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tv   Deutsche Welle Journal  LINKTV  October 5, 2013 6:00am-6:31am PDT

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journal.s the our headlines. at least four are killed in muslim brotherhood protest in egypt against the military. john kerry stands in for barack obama at the asian leaders summit as the u.s. president stays home to deal with the shutdown. on red bull's sebastian is pole position for the korean grand prix. we begin in egypt where the
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country is bracing for more protest, a day after at least four people were killed and some of the worst violence in weeks. today islamist supporters of deposed president morsi challenge the military for a call for fresh demonstrations as the country marks the anniversary of the 1973 arab-i israeli war war. egypt's second city, alexandra, the military deployed armored vehicles against the muslim brotherhood. demonstrators were kept on the move. the same strategy in ca iro. thousands of supporters of mohammed morsi demanded he be released from jail and returned to office. many chanted slogans against the country's military leader.
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soldiers responded with tear gas and warning shots. riots broke out across the egyptian capital, pitting supporters of the military regime against islamists. supporters of the muslim brotherhood are getting angrier by the day at the military's approach. vote respected and we want our rights. we protested many different times. we have stood in the street for hours to express our opinions. then some people came with guns and tanks and pushed us aside. how can this happen? how can this work? >> three months after morsi's ouster, political dialogue seems impossible. protest in july led to the coup. last month the regime banned the muslim brotherhood and seized its assets. further protest schedule for this weekend. >> for the latest, we go live to our correspondent in cairo. mass protests are continuing.
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what can we expect to see today? >> well, today, somehow, yesterday there were protests after the friday prayer. big protest announced for tomorrow because tomorrow is the anniversary of the october war, and that is always a day the military icelebrating. and the support of the muslim announced they are planning to spoil the celebration for the military. so we expect them to be demonstrations tomorrow. what arengs stand, the chances egypt will return to constitutional order? >> well, the problem is really that the polarization of the country during the time of president morsi is basically continuing. the muslim brotherhood is still managing to organize the demonstrations every friday, now
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also for the six october demonstrations. they are able to mobilize their supporters, although their leadership, of course, is in prison. they are trying to spoil a sickly the other side trying to show that egypt is going back to normalization. --they are trying to spoil the other side trying to show that egypt is going back to normalization. >> thanks for bringing us up-to- date. seaseather and choppy off the italian island of lampedusa have hindered the efforts to recover bodies of african migrants killed when a boat sank. people have been mourning the victims of the disaster. in rome hundreds of people gathered for a vigil. more than 100 bodies have been discovered. 200 people are missing. the incident has triggered a discussion about the e.u.'s immigration policies. in the u.s., the government
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shutdown has entered its fifth day with no sign of movement towards resolving the crisis. of theay, and the leader house of representatives john benard said republicans would hold firm on their refusal to pass a new budget until democrats agree to delay health- care reform. hold tradehas put on negotiations with the european union because it cannot send a full delegation to brussels. further talks are planned for december. the deal would create the world's largest free trade area. another casualty of the government shutdown is president barack obama's trip to asia. the u.s. secretary of state took obama's place at the asia- pacific operation for him in indonesia. he told leaders of political deadlock in washington had not affected america's commitment to its interest in the region. >> security was tight as the apec summit got underway on the indonesian island of bali.
