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tv   Journal  LINKTV  November 23, 2013 6:00am-6:31am PST

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hello and welcome to "the journal." there is on the show, new hope for a breakthrough in nuclear talks with iran. climate talks in warsaw go into overtime as negotiators seek to avoid a complete failure of the conference. in german soccer, they are waiting for the biggest game of the season in a top of the table clash.
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a landmark deal is insight in geneva as irani nuclear talks look set for a breakthrough. johnsecretary of state kerry and other world powers are trying to hammer out a solution with iran. they want iran to limit its nuclear program in return for sanction relief. officials said a deal was close but a number of issues have yet to be addressed. the presence of u.s. secretary of state john kerry at the summit has caused expectations to rise. diplomats say a deal over iran's nuclear program could be in reach. the russian foreign minister is also on hand. he joined his counterparts from several other major powers on friday. the mood of the talks is positive. yet,ere is no agreement and there are still differences to be resolved. we came to the summit to give our support, and we are doing our best to reach agreement
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which is a possibility. the arabian foreign minister -- the iranian foreign minister says two of the four points under discussion have been dealt with. a six-month interim agreement is believed to be on the table. that would see iran give up art of its nuclear progress in exchange for relief on sanction programs against the country. the heavywater reactor being built near iraq is a key issue. createleted, it it would plutonium to be used in nuclear weapons. they want construction to be stopped. to stopo want iran enriching uranium for power stations, but that is an issue they are not willing to budge on. >> for more, we are joined by our correspondent in geneva. that was quite an optimistic
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piece. do you share the optimism? do you think we are close to a deal? >> they have to be optimistic because they had to change their plans. two weeks ago, the ministers left geneva with the idea to come back just for presenting the contract. now they are where they ended two weeks ago. they are involved in negotiations. a diplomat told me you cannot repeat this several times. therefore, pressure is much higher than two weeks ago. they have to come to an agreement. they have to find a solution. otherwise, it will be quite complicated. >> potentially, what will this deal look like? simply spoken, iran has to abandon plans to use nuclear energy for military purposes.
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5 plus one countries have to offer relief of sanctions. they have to find a currency that is useful to satisfy both sides. deliver and have to the western countries have to deliver as well. >> thank you very much. >> egypt has ordered turkey's ambassador to leave the country a day after turkey called on cairo to release mohamed morsi from prison. turkey has been a vocal critic of his removal from power and the government crackdown against the muslim brotherhood. on friday, demonstrations marked 100 days since hundreds were killed when security forces cleared several co-morsi camps in cairo.
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he was removed from power in july. polandimate talks in have gone into overtime this weekend. negotiations were to finish up on friday evening. but delegates from over 190 countries are still wrangling over their contributions to staving off climate change. many of the issues that had divided negotiators at the start of talks on november 11 remain unresolved. these talks come amid serious warnings from scientists. >> scientists warn arctic ice is rapidly melting away. they blame carbon emissions for rising temperatures melting ice and higher sea levels. they say in mission cuts are the only way to prevent major climate change. in warsaw, there is no agreement. the e.u. wants balloting nations emerging more cuts -- nations to pledge more cuts. she says china, india, and
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venezuela are blocking progress of the talks. those countries have hit back. >> if you have a difference, bring it up at the negotiations. by going to the media and attacking negotiating partners, the e.u. chief is responsible for damaging the atmosphere of confidence and trust in this process. theegotiators hope to lay foundation for a new climate deal to be signed in 2015, but they have been unable to agree on a timetable for cuts or who will pay for them. europe wants clear goals by the end of next year, while the u.s. in some developing countries want more time. authorities in the netherlands say they are working on a deal to enable the crew of the greenpeace ship to leave russia. this after an international law of the sea court ordered russia to release the activists in
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return for bond. the 30 member crew of the ship which was sailing under a dutch flag were arrested after staging a protest at a russian gas platform in the arctic ocean. all but one have now been released on bail but must stay in russia for trial on charges of hooliganism. ofvia has begun three days national mourning following its worst disaster in decades. have been confirmed killed after the roof of a supermarket in the capital collapsed on thursday. a temporary halt, rescuers have resumed their search for survivors. hopes are fading of discovering anyone alive amid the wreckage of the supermarket. police say engineering or design flaws were to blame. sports where they continued their winning streak
