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tv   Journal  LINKTV  November 10, 2013 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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>> hello and welcome to the journal on d.w. these are the head hines at this hour. supertyphoon haiyan leaves islands in the philippines ravaged with around 10,000 people feared dead. the international community is ready to help. iran's president says they will not stop uranium enrichment. in football dortmupped confirmed that their defender will miss the rest of the season.
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we will begin in the philippines, where the full extent of the devastation caused by typhoon haiyan is slowly emerging. he focus of the catastrophe is the capital of the province where it's feared that 10,000 people might have lost their lives. also very hard hit, samar province where 3,000 are missing. officials in the philippines are warning that the death toll may climb even higher once emergency crews reach areas still cut off by flooding. >> there is almost nothing left of tacloban. the capital of letee province has been reduced to rubble. the red cross estimates that 80% f the city has been destroyed.
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giants container ships were washed into the city, just one indication of the sheer force of typhoon haiyan. there are countless dead and in some places bodies still lie in the street. no one knows so far exactly how igh the death toll is. >> we have i think more or less 10,000 for the whole province. >> in the aftermath, almost uninterrupted heavy rains. survivors are struggling to find any protection from the downpours. provision of foodstuffs and medicines is poor because so much infrastructure was destroyed. >> i can't think. i don't know what to do. right now all we can do is get through each day but i don't know what will happen tomorrow or the day after that or if we an continue surviving.
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>> those who can are leaving tacloban. there are long lines at the airport for a seat on a flight out. but the few military planes in operation can seat just over 100 passengers. on sunday president aquino flew in to assess the situation. he says the government's priorities were to restore power and communications and to deliver relief and medical instantaneous. >> we have around 300 policemen soldiers who can rotate and restore peace here. later tonight there will be several armored vehicles arriving to show the strength of the state and stop those who started the looting here. >> he criticized local authorities for failing to better protect the populace despite clear warnings of the strength of typhoon haiyan.
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>> international relief efforts are beginning for the four million people who have been affected by the supertyphoon. many thousands are without shelter, food, and clean drinking water. rescue efforts are hampered by blocked roads but aid is starting to arrive from around the world, including from germany. >> these are first emergency supplies to be sent from germany. workers with the aid organization world vision are sending 25 tons of blankets, tarps and first aid kits. >> we received a message saying they needed the most essential things, drinking water, food and shelter. what we've got here will serve to provide shelter for the people who have lost everything they own. >> instantaneous is essential in the disaster region, faced with the sheer extent of devastation,
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philippine authorities are struggling to respond to all those in need. as the first reports of looting emerge, the international community is gearing up to help. germany has also pledged aid. >> germany wants to help, and germany will help. first we are making 500,000 euros available in immediate aid. teams from an aid organization are on their way. >> rapid financial and logistical support is just the first step. further shipments of aid are in the works. >> on to other news now. synagogues were burned, shops were looted and more than 1,300 jews were killed on the pogrom on november 9, 75 years ago, considered the beginning of the nazi campaign to systematically destroy jurepian jewry.
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israel commemorated the anniversary in jerusalem. politicians gathered alongside holocaust survivors and their descendants. the commemoration took place a day late because the day fell on he jewish sabbath. facing a no confidence vote in parliament over the handling of former state e.r.t. this cops as inspectors are in athens to negotiate another bailout package for greece. the shutdown earlier this summer has been the source of much controversy. it was part of government efforts to balance their nation's budgets but critics say the government is serving the troika. talks are between iran and the five permanent members of the u.n. security council plus
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germany vowed a deal early on sunday after three days of tough negotiations, talks are scheduled to resume in 10 days time. >> the geneva talks hit a snag. evidently because france objected to the deal on the table. diplomatic sources said the french made tougher demands on iran than the other powers. >> geneva meeting allowed us to advance, but we were not able to conclude because there are still some questions to be answered. >> france said the proposed deal would have done little to curb iran's growing stockpile of highly enriched uranium or halt the construction of its reactor. and although all six world powers were wary of a hasty compromise, everyone agreed that talks were ending on a positive note. >> obviously the 600 may have a difference of views, but we are
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working together and hopefully we will be able to reach an agreement when we meet again. >> there is no question in my mind that we are closer now as we leave geneva than we were when we came. >> nevertheless kerry admitted the window for diplomacy wouldn't fail. hassan rouhani reiterated his country's insistence on its right to uranium enrichment calling it a quote red thrine would not be crossed. the next round of negotiations is scheduled for the 20th of november. >> to sports now, and the latest results from the bundesliga. stuttgart have just defeated their rival 3-1. stuttgart lost heavily to ortmund last week. erner scored the goal.
