside for the greater good. such an alliance is being met with much skepticism. personality always trumps platform in philippine politics. there are no fixed allegiances or political parties. getting elected usually comes down to connections. many say it is one of the reasons the political culture is so open to corruption. it is a problem the president vowed to fix when he took office. >> it's kind of a tricky act. he's trying to get consensus among a group of opportunistic politicians who are not necessarily on board and will probably stab him in the back at the drop of a hat. what he will do it this once he gets the consensus out of this midterm election, that is what
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is interesting. >> the optimists believed he is trying to change the system from within. any reforms his administration hopes to cement during the remainder of his term will depend on the unity of his team, something that might be forgotten once the scramble for votes is over. let's talk about one of the more colorful candidates who is campaigning to keep her seat in congress. imelda marcos, she must be one of the philippines ultimate political survivors. >> yes indeed. as you said, one of the more colorful characters for sure. one of the manifestations of what they say is wrong with the political culture in the philippines. of aa marcos is the widow former dictator who was overthrown in the 1980s, and yet it is not just her that is running for econ
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her eldest daughter is also running for reelection as the governor of their home province. anir only son is still incumbent senator. despite the fact they were booted out of power, the family is clearly still aactive participant in the political situation in the country. still power players. must be said, is running nearly unopposed in her home province. already in her 80s, and it looks like she is going to win her seat in congress again. >> interesting stuff. thank you so much. has stepped-up naval patrols after a fisherman was shot dead on the filipino coast guard. taipei is demanding an apology and threatening sanctions did the shooting happened in waters claimed by both governments. the philippines has given three days to apologize. -- has been given three days to
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apologize. another protest in malaysia after the recent election results. the main opposition party failed to win enough seats to party -- to govern. aty claim votes were stolen the national clion, but the government denies it. gunmen have opened fire in new orleans, wendy at least 19 people. wounding at least 19 people. one bullet hit a 10-year-old girl. police are calling for the public's help to find the gunman. most of the world's land and animal life could disappear over the next century if something is not done about climate change. a new report warns of that parts of the planet could become an inhabitable. worldwide levels of carbon dioxide are at highest they have been in almost two years. >> the london wetlands, a little oasis, a mosaic of lagoons and meadows a few minutes from the heart of the capital. it is a snapshot of a natural environment that according to
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today's report is increasingly under threat. two thirdshat of common plants and half the animals and birds of the pla did see a dramatic decline this century due to climate change. plants, reptilesns are expected to be at highest risk. sub-saharan africa, central america, amazonia, and australia would lose the most species. plant speciesf is projected in north africa, central asia, and south eastern europe driven the office of the report said they were shocked by the findings. >> i do not think any of us expected so many common species to have such large projected range losses. i i would say that actually the results are more significant than we expected. >> already the movement of migrating birds is beginning to be adversely affected by >> the change in climate. it could prove extremely damaging because birds have
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wintered in sites where they have been protected, nature reserves. now they could be moving to areas where they might be hunted, where they might be left food. >> if we fail to act on mobile warming, we will live on a planet in the future where increasingly nature will only be found by visiting reserves like this. al jazeera in london. >> still to come on the program, another deadly blast in pakistan 24 hours after the general election. we'll have international reaction from washington. plus -- >> vegetables are good for your health. >> facebook, the final frontier. how one astronaut has become a social media star. also, and he will be here after the break in sport. thendy will be here after break for sports.
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>> welcome back. as we look at the weather across northeastern parts of asia, we are certainly seeing warmer conditions across japan. 25 for tokyo. as we move the forecast for monday into tuesday, we see this area of low pressure developing. cloudy conditions in north korea. we see the temperature coming up in tokyo. it is looking very warm for beijing. shanghai seemed very respectable temperatures in across southern and southwestern parts of china or you have had heavy rain over the last week or two, we are seeing some improvement. you notice taiwan is seeing heavy rain. most of that is moving away. hong kong looking at dry conditions. by the time we get to tuesday, we may see more rain developing. for indochina, it is looking by then largely dry across the and him -- vietnam.
