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tv   France 24 AM News  LINKTV  November 18, 2013 5:30am-6:01am PST

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french president continues his middle east visit with talks with the palestinian president. he is hoping to revive peace negotiations with israel. the former hostage is now back in france. the engineer managed to escape when his captors were praying. he was held for close to a year. candidatefemale wins the first round but still has to's make it through next month's runoff. the french president is in the
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middle east. this is his first official trip to the region. after talks in israel, today he is in ramallah where he lay a wreath on the tomb of yasser arafat. he also met with president mahmoud abbas in an attempt to restart the peace process. he called for a full halt to settlement building. peace,rder to bring france calls for the complete and definitive end to settlements because they threatened the two state solution. i say this to the israelis as a friend and i say it here to the palestinians. they must also make efforts to deal with difficult problems. >> to get more analysis on the french president's visit, let's
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bring in roger from ramallah. what effect will the french president's visit have on peace negotiations, if any? they will not have peace negotiations to speak of. the palestinians are disappointed in general. they are disappointed in their own leadership. they do not recognize any role model in the political sphere. they are even more disappointed with leaders abroad to give them good advice and then do not stay long enough to see it is carried out. peace negotiations have been overshadowed by other talks on iran's nuclear program. talksffect might the iran have on peace negotiations the israelis and
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palestinians? you ask political scientists to deal with realism, they will say france has been asked to take a hard line by israel and perhaps the united states on iran and asks change -- in exchange for help in the peace process. implied the temporary cutback in settlement building was a result of his pressure. if you take the point of view of who are not political scientists or politicians, they that francey upset has played a role in what they consider sabotaging the talks with iran. they remember france gave israel their nuclear weapons.
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they feel finally something is happening in the middle east that might contribute towards a more peaceful region, and it is being sabotaged by the french. >> thank you for that. ramallah is our correspondent traveling with the resident -- president. the settlement issue seemed to top the agenda. >> it did indeed. language wasande's slightly below what was expected of him on that issue. historical position is it is the settlements are illegal. that is something we did not hear from the french president when he came up to the podium to speak with his palestinian counterpart.
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the french president simply saying he wants colonization to sayingce and for all and the settlement activity complicates the task of making peace. obviously, very carefully chosen words. few hours aware in a he will be on the other side speaking. he probably does not want to make that a difficult moment and does not want to ruffle his israeli hosts' feathers. >> in paris, a gunman fired shots outside the headquarters of the french bank. no one was injured. police are at the balloon in the business district. the shooting came hours after another shooting in which a gunman shot and seriously wooded one person at the paris offices of the left-wing newspaper. each time, the shooter was able to flee the scene. there is no word if the
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incidents are related. police say the profiles of the shooters seem to be the same. police units have been deployed to the big media offices in paris. shootingds of incidents in france are incredibly rare, but last week another gunman brandished a gun in the hallway of the cable news station before fleeing. the former french hostage is back in paris. was kidnapped by radical islamists in nigeria nearly a year ago. he reportedly managed to escape as his abductors were praying. he landed this morning at a military airport. >> free at last. his long ordeal is over. he has arrived on french soil. his plane touched down monday morning at a military airport near paris. the foreign minister was on board.
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his family and the french prime minister greeted him on the tarmac. the french engineer was kidnapped by armed men at his home in northern nigeria nearly a year ago. the 63-year-old was in the hands of a nigerian radical islamist group. it says it wants to punish france for conducting military operations in northern mali and the banning of wearing the full veils in public places in french. local nigerian police say the engineer was being held in the house in the city. >> he was able to escape. he got onto a bike and went to the nearest police station. a breakaway faction of nigeria's most common it -- prominent jihadist organization. >> she made history as the first e-mail president of chile. four years after leaving office, she is eyeing another term.
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she won the first round of the race. without the outright jordy, she needed to avoid the second round. she will face off with her childhood friend, a conservative. >> it was not the out white -- out right win she was going for, but with 47% of the vote, she is celebrating a first-round victory. with 25%, theng former labor minister beat out seven other candidates. with neither clearing 50, they will go head-to-head in a runoff election later next month. an advocate for change, the socialist candidate who was president from 2006 until 2010 wants to rewrite the constitution put in place during the pinochet era. >> we want to start a new cycle
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by defeating abuses and exclusions. >> the right wing candidate warns against political and economic change, pointing to the rapid economic growth of chile. >> we're going to arrive with a message of moderation, with a broad message of building a country and continue to build a wonderful country. we are to win in the second round. women were daughters of military men and played together as children. but that is where the likeness ends. when pinochet came to power in a e's father sided with the regime and the other proposed and was tortured. that led the women down opposite roads in life and politics. >> we have new amateur footage
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from the powerful storm that slammed the philippines. you can see two massive waves hitting the town. the person taking the video was on the second floor of a neighboring house not far from the sea. it has been 10 days since the typhoon slammed the philippines. aid still has yet to reach some islands hit by the storm. close to 4000 were killed by the typhoon, one of the biggest in recorded history. the u.n. has called the relief effort a logistical nightmare. the tiny island in the east of the philippines. local authorities say the typhoon destroyed 90% of the infrastructure. strong winds are making it difficult for aid workers to reach the island. the survivors are desperate. >> we can no longer go fishing because we have no bullets left. support. need otherwise, people will go
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hungry. >> u.s. helicopters hover over san jose. and homesed streets barely resemble a talent. a helicopter touches down on the beach. they rushed for the badly needed aid. the civil airport has become an air traffic hub. aid planes land and then take off again heading to the islands and provinces. logistics are extremely complicated. >> the amount of cargo that arrived today was so big we could not take it in. in, the job of burying the dead continues in the hills. mass graves have been dug. for hygiene regions -- r easons, it is important burials take place as soon as possible. >> the trial of those accused of
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murdering a man in london is underway. they say they did not kill lee rigby in may. resulted in attended firebombings of mosques. anti-immigration protests are being held outside the courthouse today. "the goldenf notebook" has died. winning author died peacefully in her sleep early sunday aged 94. we take a look back. she famously found out she had won the nobel prize from journalists on her doorstep. >> you have won the nobel prize for literature. tackling race, gender politics, and the working of the [indiscernible] she had a classic career. she was raised by british
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parents in what is thousand bob wade -- zimbabwa. to explored topics of racism the world of science fiction. it was her 1962 novel that brought her international fame with its experimental style linking her firmly to the feminist cause. the swedish academy praised her for the way she examined her own society. >> the nobel prize for 2007 is ing.ded to doris less lessing was 88 when she was presented with the award, making her the oldest ever winner of the nobel literature prize. >> that is it from the newsroom. you are watching "france 24." do not go away.
