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tv   Newsline  LINKTV  November 22, 2013 5:00am-5:31am PST

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a welcome to nhk world "newsline." i'm gene otani in tokyo. here's a look at some of the stories we're following this hour. tough negotiations continue on the final day of talks on iran's nuclear program. military leaders in the two koreas warn each other against provocations ahead of the third anniversary of the north's attack on a border island in the south. and government leaders in south korea have come up with a
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new strategy to counter their country's low birth rate, and it involves foreigners. negotiators from iran and six world powers are struggling over how to put limits on the iranian nuclear program. they entered the last day of their three-day meeting in geneva. they got caught up over whether the iranians might suspend some nuclear activities in exchange for scaling back of sanctions. european union foreign policy chief kathryn ashton is coordinating contacts with the iranian side. she's setting up meetings with negotiators from the united states, france, germany and britain. she's working with the iranian foreign minister to try and close up gaps. the iranian foreign minister says they have worked through some details, but major
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differences remains. the iranians demanded that the powers recognize their right to enrich uranium. they claim their right is inalienable and constitutes a peaceful use of nuclear power. but their counterparts fear enriching uranium beyond a certain level of purity would enable the iranians to develop nuclear weapons. . an oil pipeline in china's eastern province has exploded, killing 22 people. the blast occurred several hours after workers discovered an oil leak. state-run cctv says the explosion occurred in the city of qingdao friday morning. several dozen people were reportedly injured. authorities say workers were repairing a leak in the pipeline about seven hours before the explosion. they suspect the leaked oil caught fire and caused the blast. military officials from both north and south korea say they'll counter any provocation from the other side.
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this weekend marks the third anniversary of the north's shelling of a south korean border island. the north korean military fired artillery shells onto yeonpyeong island in november 2010. four people were killed, including two civilians. south korea's military staged a drill on friday. it was based on a scenario of another shelling attack by the north on the island. the troops checked their initial response including counterattacks by fighter jets. military officials from the south say they will quickly hit back against any military provocation. the north released a statement on friday. it says south korean president park must learn a painful lesson through her country's shameful defeat. north korean officials say the attack three years ago was confined to the island, but they warn that they'll target the presidential office and all major headquarters if seoul
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provokes wong yan s pyongyang. merrill newman is 85 years old and served during the korean war. newman was visiting north korea last month as a tourist. he was about to leave the country on a flight to beijing when authoritied reportedly ordered him to get off the plane. american officials are working on the case with their allies in the north korean capital. >> we are working very hard, in particular to our swedish protecting power in pyongyang to try to move this issue along. >> u.s. secretary of state john kerry says the north koreans need to recognize what he calls the dangerous steps they're taking. >> north korea needs to figure out where it's heading and recognize that the united states
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of america is not engaging in belligerent and threatening behavior. >> u.s. government officials are still trying to win the release of a korean-american who was detained a year ago. kenneth bay was sentenced to 15 years of hard labor for what authorities call hostile acts. prosecutors in japan are expected to investigate whether campaign staff for the governor of tokyo falsified a financial report. he says he received funds from a medical group suspected of illegal activities. he calls it a personal loan, not a campaign contribution. on friday, he confirmed media reports that he received 50 million yen or about $500,000 from a group that operates medical institutions across japan. >> translator: they offered me
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support, so i accepted the money. >> he says he met the group's founder and the former president last november about a month before the gubernatorial election. he was vice governor at the time. he says he gave him a personal loan. he says he returned the money to his wife after tokyo prosecutors raided premises in september of this year. the prosecutors were investigating a separate allegation involving the medical group. it is suspected of illegally mobilizing paid campaign staff who won a seat in the lower house last december. prosecutors found a bag of cash this month when they searched the house where his wife lives. she said it was the returned loan. the public office's election law mandates the chief treasurer of
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candidates to report all campaign funds and spending. violators face a maximum prison term of three years or a fine of up to $5,000. under the law, he will not automatically lose his post even if his treasurer is convicted of filing a false report. tokyo. he's been tokyo for nearly a year. he's best internationally to leading the successful bid to lead the 2020 olympics. delegates from rich and poor nations are still arguing over greenhouse gases as they run up against a deadline. they are dtrying to reach an agreement as they enter the final day of a united nations conference on climate change. delegates at the conference in warsaw, poland, are trying to
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hash out a framework for emissions. it would go into effect in 200. nieve been focusing on voluntary limits. the idea is that representatives of each nation would discuss their emissions goals with those from other nations before finalizing them. the chairperson of a working group has called for finalizing new conference in 2015. it calls on countries to announce their targets beforehand. developing countries have not liked the idea. they say countries have not done enough. hundreds of environmental activists haven't disappointed with a lack of progress at the conference. they walked out. members of nongovernmental organizations have been attending the talks as observers. those from greenpeace and the world wildlife fund announced that they would stage the protests. they were frustrated that japan and some other developed nations lowered their emission targets.