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we have this system pushing through myanmar, bangladesh, and the eastern states of india. a tropical cyclone will be pushing an awful lot of rain ahead of it reducing big storm surges and really quite imaging wins as well. it is one to watch. we'll keep you posted on that. some heavy downpours in sri lanka. very hot. highs of 44 expected. >> hello again. welcome back. the top stories, a suicide car bombing in the southwestern pakistani town has killed at least six people. this comes as former prime minister now was sharif -- nawaz sharif is planning to take power. protesters in turkey condemned .o bomb attacks near the syrian
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the turkish foreign minister said it is time for the international community to act. the syrian government said was not behind the attack. world health organization says a new sars-like virus could be spreading from person to person. the coronavirus has so far killed 18 people. most of them with links to the middle east. back to our top story, although it is not yet official, world leaders have been reacting to sharif'sof nawaz election victory in pakistan. barack obama completed the country's people on the completion the election. he said "my administration looks forward to continuing our cooperation with the pakistani government that emerges from this government as equal partners in supporting a more stable, prosperous future for the people of pakistan." pakistan has a tense relationship with india. they fought four wars. it's neighbor seems happy with sharif's projected victory.
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the prime minister has invited him to new delhi. here is what india's foreign minister had t>> as for indicaty him through the media, we can have full faith that sharif's initiative would be positive, and india can accordingly respond to it. >> meanwhile, the leader of neighboring afghanistan, president hamid karzai, has congratulated nawaz sharif. for more on this, let's speak to our correspondent in washington, dc. he is a pakistan analyst and works for the middle east institute. good to have you with us. as far as afghanistan is concerned, the hope is that sharif will be able to play a role in resolving border issues and security concerns between the two countries. what do you think his policy is going to be? >> nawaz sharif said he would like to pursue a policy of noninterference in afghanistan. that would be a departure from pakistan's approach towards that
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country overt years. i think in reality, what it will mean is he will try to work more with president hamid karzai and whoever will be in power after him. he will also have to engage his own military in terms of pursuing and developing a coherent national strategy towards afghanistan. sharif is somebody who has had problematic relationships with the army before when he was in power twice earlier. in order to address the challenges in afghanistan, he will also have to address the challenges within his own country. >> indeed. he has also been criticized for not cracking down hard enough on pakistan's military groups. isn't he seen as being a little bit soft on the taliban? ran the punjab province, which is pakistan's largest over the past five years. they have been relatively soft on militant groups that are based there. -- it will bet
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vastly different for his party to run pakistan as a whole, as opposed to simply one province. he doesn't have the luxury of achieving some sort of detente with militant groups at a national level because these groups largely avoided attacking his punjab province over the past two or three years, but they have been literally setting the rest of pakistan on fire. as prime minister of the country, he's going to have to develop an ability to tackle some of these groups had on. -- head-on. >> what about relations with the u.s.? he said he will review the relationship with the u.s. over its battle against extremists. do you think he will redefine the relationship? >> i think the relationship, the redefining of the relationship has already begun. what we have seen is that this year, there have only been two drone attacks, which are
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probably the most problematic aspect of the u.s.-pakistan relationship, at least from the pakistani perspective. there are attempts on both sides of the relationship to develop a shared policy towards afghanistan, and to move away from some of the acrimony they've experienced over the past two or three years. sharif's election represents is a renewal of the democratic mandate inside that country. so as barack obama said, he would like to engage with pakistan as equals. he is going to attempt to do that. i think there is an opportunity to do that with sharif. sharif is somebody who has distanced himself from the war on terror, but in reality, he is looking to engage with united states on a political settlement with afghanistan. >> interesting. thank you very much indeed. --y rafiq speaking us speaking to us from washington, dc. china is a member in the 90,000
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people killed in an earthquake five years ago. this happened in the quake-prone sichuan province. the regionweek ago, was hit by more tremors. we have this report from hong kong. >> the pain of remembrance. the town was to the epicenter of the 2008 click, the community comes together five years to the day and to the very hour since the tragedy. 6500is one village alone, people died, 40% of the population. a memorials both and tune to 19 students and two teachers still buried beneath the rubble. 19 students and two teachers still buried beneath the rubble. the school is the source of lingering bitterness as it was revealed many of them had been poorly constructed by corrupt officials who cut corners. herhe neighboring town,
