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tv   Journal  LINKTV  November 24, 2013 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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hello and welcome to "the journal" here on dw. i am sarah harmon at the news desk in berlin. headlines. iran and six world powers reach a deal to limit iran's nuclear program. tens of thousands take to the streets in ukraine demanding closer ties with the eu. mario gupta strikes against his old club as iron munich beats them.
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the five permanent members of the un security council plus germany struck a nuclear deal with iran sunday. tehran'surb nuclear program in exchange for lowered sanctions. >> the agreement marks a victory for diplomacy. ministers work through the night in geneva to finalize details. >> it is a very good deal that we have reached, and it is a turning point. we have taken a decisive step forward in our efforts to prevent iran obtain new -- obtaining nuclear weapons. >> the six-month agreement was agreed on by the foreign ministers of the fine u.s. it -- five u.n. security council members plus germany. it will limit uranian richmond 5%.rnnrichment at
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not building new enrichment facilities, and allowing inspectors greater access to nuclear sites. n exchange for these concessions, certain sanctions placed on iran will be eased. under the terms, the country will be able to access billions fundypts of-- euros of from oil sales, export, and import food and medicine more easily. the president rouhani said the pact opens new verizon's. -- horizons. he said the agreement was only possible because the uranian people have chosen a moderate math. thatpath. ni'sck obama he said rouha election made this a possibility. >> today diplomacy opened up a
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new path towards a world that is more secure. a future in which we can verify that iran's program is peaceful and it cannot build a nuclear weapon. >> but he also warned that sanctions would be tightened again if iran failed to meet the terms of the agreement. >> let's go live to our washington correspondent. thanks for being with us. does this deal signal a new era in relations between the u.s. and u.n iran? >> it could be the beginning. the white house even said this could be an historic agreement. it depends what is going to happen in the weeks and months to come. president obama wants diplomacy to succeed. obama has agreed to provide $7 billion dollar in sanctions rel. by executivee order.
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he can make the deal without asking congress. many of the hill a very skeptical when it comes to iran. the reaction to this deal been like in the u.s.? strong bipartisan opposition to the deal. a couple examples -- republican have member ed royce, i serious concerns that this agreement does not meet the standards necessary to protect the united states. and our allies. he said, a couple of hours ago. mike rogers, also a republican, has rewarded u.s. very bad behavior, and he said iran is the leading state of terror. there are many who really do not like this deal. washington, the security of israel is very important. >> thanks for that.
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we will bring him back in the moment for more on this, but first, israel has strongly oppose this deal. the country views any enrichment by iran as unacceptable. due to talk to the prime minister later today but he will have his work cut out for him. netanyahu's criticism was outspoken. he described it as a mistake and distances country from the outcome. >> this agreement and its significance threatens many countries. of cours israel is among theme,. israel is not bound by this agreement. the regime in iran is committed to the destruction of israel. israel has the right and the duty to defend itself from any threat. israel's government believes the uranium president is leading the west on with his moderate approach, while the country
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secretly attempts to build nuclear weapons. comments from the ayatollah have strengthened this view within israel. he referred to the country as a rabid dog and said his government was doomed to failure and annihilation. israel will call for a tougher stance when talks over a permanent agreement begin. our washington correspondent. relations between netanyahu and obama are not the best. is bobama going to be look convincing this is a good idea? >> i think probably they will just agree to disagree. obama willink that convince netanyahu that this is a good deal and the other way around. toanyahu is not going convince president that he should not have negotiations or talks with iran, that this deal is bad. this is a lose lose situation for both countries if they show they disagree. probably they will both wait and
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see what is going to happen. >> thanks very much. and important changes are also in the cards in neighboring afghanistan. their grand assembly of afghan leaders has approved a security deal with the u.s. it will allow some u.s. troops to remain in the country for years after most other foreign troops have withdrawn. despite the endorsement, karzai said he would delay signing the deal into the u.s. cooperate more fully in peace efforts. afghanistan, the body of a translator for german troops has been found in a car in the north of the country. the man was strangled, but it is unclear what the motive might have been. the body was discovered in a region where they were stationed until last month. hundreds of local afghans are employed by the german army there. the translator had received threats in the past.