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>> governments have shown no will, no money and no ability to meet the climate crisis. world leaders have been talking about climate as the most serious threat to humanity. it's time for them to step up. >> this is the first such protest since the talks were launched. international inspectors in syria have called for private firms to help eliminate the country's stockpile of chemical weapons. interested companies have been asked to submit bids by friday next week. the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons is asking for the commercial bids to treat and dispose of waste generated from destroying chemical agents. they're tasked with taking the bulk of syria's 1,300 tons of chemical agents out of the country and destroying them by the middle of next year. that work will be carried out in a third country using a mobile facility provided by the united states. but the inspectors must decide how to handle the large amount of waste generated by the process.
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the organization's general told nhk the waste disposal will cost about $54 million. he says he'll ask member countries to contribute funds. at least 32 people are dead after a supermarket roof collapsed in latvia. rescuers say many other people may still be trapped in the rubble. the accident occurred thursday evening. the store was crowded with shoppers. >> translator: i was shocked. i just left the supermarket eight minutes ago, but i feel sorry for those who are still there. >> police say they're investigating the cause of the collapse. they're trying to determine whether it was relateded to the construction of a roof garden that was under way at the time. the supermarket opened in 2011. japanese companies are boosting sales, and it's showing up as extra tax revenue for the government. ron madison has the latest on
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that. >> yeah, and it couldn't come at a better home. the government hoping the surplus can help mitigate any fallout from next year's planned consumption tax hike, gene. so more tax revenue than initially estimated is expected for this fiscal year. government officials say the extra revenue will amount to some 2 trillion yen. that's about 20 billion u.s. dollars. the total revenue for fiscal 2013 through next march is now estimated at around 45 trillion yen. government officials were expecting the amount to be about 43 trillion yen when they put the budget together for the year. but the leay have learned the revenue will be larger than the original estimate. many firms have reported bigger profits for the first half of the fiscal year. now, the increased revenue will be used to finance new economic programs that are aimed at easing the negative impact of that consumption tax hike scheduled for next april. microsoft's latest xbox video game console has hit store shelves in the united states as well as 12 other countries on
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friday. it is the first new model in eight years. just about 300 people lined up before the sales began at midnight in new york city. the new model can be linked to smartphones and tablets. it also has a voice recognition function. the xbox and other consoles are losing market share for mobile devices. the company aims to fight back with its new model. last week microsoft's rival sony rolled out its first new playstation in seven years. competition among game machine makers is expected to heat up ahead of the year-end shopping season. let's get a check and see how markets are doing starting with currencies. another sign of a pickup in germany's economic activity has prompted traders to snap up the euro. euro/yen is at 136.82. the business confidence index rebounded slightly in november from the previous month. the figure was well above market consensus. meanwhile, the dollar is trading near the highest level in more than four months against the yen. currently at 101.24.