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daughter was in kindergarten when the quake struck. she was one of only 20 children who survived. 130 did not. >> i lost my mother and brother five years ago. i keep missing them a lot. >> this family like so many others now live in the newly rebuilt 10. asld part, now known earthquake relic town, is a destination for tour groups, and on this day, those who come to remember. ,he poorly constructed schools the cause of so much controversy, has been replaced. life has moved on. the driver at the time of the quake, he got a government subsidy to set up his own hostile and restaurant, which he now runs with his wife. the earthquake was definitely a big disaster for us. to be honest, we have benefited a lot from the reconstruction. for many communities, the
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tragedy is becoming a fading memory, but for those who lost loved ones, especially their children, the memory will always be painful. robert bride, al jazeera, hong kong. wantedof britain's most criminals has been arrested in a resort town in southeast spain. andrew moran was caught sunbathing. for the armed robbery of a postal been carrying nearly $40,000. he has been on the run for four years after escaping from a court room trial in 2009. extradition proceedings are expected to begin on monday. and theyerity -- austerity dumbest writers have anti-d in spain -- austerity protesters have gathered in spain to protest government economic policies. the man known as the jackal
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returns to a french court on monday in a bid to overturn his murder conviction. sanchez is serving a life sentence for organizing a series of bombers across france during the 1980s. the attacks left 11 people dead and nearly 150 injured. the u.s. state of kentucky was one of the countries leading tobacco producers. the industry is slowly dying. a jo 15 years ago led many farmers to diversify. despite the downturn, the state continues to have the highest number of smokers in the country. we report from lexington. >> the tobacco growing season has begun. it starts in green houses, where temperature, moisture, and precipitation are carefully controlled. -- seeds areason incredibly small. >> he is a fifth generation tobacco farmer. >> i'm getting older. i'm 58. i like to raise -- i would like
11:38 pm
to raise tobacco another 10 years. >> he may not get a chance. the industry is shrinking. people of kentucky are deeply entrenched in a culture of smoking. according to the center for disease control and prevention, kentucky has the highest number of smokers in the country, a tour -- at 29%. 24% of pregnant women in kentucky smoke. that is twice the national average. many farmers in this area will tell you the united states of america was basically built on tobacco. in 19 98, 15 years ago, the entire industry changed forever. the signing of a landmark legal deal. >> that is where tobacco gets its flavor. ofthe agreement protected big tobacco companies like phillip morris from litigation. it also for some to pay u.s. states $10 billion a year to help -- for healthcare compensation. after the buyout, many farmers in kentucky turned to other
11:39 pm
products, such as dairy. most of the money the state receives from the agreement has been spent on retraining them. despite its dependency on tobacco, kentucky spends $2.1 million annually on anti- smoking programs. the cdc says more than $57 million is needed to be effective. this doctor has been pushing for a smoking ban in kentucky. she says tobacco lobbyist in the kentucky farm bureau have convinced state politicians to reject anti-smoking legislation. >> seven out of 10 kentuckians say we should have this law. it is not that the public does not want it. it is the power of the special interests. it is certainly the political will that we need in frankfurt to make a difference. aftern james is taking his father and working on this farm, but not relying on tobacco to make money. he is using the land to diversify into other agricultural production, and he is betting on a smoke-free future. al jazeera, kentucky. >> cuba's ongoing reforms are
11:40 pm
gathering pace. its citizens are enjoying new freedoms after decades of state control. not all reforms are working. attempts to boost food production with financial incentives are falling short. we report from havana. at how capitalism is taking root in cuba. this is the first market that does not belong to the state since fidel castro hoss revolution. people gather here to buy and sell food. until recently, farmers sold their goods to the government which handle distribution. a slow and often wasteful process. now he can set his own prices and sell directly to customers. >> we come here to sell the extra production that we do not sell to the state. before, we could only sell to the government. resources are difficult, and we
11:41 pm
grow with what we are given, but it is better than before. about 80 trucks that come from all around cuba every day. this woman is among those who comes to shop. >> i buy vegetables here and sell it to other places. i think it akg ings a bit better in the economy. >> this market is an example of everything that has changed in the past year since the government implemented a series of economic reforms and legalized a broad range of small businesses. cuba sends hundreds of millions of dollars each year in food imports. that is why the government has declared an increase in a culture production as a top priority. the government has given some farmers extra land, seeds, and fertilizer to boost little food production. in spite of these efforts, cuba is still producing less food than it did five years ago. part of the problem is getting food from farms to market.
