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tv   Journal  LINKTV  November 9, 2013 6:00am-6:31am PST

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>> hello, and a very warm welcome to "the journal." these are the top stories. leaves ahoon haiyan path of destruction as it crosses the philippines. mixed messages from geneva -- an historic deal on nuclear ambitions for iran could be in the making, but others pushed caution. not goals making the headlines in the bundesliga.
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well, it is one of the most powerful typhoons on record, as it ishoon haiyan, being called, appears to have left hundreds dead in the philippines. vietnam.cking toward authorities have begun evacuating more than 100,000 people from multiple areas. meanwhile, the extent of the damage is only beginning to become clear in the philippines. hashe superstorm haiyan torn up parts of the philippines. in some areas, little is intact. then he buildings have been that many buildings have been -- many buildings have gone down, and others near collapse. to pieces andmes
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snapped off trees. many thousands have lost everything. >> i never thought the wind could be that strong, that they could destroy my home. i do not know what to do now. >> yet, compared to so many, she was lucky. she survived. right now, it is not clear how many died. in places, communications are still out. in others, rescue workers report bodies on the streets. soldiers and relief teams are trying to help survivors, but reaching them is tough. in places, roads are blocked by trees and debris and elsewhere, there is massive flooding. the storm has passed over the philippines, but vietnam is bracing for the arrival of haiyan, and the government has
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ordered one of the countries biggest ever in a qa's with 100,000 people told to leave their homes -- he evacuating with 100,000 people being told to leave their homes. the questionews, is will a deal emerge from nuclear talks with iran in geneva? foreign minister sergei landgraf has added to the negotiations. the foreign ministers of all six world powers are set to take ist in discussions, but iran resisting some of the demands and serious obstacles remain as the negotiations enter an unscheduled third day. , marcus, isndent
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following events in geneva. talk ofixed messages -- an historic deal, and then caution from the french and the british. what is your impression? >> well, the german foreign minister said they are of at a different -- they are at a difficult, but important point of the talks, and they would not be here without a chance to find an agreement with iran. the french foreign minister said on french radio that there are three main obstacles -- that is how to deal with the enriched uranium iran already has, and what to do in the future with peaceful production of uranium, and what to do with a nuclear plant in iran. scientists believe they will produce plutonium that could be used for military use. so, a very important, sensitive
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point they have to deal with. >> there are a lot of key players involved in geneva, but another player is israel, who has indicated they would be opposed to any deal that comes out in geneva. genevathat going down in ? >> well, again, the german foreign minister said there is no need to be worried at this stage because there is still no agreement on the table. so, of course, all who are involved here listened to what benjamin netanyahu said yesterday. affected who could be by this opposition from israel, they have to look at how to deal without anext step stop by benjamin netanyahu, and
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there is an option to focus on waivers. assetsmple, irani and that are frozen. he could free the waivers without a green light from the u.s. congress and without having possible opposition from israel. markets, keeping us up-to-date on the key negotiations there in geneva. eight workers in several countries have launched a massive polio vaccination campaign coming after a breakout in syria. the campaign aims to vaccinate 20 million children throughout the region. in lebanon, all children under five will receive the vaccine. the polio vaccination drive is one of the largest ever. , where the communist
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party has begun a key economic summit to figure out how to further liberalize the economy. first full meeting since a new generation of leaders took over the party, and two weeks after what china says was a terrorist attack in kinnaman square. it is being held in beijing on it tight security. people in the maldives went to the polls to elect a new president. former human rights activist mom and the sheet is considered the favorite to win. -- mohamed nasheed is the favorite to win. voters have voted twice to elect a new president, but the supreme court on old one vote and the police stopped another. vote one wins saturday's
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out right, there will be a runoff on sunday. germany is marking the 75th thousands been killed, beaten, or arrested, and commemorations include a ceremony to be attended by the german president and at a that wasat a synagogue attacked on november 9, and in berlin, people are remembering those that lost their lives in the holocaust. >> sidewalk plaques commemorate people that were killed by the nazis. it began as a small-scale project by an artist. now, they are being installed in sidewalks across germany and abroad. students at a berlin high school have sponsored it black for -- for any economist and one
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of the first women professors in germany. power, shecame to was fired, then deported to a ghetto and murdered. >> the project i represent explores the diversity of people that made berlin so exciting in the 1920's and the 1930's, and how that was systematically destroyed. of november,th 1938, nazi thugs murdered hundreds of jews. it was an organized campaign, and it marked a new level of brutality in the persecution of the jews. across berlin, and people ve been involved in the diversity destroyed project in a group of 12 graders have made a film that celebrates diversity. they see it as a fight against
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racism. >> it is terrible when people are excluded. we are all human beings, not different from each other. >> they are commemorating people murdered by a regime, and ofning on the dangers prejudice. three moreundesliga, points could be picked up. atht security was in force friday match between eintracht braunschweig and hannover. the result, no goals, a number of injuries, and a handful of arrests. >> the police were expecting trouble. more than 1000 officers were on duty. many fans were nervous. >> the media has contributed to the weird mood.
