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tv   France 24 AM News  LINKTV  November 14, 2013 5:30am-6:01am PST

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in thesure grows philippines to speed up the distribution of aid. an aircraft carrier heads into distribute much-needed food, medicine. defense ministers from russia ad asia in talks for potential military collaboration between their countries. we will have more on this new warming of ties following a scale back on aid to egypt by the u.s. kidnapped inst is northern cameroon. we will begin with that developing story. a french priest has been
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kidnapped from his cherished parish not far from the border of northern nigeria. what more do we know about the circumstances surrounding the priest's disappearance? beene kidnapping has confirmed. the minister said this happened in northern cameroon, a region classified as red because of the kidnappings in the village ofkoza. koza. the priest was in his parish when kidnappers went in and took him away from his home. so far, we have not heard any claim of responsibility or this. >> this is an area where an
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alarmist -- islamic group is known to operate. what is the likelihood they might be behind this abduction? france is saying they would not be surprised at all. the group kidnapped several groups -- several members of a french family earlier this year and released members of the family two months later. other factors also point to them. they are not putting it more strongly than that for now. the kidnappers spoke english, which is the lingua franca in ,eighboring nigeria, a huge multilingual country. perhaps the recent nigerian army offensive in the north, which is known to have pushed the group across the border into the
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northeastern corner of cameroon. yesterday, the u.s. state department officially designated as a foreign terrorist organization. we cannot link these factors to the kidnapping. there are also well-known phenomenon in that part of the world of banded taking away them -- toand using sell them to other groups, sometimes jihadist groups. we have seen that further north from where this kidnapping happened. >> thank you for that. next, to the philippines where, haiyanys after hurricane
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ravage that company -- that country, people are desperate for aid. have thenople displaced. we have now more from the town of santa fe. these people have been waiting for fuel for days. they you up every day waiting for fuel. -- queque. every day for fuel. at the moment, they see no respite. stockpiles are coming in every day. do you feel you have been left here? do you feel you are getting enough assistance from the government? >> not at all. we have been left the heinz. we do not get any ng at all. heinz --e been left he
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behind. can see, six days since the typhoon and people are still waiting for assistance. as the days go on, the situation gets more and more desperate. frome official death toll the typhoon is 2500 with another 20,000 still missing. the tally is certain to be worse. the majority of the victims are thought to be adults. children were sent away for the storm hit. say 2 million children are at risk for starvation, disease, or exploitation. some of the places worst-hit have families who can who are taking care of those left behind. everywhere there are stories of families torn apart.
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those left of behind. she survived the storm that killed her family by clinging to a tree for hours during the height of the typhoon. she was taken and by the fernandez family. >> her whole family was wiped out. the wind was so strong. onto something for hours and survived that way. i don't actually know how she managed to do it. it is hard to believe. >> still bearing the marks of her ordeal, they have given her a new name to make her feel part of their family. they have been affected by the which flattened most of this city. i it is really painful but feel obliged to care for this girl. it goes without saying that we will care for her. >> aid agencies are warning that
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the typhoon has left 2 million children at risk in the philippines. areans after disasters vulnerable to abuse and exploitation. a still is not reaching some of the worst affected areas. >> countries from all over the world have offered billions in aid to the philippines. britain is sending in its biggest navy ship. the massive u.s. aircraft carrier with 5000 soldiers and 80 aircraft is now in the lapine's. philippines. a distribution has been hampered by blocked roads and cut community ancient. fromjoined by ian bray oxfam. what kind of difficulties are faced insed --
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getting the aid out? difficulties have been blocked roads because of the ravage the storm brought with it. roads in one of the areas that was worse affect it is now open. be distributing hygiene kits and blankets. sent 17 tons of aid from airport.ouse to an it will be flying out on the weekend. that will be distributed as soon as it arrives on the weekend. four teams in the areas that are most effective and we will start distributing tomorrow. >> this is finally getting through. it comes six days after the typhoon.
