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tv   France 24 AM News  LINKTV  November 5, 2013 5:30am-6:01am PST

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>> a minute of silence. employees paid tribute to to journalists at rfi killed in northern mali on friday. the bodies were repatriated early on this morning. total victory over the rebels. triumphant announcement from the democratic republic of congo. it has ended its rebellion. we have liftoff. india makes history, becoming the first asian nation to send a rocket on the 300-day long journey to mars. that rocket is now in orbit around the earth.
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thank you very much for joining us. we begin with what has been a minute of silence here at the for theers at rfi journalists who worked at our sister radio station in molly covering a station when the country's troubled north when they were kidnapped on sunday. you are looking at colleagues leading tributes to the journalists killed in molly. the bodies were found later on and that day on the outskirts of the city. this is the scene them the headquarters. the group ceo has been leading
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the tribute to our colleague. you are looking at pictures on our screens of our two colleagues killed in molly on saturday. i am joined here in the studio by our international offense editor, douglas her bets. extremely emotionally charged scenes earlier on today. here still in a state of shock. always a tragedy when a journalist is killed in the line of duty, trying to inform. this hits home especially hard. it is in-house. the name of our parent company includes radio france internationale. in a sense, we are one big family. we all work together now and headquarters in paris. these are people we cross every day. we collaborate with on journalistic assignments. one is a tv station, one is a
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radio station, but we are all on the sameworking values with the same purpose and determination. this is the first opportunity and a sense for everyone to come together under this one roof. since all happened -- saturday, everything has been so manic. a lot of people still trying to come to grips with the fact that they were abducted and killed in a matter of hours really. you really had the bayer -- had a chance to digest it all. all went to just recover the bodies and just got , andthis morning to paris coming directly from the airport to our headquarters. this is collective. i will not call it catharsis, because that takes longer him up at the first opportunity for everyone to come together at a
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time when compounding everyone's sense of shock as we have been talking a lot recently about journalism in general around the world, a sense they have been targeted more and more in ever more dangerous zones where there are no rules of war. journalists are seen as ripe targets, pick them off. syria is another place where it seems impossible to cover. this is what everyone is trying to deal with. a lot of sadness, anger, and a sense of defiance. a recurrent theme in the messages we have heard from the management. we will not be intimidated from doing the job we have before us. >> that is the message. they were preparing a special report that was posted to air --
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was supposed to air later this week. these were not journalists who took the lazy option, the lazy way out and depending on wire services. these are journalists who believe the only way to support the story in informing people is to be there on the ground. difficult it is, no matter how dangerous it is, you have to be there as a witness to inform. that is what we heard just a little while ago, france internationale, an herb or marks to the gathering, solemn gathering was basically we will go back to molly come in meaning the journalistic family that we are. we will not be intimidated. we will continue doing our jobs as journalists. >> this is a conflict zone. france has around 3000 soldiers writing on.
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on sunday, one hundred 50 additional soldiers were transferred to the city as reinforcements. we can listen now to the french foreign minister about that. yes, there are operations currently taking place in molly, but i will not get details. mali, but i will not give details. these troops were redeployed last night in order to reinforce and bring more security there. besides the investigators leaving from paris have arrived in mali. we are working closely with friends. >> that was the french foreign
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minister speaking about the 150 troops being deployed. there was a timetable for the withdrawal of french troops, a partial drawdown at least. is that still widely expected? >> french are still expecting to keep to a timetable. just might not have the firmly drawn lines as they had earlier. the talk was from the parliamentary election. november 21 was the first round. it was going to be a gradual drawdown with the idea to withdrawal two thirds of the troops, 3000 troops. it looks like that is being pushed back to the end of january. originally the goal was to have mid-2014. that will probably now be a much softer deadline. the french do not want to get bogged down.