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the man was on a list of 180 afghans who had been granted permission to emigrate to germany because their lives were in danger in afghanistan. there has been another flareup in the diplomatic row over the ownership of a group of islands in the east china sea. japan and china both claim the beijingago in china -- says it will impose air control over the islands controlled by japan. tokyo describes the move is very dangerous. the islandsround boast big reserves of oil, gas, and fish. tnens of thousands of people hae demonstrated in kiev demanding closer ties to the european union. the government announced last week it will pull out of negotiations over and association agreement with the eu. to protest their are the biggest in ukraine since the 2004 orange revolution. the largest protest in
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years, anger has reached a boiling point in kiev. trouble started when pro-eur ope demonstrators tried to push through. police fired tear gas to push back the crowds. ae scuffle broke out after much larger antigovernment protest attended by tens of thousands of people. kievchoked downtown earlier. the opposition factions are in agreement -- no to russia and yes to europe. did so many things to us in the past. better to be with europe or we are on our own. government in the present do not represent the opinion of the country as a whole. there is no alternative to the european union. >> the opposition is outraged by a decision by the president's
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government to scrap a landmark agreement with the european union. the government says the deal with her relations with russia. moscow lobbied hard to secure the government's decision. but many ukrainians disagree with their government. on sunday, they returned to the site of the orange revolution. it is nine years since that revolution. for the opposition, the values of the revolution live on. voters have rejected a referendum capping executive pay. 2 in 3 opposed limiting salaries. it would have cap play a 12 times of those of their lowest employee. opponents warned it would scare off big companies and hurt overall competitiveness. to sport now, and another triumphant day for formula one driver sebastian -- the red bull driver completed a
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stunning season with victory in the final grand prix in brazil. he finished 10 seconds ahead of his teammate. has equaled the record of 13 wins in a single season. bundesliga, hamburg cruised to victory. the first half finished in stalemate, but hamburg to control in the second half. a 2-1 lead. hanover are now winless in 7. lost.te kickoff, breihman bremen looking dead and buried. had two laters
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goals. on saturday night, two bundesliga heavyweights slug it out. munichend it was byron leaving them reeling from the home defeat. >> this was a game that came to light in the 56 minutes. to joinmario gupta on the fray. only 10them -- him minutes to justify the switch. a fine effort to open the scoring for byron. >> it's impressive to see a 21- year-old so unfazed. his reaction was perfect. he is a good player and a good person. close.g moments later, they were denied. les in theire hoesl
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defense which were exploited ruthlessly. two minutes later, the reigning champion finally produce a slick passing move with the deadly end product. 3-0. >> for 80 minutes we held her own with byron. a clash of equals and to the last 10 minutes when we threw the match away. >> the score line, flat or byron, that they are now 38 matches unbeaten and looking to be in the league of their own. stanley -- overcame a stubborn hair to -- saturday.erlin on the results look
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like this. frankfurt battled back to draw 3 . past hoffenheim. stuttgart.a win in that leaves the table looking like this after 13 matches. byron munich are seven points clear of rivals. --was a good weekend for they strengthened their grip on the last champions league. hoffenheim have slipped down to 14th. better.not faring much freiburg can breathe easier after their second win in three games. us.that's all from stay with dw for more news and
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updates. thanks for watching. >> tongs to form a grand coalition dominated the political discussion in germany throughout the week. almost a month into the negotiations, the conservative reminded the social democrats of .he need to compromise >> the sbd has to stop putting in orders that the people of germany have to pay for. >> the parties made common ground on a number of on contentious areas like foreign policy.
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there was a deal on quotas for women in leadership positions in germany. of 2016, 1/3 of the position should be filled by women. it was also a breakthrough on health care financing, where there have been differences in opinions to overc ome. >> the results are very good in terms of medical care. preventive medicine, better care for the chronically ill, more staff for long-term care for the elderly. key issues remain unresolved, as the talks enter their make or break stage. and those sticking points need to be resolved so a coalition deal is in place by the deadline on wednesday. law makers in berlin held a special debate on the nsa's surveillance scandal monday. in june, angela merkel played
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down the allegations of widespread intelligence gathering by u.s. agencies, but that is changed since the nsa was accused of having her cell phone. the extent of the surveillance is still unclear. and speaking at the start of the debates, angela merkel said washington still has some explain to do. >> the allegations are serious and they need to be cleared up. even more important for the future is to rebuild trust. made no mention of edward snowden, the former u.s. intelligence contractor thee revelations sparked scandal. some german politicians have called for edward snowden to be granted asylum. germany can only be independent if it listens to snowden's testimony, grandson asylum, and organizes a safe state here. but angela merkel's government has ruled that out, saying
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edward snowden is not a victim of political prosecution -- persecution. >> this amateur footage shows a tornado hitting the u.s. midwest. swept acrosssters the states of indiana, ohio, and illinois, leaving residents surveying the damage. several people died and many more wounded. rebuilding is likely to take months. it's rare for such powerful storms to occur so late in the year. europe also experienced extreme weather. cyclone cleopatra swept over the italian island of sardinia monday, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. within hours, small streams became rivers, cars and buildings were washed away, bridges destroyed. a family of four drowned in their basement. others were lucky to escape unharmed. >> my boss --
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hours stop for three because of the flooding. my house is fine but i cannot reach it now. p >> 16 people were killed and hundreds more were left homeless. a massive manhunt got underway in paris on monday after a gunman opened fire in the offices of the liberation newspaper. one staff member was seriously wounded. images ofeased cctv the suspect, who they link to other incidents in the city. he was taken into custody wednesday. police found him unconscious in an underground car park. he had taken an overdose of medication. beirut was rocked by a suicide bombing outside the ukrainian embassy -- iranian embassy. 20 people were killed, and dozens wounded.