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for kerry standing in president barack obama said the budget standoff in washington should not be blown out of proportion. >> to all of our friends watching around the world, let me be crystal clear -- do not episodethis momentary in american politics is anything moment of politics or anything more than a moment of politics. keen not to let obama's absence affect economic relations between the u.s. and asia. the u.s. is trying to promote trade and investment in southeast asia. the region has an increasing level of economic howard and a population of over --economic power and a population of over 600,000. brunei, wherep is he will again deliver president obama at a summit of southeast asian leaders. >> well, coming up, we'll have a
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preview of what is being called toxins fighting match of the year. first,-- what is being called toxins fighting match of the year. boxing's fighting match of the year. greenpeace supporters in hong kong have called for the release of prisoners in russia. similar protests are scheduled around the world. piracy charges for attempting to board a russian drilling program in the arctic. vietnam is morning general giap. the legendary leader and his guerrilla army helped achieve independence and were instrumental in ending colonialism worldwide. under his leadership, the enemy's troops defeated first the french in 1954, and then two decades later, the americans. both were forced to leave the country. giap was 102 years old. u.s. gulf coast are bracing for tropical storm care and due to make landfall
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this weekend. to make landfall this region. government officials have issued evacuation orders for some areas as a prakashan. -- as a per caution. pope francis has made a pilgrimage to the town of assisi, the birthplace of his namesake. while he was there, the pontiff said the roman catholic church should strip itself up pride and serve the poorest in society. st. francis dedicated his life to the poor. formulas news, and in one, sebastian will start south korea's grand prix from pole position on sunday. it hardly came as a surprise. it will be the red bull drivers six first-place start this season, more than anyone else ever. >> sebastian was the fastest man on the track at saturday's
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korean grand prix. his lap of one minute and 37 secured pole position, but the championship leader is not letting his guard down -- >> the first level is good enough. as expected, this was very strong. i think they feel pretty comfortable in the middle sector. so, yeah, a tight battle. britain finished 2/10 of a second off his mark. for ferrari. hot one.ace could be a no driver has never won a race starting from pole position. >> germany soccer. berlin came from behind in the friday night kickoff. the home team opened the scoring in the 23rd minute. they failed to clear the corner
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and scholz made them pay. the visitors improved after halftime and a substitute smashed in a free kick to give them a well-deserved oink on the road -- a well-deserved point on the road. the battle of the giants in the buddhist leader is between the two teams at the top of the table. -- bundesliga. lurking behind our laborkusen up against byron on saturday. >> the coach has every reason to be confident. his team is in third place in the bundesliga. but saturday will prove whether his squad really has what it takes to mount a title challenge. they rare facing munich. >> one game out of 34.
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we are facing a very good team who are very versatile. kusen's players can take inspiration from one of their own performances last season. they were the last team to beat the champions a year ago. a 2-1kusen clinched victory in munich. task is toch's figure out how to repeat that result on home turf. >> how can we get them? we have time to come up with something. coach's 40th birthday is on monday. according to german superstition, early birthday gifts bring bad luck that that is a risk a will take if his team can give him three points this weekend. >> and in boxing, it is being called the fight of the year. world heavyweight champion takes
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on russia's boxer in moscow. the two fighters have been trying to arrange a date for almost a year. one goes in as the longest reigning champion since joe louis. it will be a lucrative date. win or lose, he is set to collect 13 million euros. withe one side championship else from three boxing associations, the heavyweight from ukraine. on the other side -- the russian with one belt. undefeated in 26 bouts, he now faces the biggest fight of his career. >> the pressure is pretty high, of course, but i do have home court advantage. training with my coach went really well. i am very happy with how we prepared. he appears glance,
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at a disadvantage. he is smaller, lighter and has fought fewer matches. boxer, on the other hand, is betting on his physical strength and experience. he has not lost the fight in more than nine years. he's got his work cut out, though. ofif you review the list fights and championships, it is clear this man deserves respect. i think he is the best man i have ever fought. >> the fight in the olympic arena is also about flipper steege. --political prestige. one is a member of the party that backs putin. the other is an activist involved in democracy activities in ukraine. >> it was exciting and to this
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year's windsurf world cup. after dominating thursday's freestyle, it looks like the belgian was a shoe in for the title. on friday, icy waters and temperatures hovering above zero tested the surfer. in an upset, the netherlands one two heats to win the world title. britain's prince harry has thrilled australians on his first trip abroad officially representing his grandmother, queen elizabeth ii. harry reviewed ships in sydney harbour, as australia marked the 100th anniversary of its navy's arrival there. 40 warships and 16 tall ships from many nations to art and the international fleet review. prince harry, one of the world's worst eligible bachelors, then posed for pictures for thousands of delighted fans. he's in australia for one day.
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and for more of the latest, you can visit our website at that brings us to the end of this addition of the journal. thanks for watching. >> many syrians refugees come to amman seeking refuge from the bloody civil war raging in their own country. ardan has long been destination for those escaping violence in neighboring countries. over the years, palestinians and iraqis have flocked here. an estimated 750,000 syrians are here. many of them are in refugee camps.
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hospitality is part of the culture, but the refugees are a topic of discussion. >> where else can they go, we must take them. >> every country has good people and bad. they are welcome here, but some are nice and some are not. the refugees have caused all sorts of problems, says this man, from traffic to housing and everything is more expensive. we want to find out what challenges are facing syrian refugees and their jordanian hosts. there are strong cultural and economic ties between the two countries. many syrians have invested in local companies and started their own businesses. but not every syrian refugees can count on help from relatives who live in jordan. finding a job is not easy, and work permits are hard to come
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by. this is the industrial quarter. we have heard that many syrians work here. the owner of this workshop is willing to talk to us. he knows the problems that syria n workers have an effect they have on the job market. jordanian law forbids syrians from working without a permit. even so, some businesses have let jordanians: higher syrians. -- go and hire syrians. they are willing to work for less money. they are desperate and they need to work. that has -- an influence on the market. he, too, employees syrian workers, and not just because they are cheaper. there's a big difference, he says. syrians like to work.
