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tv   Journal  LINKTV  November 17, 2013 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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>> welcome to "the journal" in berlin. our top stories this hour. the latest on efforts to help typhoon ravaged communities in the philippines. the german man who thwarted 1200 artworks says he wants them back. deborah lessing has died at the age of 94. relief efforts in the
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philippines are continuing to gather pace with more aid getting through to the survivors of typhoon haiyan. president aquino has been visiting some of the hardest hit areas. the official death toll is 4000 with thousands more still missing. ♪ haiyanivors of typhoon attended mass on sunday morning. are grateful to be alive. the community is one of the hardest hit. ♪ holly lidia allelujah ♪ >> this is the only place we can unburden all of the things we are feeling. >> haiyan was one of the strongest typhoons ever recorded. this newly released pictures show the power of the way from
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the storm surge. the president has again visited areas ravaged by the typhoon. he and his government are facing criticism for not giving aid quickly enough. aquino said they are doing all that they can. >> i want to stress the government has the means. 28 countries are helping in operations. can we rise up? of course. but it will be easier and faster with assistance. >> rebuilding will be a huge task. one town was also completely flattened. the latest estimates say 4 million people lost their homes to the fierce winds and waves. for more on the relief effort in the philippines, we spoke earlier to chris johnson. he described what he has been seeing. >> well, there's certainly more iaaid coming in. red cross and doctors without
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borders are setting up relief hospitals. and they will have surgery units running by the end of this weekend. there is something like 12,500 people injured. there are reports that a british warship is off the coast of cebu city, getting ready to help out people on the island west of here. deployed 23 helicopters to reach more isolated areas. the philippine air force is doing a lot of food drops. but the social and welfare development secretary has been saying that the effort has been too slow, and they still have to do much more. he is seen complaints that many people have received no aid at all nine days after the storm hit. >> that was chris johnson speaking to us earlier from cebu city. a passenger plane has crashed in the city of kazan, killing all 50 people on board. the boeing 737 belonging to tatarstan airlines was making
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and a second attempt to land and exploded when he hit the runway. the plane left moscow earlier in the day. there were 44 passengers and six crew members on the board. due to close in less than two hours in chile. the socialist candidate is expected to win. does, it would be her second time in the job. this time, she is vowing to help narrow the gap between rich and poor. her main policy priority is educational reform. she is helping to finance that with an increase in corporate taxes. cheered as if she had already won the election. >> she enjoys widespread support ranging from communist to christian democrats. she is aiming to secure more than half the vote to avoid a runoff poll. >> [speaking spanish]
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>> there are nine candidates, but i would like to win. >> the contrast between the candidates is huge. she said she was to keep the economy on track. and opposes new corporate taxes. >> [speaking spanish] >> we want to have a growing economy. we want a strong country with more jobs. we want better salaries and a better health care system for all chileans. has promised equal opportunities. ackle the issue of education that brought so many people out onto the streets. >> equality has been at the
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heart of this campaign. the vote on sunday will help you secure a majority. >> chile's future is now in the hands of its 13.5 million registered voters. the government in pakistan is planning to put former president for treason.trial if convicted, he could face the death penalty or life in prison. the interior ministry said it decided to prosecute him due to his decision to declare a state of emergency and suspend the constitution in 2007. musharraf arty faces charges over his alleged role in the murder of former prime minister benazir bhutto. thousands of people have marched through athens to mark the 40th anniversary of an uprising former military dictatorship. demonstrators use the march to protest against the government, as well as austerity measures forced on greece by the imf. the marchers carried a
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bloodstained flag that flew over polytechnic during the student revolt in 1973. the german recluse who kept a trove of art acquired by his father hidden for half a century did it out of love for the paintings. that is what the 80-year-old has spiegel." back.ts his collection some jewish museums have come forward to claim some of the pieces. he seems to have lived a reclusive life. he rarely speaks to neighbor and has no known friends. the paintings discovered in his apartment could be worth 1 billion euros. he says he is not prepared to voluntarily surrender the artwork. the prosecutors will do decide
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awould have never committed crime. even if i had, it would now have passed the statute of limitations. his father legally acquired the pieces from dealers and museums. her was one of a handful of dealers authorized by the not ceas-- the nazis. he told the magazine he wants to be left alone with the pictures. he said the authorities can do what they want with them after he has died. arman authorities have set up website to publish photos of works that may have been seized by the not -- the nazis. the authorities hope the move will give any rightful owners to reclaim -- an opportunity to reclaim their art. >> tennis now. the czech republic have just been serbia to retain the davis cup. vic onek swept aside lajo
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sunday to seal a 3-2 victory. earlier in the day, joke of it had leveled the tie with a straight set in wins over berd ucych -- djokovic had leveled the tie. medals hope.kiing the winter looks at gotten their season underway in finland on sunday. thechamp excelled in slalom. while the german had a day to forget. ch once agains demonstrated his technical dominance. he was barely breaking a sweat as he cut off the perfect line. he was quickest on both runs in the slalom. and claimed his 19th world cup event when. -- win. >> this is perfect.