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might havie i moving on to stocks now. fairly mixed right now. london is down by 0.2% while frankfurt is declining almost 0.2% as well. paris's cac 40 is up by a little more than 0.1%. asian markets finished mixed. tokyo got a boost. the nikkei closed up about 0.1%. also a weaker australian dollar helped to push up local shares. sydney climbed almost 1%. the biggest decliner in the asia-pacific region, the s.e.t. index fell 1.2% to the lowest point in more than two months. it extended its losing streak to four straight sessions amid jitters over political uncertainty. well, japan is trying to gain an economic foothold in central europe. and one country in the region, hungary, is ready to talk. the prime minister has high hopes that japan could help
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provide the hungarian economy. nhk world's jun takahashi has more. >> reporter: they attended a seminar in tokyo with a group of business leaders. he called on japanese executives to invest in his country. >> lowistically and geographically, hungary is a key point of the european civilization and the european business community. >> reporter: europe's debt crisis added to hungary's economic troubles. 70% of its exports go to other eu nations. so he feels they need to shift focus to asia. he says hungary has a strong interest in japanese technology. he met with japan's prime minister, shinzo abe, and the two agreed to deepen cooperation in the energy field. abe sees hungary as an attractive market for
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infrastructure exports, a key pillar in his own growth strategy. hungarian officials plan to build two more nuclear reactors. they are hoping to produce more energy back home. one hungarian company produces machinery used in nuclear power plants. it had ties with manufacturer siemen's, but the german firm is ending their nuclear business as the country shifts away from atomic power. so the machinery maker is aiming to foster ties with japanese businesses. they hope to partner with them and win contracts for hungarian projects. >> translator: we have some products we'd like japanese firms to see. and they have a lot to show us, too. by combining our technologies, we could build new parts for nuclear facilities.
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>> reporter: japanese firms are also looking to cooperate with hungarian ones in the energy sector. this is the president of a wind power company. hungarian officials are mandated to double their renewable energy output. his company owns the technology for storing electricity generated by wind power, and he sees hungary's energy policies as a business opportunity. >> translator: hungarian officials have set a high target for renewable power generation. to achieve this goal, they'll need to find a way to deal with the inconsistent output of wind power facilities. we have the solution. >> reporter: hungarian and japanese officials say deepening ties between energy businesses could benefit both sides.
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a deal in this sector could also lead to more cooperation in central europe and asia. jun takahashi, nhk world, tokyo. that is going to wrap it up for biz. i'll leave you with the markets. ask
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south korea's population is aging rapidly just like its neighbors, japan and china. last year the nation's birth rate fell below 1.3%, the lowest in the organization for economic cooperation and development. the government is trying to encourage people to have more babies, but it's having little success. so it's inviting a new strategy. it's inviting in thousands of foreigners. our reporter has more. >> reporter: ansan is home to nearly 70,000 foreigners. this marriage culture family center offers lessons for women married to local run. without skills, the women struggle to raise their country children in the country. the center also offers cooking and computer classes.
