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tv   France 24 AM News  LINKTV  November 25, 2013 5:30am-6:01am PST

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and foreign ministers their wreath to a euphoric welcome after signing a historic nuclear agreement with world powers, but not everyone is happy. -- in the army eastern city of benghazi, at least nine people killed and 49 wounded in clashes with fighters from the country's main jihadist group. antigovernment protesters in thailand have entered the finance ministry compound in the capital. hello, you're watching "france 24." live from paris, i'm karen roberts. the u.n. international special representative for syria will
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meet u.s. and russian officials in geneva. the meeting is to prepare the way for a full syria peace conference later in november. diplomats have run into repeated road spots over the conference. world powers strongly disagreed on how a future syrian government would look like. on the line is our correspondent -- i am afraid we don't have him. we will try to get him a little later in the program. minister zarif return to a historic -- a euphoric welcome after returning sunday. it will curb iran's weekly activities in return for much needed sanction relief. crowds gathered at the airport bringing flowers and waving flags. many seeing a deal as a huge triumph for iran. french foreign minister laurent
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fabius had this to say. it is clear, regarding nuclear energy. we always said that as an advance. but for nuclear weapons -- the president said before and i said exactly within these lines, we see in improvement in the situation for the region and the world. ok, well, we can return to our story about the meeting in brahimi.h lakhdar john is on the line for us. what is the objective? >> the objective, formally announced by u.n. secretary- on, january 22,mo 2014, a transitional government made up of opposition political
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a military unit and elements of the assad regime. but it will not be mr. assad willing anymore but a transitional government. a first step to a new political regime in syria, a democratic regime in the country where there have been over 120,000 people killed in the three year old civil war. there are still, however, elements that we don't know yet and perhaps mr. brahimi will unveil it as he is -- gives a press conference this afternoon where the talks have been finalized between the u.s. under secretary for political affairs, two deputy russians are ministers and under secretary- general for political affairs. so, for mr. ban to make the announcement that the elements are falling into place -- there have been delays in this conference has been pushed back month after month because of concerns that the elements were not ready yet for kong -- for a congress to be held, which could have ended up in failure.
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the objective is to have government and opposition forces coming here and brokering a peace deal. >> ok, thank you very much for that. reporting for us from geneva. ukraine now where several people were injured in clashes between riot police and protesters taking part in a pro- european union rally sunday night in kiev. about 50,000 demonstrations demanding ukraine's government reverse course and sign a landmark agreement with the european union in defiance of russia. this morning, there were fresh clashes between protesters and police. more scuffles with police monday morning as demonstrators tried to storm the prime minister's building. boxingn by world champion turned politician, protesters are looking to land a knockout blow on ukraine's leaders. >> we demand the resignation of the government of prime minister
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azarov, because the laws do not correspond to the interest of the ukrainian state. in breach of legislation of european integration. biggest marchne's since the 2004 orange revolution asking for a western government, protesters converged once again in the heart of the capital. just like nine years ago in tent cities in kiev's european square, protesters are settling in for the long-haul. they vowed to stay put until the government backtracks on the decision to scrap a planned trade deal with the european union. >> we came out to the streets to show them we are not afraid of them. and if they don't sign the treaty, it will be a catastrophe for the government. >> ministers say the eu agreement would have jeopardized ties with neighboring russia and threatened ukrainian jobs. the movement in favor -- has the backing of failed prime minister -- jailed promised her tymoshenko. treaty, ifsaid the
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adopted, would be a roadmap to a normal life. on a libya, the army is state of alert in the eastern city of benghazi. at least nine people have been killed and 49 wounded in clashes from olivia's main jihadist group. i spoke to our correspondent in tripoli. >> clashes broke out in the early hours of monday. the fighting between the extremist group and official soldiers -- it is still unclear. hads just told the forces assaulted them, saying they were killing innocent and afterward they started shooting at them. the version of the special forces is obviously very different. the say a group from