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i have to admit it feels great to start the winter this way. >> two time world champion - an while norway's christopherson came third. skiier finished just behind hirsch. but his hopes were dashed by a spectacular fall on his second round. he finished 27 in the end. cameroon had booked a place in the world cup finals for a seventh time. s sealed qualification with a win over tunisia. the midfielder scored twice to help his side to victory. the two side had drawn 0-0 in the first leg. cameroon will join ivory coast and nigeria and brazil. also be in brazil
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trying to win their first trophy for 18 years. in the meantime, the team is already winning hearts and minds of home. -- at home. the advertising campaign for seems to beeams lifted straight out of the findings of a new study. the soccer stars are for trade is average guys. at the same time, someone to look up to. know that children will see them as role models. they have succeeded in that function for years. the image is no coincidence. 2006 world cuphe finals in the team developed into a marketable product. the coach is a stickler for discipline and often overlooks difficult players. no matter how good they are. 33 example, one had to turn
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before being rewarded with his debut against england on tuesday. we asked supporters how they sell players. there was a mixed response. >> the players are role models in terms of their lifestyle and their passion. in what respect? the way they live their lives? come on. >> many fans say the most important thing about the current team is how they build solidarity and community spirit. >> they are our national team. they stick together. whether they normally play four different teams, they are a family. >> but sympathy is grounded in the team. the players' personalities -- ♪ >> of course, it did not hurt that they came home from tournaments with trophies. many germans today would
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probably prefer that, too. >> the literary world is mourning the death of one of its most accomplished writers. dorris lessing has died at the age of 94. her works won numerous prizes over the year. her crowning achievement came in 2007 when she was awarded the nobel prize for literature. lessing's reaction to winning the nobel prize danger fame around the world. >> -- gained her fame around the world. >> she arrived from a shopping trip in october, two thousand seven, to find a crowd of reporters. wrote extensively about gender and racial issues. she was a radical humanist. she was born in iran in 1919, and grew up in former southerner geisha. -- rodesia.
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lessing moved to england in 1949 and gained international renown with her first novel. the book deals with the intimate relationship betweenthe white opal white-- wife of a white farmer and black servant. notebook," was published in 1962. >> i have always enjoyed working. there is no pleasure like it. when you have a story in your mind and you start writing it, that is wonderful. >> lessing was a prolific writer, often publishing a major work of most every year during the 1980's. she withdrew from the public eye in her final years. her last novel was published five years ago. >> you are watching "the journal" on dw. do stay with us.
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>> on monday, the philippines was only beginning to take stock of the devastation left behind by typhoon haiyan. the mega storm slammed into the islands only days before leaving thousands dead and hundreds of thousands homeless. president aquino declared a state of emergency. soldiers began the task of recovering bodies, while they try to get aid to the survivors. relief efforts were hampered by mounds of debris. the only airport sustained heavy damage. many communities were left with no food or water. log]speaking taga
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>> there is no more food inside the warehouse. officials say millions of people are in urgent need of shelter and medicine. with the risk of disease growing greater by the day. but among the tragedies were also stories of inspiration. old pregnant woman had to cling to a post to survive the six meter storm surge. trekking for kilometers to wreckage, she reached safety at the airport. there, she gave birth to a baby girl. warsaw, a town -- in new effort to reach a pact on climate change. thousands of delegates came to the capital to cut emissions by 2020. they expect only modest progress to be made. activists are demanding more --
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substitutions for combating high food prices. >> a tropical cyclone wreaked havoc in somalia. up to 300 people were killed when it slammed into the horn of africa. region was hardest hit. flash floods and landslides killed thousands of love sac ivestock. in german]g inand it's the season again germany's rhine region. november 11 is the traditional start of carnival celebrations. for the next month, they will be donning their costumes to sing and party. ♪ carnival is known as the fifth season in germany and is celebrated mainly in catholic areas.