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a group linked to al qaeda claimed responsibility. security council urged all parties in lebanon to avoid getting drawn into that syrian war. german prosecutors investigating the priceless art find in munich said some of the works clearly belong to cornelius gourlett, the occupant of the apartment. he said that they would return part of the collection to the 80-year-old. a task force is trying to determine the rightful owners of hundreds of pictures. it is suspected that many were looted by the nazis. one of germany's most sts died on satiri tuesday at the age of 86, just hours after announcing he had cancer. an outspoken character, he rose to prominence in the 1950's. performing ands
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cabaret shows around the country as well as on television. found newend, the ways to poke fun at the political establishment. germany's weapons exports were a talking point on wednesday when the cabinet formally approved its report for 2012. it showed saudi arabia was the number one recipient of german weaponry last year. sales, question the saying the gold kingdom has a poor human rights record and helps to suppress regional dissent. government stressed it is honoring a weapons export guideline that make human rights a deciding factor. if you supply weapons to saudi arabia, you are not serious about that guideline. german government countered that saudi arabia is an important ally in the middle east. saudi arabia is a partner in the fight against international terrorism. is a partner in the g-20.
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and i say all this without overlooking the fact that when it comes to human rights there are wide differences of opinion between saudi arabia and the german government. trade in arms earned germany one billion euros in2012. it is the world's third-largest arms exporter. a 16-year-old accepted the european union's prize for freedom of thought. it was presented at the european parliament. the award honors her campaign for girls to have an education. >> and these children -- afor one, an iphone, playstation or chocolate. they just want a book. >> the taliban tried to assassinate her last year because of her work, but that pakistani teenager survived a
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gunshot to the head. in ukraine'soar parliament on thursday. lawmakers rejected a bill to allow the jailed former prime minister to leave the country for medical treatment. they also scrapped plans for a landmark trade agreement with the eu one week before it was due to be signed. opposition demonstrators gathered in the capital friday to oppose the decision. want ukraine to become a real european country with european values. says the prime minister's conviction is politically motivated. to-- plans tods pursue a closer partnership with russia. police in london revealed that three women have been held as what they call domestic slaves for 30 years. and women were freed from a house in october after contacting a charity helpline. a man and a woman were arrested
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on thursday but later released on bail. police said they were working with the victims to establish the facts of the case. roo of a supermarket collapsed in the latvian capitalf riga, crushing shoppers during the evening rush hour. and later caved in, bearing emergency workers. dozens of people were killed. the roof was undergoing construction and police are investigating whether building codes were violated. python tickled fans with confirmation they are returning to the stage. they will perform a one-off show in london next july. they promised a mixture of new material and old classics. ♪ always look on the bright side of life ♪ climate talks were
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supposed to wrap up in warsaw on friday, but they went into overtime as negotiators struggled to find common ground. the deadlock continued, despite a walkout by hundreds of environmental activists on thursday to protest the lack of progress. >> climate change -- [indiscernible] >> although, expectations were low ahead of the summit, the lack of a deal left many disappointed. the talks were held to lay the foundation for a new u.n. climate pact due to be implemented in 2015. 50 years after the assassination of john f. kennedy, the u.s. paid tribute to its former president. flags fluid half-mast throughout the nation. at half-mast throughout
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the nation. he was killed on november 22, 1963 in dallas. lee harvey oswald was arrested in connection with the shooting and was himself subsequently shot dead by a nightclub owner. >> he's been shot. >> thousands of people attended the service in dallas friday. kennedy was only in office for three years but he has kept an endearing grip on the public imagination. wegian prodigy carlson became the new king of chess friday. he won the world championship, snatching the crown from india. i'm pretty happy with what i got. a very solid position. no weaknesses. i think it was a nice fight. end to the match. >> he is highly competitive. his boyish good looks have earned him lucrative
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sponsorships and modeling contracts. magnus carlson competed in his first tournament at 9, and is known for his fast and aggressive style. he is described as refreshingly new.
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