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tv   France 24 AM News  LINKTV  November 15, 2013 5:30am-6:01am PST

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>> international aid continues to arrive on the european. too late for many. the grim task as burying the death continues. it rises to over 4,000. overshadowed by a massacre four years ago, the biggest international event in decades forced sri lanka. these memories revive of the tamil tiger. he leaders are boycotting. and the hunt is on for a french priest kidnapped in cameroon fears rise as georges vandenbeusch has already being taken over the border in nigeria
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and his captain tors are the boko haram terrorist group. thanks for joining us. those are our headlines. you're watching "france 24." it's seven days since the typhoon left. it swayed death and destruction on the european the arrival of the u.s. navy is at the forefront of international aid efforts to finally start bringing relief to the most stricken areas. japan, australia and great britain contributing military vessels, aircraft and funds. and for more on this, we spoke with the emergency communications manager for doctors without borders in the area. he explained how that international aid is being filled. >> the international aid has arrived. they haven't really started to work. most of the relief that we provided so far has been done by the -- and they've been doing a
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fantastic job. everybody is helping out each other and a lot of work has been done already. need shelter, water supply and all emergency has arrived and they're trying to settle in and trying to organize which is very difficult with this situation. >> that comes at the scale of the disaster grows ever more apparent. the u.n. and the authority necessary worst city at tacloban indicating at least 4,000 deaths ad already been accounted for. >> it is a new day in tacloban. its people are isolated and in despair. military planes are flying above the c.e.o.'sle area but no aid
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is coming. every day it's about survival, finding water, food and a few drops of petrol. where are you? do you have a good place? ok. whatever you got, i take it. we fter this very moment, don't even feel what kind of ssistance we will receive. >> how much did you find? >> i could only get half a liter. when you have nothing, you have to be resourceful and inventive like kinding distant relations. hundreds of convicts have taken advantage of the typhoon and escaped. i was locked up like this and really thought it was the end for me. then i saw the water rising higher and higher.
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there are lootings in the region but there have been no arrests. will are taking this -- we do that so long as possible. the area is a popular asian holiday destination. the body of tourists still lie otting on the beach. there are also people who came to find peaceful retirements like marjorie, an american who is now cut off from the world. >> everything we hear is by word of mouth. it's rumor, speculation. it's the communication that's the worst for me. i was hoping we would have cell phone up by now in working but we have not communications. so we can't find out what's going on, what's not. >> as night falls again with thousands of survivors still
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fending for themselves, everyone is asking how much longer they will have to wait like this. >> now, barack obama announced he bears the responsibility for the troubled roll out of his trumpetted health care reform. the affordable care act, a.k.a., obamacare continues to be a burden than a success. public anger growing over a botched online rollout and millions have suddenly canceled individual insurance policies. obama apologizing for that fumble. his mea culpa coming as pressure rises from democrats for a response. obama's popularity rating has hit new lows. the latest new polls has him at 39%. to canada now where police have wrapped up a global child pornography ring. in all, nearly 350 people arrested around the world in connection with the case. the international operation dubbed project spade also helping rescue 386 children.
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the investigation beginning in 2010 when a website selling illegal images of children was trace back to toronto. let's listen to the head of the toronto police unit outlining the types of people picked up in the dragnet. >> the number of people that had close contact with children, the arrests included 40 school teachers, nine doctors and nurses, 32 people who volunteered with children, six law enforcement personnel, nine pastors or priests and three foster parents. >> to sri lanka where the president is on the defensive at a major international summit. the gathering that start this friday in colombo overshadowed by criticism of the crackdown that ended the tamil tiger uprising in 2009. the leaders of canada, india are already boycotting the summit
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visited id cameron has the area. 40,000 civilians were killed in the final months of that war. many of them in that region. our correspondent reports. >> this is the biggest event that sri lanka has hosted in nearly three decades. the president hope that is the summit would give his country a chance to showcase all the developments made the country since government troops crushed the tamil tiger rebels in 2008. the refusal to set up an independent commission to investigation allegations of war crimes said they have shared the disaster they weren't prime minister of canada has already decided to boycott the event with the government saying that attending would be akin to accommodating evil. for india, this is a tricky issue because the tamil minority
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believed to have been persecuted again in that conflict has its roots in the south indian state. it's a delicate balancing act for the prime minister. while he has sent a high level delegate to attend the summit, he has decided to stay away rather than offend tamil borders ahead of the next year's general election. >> the kidnapping to a french priest in northern cameroon, georges vandenbeusch from his paris church. that proximity reports his captors were english speaking saying the culprits are from a pritchett group. officials say he has already been taken over the border. before heading to cameroon in 2011, the 42-year-old preached that at a patient -- parrish in a church for nine years.