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jihadist opened fired on them and several soldiers on the the group left reportedly -- burned down. then he was on the scene and one of the headquarters -- one from mali and one from tunisia. the situation seems to be calm again and benghazi. checked on one of the entrance of benghazi. where thousands of antigovernment protesters have entered the finance ministry compound in the country's capital in a campaign to topple the government of you lookister shinawatra. amid claims the government is controlled by ousted leader toxin shinawatra come her brother. -- sachsen shinawatra. it came after 100,000 people marched in bangkok some of the
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largest rally thailand had seen in years. earlier i asked our correspondent if this is likely a repeat of 2010. protesters on the streets in 2010 with a so-called red shirts those who support the current government and scene of bringing the current government in power forcing the democratic party to dissolve parliament and call new elections. in the past eight years since the 2006 coup, there have been deep divisions in the country. protesters out there today say they are fighting for democracy, anksin is a puppet government but asking for more reinstatement of the party from the palace, the less democracy. complicatedns and to see from the outside. you must be pointed out the ailing king, the leader of the country, the head of this date, who has been in power since just after the second world war as
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the head of state, he is ailing and fears over the succession of is from and what it would do to politics. he has been a very guiding force in politics over the last eight years or so. a lot of things behind the background and it seems with every two years or so, what we have a moment of relative stability, things pop up and things can heat up rather quickly, as we have seen over the past few days. it is international day for the elimination of violence toward women. joining me is catherine from the international federation for human rights. what are we talking about here? are we talking about domestic violence? rape being used as a weapon? honor killings? what sort of violence? >> today we are talking about all types of violence against women. the find the international level being all forms of violence that target is physically women on
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the basis of six. -- sex. it is important to recall that today in 2013, 125 million women are victims of female genital mutilation in the democratic republic of congo. -- in the democratic republic of congo, it is reported that a woman is raped every five minutes. it is important to recognize violence remains at huge levels here in france, in the u.k., where it is estimated that 1 wo man in 10 suffer domestic violence. today is an occasion to be called the different forms of violence and take action. >> different types of violence -- what is being done about it? >> at the international level, there has been great progress the last 10 or so years.
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the numbers of declarations denouncing violence against women, states making commitments andake changes in law practice to address violence against women. national level, there remain huge problems in terms of implementation and ensuring that text becomes reality to victims. two aspectsork on of this problem. one is ensuring access to justice for women victims of violence. which goes from and shoring there are laws in place that criminalize violence against --en, that the sections sanctions that go with them are effect of and the perpetrators are investigated, prosecuted, and punished. a woman, in order for to have access to justice, she needs to be able to speak about what has happened to her. >> what about cultural
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differences? what kind of a part does this play? that is important to note violence against women happens through all cultures at all ages and social classes, no matter what religion. so, we are not talking about a problem that is specific to one particular culture. now, of course, there are some traditions that are deeply harmful to women and men including the one i cited, the female genital mutilation. culture.nce is not a the international instruments which apply to all countries and to which most of the countries in the world have signed up provide for measures to recognize universal women's human rights. the endsbout access to and victims feeling free to be able to talk about violence?
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>> this is a huge problem. for sure this is a problem victims. in france, we have been working in countries like syria, libya, democratic republic of congo, where the very difficult step for victims is to be able to say what has happened to them. is because all too often the blame is placed on the victim rather than on the perpetrator. that really has to change. >> are you quite positive about change? optimistic. but there is a lot of work still to be done. it is difficult to believe in is still we are citing so horrific. but we are seeing little signs of progress. it is a long battle. it is not enough to get a law put in place.
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whether it has to be done on a daily basis -- to raise awareness to make sure the laws implemented. , thankerine from fidh you for joining us. that is it for now. we will have more news for you coming up. we stay with us on "france 24." --in the french football, bundesliga --
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japanese trike or made it 3-0. it gave bremen hope that it was too little, too late. >> successful stint at the top of the dutch. 11 minutes before the break, awarded a penalty. teenager from chelsea converted a penalty. referee -- not kick. -- spot kick.