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is it not too late to help some people? >> it is never too late to help people. given the scale of the the scale of the storm, it means everything has been destroyed. it will take time to reach people. tomorrow, our teams will be distributing aid. it takes a long time to get a two people. the final mile is always the most difficult one. we wanted to start on the first day, but we could not. >> what can our viewers do if they want to help? >> 14 u.k. aid charities joined together with a joint appeal to the produce public under a banner for the emergency committee. so far, over 23 million pounds have been donated. .hat is about 25 million euros if people want to donate, go to
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,he disaster emergency website and please be as generous as you can. these scenes on television screens of human suffering, the british public and the public due out europe are extremely generous. please help us help other people help themselves. >> thank you so much for taking the time to speak to us. wherego now to egypt backers of mohamed morsi have 17 years ined to prison for taking part in a violent student led product -- process and not sober. a work use of attacking the headquarters of their university. they were arrested after protesters tried to storm the office, which supported the army's overthrow of president morsi. over 1000 people, mostly morsi
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supporters, have been killed since he was removed from office four months ago. many are going to trial, including morsi himself. that comes as russia's foreign and defense ministers had talks with their egyptian counterparts in cairo today. it comes after a falling out between the u.s. and egypt. washington suspended some of its military aid over morsi's ouster. the discussion could include talks on the sale of weapons to egypt. egypt did have close ties -- this seemstil like an attempt to revise that. this is the highest level russian delegation since the collapse of the soviet union.
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relations between the u.s. and egypt took a downturn after morsi was ouster. u.s. president barack obama slashed military aid with the aim of pushing egypt toward democracy. egyptians are looking around for new partners to get away from dependence on the u.s. the minister is here for a high-profile visit shows a rekindling of the friendship. >> in france, the justice minister has spoken out against a new racist slur against her after a far right weekly went to press comparing her to a monkey. a string oftest in
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racist insults against the justice minister, which has prompted the government to fight back or if thomas waterhouse has the details. a the monkey got her been on back. it is a french lay on words, which means the justice minister is in top form. interviewed on french national television, she reacted strongly to the latest controversy. wordsremely violent suggest i am not part of the human race. they deny my place in human society. for my children and my family to hear. i know there are many people who suffer from this kind of attack. the prime minister is responsible for introducing same-sex marriage legislation.
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one person was expelled from the far right party after posting a facebook comment. a group of schoolchildren chanted monkey eat your banana. soul-has been much searching across the country as to whether racism has been widely acceptable in parts of french society. >> we will leave you now with this. the economic crisis may be getting hard all over the world. one industry is booming. that is the art world. records have been slashed left and right after an andy warhol painting sold for $185 million in new york. that is the most for any andy warhol painting in his to read. it comes after the most expensive work of art ever sold at auction went for over $142 million. it was by francis bacon.
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."u are watching "france 24 do not go away. >> coming up on the show, we take a look at chile. ideas differ dramatically when deciding what is best for the nation. gapthe ever widening between those who have and those who do not in new york city. t litw -- two leading presidential candidates highlight the differences in the country. they both have very different ideas. air force generals living on the same base in northern chile.
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they will face off as presidential candidates. candidate was the first female president in 2006. she has remained popular with the voters. on the other side is the woman representing the independent or credit union. she has experience as a senator and minister. the two women are running with different parties, which at one point were very close. >> that is what makes this race so dramatic and incredible. girls who play together are now opposing candidates. coup set thery girls on separate paths. father became part of the military regime.
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her opponent's father was tortured to death. she was arrested and tortured along with her mother before being exiled. their return to chile was only made possible through negotiations. she condemns the regime's human rights violations. in the 1980 and referendum that , sheht democracy to chile wanted to keep in o'shea -- p inochet in power. >> we cannot forget that during that time many chileans were killed. houses were victims of torture. dictatorship went about building itself by limiting our goals. bachelet is favored to win.