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>> lighting votive candles and saying their prayers. these churchgoers pray for the man who guided them for nine years. they remember father vandenbeusch has one who is dedicated to his church. >> i just come out of the church. i pray that our lord would give him strength and courage. >> the 42-year-old priest left to preach in cameroon to be closer to those most in need. he sent regular updates to members of his own parish and he mentioned to the militant group. >> he said i will go further and i will do my job. i will go where things are complicated because it is my duty to do so. the faith that lives inside me, i'm going further to places where we are taking a risk. >> he considers his role was to
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remain there close to other priests, close to the nuns. and close to the people. >> worship thinks the charges of the family, a family that has taken action. they've created a support committee and a holding a vigil so that everyone can pray for his quick and safe return. >> the relief for the handling of the economy. the european commission giving france the budget the ok. but brussels insists that paris has no room for maneuver. that is part of the new oversight for europe as it pushes states to abide by its deficit guidelines the commission validating all 13 budgets for nations not in bailout situations. france's finance administer saying it is for the economic credibility.
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for more on this, we are joined by our correspondent in brussels. why is this so important? what value does this green light from brussels have? >> well, it is a brand-new thing for the european commission which has given in the favor of the crisis, so to speak. to the commission has to assess draft plans that has to be presented before october 15. this year, they have been validated. so that means none of this country will have to bear the full brunt of the effect, so to speak, of the new measures, which could lead to personal opinion which is what the commission has given today, just opinions, on all these 13 countries and france and could lead to recommendations. and that would mean that the individual national parliaments would have to come back to the vote and to debate in the
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national countries on the future budget so the commission now has a say as to how these budgets are going to be drafted. you know that they went into much detail for france about the pension system, about the incomes of different taxes and they also criticized other countries like italy and finland for the debt of the public deficit, germany for his threshold deficit so no country is away from this scrutiny of the european commission and we'll see next year if any recommendation is presented by the commission. >> thank you very much for that update. moving now to sports. and this friday, tension for many football fans here in europe. the first playoffs for next year's soccer world cup kicking off this evening. probably the toughest encounter seeing portugal hosting sweden. iceland is playing croatia.
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there is little to separate greece and roam ya. french -- romania. here's more. >> france got through their final training session before the world cup qualifier against ukraine. but having struggled against ireland at the same stage four years ago, they're determined to make no mistakes. >> i don't think we should go and play it safe. we have to go there and win this match and i think we have the team to get the result. >> france has never lost in ukraine in seven meetings but the hopes being unbeaten in nine match this year and the fans are confident they're going to win this one. [applause] >> sorry, guys, but you're not going to prevail. don't be upset. it's going to be tight but the first leg, we'll win 1-0 and we'll hold on to that lead in paris. >> failure to qualifier would be
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a financial qualifier as they suffered from an image problem. france cannot afford to slip up. >> finally to a big step for the little mast. it has played its final innings in his 200th test match. scoring a respectful 74 against the west indies may have fallen short of the much hoped for the indian icon. he may not be asked to take to the crease ever again. 40-year-old. seeing him become the highest ever run scorer. ♪ >> kiev will be the battleground . the french team on friday gears up for the world cup playoff crash with ukraine. the cameras were clicking and the rest of the french squad
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arrived at the hotel ahead of this two-legged tie. they want them to attack the ukrainian goal. >> there are several possible formulas with their advantages and their drawbacks. anyway, i'll have the same central idea, which is to not start the game by only thinking to defend. it will be a fight. qualification depends on it. it's a little bit like against ireland four years ago. we have first to think about winning the physical battle. and afterwards, develop our game. >> france captain says he's been doing his homework on the on suspension he's picked out two players who are potential match winners as he explains. >> we are conscious of the
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quality of the ukraine team. they have two great talents on the flagstick who can make the difference, especially in counterattacks through their speed and the quality of their shots. they are also performing on free kicks and corners. seeing that they are collectively quite strong, they've proved it in 2013 with some very good results. they finished one point adrift of england which is a very good performance. france who won the 1998 world cup are hoping that they can qualify for their 14th finals and ukraine qualified in one occasion back in 2006. arguably the biggest head-to-head of the european playoffs links will be portugal and sweden. one of ronaldo or the opponent will go on. ronaldo scoring his 23rd hat
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trick to make it 24 goals in 17 games this season. the opponent knows his side will need to be worried. >> well, of course, we will have to keep an eye on him but he is just one player. to win, we will have to stop him but they have other also very skillful. and of course, we will keep an ye on ronaldo as well. >> the hat trick of the weekend against niece. -- nice. >> i believe we should continue like we have done so far. the atmosphere we have, the mentality and will which we have . everyone wants the same thing and our hope is to continue in these two games as it has in the qualification games. just as in the first round, there's a collective, we think