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yet, they are torn because they have made about to ensure security well they grapple with what is shaping up to be an extremely difficult political transition and extremely difficult political reconciliation process. >> thank you very much indeed. the government of the democratic republic of congo announced today it has achieved total victory over the end 23 rebel movement. this comes after a recent assault against rebel forces in the east of the country. they have also issued a statement saying it is ending the rebellion that began in april 2012, saying they will this all. i spoke to the project or for central africa at the international crisis group. i asked him if this means the fighting will really end. >> this is really the end of m23.
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the border of dnc was left yesterday. we can say basically there were three reasons for the defeat. the first one, it was a because itailure never managed to get support from the country population and to get theed international community. the second factor is it will show up in the ground. talks.s peacekeeping that seems to be a very strong technical ordination. the first element is there was a very strong diplomatic pressure on uganda who are being supported.
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quek -- a court of bangladesh has convicted dozens of soldiers on a mass verdict in 2009. 74 people, most of them army officers were massacred. the special court in the capital sentence 152 people to death for their action. 157 others were handed life sentences. india today joined an exclusive club of nations on a journey to mars. the first asian nation to embark on such a voyage. this will last a couple of hours. theore, we are joined on mind by our correspondent natasha butler. bring us up to speed. what more do we know about the progress of the rocket? >> so far, so good. that is what the indian
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scientists are studying. the rocket took off as expected at 2:00 local time. it went off without a hitch. currently orbiting the earth. this mission is really going to take part in two parts. it will orbit the earth until it gains enough philosophy -- velocity to pull away from the earth's gravity and then propelled. it is a journey that will take 300 days at the satellite is expected to reach mars next september, 2014. . an enormous journey. it cost $73 million. it may sound like an awful lot of money come up but just a sixth of the nasa program. must be extremely exciting news in india. i am assuming it is getting expensive coverage. in your view, what does this mean for india? likes if it is
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it would become forth in the world to complete a mars mission after the united states, russia, and europe. it means it will beat it asian rival in this, china. they have managed to put human beings into space but has not successfully launched a mars mission. it would be a big deal for india. there is controversy over them mission because it is costing tens of millions of dollars and many have said why is the government spending so much money on space instead of feeding the people? the government says the experiment -- experiments, research, technology can help india. for example, scientists would either be able to read weather forecast and will help the millions of farmers that rely on the weather forecast across the country. >> thank you very much indeed.
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just before we go, we leave you of images from the ceremony being held at the headquarters, the parent company of rfi, the radio challenge -- channel in which both reporters were working covering the story saturday when they were kidnapped and killed. their bodies have been repatriated to france. this is the scene at the headquarters. our ceo leading the tribute to our colleagues. there. leave you thank you very much indeed for watching. >> i am joined now by william
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holder brandt with the international press. >> beginning with a great piece that saysndependent" is britain still spy in where the u.s. fears to tread? there was discovered to be a u.s. by net on top of this in berlin. a german broadcaster was able to discover, we can seek out these images, a heat map, infrared after it emerged the u.s. had found,angela merkel's the activity dropped off. despite that, the independent headline that there could possibly a bs by net at the british embassy and are not stopping activity. it has not been confirmed but the independent have documented that a few people are operating under cover and most of the colleagues do not know the true mission. facedernments have backlash in the u.k. in the
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united states. >> that is right. taking a look at the new york times. says we will not spy on our friends anymore, actually we do not have friends anymore. the u.s. and u.k. are under pressure. u.s. states are trying to take the power into their own hands and not waiting on the white house, congress to come up with comprehensive policy. state lawmakers want to try to find a solution themselves. more than 10 states have passed two dozen privacy laws alone. way to quelld a concerns from the public about surveillance. tooving to a ron -- iran commemorate the u.s. hostage crisis in 1999. >> we have seen anti--american sentiment before. people chanted death to america and burned u.s. flags here. this is striking because at the moment they are trying to mend ties with the u.s. over the nuclear program.