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>> france will have to rewrite history if they are to avoid missing out on next summer's world cup. the french were trailing 2-0 ahead of the second leg in paris. a deficit no team has ever overturned in a european world cup playoff. the players were criticized by the national media following their performance on friday night. despite their predicament, the players believe they can qualify for brazil. i have hope. i still have great hope in our chances of qualifying. today have a lot of anger in me that will transform itself into positive energy to beat them.
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we have to play. football is a technical support. as a team, we have many qualities in this regard. we must show determination and a desire to succeed and qualify for the world cup because i cannot imagine france being out of it. were on target for ukraine at the olympic stadium while france's miserable evening was compounded by his dismissal. the last time they failed to qualify for a major tournament was 1994. he's hoping to avoid a repeat performance. >> we are in a situation that favors ukraine simply because of the first leg result. now we do still have the possibility to reverse the situation.
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it is there, it is real. i'm not trying to convince myself. it is there. we still have a shot. we have the possibility to turn things around. it is not simple, but we see the game in the spirit. housence will have a full on tuesday evening. breaking down the ukraine defense will be no easy task. he completed four goals in 10 qualifying matches. they are unbeaten in their travels. cameroon have qualified for the 2014 world cup after beating tunisia. they booked their place in brazil next summer. the czech republic have retained
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the davis cup after beating serbia 3-2 in the final in belgrade. novak djokovic hetty straight sets win to level the tie for stepanek. in formula one, sebastian has won a record eight straight race in a single season after taking the flag in austin, texas. it was the 38th victory of his career. webber came in third. bottas came in eighth place. final day ofo the the classic in mexico tied for the lead with sweden.
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despite a slow start to the final round, the american moved into the lead early on the back nine. struggling dropping back to an eventual fifth-place finish. english can pleading -- completing a superb round to gain his second title of the season. wondefending champion has the world cup in finland. took4-year-old austrian time out to deliver a wish list to santa claus and said he got an early christmas present. 52.8 on the first run, he stepped up the aggression in the second giving him the winning aggregate. >> it is amazing.
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it is not easy to be in the role of the favorite. yeah, it is not an easy job. on the other side, it is a lot of fun. i am really happy today. >> mario won the second of his titles in 2007. the 34-year-old got second place. he showed great poise the second time down the mountain. henrich picked up third place. is oneyear-old norwegian to look out for in the future. disappointment for the german. he was second after the opening rubber. he eventually finished 27th.
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♪ >> today, reaction to the china reform roadmap. controversy over a new lebanese banknote marking 70 years of independence. highlighting some of the bizarre laws still in effect in the u.s.. a roadmap detailing plans ranging from opening up the banking sector to reducing the number of crimes subject to the death penalty. the chinese government announced the ambitious economic and social reforms at the end of the meetingt party's third setting the social networks
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abuzz. couples will be allowed to have two children. a lot of web users are saying they would not be able to afford to bring up an additional child because of the growing cost of living in big cities. point is thealking abolition of reeducation through labor to tension systems. it has raised high hopes for human rights activists who have been campaigning for years to convince the government to scrap the camps. they point out there are still arbitrary detention centers in use in china. are worriedgers about the announcement of tighter government control to the internet and see it as a threat to the country's stability. the new government has been tapping up measures to tighten the reins on opinion leaders. the constitutional law accountsy ar professor's
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were shut down after he published an article urging the gimmick -- the government to speed up the democratic assess. notes toill issued new mark 70 years of independence. the notes were unveiled to the public last week where it became the subject of ridicule because there is a spelling mistake. spells independence as it is spelled in english. people have taken to social networks stunned at such a slip up. some have posted humorous commentary. this imagines what the new 100 with aote will look like sloppy spelling of the french word for bank. some lebanese web users find it amusing. others are less than impressed and cannot make light of it.
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the author of this article slams what she describes as an unacceptable error wondering how no one spotted the spelling mistake before it went to print. this one shares a similar point of view and urges them to print new notes he for the anniversary on november 22. it is highly unlikely this will happen. the central bank governor recently announced the famous banknotes will be going into circulation regardless. he thinks the spelling mistake will make them more popular with currency collectors in particular. government started unveiling a new website last monday. the platform will provide detailed descriptions of over 1400 art treasures stolen by nazis and recovered last year. 20 pieces have been catalogued
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so far. others will follow. the aim is to speed up the investigation process and return the works to their rightful owners. american photographer has produced a collection of photos law" toi fought the poke fun at ridiculous laws still in use. in california, riding a bicycle in a swimming pool is forbidden. you can check out the entire collection on the artist's website. highway, traffic at an airport. this is a study of comings and goings produced in paper. it is the work of the danish artist who has become a master in the art of paper folding. the video is available to view on vimeo.
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