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they have been predicting chaotic scenes. there will not be any trouble. they will not let any idiots go wild. inside of the stadium, there was the noisy rivalry but no aggression apart from a few flares. hannover started out with some classy action with a good chance in the ninth minute. eintracht braunschweig refused to be intimidated. offline, long-distance shot just before the break. hannover was close to scoring several times but did not air it goals -- did not. goals were the only thing lacking. with no victor were vanquished, the rowdy fans had little reason to rampage. things could have gotten worse.
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14 officers and several spectators incurred late injuries. >> we have to stay on violence because three groups of fans have been banned from attending away games in response to behavior of some sort month -- and dortmund supporters. they set off a number of flares, one of which narrowly missed their own club captain and goalkeeper. members of three fan clubs were identified as the culprits and their season tickets have been revoked. in sporting action, dortmund travels today in the other big bundesliga match this afternoon. they are reeling from a serious midweek setback in the champions league. roll.rg is on a
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>> three victories in three matches, it is been more than 18 months since that happened. things are currently running along just fine at the club. all they need to do now is keep calm and carry on. after their series of wins against clubs in the bottom half of the table, taking on dortmund will be a different ballgame. >> it will not be easy because they always pile on the pressure, but we need to stay calm. we need to try not to make mistakes, and then anything is possible. >> dortmund is a formidable opponent. they have not won at home 2009.t them since today, they would be happy to establish themselves in the top third of the table. >> that is unmatched he
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certainly look forward to. tennis, and the atp masters final in london where the world's number five is out of the tournament. afteraniard went down losing the first set on a tie- break. he showed determination. it was his second victory in london and it was enough to propel him to the semi finals where he joins rafael mcdowell and novak djokovic. world number one tiger woods is back in form, on his second day delivering a glorious eight under par 73, almost offsetting a weak performance in the first round. he is now in fifth place on the scoreboard, one point behind a
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positionharing first including the overall leader of the european tour. that is all we have time for this time around. do not go away. >> is a lively and colorful neighborhood in the german capital, but a generation ago it was part of the death strip, a no man's land created by the berlin wall. anyone who tried to escape to west berlin was shot by border patrol, but that is in the past. here, she says, because i have so many friends.
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today, it is a melting pot with eastern and western germans living alongside citizens from around the world. her she has counted families of eight nationalities in her apartment house. 18 children, 22 adults, and we all love each other. but this is what residents saw in august, 1961, as construction of the wall began. neighbors, friends and whole families were divided by a concrete scar. sidement blocks on one were in the eastern sector, directly on the border with westmoreland -- berlin. windows were turned into brick walls. one step away, the sidewalk was in west berlin.
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the apartment0's buildings were demolished as the east german police state we find it security system, printing landmines and security devices, antitank barriers and paved strip for border patrols. watchtowers,amous all part of an effort to discourage illegal immigration, but many attempts were made because the death strip was relatively narrow. today, the old patrol pat remains, running between construction sites and pricey apartments. there is lots of room to play. hers a favorite place for son, jimmy. she is from eastern germany and was living in trenton when the dresden when the
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wall fell. she has a magnificent view of what used to be the capital of east germany. her apartment building sits directly on the former no man's land. today, the central location makes this area prime real estate. we pay a visit to her and her family. her husband hails from a village in bavaria in what used to be west germany. they have two children. jimmy is the younger one. she says the construction of her new home was a real adventure. she visited the site every day with her older son. as the basement was being dug out, they discover the foundation of the building that once stood on this property.
