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tv   Deutsche Welle European Journal  LINKTV  September 7, 2013 6:00am-6:26am PDT

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>> hello and welcome, coming to live live from dw here in berlin. inopean foreign minister and lithuania are asking the u.s. to hold off any military action in syria. and a landslide win in parliamentary elections. -- an all-time gold scoring goalscoring record.
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eu foreign ministers have wrapped up a meeting in lithuania to discuss possible intervention in syria. evidence does appear to show that the government was behind the chemical attacks that killed hundreds two weeks ago. washingtonis asking to hold off military action for now until the u.n. has presented results from its chemical weapons investigation. a day after barack obama failed to find backing at the g-20 was rallying kerry support. >> a grand setting for an informal meeting. john kerry was in damage control mode. after a welcome from lithuania's president, he made his case for u.s. intervention. the u.s.nisters push to wait until you when weapons inspectors have published their report before deciding on a military strike. but a source said that kerry
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would not commit to waiting. finding a collective agreement has been difficult, but a draft statement says that ministers have no serious doubts over who is possible for the recent chemical attack. the draft also says that any breach of international law, the attack requires an appropriate sponsor. chief says that the un security council has to be involved the process and she insisted the conflict should be sold through diplomatic means -- should be solved through diplomatic means. the u.s. is looking increasingly isolated in its push for military action. but the administration said that it may act with that u.n. mandate. our correspondent is in vilnius now. >> in the declaration, we find really interesting points.
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first that all is you member states don't have any more doubt that behind the attacks is the regime of bashar al-assad. for won't take any decisions until the publishing of the u.n. inspectors reports. therefore, after all this, the foreign ministers here left the building quite satisfied because it was the first meeting with a really interesting outcome, with with aive outcome, common outcome. they were able to sign yesterday's st. petersburg g 20 declaration. they waited until finding a competent -- a common position with eu member states,
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especially the smaller ones that are not members of the g-20. germany sees its role as an advocate for the smaller countries and therefore they waited to sign the declaration. >> thank you very much for that report. australian elections, kevin rudd has conceded defeat to the opposition. abbott'sue it -- tony coalition has taken well over half the votes. they campaigned on a platform of lower taxes and promised to crack down on asylum-seekers. kevin rudd has conceded contender wished his
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well. let's go to peter who is in sydney. it looks like australians have done for a change of government. what can they expect from tony abbott? >> two main things that voters are hoping for. the crisis is the rices of energy such as fuel and electricity will go down. and that the carbon tax on industries polluting the environment is the main reason for the crisis going up. skipomised to immediately this tax as soon as he is in power. secondly, a lot of australians fear that more boat people will reach australia. they pay money to traffickers to reach australia. t promised to turn them back with an iron fist.
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>> why has there been such a big swing away from labor? ministerputy prime said very clear that the voters have punished labor for this unity. lots of voters are fed up with confrontations within the ruling party, especially between kevin rudd and his predecessor julia gillard. they're looking for unity within government and hope that tony abbott will be able to deliver. at the same time, others fear the new conservative promised or will push australia back into the 1950s. >> thank you very much that report. tomorrow, moscow will go to the polls in the city's first mayoral election in a decade. support for the opposition candidate has surged in recent weeks. he is one of five weeks running against the kremlin-backed candidate.
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heisn't expected to win and is still fighting to overturn a controversial jail sentence for fraud. but he says that he wants voters in moscow to send president putin a clear signal for change. >> his file campaign appearance before sunday's poll. thousands of supporters braved torrential rain to hear hints beat. he is one of president clinton's most outspoken opponents. presidentdent pu -- putin's most outspoken opponents. >> it will define what people like us have in this country. >> he is a lawyer, blogger, and lawyer.uption he was jailed for five years. but in a surprise move, he was
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released a day later, tending appeal of the sentence hearing -- sentence. >> i'm not really afraid he might end up in prison if i am more concerned that, my parents or my parents may be jailed. anything is possible in his country. >> he is and everybody believes what he says. >> during the campaign, his approval ratings rose from 5% to 20%. but few believe he has a realistic chance of winning. is having speculation. is it to make the election appear free and fair or in the hope that the feed will damage the opposition leader standing? he and his supporters believe support humans the less likely he is to serve the prison sentence.
