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tv   Journal  LINKTV  November 16, 2013 6:00am-6:31am PST

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>> hello, and welcome to "the journal." live from berlin, i am and o'donnell -- and o'donnell. efforts to help survivors in the philippines are boosted by aid. will they or won't they -- the british social democrats considering teaming with conservatives. a crucial first leg qualifying match for the germans.
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>> we begin in the philippines where a days after typhoon haiyan struck, relief efforts are being stepped up. the eu has pledged additional and immediate relief. as we see in our first report, they are facing a massive task with an estimated 2 million people displaced by the storm. at last, freshwater has arrived at the airport. many have been waiting for days. within seconds, bottles have run out. it is simply not enough for everyone. more is on the way. emergency supplies are pouring into the area from all over the world. set upanizations have field hospitals where the sick and injured can be treated as here, on the island. the commissioner has come here to assess the situation
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firsthand. she said the eu has increased its financial assistance to the region. andhere is immediate relief building early recovery, because the need for shelter here is clearly enormous. >> a week after typhoon haiyan hit, hundreds of thousands are living on the streets. >> my son is trying to rebuild our house because it was totally destroyed. he's rebuilding it now, so that we can move back in. >> the cleanup work is progressing slowly. rescue workers believe the bodies of many more workers may be hidden under rubble. some 25,000 people are listed as missing in the disaster zone. >> two months after the social
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democrats disappointing election, the annual conference is taking place where the leadership is in talks to form a grand coalition with angela .erkel's coalition the rank-and-file want to teach leaders of lesson. the general secretary was oflected, but over one-third delegates abstained from voting. for more, we are joined by our political correspondent. you were asked -- at the conference yesterday, and did you get the impression that the members were eager to join into a coalition? >> they are not eager, not particularly enthusiastic, but there is a growing realization that this is the one shot the party is going to get at being the government. the partytes at
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convention center a clear message to both the party leaders and all of the delegates coalition, the worse the results. they sent the message that the grand coalition will not be a marriage of love that would a relationship dominated by common sense, and he is treading a fine line of bringing his party behind them, -- behind them, convincing them he will not sell out on values. >> what about germany? when will we get the next government? >> the plan is there will be three more weeks of talks, but the really difficult issues will be left until the end, when there will be six discussions led by the conservatives, angela sdp.l, and that
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it is important as the grassroots party comes together on the issue, they would have two weeks to vote on a coalition , and the assumption is they will say yes because anything else would throw the social into a deep crisis and everybody has penciled in that date as when they expect to see angela merkel reelected. >> thank you. in libya, 32 people have been killed after militiamen fired on protesters in the capital, tripoli. all armed militia has been ordered to leave the country, but they have been struggling since muammar gaddafi was ousted. >> it started as a peaceful protest. thousands of residents marched toward the headquarters of the
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militia group, but when they got there, this happened -- [gunfire] they were met by a torrent of bullets and hundreds were injured. >> this is the blood of libyans. where is the army, the police? >> witnesses say emergency rescue workers were slow to respond. from allmed brigades areas without exception should leave tripoli. xo part, all attempts to rein in >> solitary -- among -- far, all attempts to rein in the militia had failed. the population has been suffering as the power of militias has grown, posing a threat to the country, and weak security forces seem powerless
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to act. >> polls have closed in the maldives where a presidential runoff is gone ahead after weeks of delays and protests. three previous attempts to elect a new leader have been an old or delayed. the front-runner is mohamed nasheed. challenged by abdullah yameen. policy shakeup in china. for more than 30 years, china has pushed a one-child policy on couples. planis changing, and they to abolish labor camps for prisoners. we have more in this report. >> the little emperor syndrome haveen chinese parents
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affection for one child, it is the effect of a one-child policy. previously, both parents had to be only children. today, other factors present chinese families from having larger families. been in forcehas for so long in the cities it does not have much effect. living cost is so high, it is impossible to have more than one child anyway. >> it is not the only big change the communist party is landing. it wants to open up the economy enterprise,ate liberalize the banking sector, and abolish notorious prison camps. -- labor camps. china has been using labor camps