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>> it was like an archaeological dig, she says. you can see the water and heating connections and the pipes. that is johnny, she adds. hans and the boys, introduces to the neighbors. they have two children as well. another neighbor, on a bell, is there with their daughters. they moved there about one year ago. goodocals agree it was a idea to breathe new life into the former death strip. they admit that real estate prices were rock-bottom when they bought this property. they had no idea how hard it would be to build here. it was five years before they could move in. the old border patrol pat was a
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particular problem. building and structures would not allow a construction crane to be part their. toiel says it took a while realize the true significance of what they were doing. he says the family came to terms with an unusual situation -- building in a place that was stigmatized for decades, but he reasons it was not always the case. apartment houses existed here before world war ii and were torn down. over,mpty space was left he says, and that is why he thinks it was reasonable to rebuild family homes. angelica adds that they experience the history of this place every day and the path has become part of their daily life in this day and age. the area in the mid-
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1960's, no sign of life, just a cold, concrete wall. the reconciliation church was demolished in 1985 to give soldiers in the watchtowers .nimpeded views of the border today, the berlin wall memorial has been erected as a place of remembrance. a chapel of reconciliation sits where the old church once stood. inside, prayers are said for those that were killed, trying to escape from totalitarian east germany. he is the son of a former pastor. he spent his childhood on the border. his family moved when the wall was built.
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seems strange it to walk along now. there is no wall, no police demanding documents, no one denying people entrance. it is amazing, he says, that he can stand here, free to say and think whatever he wants. he is a frequent visitor to the berlin wall memorial. he says it must be hard to imagine for those who never experienced the wall firsthand, but it contains powerful reminders of how locals dealt with the stark division. some east germans dug tunnels below ground. some lost their friends and loved ones, while others found the love of their lives. >> he shows us a place they played an important role in his life. this, he says, is the address of the woman who would become his
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wife. here is her bedroom, the living room, and the kitchen. recordedial center has the story for prosperity -- posterity. hildebrandt shows us a photograph of him and his brother looking out from east berlin to west berlin, from one country, two another. they could still converse with their friends, he explains, even though the wall was already under construction. at her place -- angelica's place, she is about to meet with the rest of the property owners. we have invited hildebrandt. she informs the children that
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mr. hildebrandt will tell them stories about the wall and the place they have chosen to build their new home. this place and its history has brought together children and adults, eastern and western germans, and citizens from around the world who now lived here. moving images from a bygone era help to bring the past back to life. that place is right around the corner, she says. , before the1960's apartment buildings were torn down. the film clip shows a drama that captured global attention, a 77- year-old woman jumping to freedom, one of the countless stories. then, november 9, 1989, everything changed.
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hildebrandt tells us he finally walked with his wife through the gate and embraced in a case right there that he will never forget kiss -- kids that he will never forget. it was overpowering, he says. we never thought we would see this in our lifetime. one guest wonders what he thinks about the building projects in what used to be the no man's land. is the wall cannot remain everywhere, that history is fleeting, and he as it was clear the wall would eventually fall, and he considers himself like the two have witnessed -- lucky to have witnessed the event firsthand. in a quarter century, he hoped nothing would be left of it. one memory will never fade -- those shot and killed trying to flee.
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for some, it was the best hope for escaping to freedom. the children are impressed. for them, it is a story of adventure, and they want to figure out how many ben sheets it would take to repel from the window to the ground. ♪ angelica counts five sheets in all. everyone is surprised. they thought it would be more, but five is the number because one is needed to anchor the rest of them. somebody asks if she could herself.repelling down
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yes, she replies. .t has been transformed it is all in the past, and what
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[soft exotic flute music] ♪ captioning and audio description provided by the u.s. department of education. >> bokara: so today, we're going to do a show about transformation with two real experts in the field. it's michael murphy and jon kabat-zinn. jon kabat-zinn is a doctor, an author, and a meditation teacher. and michael murphy is a visionary, an author, and fo


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