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>> and sports, it was a feast of international football action on friday night with another round of world cup qualifiers. germany all but booked their ticket to brazil. it was days peschel night in special nightas a in munich. >> it was the seasoned veteran who showed to the how to get the job done. >> i am happy that i have reached that figure. now i can move on. i think we need to follow on from today's success in our next against. later, he missed a pair of choice of charities to set a new scoring record. otherwise, germany was not all that threatening in the first half. but after the break to my they found their footing. tony cross notched goal number
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two, his fifth score for the national squad. and from then on, it was easy- going of front. the defense was tested several times, showing why it is coming under increasing racism. >> today, -- increasing criticism. how the, you could see conditions were much better today for us. confidence in the first half was big enough to be. strip. in that way, we did it best to think youra -- i confidence in the first half was big enough to beat austria. in that way, we did it. saw them beat ireland.
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the defeat was a major dent in ireland's prospect of qualifying. germans are clearly on top. austria and ireland only have an outside chance. two u.s. open tennis, defending champion serena williams will take on victoria azarenka in a repeat of last year's final. spot ink a secured her a victory over flava pineda. defeated li na. the international olympic committee will decide the host city for the 2020 summer olympics. it is a three way contest and istanbul.
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as the choice of the host city comes closer, critics say the candidates are not ready to put on such a massive spectacle. >> three-on-one the coal. madrid, tokyo, istanbul and three olympic phosphates. istanbul is idealistic. is the fifth year in a row they attended a it to host the game. was stands slogan together. the olympic arena, plans include students for the games come a big challenge for a city with major infrastructure problems. madrid's plan is decidedly frugal. the spanish capital has also never hosted the olympics and it is bidding for the third time in a room. -- in a row.
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does not require a new stadium but a makeover of existing venues. spain's olympic bidders say they would give the country a much- needed boost. tokyo's olympic project can only be described as ambitious. the japanese capital already has full financial backing for the games. tokyo's plan is to hold every competition within eight kilometers of the own the village. tokyo is the only candidate with olympic experience back in 1964 and it boasts a state-of-the-art mass transit system. japan hopes to prove to the world that it has moved on from the fukushima disaster. who will host the 2020 olympics? frugal madrid? ambitious tokyo?
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or idealistic istanbul? in justd will find out a matter of time. submission "police officers wife" details a young couples struggle with domestic abuse. victimssed on hours of of abuse and perpetrators. nasa has successfully launched its latest mission to the moon. and dustosphere explorer. the mission comes with a big price tag, just over 200 million euro. wants to send the mission
6:15 am others damage that is all for now. >> they are really, really bad neighbors. all they do is exploit us because they themselves have nothing. the only thing the people in gibraltar have is the trappings from the bigs on their rocks. fishermen from the southern spanish port are angry with their british neighbors from the crown colony of to broker on the other side of the bay -- of gibraltar on the other side of the day.
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they are always looking to cause trouble with the fishermen, this man says. we are the escape goats. bailey's have to do something to us to get the attention of the spanish government. dothey always have to something to us to get the attention of the spanish government. but where does all the anger come from? the answer is resting on the ocean bed five kilometers away on the other side of the bay. more than 500 years ago, the british conquered this had land. reddish seapower controlled the entrance to the mediterranean. of rockhe tiny outcrop as a tax haven and a constant out of contention.