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enrage the home fans. the game was stopped for five minutes, angering eagles coach. when the players returned, buried being spot kick to make it 2-0. closing the deal after the hour -- goal from the french striker. belgium -- this team looking for the first one of the season. five minutes before half-time, broke the deadlock. getting the goal. the 18-year old's first ever at this level.
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>> brazil unveiled their new -- themidfielder showed off famous yellow shirt. they bid for a sixth world cup success. they coach warned rivals had to make one alteration to the shirt next year. sebastian complete domination of formula one season. the german already secured his fourth world title. the final race in brazil, won his ninth consecutive grand prix. his 13th win this season. mark webber in his final grand
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prix. rosberg in fifth place. sweden -- the czech republic won the season open. a blow to the french quartet that led for most of the race. johann boasted a 51 second lead. the person who dominated the men's competition that season -- of thenchman missed 3 five targets in the final standing range shooting. secured victory for the czech republic. opening event of world cup ski
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jump season cut short. winning. , the secondold world cup event only, 142.5 meters. the german produced 133 meters. there was concern over the weather. the snow was falling and when picking up. after a lengthy delay the second round was canceled. giving him an unexpected victory. within seconds of stunning the all blacks for the very first time in history in dublin. through new zealand level before they kicked the kick to ensure new zealand remained unbeaten this year.
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turopean tour victory two-sho win in the south african open in the outskirts of johannesburg. the home favorites both wondered three shot lead. rzel triple bogey the sixth. 67.y free five under par >> iranian web users hailed a
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nuclear deal in geneva. friends and family of an alleged online drug baron campaign for his release. heartwarming story of a premature baby. negotiations have been successfully completed, and rights to uranium enrichment have been recognized as sanctions will be easy. the iranian foreign minister's facebook posts hailing the deal. his post was soon shared by tens of thousands of web users even though the site is actually blocking iran. users have taken to social networks intros to comment on this historic praising, thanking and their government to reach a compromise after five days of talks in geneva.
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the iranian president hassan rouhani sang in a tweet that the deal will open horizons. others saying they hoped the agreement will also promote peace in the region. with modest relief from sanctions dominating online commentary. economic sanctions have had a heavy impact on iranian's in their day-to-day lives. twitter user, for example, says many people have died because of the shortages in medicine caused by the retaliatory measures. >> we know who ross is and who he is not. >> roth is not a criminal mastermind and not a killer. createdy and friends this video announcing a miscarriage of justice. the fbi believes the 29-year-old to be the owner of silk road, a
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huge online market for illegal products that they shut down last month. loved ones believe otherwise and they are campaigning online for his release. supporters are using video to proclaim his innocence and have also set up this site urging the people of america to join their combat. echt, who has been at -- in prison since october cannot have been ahead of that platform because it has been in operation despite him being in jail. there is also a fund-raising campaign underway on crowd toding site to raise $5,000 pay his legal fees. proving successful. only a little over $2200 has been pledged so far.
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with google's street view, all over the world can get lost in a corn maze in canada and take the challenge from the home. the cameras were there way through the four hectors of the labyrinth. the aim of the game is to find your way to the pontoon in the middle of the maze and if your sense of direction is not what it could be, you could use a birds eye view option to help you along the way. what would i say is an application developed by students from princeton university and has huge success in facebook. you log onto your account and will generate a status based on past updates. it imitates the way you express yourself is often somewhat wacky, confusing even, and no doubt give your contacts a giggle or two. video has touched the
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hearts of web users -- documenting a year and a life of an american baby born three and a half months premature. from the first very difficult days in hospital when he weighed just 100 grams until his first birthday. a very moving video which has been viewed close to 9 million times since uploaded to video at the beginning of the month.
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