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jordanians are often not hard workers, but syrians are efficient and reliable. young syrian worked as a mechanic before coming to jordan. here, evened though he does not have a work permit. not everyone would allow it, he says. on, and is took me have a job, even though it is against the law. ammanung man's journey to was not easy. he spent months living in a refugee camp near the northern border. a relative had to pay for him to be released. now he's finally found work. it's the same story for many
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refugees coming to jordan dean's coming to the camps. we travel there to meet some of them. around 100,000 people live here in the middle of the desert. for more than a year, this u.n. run refugee camp has been the first destination for syria ns across the border. >> hello! >> in the middle of the camp is a bakery. ibrahim and his family fled here a year ago. they owned a bakery back in syria. arrived there was nothing but preprepared food here, he says. there was no bread, nothing to buy.
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my brother said i should start baking again. we had to smuggle in the equipment and the cooking gas. it was dangerous. we worked out of the tent when we started. we sold flatbread and falafel. now the market has developed and we run this bakery. the business is going well. the earnings are enough to support nine families. but it's not easy. otherer to get flour and ingredients, eager him has to rely on sure damian suppliers and officials -- ibrahim has to rely on jordanian suppliers and officials. his brother-in-law is frustrated with the situation. bribes, he says. the u.n. people, the military, everyone. the whole family works in the bakery, even the children. they have not been going to
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school. despite difficulties, the family is proud to have carved out a niche. it is hard to contemplate the future. says. no dieaidea, hea i do not think about going back to syria. it's hard. there is no hope. of many shopsone that have opened up the main street of the refugee camp. many here are not counting on going back to syria soon, but not everyone is happy to stay. many want to start new lives outside the camp. we travel a few kilometers to a border town. ago, the town had
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70,000 residents. now there are 120,000. family belongs to a large group of refugees who have chosen to seek security here. the families to live in a camp. she still misses her home. d homoe wae was different. the apartment had windows and wooden doors. it had louvered blinds. it was nicer than this. still lots ofs cleaning to do. the apartment is simple but not cheap. rents have quadrupled. the family has to pay the equivalent of 190 euros per month. the cost puts a strain on the family, especially since her husband is not working. the family of six cannot afford
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to spend much on food. tehhey get food from the u.n. they have managed to get mattresses and a tv. they are still coming to terms with the horrors of the war. before we left, he says, a lot of planes came and bombed a mosque. they came and went. and then they fired rockets, and lots of people died. then he tells us his grandfather was killed by a sniper. as always, it is the children who suffer most from the trauma of war. they get some relief by going to school.
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every afternoon, they attend a private school set up by a charity. many jordanian schools are now teaching in the morning and afternoon to accommodate the syrian children. the children have to get used to having regular lessons again, the teacher say. lots of them has missed months of school because of the conflict. this teacher tells us the children were loud and unruly when they first arrived. they werwee scared. now they like the school and when we finish in the evening, they do not want to stop learning. long theses how refugees will have to endure their exile in jordan. many have decided to build new lives here.
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we set off back to amman. nhere, we meet with a syria activist who helped found the women's initiative called syrian kitchen. the members meet in an out-of- the-way house. they are careful not to attract too much attention because many have family in syria. in the kitchen, the women bake and cook syrian specialties. the refugees would like to set up a catering service for jordanian clients. they are ready to start new lives. feel as though they are members of society, she says. they do not want to wait for help to be given to them.
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the syrian kitchen project helps women, and they realize the work they do is worthwhile. we've had a great response, especially from our customers. the project is still in its early phases. the women already have a few are gaining customers. they rely on word-of-mouth. everyone here is worried about the future and about their families back in syria. that is another reason they do not want to face is shown. -- faces shown. my relatives are spread all over, says this woman, and in egypt, turkey, lebanon, and here. my family is torn apart. it is unbelief at assad is in po wer. after the bloodbath, after all of the deaths, how can he live with himself? and how can he still be rolling syria? 0-- ruling syria?
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despite the difficulties faced by the refugees, life goes on. how long they will be away from their homeland with is impossible to tell, but until they can return, many syriansion
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