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freiburg only have one win under heir belt this season. the substitute scored the only oal in the 88th minute to seal a win for mainz which moved them to the top half of the table. on saturday dortmund's title chances took a hit thanks to a lackless 2-1 loss. they had hoped to turn a corner. instead they were left ruing their chances and a season ending injury to a key player. >> it was a bleak day for dortmund. not only did they lose three vital points but they also lost their defender, torn ligaments means he misses the rest of the season. >> the injury is the worst aspect today. losing him is a terrible blow
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for us. dortmund's one bright spot, the free kick. >> we started the second half really well, but then we conceded an equal izzer yet again. no one dealt with the danger properly and the ball was allowed to go in. >> while the free kick was not as spectacular, it was just as effective. 10 minutes later, he stole the show with an exclusive winner. it was his sixth goal of the season, a remarkable 2-1 win. they have won every game he has scored in with dortmund no different. >> it's fantastic to win against such a great team. we had to steady ourselves when we went 1-0 behind but i was sure there was still more to play for. the team did a brilliant job
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today. >> this time could only the woodwork. all in all a bitter day for dortmund. >> while their main title rival continued doing what they do best, the 3-0 win was their 37th atch unbeaten, a new record. a finish worthy of any striker but this was the most eye catching goal. a precision free kick at halftime. he completed the scoring with a penalty. here is a roundup of the rest of the results. they punished a leaky hamburg defense.
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that leaves the table looking like this after 12 match days. in bavaria voters in a referendum on whether to bid for the 2022 winter olympics have turned down the chabs to join the race for the prestigious event. 1.3 million people were eligible to vote in munich and several surrounding resorts which would have been part of the bid, but a low turnout of around 30%
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returned a no verdict. many local voices saying -- voicing concern at the potential environmental impact. the outcome dashing organizers' hopes of making munich the first city to host both the summer and winter games. two years ago the city failed in a bid to host the 2018 winter games. joining me now in the studio is our correspondent. does this come as a surprise to you that the people of munich turned down the bid? >> i think it will come as a surprise to anyone who has been to an olympic games or to the world cup in germany. they're very inspiring. germany has been a great host in the past. i think on the other hand, this does play to a sort of trend of german ambivalence to troublesome infrastructure projects, be them in stuttgart or hamburg or berlin, because they come with strings attached, in this case a hefty bill,
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possibly environmental impact even if this bid is improved in that respect. i think people are jaded having failed in the last bid so recently. hence the low turnout. >> do you think it's something bavarians might come to regret? >> i think it could be. munich is set to grow by 200,000 people in the next 15 years or so. that will require new infrastructure. you are not going to build it with a not in my backyard sort of mentality. this could have been a great spur to innovators. i think also the 2022 will be the 50th anniversary of the 1972 summer games in munich, which were completely overshadowed by the massacre of israeli athletes . this would have been a fitting way to commemorate those deaths, i think. >> quickly who will be the favorite now do you think? >> i think it will be oslo could be the favorite. the next two games are in
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far-flung places, south korea. i think they'll be looking for a safe pair of hands with a track record. >> great talking to you, titus. as always. that's all we have time for. back with more news in 3/4 of an hour. thanks for watching. >> a munich church this week ruled that the president will stand trying for tax evasion despite turning himself in to authorities. he is accused of hiding money in a swiss bank account. >> i am surprised at that our voluntary declaration was not accepted as valid. my lawyers and i will do everything possible to convince the court with our arguments before the trial begins in march.
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>> he says he has gotten plenty of support from friends. supporters say it's too early to judge. >> it's a good chance for him to clear everything up and convince people he really just made mistake. people shouldn't judge him for that. >> if found guilty, he could be fined or sentenced to prison. the trial is set to begin in march. >> monday also saw the start of the trial of mohammed morsi in egypt. he stands accused of incitement for murder. the charges relate to events last december while he was still president. clashes outside the presidential palace left several people dead. prosecutors accused morsi of coording the groups behind the attack -- coordinating the roups behind the attack.