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to punish critics of the communist party since 1967, and according to you and estimates, over 190,000 men and women were in prison without trial. under the new system, people will be able to hire lawyers to defend their case and appeal decisions. people will have more opportunities to defend their rights. >> the government also wants to reduce the number of executions. it is not clear when the changes will come into effect, or whether international criticism of china for its poor human rights record laid any part in the decision -- played any part in the decision. >> it is time to return to our top story this hour, the typhoon haiyan, which has left a path of destruction in its wake. we are joined from the philippines by chris johnson. you travel this morning to the countryside to see aid being
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distributed. can you describe what you saw? >> actually, i is still on the road. i have been with a group of citizens that brought food to a very remote area, into a village, and it is really amazing because all the way up to the northern tip, it is other -- utter devastation from the high wind like a tornado had gone through it. for a couple of hours of anding, there are hundreds hundreds of kids and mothers along the side of the road begging for food, saying help us as the car goes by. when we finally got to this little village right on the coast, there was incredible commotion. people were running along side of the car, pushing to get into line, desperate to get a loaf of rice, three pounds of
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packages of noodles, and they were so relieved when they finally got it. >> an absolutely heartbreaking story there. sayingow, critics are that the pace of eight is very slow. the -- pace of aid is very slow. do you agree? >> could you repeat the question. is extremelyf aid slow. do you agree with that? >> yes, i had a very good look at why that is. it is difficult to get to these remote locations. for example, when we got to this village, the villagers had to raise the electrical wires that had fallen onto the street so [indiscernible] >> i'm sorry. we will have to leave it there. the line has gone down. we will move onto sports, and supporters of the french national soccer team have been
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left wondering if their side will go to the next world cup after they lost to ukraine in the first leg of the qualifier match. it was a night to forget with their top player effectively of the game.out >> the footballer of the year managed little, and when he did get the ball, was consistently smothered by the ukrainian defense. the ukrainians also created few opportunities. the first half was tough for both sides. in the 61st minute, the hosts were put ahead. the ukraine has crashed out of the last four major competitions in the playoff stage. this time could be different. a penalty in the 82 minute saw luck on his side, putting the match beyond reach. ukraine 2-0.
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france is on the brink of elimination. >> here are the results of the other first leg playoffs. portugal beat sweden 1-0. greece beat romania, convincingly, 3-1 and iceland laid out a goalless draw with croatia. action with italy in a friendly match. germany have not been the italians since 1995. againnly managed a tie in -- in a game that saw a serious knee injury. 100 game joakim low's in charge. germany started strong. they were in the lead just eight minutes into the game. the italian star striker, mark
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obama kelly, was subdued, -- was subdued, but they struck back. >> we played well. weer scoring first, dominated the game until the italians equalized. we did not do as well in the second half. we did not really control the game. >> germany lost their way after and a knee injury was sustained putting sammy out of action for six months. there was a flare up one they were booked for bickering. >> things got a bit rough, but i do not think we were to blame. i do not know if it was the italians fault, either. >> los people believe a 1-1 draw was a fair result. italy is a team germany just cannot be.
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but you can check out any of our stories from this journal in more detail on our website. -- for me, now, that is it. one is at the top of the hour. -- more news at the top of the hour. please, sayss, igor. he and his men from a self- appointed militia group sits through a dilapidated house in the middle of moscow without any legal authority. migrants from central asia are thought to be hiding here. they are a source of cheap labor, often without valid papers. hello, why are you living here, he is asking. we are from the militia, keep
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your documents ready and wait for the police. >> they do this week after week. residents tipped them off as to where migrants could be living. many think immigrants are a problem for moscow. language]foreign my papers are in order, this man tells me. he has mistaken me for member of the militia. i asked him where he is from. is pakistan, he says. you came in from work, yes, he says.
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in moscow, there are jobs. at home, it is difficult. now, he is desperate. the police have been called, and that means the man from his pakistan will probably be deported. nothing to do with nationalism, he says, but about different civilizations. central asia and is a region were fundamentally event roles apply banyan must -- fundamentally different rules apply than in moscow and did not make an effort. remainingt the last independent russian polling organization shows many people in moscow think like this with wanting% ranking the -- the immigrants from central asia to be sent home, but it would be hard to imagine the construction broom -- move without them.