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raising their fans' hopes of a champion league spot. let's have a look at the highlights. looked to attack from a start and threatened to break the deadlock. but he was in good form and the visitors took the lead before halftime. he kept his head before finishing the move. the fans had plenty to smile about. stuttgart struggled to create chances as they searched or an equalizer. they had no such troubles in the 73rd minute slamming their second goal to seal victory. disappointment for student art while theyrt wi-fi -- celebrate their fourth win in a row. >> we are looking for a top of the table showdown in the
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bundesliga. the timing could not be worse for dortmund. the entire back four are out injured. they are ready to take advantage of that. will give them a commanding lead over their biggest rivals. >> the coach appears to be keeping his cool. in a last practice session before the big match, he was proving his own football prowess. they are unbeaten in their last 37 games. they hope to keep the streak alive against a dangerous adversary. opponent,ect every but we fear no one. we will be confident as we travel there. in each and every one of us wants to win. spotlightt intense .ill focus on their newest star just one year ago, he was playing for dortmund when the
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two sides faced off. this time, he will likely take the field to jeers instead of cheers. >> he still speaks highly of his former club, teammates, and fans. but he will have to face up to it sooner or later. sooner or later, he will have to return to dortmund. >> the coach and players are fully aware of their strengths. they already enjoy a four-point lead over their opponents. >> they are gunning for their first league win over their archrival since 2010. how confident are the hosts? the mood is not overly confident in dortmund. >> he faces his biggest challenge yet as dortmund coach. already decimated by injuries, the club has been dealt another
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blow. he will be out of action for at least six months. others are also nursing serious injuries. >> we have a couple of major problems. we will have to field a defense that has played fewer than 20 matches together. nich tends tomu challenge the defense. not the best situation. >> he will be called on to counter the byron offense, but he has little bundesliga experience. the new signing has not seen much playing time either. >> we will have to play extraordinary football to stand a chance. we will be depending on the support of our fans. dortmund is supremely capable in that respect. they will be a big help as far as i am concerned. >> the fans have their marching
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orders, to cheer on their club in the hopes they returned the favor and give the fans something worth cheering about. >> formula one drivers are gearing up for the brazilian grand prix, the final race of the season. he already has the championship in the bag. red bull will be the number one team at the season's end. that does not mean they will ease off of the pace in são paulo. he has dominated the practice sessions ahead of the grand prix. timeocked a faster in practice sessions. row would equal a formula one record. that is not the only one he is chasing. if he wins the brazilian grand prix, he will equal schumacher's record of 13 grand prix victories in a single season. he has a lot to race for.
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>> sebastian has not let the celebrations from his latest title affect his performance. the world champion has won both of his races since retaining his crown in india. it always sounds bad to say it was perfect. if you look at the season, it was almost perfect because we achieved a lot. but if you get to jump -- to comfortable and say everything and carry on doing the same thing, in effect, you're standing still. >> neck's season, teams will switch to turbo engines. will see cars being redesigned to comply with new rules. they are sticking with their engine providers. other teams like mercedes make their own.
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>> one engine maker could have a clear advantage over the others. we will not know until we see the new engines. if that is the case, they might not be as dominant anymore. but i think next season will be similar to the last few years. >> he and his team will have to be smart and work hard to stay at the top, just like they have in the past. american pole dancers have traveled to argentina for this weekend's competition where entrance for the 2014 world pole dance championships will be selected. ahead of the main event, the dancers demonstrated their talents in downtown buenos aires. they say the dancing demands creativity, physical strength, and agility -- and should be recognized as a sport. some hope one day they will be competing in the olympics.
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i am sure the sports department will be delighted to hear that. you are up to date with "the journal." >> ♪ >> this is the filipino coastal city after the typhoon. by the scalenned of destruction i passed on the trip downtown from the airport. what i have seen in other places was bad enough, but it cannot compare to this. here, the storm raged without mercy.
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hit with wind speeds of over 300 kilometers an hour. as if that was not enough, it provoked a huge storm surge, too. huts had noooden chance against the meter high walls of water. they were washed away with many of the people who lived in them. i come across, nelda. she is looking for her brother and his wife. >> we are still looking for them. they cannot be found anywhere up
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to the present time. i am looking. we are worried now. >> there is very little left of her brother's house. the same goes for most of the other buildings. no one knows how many of the dead are still buried under the rubble. decay tells usof it might --must be quite a lot. bodies are being uncovered every day. he is one of the men carrying them away. he and his colleagues have recovered 40 bodies this morning.