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the judge postponed the trial until january. one of his attorneys described is statement to the court. >> the president said he rejects the military coup and he rejects the legitimacy of the prosecutor general. >> it's not just morsi's supporters who have doubts about the legality of his own. the international community has expressed concern that the army is using the upsurge in violence as a pretext to turn egypt back into a police state. observers hope the postponement of the trial will bring an element of calm to egyptian society. >> the european union wants to see a drop in the number of shopping bags. to use a process
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nonbiodegradable bags. experience has shown that it gets quick results. >> the carriers are often used for just a few minutes. but they can take centuries to egrade in the environment. it's the art find of the century. hundreds of pieces of modern art turned up in a munich apartment. many were thought to be lost forever. authorities in bavaria released details of the case on tuesday. the works were discovered during a house search in february, 2012. framed and more unframed artworks including ones by prominent artists were found. 19 by chagall are among the
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rediscovered masterpieces. some were labeled degenerate art by the nazis who confiscated them and put them on display to be ridiculed. the pensioner who lived in the apartment where the treasure-trove was found was the son of an art dealer. he evidently kept many of the confiscated works for himself passing them down to his son. the whereabouts of the pensioner are currently unknown. many questions remain to be answered about who the pieces officially belong to. talks continue about the coalition this week. the latest negotiations centered on economic and foreign policy. despite the current spying scandals, both parties agree the relationship with the u.s. should continue to form the central pillar of german policy. >> new york city is to have a
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democratic mayor for the first time in 20 years. in a landslide win, bill deblasio came out on top to succeed michael bloomberg. after three terms in office, bloomberg was barred from running again. 2/3 of voters cast their ballot for deblasio and his liberal platform, that includes a tax on the rich to raise funds for education. >> it's one of the most beautiful places of the world, vin is in italy. -- venice in italy. but the view is often spoiled by cruise liners. from november next year the only vessels visitors will see in the heart of the town will be the traditional gondolas and small boats. venice authorities announced the plan on tuesday. ferries will also have to alter their routes, freeing up the panoramic view for tourists to enjoy.
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>> the international spying scandal continued to make headlines in germany this week. an oversight committee met in the german capital wednesday a day after it was revealed britain may have used its embassy in berlin to spy on its ally, germany. lawmakers found that edward snowden could not be granted asylum in germany. >> i have made it clear once again that our decision from this summer stands. mr. snowden has no right of asylum in germany because he is not a victim of political persecution. >> snowden, who had been granted temporary asylum in russia, leaked data on the spying activities of the u.s. national security agency, including information that the agency hacked into the chancellor's mobile phone over a period of years. lawmakers in berlin are now considering ways to question snowden about his revelations in russia.
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>> a team of swiss forensic experts this week said they found evidence that the former palestinian leader yasser arafat was poisoned. the body of the leader of the palestine liberation organization was exhumed for testing. >> the group reports finding liffles of radioactive material in his body. arafat's widow is demanding an official investigation. spent my late husband three years under siege and the head of the investigation committee i am sure is willing find out further to who committed this shameful crime, this assassination of an elected leader. >> arafat died in 2004.
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he had been suffering severe abdominal pains for weeks. radical palestinians have long accused israel of assassinating arafat, a charge israel has repeatedly denied. >> an international tribunal for maritime law in hamburg began hearing a dutch complaint. it concerns russia's detention of a greenpeace ship and all 30 people onboard. in september greenpeace activists staged a protest against oil rigs in the arctic sea. russia's coast guard boarded and seized the ship. it was sailing under a dutch plan. russia is boycotting the hearing saying the court ha no jurisdiction in the case. the 28 activists and two journalists are behind bars in northern russia awaiting trial on charges of hooliganism.
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>> in germany the trial of the only surviving member of an alleged neo-nazi terror cell continued this week. the munich court must establish who supplied the gang with weapons including this one used to carry out a series of racially motivated murders over a period of years. prosecutors believe this man supplied it. he faces charges of accessory to murder. he is refusing to testify so a lot of questions remain to be answered in a case that shocked many in germany and beyond. >> the european court of justice ruled that homosexuals who are persecuted in their home countries can claim refugee status in the e.u. in a landmark ruling, the e.u.'s top court said gay people have grounds for asylum in the european union if they face imprisonment at home. >> i know that the resemp shows that europe is the destination of choice for most individuals who are fleeing due to their sexual identity.
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so i can't give you a number, but i would say that this european decision will impact most of the individuals who are seeking refuge. >> the ruling could offer hope for gays and lesbians in countries like uganda fighting for their rights in the face of discrimination before the law and even violence. >> the olympic torch went into orbit this week as part of the relay leading up to the winter games in southern russia. the symbol of peace was transported to the international space station in a russian spacecraft. the torch will not be lit while in space for safety reasons. >> the philippines were het by a megastorm at the end of the week. supertyphoon haiyan left more than 1,000 people dead in the
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island nation. winds up to 300 kilometers per hower ripped east of the island's archipelago, ripping off roofs and uprooting trees. tens of thousands of people lost their homes and their livelihoods. >> i never thought the wind would be so strong that it would destroy my house. i don't know what i should do now. >> thousands of soldiers and emergency relief teams are trying to help survivors. the philippines are hit by around 20 typhoons a year but experts say haiyan was one of the most powerful ever recorded in the world. aid workers in several countries in the middle east have won a massive polio vaccination campaign. last month the world health organization confirmed the first outbreak of polio for many years. the campaign aimed to immunize
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around 20 million children throughout the region. in lebanon, for example, all children under 5 will receive the vaccine. it's one of the largest polio vaccination drives ever. that concludes our v
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