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>> here in this section is where they sank the concrete blocks, right here where we are now hearin. in late july, the government of gibraltar dropped conquered blocks. any want to create artificial reef to protect the fish stocks in the bay. maria doesn't believe that she thinks gibraltar is trying to lay exclusive claim to the bay. they want to take it away from us, she says, so they try to damage us anyway they can. now they have thrown concrete blocks into the water this deal -- with a steel pole sticking out of them so our fishing boats can't fish here anymore with our nets. the nets caps on the polls and tear. it is possible to fish elsewhere, maria says, but the catch here is much better than
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anywhere else in the bay. spanish fishermen are not prepared to give up these waters without a fight. take out the blocks, maria says, then we will. we have people who can do that. and you are ready to help us. i don't know how far we will get with it, but they have still an area for us where we have fished our whole lives and we want it back. we have to work. we are honest people and we have to feed our families, she says. it's hard to believe that such a small patch of ocean is causing so much trouble. in the city hall commenced soon becomes clear that that the problem is not just a local matter and the mayors meeting the head of the spanish border police. he has come to get a picture of
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the situation on the ground. things are escalating as far as madrid is concerned, the waters ran gibraltar belonged to spain. thingstish see differently. they consider the waters to be british sovereign territory. the mayor is not having any of that and he thinks the coastal dispute is only the beginning. it's the last u.k. colony on european soil, he says, and no one understands why spain does not get that the land that belongs to it. that one could look for alternatives, but the ultimate goal has to be for spain to get its territory back, he says. and just because the british are stubborn and try to exert pressure on the other side every time they don't get their own way doesn't mean the others have to just give in. spain will not give in, the mayor says. the situation on the border
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between spain and gibraltar is extremely tense. spanish border officials are checking every car, every traveler, especially at rush hour. the result is long lines and hours of waiting. many people think it is deliberate harassment. for spanish people to go across everyday to work,, it is intolerable, this woman says did it means our working day is to ours longer. the no one in madrid is interested. about the 7000 commuters who have to put up with this day in and day out. the long wait causes tension. the tension spills
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over into open dispute. some spaniards in this border area are increasingly unhappy with their own government. they don't understand the demands for gibraltar to be returned to spain. spain? no, gibraltar should stay british, she says. i think spain is getting in over its head here. this man says that, if gibraltar belonged to spain, there would be a crisis and there would be no work there. they are our saviors. once they finally made it across the border, the commuters have to cross the runway of gibraltar they colony is only seven square kilometers, smaller than central park in new york. it may be small, but your broker is used to defending itself.
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the cliff face are part of its defense of history. history.ive they are part of a network of tunnels that they built into the cliffs hundreds of years ago. gail francis toronto is an ancestor of the defenders of all. they know all about the past and present disputes over her birth weights. these -- of her birth. >> these tunnels are important. we were able to have sufficient .uns went into the enemy >> gibraltar has been the siege to 14 times in its history,
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including four times since the british took his edition -- took possession of the cliff 300 years ago. season bynd longest spain lasted three and a half years and ended in 1783. gale's own spirit of resistance was kindled by more modern form of siege. in 1969, spain's fascist dictator francisco franco sealed the border to gibraltar completely, even cutting off water and electricity supplies. that lasted 16 years. were locked in here all my youth until 1992 when they opened the french are partially to pedestrians. so all my youth was spent locked up in here at the hands of franco. it forced us into a more close knit immunity. >> for -- close-knit community.
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when it is not one thing, it is another. a few years ago, cruise liner companies would stop coming here , if you go to gibraltar, you cannot come to spain. >> a lot of people think it hasn't been as bad for a long time. but there is no sign of any willingness to give in. does the colony's chief minister say? can'tnot at home and i find any other officials prepared to talk about the disputes. the minister has been summoned at short notice to london. spain wants new talks about gibraltar's sovereignty. but the british government is
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standing firmly behind its colony. no one here will even consider a handover to spain. they are too proud and there is too much resentment against their bigger neighbor. >> battle makes our lives -- that makes our lives a misery. forward march! >> the british side entity is deeply rooted. they staged the traditional closing of the city gates daily. the conflict is just a sm


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