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♪ efforts continued on tuesday to form a new government for germany. 'svalnangela merkel conservatives and the social democrats are trying to hammer out a deal. the two sides found common ground on energy infrastructure policy. but plenty of disagreements remain. l has given a cold response to the proposal to allow voters to decide on european matters by referendum. rabbis from across europe wrapped up three days of discussions in berlin. the gathering in the german capital coincided with the 75th anniversary of kristalnaacht. the conference of rabbis was the first in berlin since the nazi era. >> we are back. not only are jews back, jewish
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life is back. and the jewish religious life is back. and the learning and studying of torah is also back. this is what we are celebrating. >> in november, 1938, angry mobs destroyed jewish starores. today germany has one of the fastest-growing jewish communities in europe. ♪ russia summon the polish ambassador to explain in ultranationalist riot outside the russian embassy in warsaw. poland apologized and described it is absolutely scandalous. polishlence erupted on independence day during a march by the far right group. carsioters set fire to
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outside the russian embassies and threw objects at the building. the police responded with water cannon and tear gas. three -- francis bacon became the most expensive work ever sold at auction. >> sold at $127 million. >> the commission was paid by an anonymous buyer. opium production in afghanistan hit a new high in 2013. according to united nations report, more than 200,000 hectors of land is being used to grow poppies. afghanistan is the biggest poppies, which is the main ingredient in heroin.
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israel's prime minister scrapped plans to build 20,000 settler homes in the occupied west bank and east jerusalem. the about turn came hours after the announcement of the project through international condemnation. palestinians had threatened to walk away from the recently restarted middle east peace talks. more than 12 years after the 9/11 terrorist attacks in new skyscraper at ground zero was officially opened on wednesday. it's one of a group of buildings under construction at the site. the tower is almost 300 meters tall, and was designed by a japanese architect. german president went on trial over a scandal. he's accused of accepting financial favors in return for
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political influence. >> this is not an easy day. i'm sure i can clear myself of all remaining allegations. i always acted correctly in every respect. >> he resigned as german president in february, 2012, after prosecutors launched proceedings against him. they date back to when he was a state premier of saxony. prosecutors say he accepted a hotel stay and meals from a wealthy friend. former german head of state to face charges in court. a verdict is expected by april next year. figures released in the u.s. showed only 106,000 people were able to sign up for obamacare in october. the white house has been facing a backlash over the rollout over the health-care reforms, which has been plagued by technical problems. president barack obama acknowledged that people were
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disappointed and was frustrated. >> i think it is legitimate for them to expect me to have to win back some credibility on this health care law in particular. and on a whole range of these issues in general. >> the affordable care act is supposed to extend health coverage to millions of uninsured americans. running political scandal in germany took another turn on thursday with a jail sentence. he was handed six years in prison for tax evasion. in the 1990's he gave millions in new legal cash donations to the governing cdu party. get to germany two decades to extradite him from canada. -- it took germany two decades. canadian police have grown up -- broken off one of the largest child pornography rings you have ever seen. arresting 250 people.
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the investigation began in 2010. authorities seized huge quantities of videos and photos of children being sexually exploited. >> the child victims identified in this operation numbered over 300. these 300 children had their lives altered forever. the images of them become a permanent record of sexual abuse of a child. in this operation, the victims were all prepubescent, with some as young as five. >> the ring was centered in toronto and run by a 42-year-old man who sold the material through website. friday, china said it will relax the controversial one child policy. it is the first major change to the country's strict family planning laws and three decades. couples are now allowed to have two babies under certain conditions. the one child policy was meant
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to slow population growth. female infanticide has led to a gender imbalance. it was not the only big announcement from the communist party. as well as a raft of economic reforms, they also want to abolish the country's notorious forced labor camps. beijing wants to reduce the numbers of executions. it is not clear when the changes will come into effect. german politics, delegates democrat conference voiced their dissatisfaction. in a show of unity, there was a lack of support for officials up for reelection. sdd members are unhappy of election results. and want to form another grand coalition government with angela merkel's conservatives. once started as a peaceful demonstration in tripoli, descended into violence.
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thousands of residents marched on the headquarters for a militia group to demand -- they were met by a torrent of bullets. [gunfire] dozens of people were killed and hundreds wounded. many militia were regarded as heroes. groups threaten the country's long-term stability. german officials urged a munich man to reach a fair settlement for the hundreds of lost artworks sound hoarded in his apartment. prosecutors are investigating whether the collection includes masterpieces looted by nazis. german authorities posted images of 25 works that may have been taken from museums or jewish owners. xhey include works by otto di and many other modern masters. 590 images are due to
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go online next week. the government is under pressure to find the rightful owners. legal experts say a 30 year statute of limitations on stolen art could make it difficult to to enforce any claims. and that was the week in
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