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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  June 29, 2013 7:00am-7:31am PDT

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>> our thoughts and those of americans and people all around the world are with nelson mandela and his family and all of south africa. south first visit to africa's president, barack obama pays tribute to his personal hero. remains inandela critical condition in hospital. barack obama will visit his family members in the coming hour. ♪ >> welcome to the program live
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thedoha. president obama and jacob duma our meeting and we are live in pretoria. perot and anti-government protesters clashed in egypt. retired u.s. generals as allegations that he leaked confidential data to the media are preposterous. about 100 tour de france is about to get under way. we will have a preview. ♪ ♪ visiting obama is south africa for the first time as president. he has been talking to his counterpart, jacob duma. is a hugely symbolic but right now, it is the former president of south africa, nelson mandela, who is at the forefront of people's concerns. he is a hero to obama.
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both men were the first black presidents of their respective countries and both were awarded the nobel peace prize cree. >> the struggle here against inrtheid for freedom baltimore courage, this country's historic transition to a free and democratic nation has been a personal inspiration to me. it has been an inspiration to the world and continues to be. in so many regions that are/conflict, sectarian disputes, religious or ethnic wars, to see what happened in south africa -- the power, the principal and people standing up for what is right, i think, continues to shine as a beacon. >> i know that he is your
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personal hero as well, mr. president. are bound by history as the first black president of your respective countries. dreams ofarry the millions of people in africa and in the diaspora who were previously oppressed. >> we go live to pretoria. both got down to business but nelson mandela was not far from their thoughts and hearts. zumaactly, president jacob pope's nelson mandela goes thompson but he keeps saying he is critical.
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south africans are used to good news and bad news. he turns 95 on the 18th of july and they know he is frail. many would like to go home but many are realistic. there are waiting for any kind of updates but hearing jacob zuma say he is going to home -- to go on cent is good news. >> they did get down to business. what did obama and zuma talk about? >> the main issue was trade and business and boosting investments inside africa as a whole. if you break it down to some plastics, if you boost trade with the u.s., you could create jobs and that deals with the unemployment in south africa. nearly 5 million people are jobless. it is all over the african continent. africans have had to deal with these problems. there are other african countries like zimbabwe and a
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condo, based discussed lots of things whether the end result will be seen on the grain crop -- on the ground, it will take time. we have had reports that barack obama will be meeting with nelson mandela's that might be for release south africa. can you tell us more? >> all we know is that he is going to meet with family members, not with nelson mandela. media will not be allowed inside the room. we don't know where that a man anis it is emotional time for the family. he will probably get an honest update on how nelson mandela is doing. with that information, he might say whatever he says to the media because people will ask him how nelson mandela is great people wait to see how barack obama response to that question. >> thank you very much.
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tens of thousands of egyptians have taken part in competing pro and anti-government rallies. in alexandria, violence climb to free the three people happen "-- killed including a teacher from the united states. bythe clashes were sparked the muslim brotherhood and alexandra. the group normally enjoys strong support. >> we will not leave the square until the president leaves. a u.s. >> citizen was stabbed to death. he was taking pictures of the protests when he came under attack. over the past few days, there have been daily confrontations between the two sides of the nile and cities of the delta leading several dead and hundreds injured the ruling freedom and justice party say
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they are hired by the previous remnants of the previous regime. the president said they are coming under attack because of the same accusations. it was by and large a peaceful day in cairo even though tens of thousands of people have gone to the street to voice their opinion. on one side of the capital, the president's supporters vowed to protect their leader, a man they want to see finished his four years term cred. for many the struggle is not only about the president. >> i am here to protect the legitimacy of sharia. this is about islam or no islam. they want to destroy islam. notm if >orsi , there will be another president for the next one of the years. none will stay for more than 48 hours. force much a show of
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needed for the egyptian leader as voices of dissent to grow throughout the country it is exactly that red line that protesters want to cross. they called for the ousting of the president. >> i came to give him a red card. we don't want them. he composed himself by force. he destroyed the country. >> for many in the opposition, this is the beginning of a second revolution, one that will bring about the changes they were calling for back in 2011. there seems to be no meeting point between the two sides nor have politicians been able to find some sort of common ground to bring the country forward. the level of violence increases with each confrontation, leading many egyptians to wonder if egypt can soon slip into an even deeper civil conflict. the ecuadoran finance minister is demanding that the united states explains its
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massive spy program to the rest of the world. it is the latest developments in the growing diplomatic route between the two countries. edward snowden leaked details of the program and has applied for asylum in ecuador. the former cia worker has been charged with espionage. he is thought to be in the transit area at moscow airport. >> the united states should be giving a clear and thorough explanation to the citizens of the world regarding this issue but instead, the entire world is focused what happened with edward snowden and everyone is focused whether the fugitive is captured and that is not the problem. >> u.s. army has admitted to blocking access to parts of the group guardian newspaper. london-based paper brock -- broke the story about edwards now in great a spokesman says the military junta out reports and content related to government surveillance program to preserve what he called network hiding. he added it was also to prevent classified material appearing on