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visitors can receive medical and dental checks. all these services are free. >> it's good. they're helping us to learn korean language for free. it's a big help for us. >> translator: it's fun to live here. i love my husband. >> reporter: international marriages in south korea are surging. up 60% from five years ago. one reason is a 2008 law supporting marriage culture families who live in the country. that helped open the doors to more non-koreans. today nearly 1.5 million foreigners live in south korea. school textbooks used to describe korea as racial lly
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homogenous, but four years ago that description was dropped. textbooks now say foreigners are part of the korean family. grace king is from the philippines. she married her korean husband in 2011. they have a 1-year-old son. she used to be a teacher and wants to raise her child in the marriage culture environment. >> i want to teach my son korean, tagalog and english. >> reporter: but some foreigners struggle to plant roots. this woman is from nepal. she's married to a south korean and gave birth to a boy last year. she learns languages for her
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worsening relationship with her mother-in-law. she's now separated from her husband and son. >> translator: i couldn't speak the language and didn't know how to live in south korea. life here was too hard. >> reporter: this kind of commercial is attracting attention in south korea. the message is focused to overcome differences in skin colors, language and culture. >> reporter: government officials are promoting the marriage cultural idea. ♪
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>> translator: children from different backgrounds can contribute to south korean society. they bring strength that most koreans don't have. they can boost national prestige and help the country become a key player in the international community while they build their lives here. i believe they can help to make our country stronger. >> reporter: government officials estimate there will be 350,000 children from international marriages in south korea by 2020. they believe that will help change a once homogenous society for the better. jihae hwang, nhk world. a severe winter storm is developing in the u.s. our meteorologist robert speta has been following the situation. robert. >> gene, we are watching this one because it really is going to make for very dangerous traveling conditions if you are
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moving across the rockies towards the central plains today. you see the cloud cover really developing and pushing off towards the east out here. then another cold front even out ahead of this. all this is tied together. first let's talk about this cold front because this is going to bring some widespread rain showers out here. but you have that cold air coming with this high pressure. that's going to underrun it. and what's going to be happening is these areas in purple, we're looking at pretty significant freezing rain into portions of texas over towards oklahoma. if you have any flights in and out of here, if you just plan on driving, do slow down and check those flights ahead of time. same thing goes for denver. you saw photos yesterday. a lot of the planes having their de-icing equipment out. you've seen about ten centimeters of snowfall into the rockies also looking at pretty significant snow. but that is coming in with a cutoff low that's right now lingering into southern california. and it's going to keep on moving off towards the east ever so slowly. but by early next week, this is going to push down towards the south and off towards the northeast and could be a pretty significant storm system by next week.
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until then, as far as much of the northeastern u.s. and along the eastern seaboard, we've been talking about this cold air mass coming down towards the south. you've been seeing this graphic. now going into sunday, much of the eastern seaboard, you're going to be seeing a very significant temperature drop well below normal. atlanta with only a high of 18 here on friday. that's actually right around average. take a look by sunday. eight there for your high. new york as well. you see that cold front come through. and by sunday, just one there for you. so things are really going to start to cool down here across much of the eastern portions of the americas. now let's talk about europe and what's going on over here. we have been watching this low-pressure area. it's been slowly drifting down towards the southeast. still looking at pretty cold temperatures across the low country, the british isles. good news, much of the precipitation is tapering off. still fall in areas around the alpine regions over towards the northern balkans. you could see 50 to 100 millimeters of rain. that's going to move east. temperatures will be cooling down. and then by next week, we have
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another low-pressure area that's going to be much like this stubborn one out here and slowly work its way across the mediterranean next week. but let's take a look at your temperatures where things are really on the cool side. london with just a high of eight. paris at seven. berlin at six. some of those lingering rain showers for you. stockholm at two. athens right now at 21, but you will also see that cooling trend when that air mass starts to push down there towards the south. let's talk about what's going on here in eastern asia. right now high pressure is dominating. and that is going to bring in fair weather across japan over towards eastern china. we do have a new low-pressure area coming in. that's right here in central china. that's going to start to develop in a big, messy winter storm kind of setting in here. some rainfall down there towards the south. hunan province. you're also going to be looking at 50 to 100 millimeters of rainfall. heavy snowfall farther towards the west and freezing rain mixed into that. by sunday into monday, that's going to impact you there in korea and then over towards japan.
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so definitely messy weather. but for now, some pretty decent stuff out here. i took this picture earlier on today. this was right outside the japan meteorological agency. some of those fall colors setting in here in tokyo. that's really how it looks right now. do enjoy if you like the fall colors, but it will be getting even colder. beijing, just 13 there on saturday. but by tuesday, only five as that cold air mass starts to set in. but that's a look at your world weather. here's the extended forecast.
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that's "newsline" for this hour. i'm gene otani in tokyo. from all of us here at nhk
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world, thanks for joining us.
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>> more than's 30 die in latvia's capital -- more than 30 capital after a supermarket collapse. we have never seen anything of this magnitude -- police in fromn release three women three decades of captivity. reverberatedas around the world -- this friday marking the 50th anniversary of the assassination of


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