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fantastically well. we wanted to qualify for the finals, but we made it into the playoffs. we played in a group where we have the best team in europe. we finished behind them. that's good. very good. portugal was number two in the group. they easily should have won. my opinion is that we deserve to qualify for the finals more than they do. sweden missed out in south africa, portugal are hoping to make their fourth straight finals. a tie is wide open. >> i think that is no favorites. 50% for each side is correct. we have two matches and we have to be good in two matches in rder to achieve qualification. >> sweden unbeaten in seven visits to portugal and they will want to change that to give them the edge to give them the second
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length on tuesday. >> elsewhere in the european playoffs, iceland with a population of over 325,000 people have croatia before their return. they will be the smallest nation to ever qualify. greece looking to qualify for their third finals hosts romania friday. romania last appeared in the world cup in 1988. the french strike on salaries has been postponed. negotiations are ongoing between the french football federation and the government socialist the head of the working group on sustainable football. the president said there will be no exception for football clubs on attacks. the professional football club chief said the strike will go ahead at a later date should the fresh talks fail to find a ompromise.
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>> today, we are establishing communications in the philippines. a "washington post" responds to controversy in the u.s. and a promotional video in switzerland. one of the missions undertaken by the without borders is to re-establish an internet collection at the hospital in the city tacloban, a city worst hit in the philippines so medical teams can communicate with doctors on the ground. e organization is to restore telecommunication services, a vital tool in coordinating
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relief efforts. and so, they set up emergency centers using satellite communications equipment that can be used by the philippine government, u.n. agencies and humanitarian organizations working at the scene. telecoms without borders is also working with local telecommunications companies to set up free calling locations in the hardest hit areas, left cut off from the rest of the world. it should help thousands of survivors contact their loved ones and recharge their mobile phones. telecom's operators in the philippines are working with foreign groups to try and get mobile phone networks up and running in the most devastated areas. as is the case last year when the philippine was hit by another typhoon last year. to help get communication services back in action. "washington post" columnist is
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under fire from american web user over a p.c. pin he wrote "people with conventional views must repress a gag reflex when considering the mayor elective of new york a white man married to a black woman and with two biracial children. social nds have taken network to slam the article accusing which -- about racism. saying he overstepped the mark and should be disciplined. others find this online petition said the journalist should be fired immediately. and while many have openly expressed their anger by "the washington post" columnist posting fiery messages online, others have taken a more original root when voicing their how rage. scores of international racial
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families challenging cohen over his gag reflex comment. richard cohen sprang in an online interview give on the "huffington post." he rejects the racism allegations made against him and says he was expressing the views in the u.s. vote and it doesn't ean he agrees with them. ethiopian have been posted a twitter hashtag to condemn treatments of illegal immigrants, a crackdown that descended to riots and violence leaving at least three ethiopian immigrants dead. web users have taken social network slamming the message used by police and the use of force and violence against african workers in the gulf kingdom.
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a fire at the internet archive headquarters in san francisco last week destroyed digitizization equipment and he organization which is dedicated to building the most comprehensive internet library possible is appealing for online donations to help raise the $600,000 the archive needs to resume activity. >> when chileans cast their vote in presidential elections on sunday, one big question have in mind is whether they want to change the political system itself. the strong favorite who was president from 2006 to 2010 wants to change the constitution which was put in place by the military dealership. -- dictator. >> it should be everybody. the content should be decided
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collectively. it should put an end to authoritarian control and the overrepresentation of elites opening new channels for people to participate. >> her opponent is a right wing candidate. both women were friends but when one came to power in a coo, her father sided with the regime and the other was tortured and killed. she wants political and economic change pointing to chili's economic growth. -- chili's economic growth. >> analysts point out that her reforms are unlikely to be too drastic. >> what is being debate is the
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state's capacity to create social services, to protect its citizens from the private sectors and to improve education health services. the foundation of chili's economic model is not being uestioned. >> she is headed to a big win. more than 50% would be no need for a second round for
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>> hello and welcome to the "help show." on today's program, we bring you medical innovations on every scale, from microsurgery to one of the world's largest hospital ships. coming up, the latest in a robotic medicine using


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