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unclassified parts of its computer system greenhead a lawyer for the retired u.s. general james cartwright has called allegations that he leaked confidential data to the media preposterous. the case is now prompting questions about the culture of releasing secret information within the united states. >> u.s. presidents don't like it when classified information turns up in the press. that was a case in 2003 when a newspaper columnist identified valerie plaine as a long time undercover cia operatives. >> if there is a leak, i want to know what it did sprinkleis. is that thecion vice president or the president's political advisers for the current president does not like leaks either. his administration has pursued more suspected leaders right into courtrooms and sometimes into prison. the army private first class
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bradley manning, the former contract intelligence analyst edward snowden, and former cia case officer john kiriaku. say the administration is working against democracy these prosecutions. >> if you cut off the unauthorized channel, if you scare people so that there are only authorized leaks, it will really distorts the kind of information the public as an early interfere with the public's ability to change government policy if they disagree. --the latest target, marine retired marine corps general james cartwright. investigators want to know if he told the new york times about the worm that wreaked havoc on a rainy and computer facilities. he denies any wrongdoing. why would anyone do this? >> sometimes it will be to send a message to another country essentially a warning message of one kind or another or sometimes
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it will be to try to telegraph what our capabilities are so that future potential adversaries will be put on notice. >> experts say in washington, leaks can also be offical even if never proven. the white house has been accused of giving classified information to the makers of the movie "zero dark thuirty." administrations will target leaders and if anyone takes the fall, it is rarely the most powerful person in the room. >> still to come, children at war and young children and syria being helped. >> work is more dangerous than police officers and firefighters. and just as crucial to the city. coming up, we'll take you out on the job the new york city sanitation crew. ♪ ♪
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welcome back. ofthe thoughts and those americans and people all around the world are with nelson mandela and his family and all of south africa. >> his first visit to south africa as u.s. president barack obama is paying tribute to his personal hero. he said nelson mandela was an inspiration to the world. he met the south african president in pretoria on a tour of the continent. a lawyer for the retired u.s. general james cartwright has called allegations that he leaked confidential data to the media preposterous. the military leader is under investigation for allegedly leaking classified information about a covert attack on the iranian nuclear program. tens of thousands of egyptians have taken part in competing pro anti-government rallies. there was fighting between the rival groups in alexandria. two people were killed including
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an american teacher. an assistant professor of islamic thought and culture at qatar university here in doha. thank you for joining us. there is a lot of tension and violence in the lead up to tomorrow's main demonstration. for a while there when the president took office, there was a glimmer of hope in egypt. what went wrong? >> thank you for having me here. unfortunately, the future of egypt will turn ugly. everybody was amazed about the egyptian revolution. unfortunately, the egyptian revolution should have continued and not only removed has been a bark and his gang but this corruption that has been going on for several years. it has a grass-roots everywhere. it affects people school or judges who were corrupted and university professors and the
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police. this should have been cleansed from the beginning. >> is the culture of corruption -- if the culture of corruption is so entrenched, is this morsi's faults? can he really be blamed for this? >> absolutely, he could not be blamed for this. corruption andof nobody can imagine that in one year, somebody can just clean the matter and change it. unfortunately, the first elected president for egypt, this was something everybody was happy about. the first elected democratic president and people are trying to hold the power accountable. this is a tiny fringe. there are people who have the right to say what they wanted they have the right to protest morsi. he is an elected president and the only way you get rid of him
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is through an election unfortunately, for me to look at the situation, the opposition has lost a lot. many people were expecting the opposition -- supported the opposition and what they were trying to do but to go to a violent stage and try to change regime's of the army can interfere brings back the army to the scene. >> do egyptians action what the military to come back and restore order? >> no, i don't think so. people have had enough of the army for a long period and the army itself is not interested in going to politics again. they have seen the amount of damage the egyptian people have suffered. this kind of momentum of trying to overthrow an elected president through an elective
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they are saying that they have over 15 million supporters. if they have 50 million supporters, they can take all positions. they knowely, because they cannot win -- this is the main thing where they have failed -- the moslem brotherhood for 80 years have been in the grass roots position. it does not exist. they have failed to work in the grassroots level. that is what they should be thinking about, not killing people. this is really bad >> it does depend on what happens tomorrow as well. thank you very much for joining us. a u.s. secretary of state, john kerry has met palestinian
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president mahmoud abbas in 01 jordan. the meeting is part of u.s. efforts to restart direct negotiations between palestinians and israelis. on friday, he flew to jerusalem for talks with the israeli prime minister. there has been heavy shelling and reports of fighting between syrian forces and rebel fighters in the old city in the province. these pictures are said to show the fighters joining two high- rise buildings. rebels said they have captured a major army outpost in the city. they have seen some of the heaviest fighting during the conflict there were in syria has forced thousands of children from their homes and to counter the internally displaced or if they have to grow up without any formal education. one group of young volunteers is trying to fix that. the 2000 + children in
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syria, a doughnut chain of plastic balls a rare treat. the only class room is packed, the heat is suffocating, the demand for some sort of education is almost overwhelming the man heading the project is a syrian political cartoonist, a refugee himself and now a teacher >> we are working for syrian children who are not involved in the fighting and the revolution. we are trying to lay the foundation for the children's future. we do simple projects in an emergency situation. we hope to leave these children with the mindset of a future generation. >> he is one of one does in middle-class areas men and women helping with these classes. they described the children as psychologically damaged by what they have witnessed in this conflict. the volunteers themselves are living in government-controlled areas and don't want to be filmed for fear of reprisals.