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this underscores the challenges between hard-liners and moderates within the country. the wall street journal has a he's. they say this could actually throw in talks -- throw talks into jeopardy. in september sanctions were lifted or overturned against the shipping lines for lack of evidence, saying it was linked to the nuclear program. eu governments want to reimpose sanctions, but they could jeopardize talks that began thursday with world powers and a ron in geneva over nuclear energy. -- in iran. >> and editorial says geneva to the damp squid, but what is alternative? it reads the international community should stop taking sides. no side in this. conflict has
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clean hands. basically there has been concern that maybe bashar al-assad could get out of here, wash his hands of any wrongdoing. the editorial proposes u.s. and russia should persuade the president that his time is up to help form a transitional government and move on to ridding the country of extremist and arm -- armed militia. if we look at the cartoon, it shows the u.s. has taken a beating for the handling of this. crisis throughout the region, throughout the world. to try toicky project come together to get geneva to move forward. >> trying to patch things up as best he can. the first asian country to reach the country. >> used to be the u.s. against the soviets. now it is india against china.
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story aboutnt has a mars, india, mars. the 300 day 800 million kilometer journey has cost 70 million dollars. there are critics that say the government ambition should be more grounded. for instance, britain has given india more than 460 million dollars in aid. 40% of children are malnourished and half the population have no toilets. the endeavor has made india think the government head is in the clouds. thank you for that. the international press review. >> world finals and let down.
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does the name. .he first city they could not be separated. he edged ahead in the ensuing tiebreaker. 7-4 in the breakout. murray in an injury enforced absence. winning the next five, including on his way. he began to show that again. the number five seed. playing sublime tennis along the way. no answer. the victory was 6-7. --e group as novak? bridge
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and roger federer. group eight. knocked out of the u.s. open. forced out by the world number eight. gaining six in the first set. third successful quarterfinal at the australian open. tied up the match. breast -- best ever season. the u.s. open semi finals. spotted immediately to lead 3-1. two hours 25 minutes. and has won six of the last seven clashes.
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heading into the champion league groups. looking for a repeat of the morning. for gold in brussels. five-nil in their own backyard. of the quarterfinal stage of barcelona. of three games. he is a hard man to please. trouble.little bit of we did what we had to do now we can confirm this by qualifying so normally that would be motivation in itself. we must not think about the first leg. we have the opportunity to confirm qualification. very important game. champions on top of
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the league turner. out for the rest of the season with a knee injury. make or break time for italian champion. showdown with ryan l madrid. currently without a win. in real danger of losing out in the knockout stage. carlosd to join ortega's. again that is very good. it is fundamentally we have to go through the next round. i have always said we have to show on the field as we did in madrid. we deserve to go through and the championship. otherwise we will be the first to nail down on the field the go ahead of us.
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losing concentration instead of a first win. just to mention a few. extraordinary, fantastic. we have to be very careful. we have to do what we did well in madrid. he will have to overcome the absence of influential defender. able to revive the european ambitions.
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>> german activist campaign to rename streets after edward snowden. toronto needs a new mayor. needs to resign because people can no longer trust him. residents have taken to the web in droves. he reported on a local radio show sunday that he would not be stepping down, despite the crack cocaine scandal. a twist on thursday when they admitted to courts, a video of him smoking a narcotic. widespreadarked outrage online.
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many social networkers cannot understand that attitude, saying it is wholly unacceptable. it shows toronto and a very poor light. not openlych him for admitting his drug habit. asking for transparency. the mayor has no other choice but to resign. the majority share this point of view. the mayor does have some support online. yet to officially be proven guilty and should but legal authorities get on with the job. supporters say there is no real reason for him to surround -- for him to resign, at the moment that is. >> when german artist posted this video online back in july,
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they did not know how much it would inspire web users in germany and the rest of the world. shows him walking through the themts of berlin, renaming after edward snowden. german activist love the idea and have launched an online campaign to urge the government to introduce legislation. the majority of campaigning is conducted by the website where supporters of the project are asked to download this. this will raise awareness about the movement. activists are also urging people from other countries prompted by the nsa surveillance program to join the campaign to rename streets after edward snowden and it would seem the message is being heard.
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