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for many of the building sites, it is migrants than do the hard labor. from this construction site, they have now gone on strike. they have gone more than three months without pay. they are owed a total of more than 100,000 euros, but the man from the construction company says he knows nothing about it. there is probably not much the workers can do. they cannot bring those responsible to account. that really should not be happening, we will have to clarify that with our subcontractors, who hired these people, and as a general contractor we do not employ any construction workers. we hire a company that pays its people and it must also provide accommodation for them. containers live in
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directly on the construction site, and they have to pay for it, the equivalent of 70 euros per month. he wants to show me how they live and he leads me around the grounds. sleeping, they, have everything they need in the containers. even live here with their families and small children. toe of them could afford rent a real apartment. they only earn about 800 euros a month if they get paid at all. times have got tougher. for?do they still need us i have now been here in russia for over 10 years.
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we have built a lot, everywhere you look, and now, perhaps, it is enough for them. maybe now they want to chase us away. hundreds of thousands of migrant workers lived in moscow, and some estimate there are about 2 million. they were 10 -- worked in nannies,ion, cleaners, and many are traitors in outdoor markets. when they see that i am filming, many become nervous. time and again nationalists have attacked markets like this, and now the mood has changed. hostility to those that do not look russian is growing. aid organization has been observing this for a long time. colleagues provide advice and medical help to migrants and refugees. this young man from his pakistan was brutally -- his pakistan was
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brutally attacked and robbed. he was trying to transfer money to his family at home, money he earned as a tailor in moscow. this activist translates the young man story. he says that young man was tied up and driven to a forest where he was beaten. the activist says he feels migrants can also -- often be attacked with impunity in russia nowadays. the media are now constantly, he says, almost hysterically reporting about immigrants. this probably influences people, and that leads to this kind of harassment. this is probably the main reason. he gets 30 2-40 calls for help every day. the aggression migrants face is greater than ever.
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the social worker and human rights activist says that hatred migrants,d toward all sometimes against caucasians from chechnya or can't expand, people that are russian citizens. hated refugees from faraway countries who look different, like people from africa who have come to seek , and economic migrants, of whom there are many. she shows me video on the internet to help me understand why the atmosphere has now become so charged. picture she shows me is from mid-october. in southern moscow, an angry mob storms a market. the workers come mainly from the caucasus and central asia. [applause]
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a few days earlier, a young muscovite had been stabbed to death in broad daylight. there were reports a man who looked like he was from the caucuses was to blame, and there were rumors he was hiding at the market. the police were slow to stop the rioters. the next day, they are arrested about 1000 migrants to prevent further violence, the authorities said. he says that is always the way. but, she says, the government encourages migrants, recently coming up with immigration policy, in black and white saying russia needs migrants. isthis rate, the birth rate low, and they will need plenty of manpower in the future.
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i am surprised russia has gone so long without a clear immigration policy. the formerfrom soviet republic in central can come to russia without a visa and stay for three months, but many stay longer and work risk, allat their own because their employer brides the authorities. migrant workers are used to having no rights. than 3.5 million undocumented immigrants in russia. the real numbers are probably much higher. whenever public anger reaches a boiling point, they are the scapegoat. ,hen, there are waves inspections and ways of deportation. .sually, nothing happens that is why he and his friends decided to take the fight against illegal immigration into his own hands. they have been doing this for the past two years.
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i have carried out more than 100 raids and found everything -- they have carried out more than 100 raids and filmed everything. pictures, tracking down immigrants, handing them over to the authorities. they often force their way into the hiding places. and go, and get your documents out, igor calls out in this video. all of this is completely legal, he says, after all, they call the police as soon as they find migrant workers. here, they discovered 45 immigrants and illegal drugs and numerous electronics. drug trafficking and petty crime, these are the usual accusations against immigrants.
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igor has called in the special police forces for help. wearing helmets and bullet-proof vest, elite away the defenseless migrants. igor thinks he did the right thing. he says there are only two possibilities, either the problem will be solved from the ground up with his groups help, or it will be the end of the political system, this and -- the disintegration of russia. religious and national conflicts have long reach the boiling point, he says. igorgoes back into the -- was back into the night with his militia. the police were suspicious of them at first, he says, and many profited from fears, providing cover for the illegals in this case -- exchange for a fat
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bride, but now many police officers are working together with the vigilantes. they cannot stop immigration, but igor and his men are succeeding in staring up xenophobia and confl
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