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these children are surrounded by conflict. not only have they escaped the fighting in their own towns and villages but even here in this camp, there is tension between two large families that are armed. today's clashes have been cut short because of vague fear of an outbreak of violence between those two families. we were >> hurry out of the camp. with a >> know if something will happen. >> syrian volunteers tried to spend all day here but on this trip, the children just got one hour a distraction from camp life. sometime fighting between rebel groups leaves no class is at all, >> more people our age go to work in this fashion. we would like to stay here and do something here. take care of us -- these people? >> on the classroom wall are
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reminders of what these children have left behind. >> this is a tax. >> and what they have come to. the united nations warned that the 4 million young people are affected by the fighting. as the conflict drags on, more and more of them will be growing up in these overcrowded camps. in president-elect has said that iran is in a difficult situation and should approach foreign policy with caution. speaking on national television, the newly elected leader warns that countries should not miscalculate iiran's hour. women have arrested 15 who were forced into prostitution in mumbai. officers raided a flat in the city center. and says more than 150,000 people are trafficked in south asia every year poor rural girls are often lords to cities with the promise of jobs as maids and
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nannies and then forced into the sex industry. eight soldiers have been killed by a roadside bomb in southern thailand while they're on patrol and their truck hit the device. two of the officers were wounded. come stays after the government rejected a ceasefire offer by muslim rebels in the region. share is in blackberry have plunged 29% in new york. investors were reacting to its warning of future losses despite releasing a new range of products this year. here is an analyst view of why the shares dropped. >> one part of the report that disturb me was the fact that they lost 4 million subscribers. that is what disturbs me. the handsets were light and it is a little bit concerning but the fact that their subscriber base has been what has been sustaining them and the fact that these are the people potentially that will upgrade. >> they are the unsung heroes of america, the men and women who pick up the trash. their job is more dangerous than that of police or fire fighters and just as essential to the
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running of the city. new york ride with the sanitation crew. >> morning about the day begins at dawn, new york's army of sanitation workers. muster for a roll-call then mobilize on city streets. it takes 6000 uniformed workers to pick up the trash created by 8 million residents. >> and up at 4:00 in the morning, is not easy. i'm going on eight years and does not get easier. >> especially on a day like this. back breakingng, work ended little bit smelly. each two-person crew picks up on average 10-15 tons of trash per day every day, rain or shine. the work comes with a decent paycheck. after five years on the job, workers make an annual salary of $70,000. more with overtime.
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there are risks. >> people just for a everything out so you don't know what you are picking up. don't stand behind a copper because anything could shoot out. >> according to the u.s. department of labor, sanitation workers in the york have twice the fatality rate police officers and nearly seven times the fatality rate of firefighters. that makes it the fourth most deadly job in the country. >> you are dealing with traffic elements, hazards in the garbage like needle punctures and broken glass. it is a tough job as you saw today but new york is strong and tough for the task that one anthropologist became a sanitation worker to research her book. >> he hired its first sanitation force in the late 1800's and a change on the streets as seen and these before and after photos was dramatic >> that's in trying to walk across the street, all the avenues, that are ankle-deep in the most unimaginable, disgusting gunk.
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then a few months of taking office, the commissioner of street cleaning had all the streets in the entire city pristine. >> the workers were hailed as heroes. today's pro society, they are largely taken for granted the cost of taking out the trash both in human and environmental cannot be so easily discarded. the 100th edition of the tour de france has just gotten underway. this is the first tour since the last armstrong doping admission. it tries to rebuild its reputation. chris broom it is the favorite to win a spanish two-time winner is back in the race after a dopiong ban will be a main challenger. begins on the island of corsica for the first time ever.
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the 198 riders set off a little while ago. they were cheered on by fans from around the world. there are thousands of fans but another 12 million are estimated to be lining the route which is 3.5000 kilometers of the next five weeks. it is the 100th tour of france and the organizers have throw in a fifa, where the race has come to the island of corsica. it will be the first time thaey will attend the toughest climb and when they rolled into paris in three weeks, they will do at sunset so that is another first. the reason they are putting on a big show is because it has been a tough year for professional cycling. fans have seen a lot of their heroes fall from grace after admitting to cheating. we caught up with this race is favored, chris broom, and he had this to say about the
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responsibility of riders to the sports. >> i think it is important for us. it is a responsibility that any of the guys now have. it shows the sport has moved on from the past. organizers and riders are keen to show this board has moved on from lance armstrong's era. the average speed they are taking are a little bit slower and that could be because they are taking fewer performance enhancing drugs. the governing body is carrying out more random blood and urine tests but that is not to say about the sport is lily white. just last month, three cyclists reportedly failed that drug test. the shame is that every time there is a sudden success, it is viewed with suspicion and that will take years to change. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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