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is seeking lyrical continuity. chile needs to perfect her institutions. it does not need to rebuild our institutions. >> it is ultimately the people who will mathei or with change. certain groups in the country are caused by soaring inflation. high-security outside biz electronics store.
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the military militia tried to contain their crowd as hundreds rest to take part of the newly -- take part in the newly hite's sale. angstrge in customers is to a decree by president maduro. >> i have ordered the immediate occupation of this chain of appliance stores. i would not see nothing less on the shelves or in the warehouses. enough is enough. his strategy aims to slow down venezuela's soaring rate of inflation by slashing prices. some say the president's decision is irresponsible. >> he is desperate because of
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his failure to govern the country. he has taken measures that will do nothing to solve the economic crisis. >> venezuela's oil fed economy has taken a hit. unemployment is on the rise. there are often shortages of consumer products and staples such as coffee, sugar, and oil. gloomyreports cast a economic forecast for the country. elections are certain to take place next month. between rich and poor in new york city has widened over the last decade. areas that used to be working class such as harlem are becoming gentrified. the newly elected mayor has promised to create more affordable housing. a sense of wrote spray --
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roach spray makes me homesick. of twoells a tale cities. his poetry talks about the gap between rich and poor in the neighborhoods where he grew up. >> i knew the rent was going to go up. was the whole purpose of having crap pumped into the neighborhood. became the playground for the bourgeoisie. train downtown a from harlem to sell his books. he does not make enough to live in the area where he grew up. welcome to my house. >> he owns this home in west harlem.
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he says his 50 foot wide than $12 is worth more million. are far away from what i paid for it. >> what did you pay for it? >> i cannot tell you that. is the placerlem to invest. the market is booming. he takes us on a tour of properties in harlem. this was recently purchased by a french investor. it will be resold for $2.5 million. is taking its toll on people who have lived in harlem andet a like this teacher artist. he recently received a message
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from the owner of his building. he is one of 60 people who would be kicked out of their apartments because they cannot afford rent heart -- rent hikes of over 35%. .> we are not vanishing we are being kicked out. we are here. it is not just myself. a number of us are being forced out. place in harlem where time appears to be standing still. every sunday for more than 20 this harlem resident has invited people into her living room for free jazz concerts. >> the city is very divided. there is ugliness. thus schools are troubled. all of that. that is not the world i live in. that is not what i embrace. i am a hot guy optimist.
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-eyed optimist. >> she is hopeful that things can change for the better. as gentrification takes place -- takes hold in harlem, many of area'sa pot artists ---- artists cannot afford to live there anymore. >> the emphasis is on creating jobs in america. the big push is to revive the country possible effect earring set her. one company makes materials for electronic devices. this is to ensure a made in the usa label does not become extinct. a barometer for the american economy. well, itcompany does
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means america is getting back on its feet. they are bringing production and jobs that the u.s. >> with caterpillar bringing these facilities that we are helping americans with that. it is a great thing. caterpillar is no small player. it figures it is no longer in their interest to stay overseas. >> we can't compete with low- cost countries like the sale and china because we use technology. we use high-speed machine tools. this is the future of the american manufacturing landscape. factories like these were disappearing. they seem to be reemerging. textiles.ctory makes >> you can find factories in
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or dyehat do cut and sew work or screenprinting. there is no factory that does everything. >> they pay a more expensive workforce. they field orders of more than one million items. >> people are ready to start getting back to made in the usa and take a ride in what they do, take pride in what americans can make. we are picky. we want good stuff. >> pride is being restored. the made in the usa label is becoming more prestigious.
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>> three british workers -- a buster ever, a midwife, and a paramedic. i have all accepted the challenge to do their job under some of the most stressful and dangerous conditions on the planet. >> that was a really, really horrible birth. >> how you guys do this in these conditions -- >> josh west is leaving his home and his job as a london bus oneer to work in manila, of the most densely populated cities in the world.


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