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men, women, and children. every body is labeled for proper burial later and then interred in a mass grave. authorities are worried about the threat of disease. workers are being pushed to their limits. >> we are firefighters. we never trained for this, but we have to do this job. this is the most difficult part of the job we are having here, but we have to do it. in this way, we can help the people here. we will show them that we care. >> he is from a neighboring island. sentency workers have been
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here from all over the country. they are deeply moved by the fate of the town. >> of course, you will be thinking what is going to be the future of this place, the people who live here -- what will their christmas look like? new year's? will they be celebrating those days? you wonder. i think at the end of the day, we have to move on. there is still life ahead. why would you focus on the past? [singing in another language] >> it seems many people think like that. it is the only explanation i can find for scenes like this -- young people laughing and playing the guitar in the middle
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of death and destruction. it is almost defiance, now more than ever. now we are a good 100 kilometers away in the north of the neighboring island. the typhoon raged here, too. while it seems the whole world ,s concentrating on tacloban people here lack food and water. i come across a large crowd in this village. inhabitants have heard an aid shipment is on its way and are standing patiently in line. a short time later, a truck arrives.
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i am surprised and impressed when i hear this help is not from an organization or the state. ordinary people from the south of the island spontaneously gathered supplies, pack them onto a truck, and set off for the north. the organizer explains how it happened. mostly these are donations from more affluent families and even the people in the middle- class. they give whatever they can. either volunteering their time or a portion of their daily allowance of what they actually spend. the is where you can see spirit of the philippines where whatever you have, you still share with others. >> the aid may not be exactly what is needed, but it is still a great help. >> we feel very grateful for
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those people coming here to help us. you can see a lot of people really needed help. the firstnearby town, delivery of international aid has arrived a week after the typhoon. an israeli army medic's unit has set up a hospital on the grounds of a local clinic. as many as 300 people a day are seeking treatment. babycame here for my because she is sick. she was vomiting last night. she did not eat request and lunch. -- breakfast and lunch. today she has fever. it is because we do not have a house to live in. in our house was badly damaged. >> a lot of people are suffering injuries because of the rubble lying around.
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roofman was repairing his and sliced open his foot after falling four meters. stitch.ll need to it will be ok. stitching is not complicated. woundseft untreated, like this can become infected and even life-threatening. but there are happier stories. she gave birth to a baby boy in the israeli field hospital. she has named him israel. it is the simplest way of thanking them. we will never forget them. >> the report of the provincial capital is serving as a hub for aid flights to the typhoon hit areas.
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it took a torturous number of days until the machinery clicked into place. that has earned the government a lot of criticism. aircraft from all over the world are standing at the airport ready to help the filipino air force. i return to tacloban with relief workers. this warehouse is one of many distribution points in the region. workers pack 25,000 aid packages every day. she's from the department of social welfare. she said the authorities could not have reacted faster. >> you can see the scale of the families, thousands of
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we will be serving, it takes time. you cannot reach all at the same time. typhoon, wer the came here from manila and started distributing. >> the government has promised to support the massive task of reconstruction. >> this can be for the long haul. a lot of people were displaced. houses were damaged. it takes time for them to recover, months, even years. we will not go until people are able to stand on their own feet. >> the government has also promised around 200 80 million euros. -- 230 million euros. but will the money get where it is needed? downtown, people are not waiting. they are rebuilding their own
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houses. the markets have reopened as well. people here say they will not let the catastrophe defeat them. learn a word which best explains the attitude of the locals. what does that mean? >> never give up. life has to go on, and it will somehow. i felt the spirit of the people again and again during my time in the philippines. it has left a deep impression on me.
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the typhoon caused enormous destruction and wiped out many lives. but the typhoon has not broken the will of the people to carry on
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[soft exotic flute music] ♪ captioning and audio description provided by the u.s. department of education. >> bokara: today i'm celebrating india, because i'm actually--have two friends coming, both of whom have spent a lot of time in india. and so i'm making a curry. and i love making curries because it's exactly like painting. it's--you know when i mix my paints, it's a little of this,


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