11:42 pm
most roads are in need of repair, and most of the trucks are from the 1950s. >> the price of gasoline is very high. i do not own a truck so i have to get one. it is difficult. >> cuba must also contend wita 50-year-old u.s. trade embargo and make sense of years of economic stagnation. some here remain optimistic. >> the government's challenge will be to boost production to work on cooperatives to continue sponsoring the agricultural sector so that eventually we can cut back on food imports. this is what needs to happen so that the economy can grow. >> in spite of the competitions, those who come here everyday claim that this is a real chance for those who are willing to work hard because the objective is no longer just to serve the state, but to satisfy individual needs for a better life. al jazeera, havana. >> united states is sending over
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a dozen illegally smuggled dinosaur skeletons back home to mongolia. they included bones of two tyrannosaurs that are 70 million years old. u.s. officials will turn over another skeleton that was sold at a new york auction for more than $1 million. we are joined live via skype from new york. she is a director of the institute for the study of mongolian dinosaurs. it is great to have you with us on the program. this is a really important day for mongolia, isn't it? you are helping to take back those skeletons back to the country where they were found. >> thank you for having me. a very important event happening in mongolia. --t year, may 20, mongolian a mongolian dinosaur was going y 17, i found out from local
11:44 pm
, and i alertedk the mongolian government. >> these were bones that had been illegally smuggled out of mongolia, despite the fact that there are laws that are supposed to stop that kind of thing. >> correct. the dinosaur was illegally exported from mongolia. >> what is astounding is how much money this illegal market in dinosaur bones is worth. the skeletons was auctioned for around $1 million. it must be a huge illegal trade. >> obviously there is a market. especially for mongolian dinosaurs. it has been known to be very well preserved. complete, nearly complete skeletons being found in mongolia, people are attracted
11:45 pm
to this market. >> it is a fascinating story. i'm glad that the bones are going back to where they belong. thank you very much indeed for joining us. lastnt into space december, a relatively unknown astronaut, but now, five months later, canadian chris hatfield is returning to earth something of a star. he's got millions of online fans and followers. we take a look at why. >> chris hatfield here aboard the international space station. >> he was the first canadian to walk in space and has been there on three separate occasions. outside his country, chris hatfield was largely unknown. >> that shovels are important for your health. today, i have chosen dry spinach. >> that was until he started posting videos like this from the spaced issue. from cooking demonstrations to the effects of zero gravity on a tub of knots, he has given a human view to life in space. >> shaving in space takes a
11:46 pm
little more care because your whiskers could float up. you can breathe them. they can get into computers. >> during his five months, he developed a global following. nearly 750,000 people follow him on twitter. >> it is really wet. >> he's really taken time out from what are always very hectic schedules on the space station, days are very full, and he's made time to really connect on a very human level with the people, with all of us watching back at home here on the surface of the earth. that has a powerful effect good he's done it very well. >> if science was not enough, chris has also been making music in space. ♪ he wrote, recorded, and released this song called "jewel in the night." ♪
11:47 pm
he also performed a concert with the canadian rock band. >> being commander of the international space station is a huge move careerwise, he is also a musician, classic photographer, and a poet and writer as well. he's captured all of that and funneled it through social media very effectively back to humans back on earth. >> photos taken from the window of the space station as it spins around the earth have been shared online in the millions. to reconcile the inherent patience and beauty of the world with the terrible things we can do to each other as people and can do to the earth itself locally. we are all in this together. this is a spacious. so is the world. -- spaceship. so ioss the world. >> chris hatfield capture the
11:48 pm
world's imagination at a time when budgets are tight and public support is critical. >> let's go to sport. here is andy. >> ferdinand's first goal in five years. tox ferguson said goodbye old trafford with a win. ferguson's last home game come he saw manchester united beating swansea, 21. they also confirmed that wayne rooney has put in a transfer request. >> they didn't see the retirement coming, but this is a chance for many to see him going as they say thank you. 26 and a half years as manchester united manager, he has led the same ballclub to 30th trophies, an extraordinary raieign. >> i do not think any man in the world will match what he has done.
11:49 pm
i am absolutely devastated that he is gone. >> he's very amazing. i've been a fan since before his time. i remember how it was when we did not win anything. >> irreplaceable. legend. never to be repeated. the 71-year-old was given an honor by the players ahead of his last home game against swansea. the unmistakable figure demonstrated who is boss yet again by dropping wayne rooney who may be on his way out. another ferguson stalwart, rio ferdinand, was the unlikely scorer that meant ferguson ended appropriately with a 2-1 win. ferguson, his players, and his fans were celebrating their 13th premiere title win of his reign. was sayingment goodbye to everson fans.
11:50 pm
he finished with a 2-1 win over west 10. >> it was really emotional. people to know who he was. the chairman took a big gamble at the time good evening a young british manager an opportunity -- time. giving a young british manager an opportunity. >> there is one more game for alex ferguson. game number 1500 in charge of manchester united. then he will finally hang up his tracksuit, regarded by many fans as the greatest of all manager the world has ever seen. al jazeera, manchester. >> it is not just in the uk that ferguson's departure is having an impact. the team has developed a huge global fan base. we have been talking to united supporters in malaysia. >> i am at an event organized manchester united
11:51 pm
supporting clubs. the asia-pacific region is important for the club. nearly 650 million fans come from this region alone. alex ferguson has been partially credited by his signing of asian players. his last day is a sad day for many fans here. >> many of us feel we are going to miss the familiar face. he has really created such a reputation around the world, not only the best and well known football manager, but he is the most decorated manager of all. obviously because he brought so much to the club. being one of the best clubs in the world, i think manchester will continue to strengthen and improve. >> those i've spoken to also say they are confident in the replacements ability to keep the club up to task.
11:52 pm
we all agree this is the end of an era. asian fans will have something to look forward to in july when the new manchester united towards the region. >> roberto mancini looks to be on the brink of a rather less dignified departure from manchester city after losing on saturday. the club looks at mancini and it could replace them with manual pellegrini. elsewhere, a hat trick for liverpool. they win. scotland boosted their champions boosted their chances. >> an extremely important win because we get to play at home. hopefully we will be rewarded in -- end it arsenal is so good in the end. arsenal is so good. >> barcelona clinched even
11:53 pm
before they kicked off their game against athletic, drip. parcel one amending -- winning their fourth title on saturday when defending chapmans riyal defendingwhen the champions failed to win. a goal from alexi sanchez. barcelona, the 2-1 win. messi taking off. he has yet to recover from any injury. our solana wins of their last three games, they will hit a 100 record that a record 100 points for the season. a record 100 hit points for the season. fans in france could celebrate their first championship win since 1994. the club has spent more than $250 million on players since
11:54 pm
taking control of couple of years ago. in italy, milan hospira against rome had to be halted because of racist chanting by supporters. a section of roma fans appeared to target the milan striker. thegame ended 0-0, meaning lan -- milan is just short of clinching a champ -- a league spot. the second round of the nba playoffs has continued on sunday with one result update you on. harrison barnes scoring 26 points as the golden state warriors beat san antonio 97-87 in overtime. that means the series is tied 2- 2 with game five coming up on tuesday. tiger woods has won his fourth title of the year at the players championship. woods closing up the tournament with a negative two final round to finish up -13 under. sergio garcia, he was tied to
11:55 pm
the lead on 17, but he hit the water twice on that whole. that ended his title bid. a bigdo alonso has made move at the top of the formula one world championship. he won his home grand prix with a spectacular drive. alonso showing his quality on the very first lap and moving up from fifth on the grid into third. he went on to claim his second victory of the year. it's a victory that moves him up into third in the checking ship overall -- in the championship. roughly on the doll has claimed the madrid open, his fifth title since coming back from injury. the spaniard beating stanislas the brega -- wawrinka. that's the third time the doll has won this title. -- nadal has won this title. we are very happy for everything. thank you very much, everybody. thank you for giving me the
11:56 pm
chance to be back here and enjoy this fantastic moment. serena williams won her 50th singles career title at the madrid open. the american beating maria sherif ova in straight sets in the final. the win keeps williams at the top of the world ranking. that is your sports for now. more later. >> thank you very much indeed for that. ,ust one last story before i go wereeers and australia confused when a building demolition went wrong. the old industrial silo near brisbane simply refuse to hit the ground. confused onlookers watched as they spent 40 minutes. in the end, the building was no matc
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