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tv   France 24 Mid- Day News  LINKTV  November 29, 2013 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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watching live from paris from france 20 four. tough words from moscow after ukraine turns its back on brussels. russia is accused of bowling the the country.llying of killing aed soldier in broad daylight. we will have the latest in just a few moments. changing the way france cockles prostitution. the lawmakers debate a bill which would see clients being punished.
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the trial of minutes used of the gruesome murder of a british soldier got underway today. they are accused of drying their cart to directly at lee rigby before setting upon him with knives and a meat cleaver. they have tweeted not guilty to the charges. -- they have pleaded not guilty to the charges. incredibly shocking, this case, not least for the relatives who had to sit through that horrifying footage once again today. >> that is right. it is the first time they have seen the tv footage. it was a very difficult bit of evidence, especially for the family. ,he prosecutor of the trial back in may, at outlined the case against them before a jury at the old bailey. ,he prosecutor accused the men
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they both deny murdering the soldier on the 22nd of may in broad daylight. in court as hes was seen rammed from behind as he walked on the streets close to his barracks, ramped behind from a car and thrown into the air and onto the bonnet. the jury was showing images from two cameras of the man dragging his body into the road, stopping the traffic, and then attacking him. prosecutor, the said, appeared to make a serious and successful -- almost successful attempt to decapitate him and did the same time it is alleged to the other man was stabbing him and cutting him. of himas a video clip with blood on his hands saying lee ribgy was killed because
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muslims are dying by british shoulder -- soldiers. passersby on that day played various roles. some of them were heroic. >> yes. in contrast to the scene unfolding, some members of the public acted with bravery and decency. the prosecutor raised to the decency -- praised the decency of the public. to woman took his body provide some humanity. others went to see if they could provide first aid. another frenchwoman went over to speak to the man and keep him in conversation, even though he was holding a meat cleaver and his hands were covered in blood. yet another steered children from a local school, who were walking towards the scene and to turn them away.
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>> thank you very much for that update. to the ukrainian capital now where thousands of protesters have been packing into the square demanding that president yanukovich resign. that follows his decision to ditch agreement with european union in favor of closer ties with russia. that angered many in ukraine where half of the population favors closer ties with the eu. tensions mount in key avenue, but neither side is willing to back down. right please have been dispatched -- riot police have been dispatched. while the square has been circled, the riot continues. --r crane in oppositions ukrainian opposition has spoke after het yanukovich refused to sign the european trade pact. >> it is clear this president
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sold ukrainian's future in order grab the office of the president. --yanukovich has humility humiliated ukraine. he has only his own interest at heart. europe has kept the door open for ukrainians. i am sure the door has been closed for yanukovich and his government. >> calls for yanukovich's resignation are growing stronger. another rival protest was held on friday, they say that aligning with europe at this time will not work. >> if we were to join the european mess, our budget would disappear. they would not be any money to finance pensions or universities. the thousands continue in
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their vigil, the risk they willing to take. now into the ninth day, however the calls have changed. they are insisting president yanukovich goes, and not them. -- protesters forced their way into the headquarters of the army calling on the military to support the campaign. the army says it will not take sides. these recent wave of demonstrations have raised fears of instability in thailand. tells us more about what the protests are all about. i think she overestimated the level of support she had and then she had to withdraw that, and then she tried to change the position of the senate. sushi has misjudged but she's also in a parable position because if she does call early
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elections, her party would probably win. nextay to watch his thursday. the birthday of the king, to see what he says. that is one of the problems. he is no longer in a position to intervene and to calm things down and to act as the honest broker. and also we have a problem with the succession, the crown prince is unpopular. asi see these demonstrations an act of desperation to try to get rid of the government before there is a succession with the king. aching to us earlier on. now to anger in cities across where the muslim brotherhood has defined a new law. ever since mohamed morsi was ousted, his backers have been holding demonstrations. at least 60 people were arrested
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today. officials say more than half dozen people were injured. a new report by the un's refugee agency is shedding fresh light on the corners of the one million syrian children after fleeing their war-torn country. the report says psychological distress is widespread among the children. many have been deprived of schooling and separated from their parents. we are going to go to southern lebanon to see how some of these refugees have been coping. students gather for classes at the first full-time school for children in lebanon. syrian teachers were recorded and the school was renovated to be ready in time. >> the start was encouraging. the students came in big numbers. they are happy. the most important thing is we stop them from staying on the streets and preventing their education. >> they are the lucky ones. a new report reveals that many of the 1.1 million syrian child
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refugees, and millions more have beenin syria, deprived of education. >> many of the problems we are seeing stem from the economic situation of refugee families. families who lack money and those children are going to work to support their families and their economic survival. >> schools like this one in lebanon are a few, a small percentage of the vast numbers of refugees in the region. in work confined to their homes or in the street. made it to who have safety abroad and to schools like this one are keen to begin a new life. nothing difficult but there is a difference between the syrian curriculum and what we are learning now. what are teachers are trying to explain things to us in a clear way we can understand quickly. they have called on more
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countries in europe and the middle east to host syrian refugees and to provide them with security and support. have been taking to the streets across france today to voice opposition to a debate over whether or not people who pay for sex should be punished. the government says the bill is aimed at preventing violence against women but critics warn it would forced prostitution further underground and put them at greater risk. sparking fierce debate, france's government is pushing for one of the toughest laws against prostitution. ones that would criminalize clients. supporters of the bill hope it will change attitudes towards the world's oldest profession. turning point. prostitution is one of the last acts of violence against women that has not been condemned. and sex workers also staged rallies.
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they fear that prostitutes would find themselves in more danger, driving the sex trade underground. and argue everyone should be allowed to use their own body however they want. are not merchandise. prostitution is a sexual act. a sexual service. we are not selling our bodies. we are not giving our bodies. no one is taking her body. it is just the sexual act. those bill would punish that use prostitutes, double for repeat offenders. the government wants to prevent violence against women. protecting those that are victims of trafficking gangs. one of the lawmaker spearheading the bill blasted the hypocrisy of critics. prostitutes declare themselves free, the slavery of of the others becomes acceptable, how can you pretend not to know the client's money feeds the pimps?
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>> the bill is inspired by a swedish law which has reduced street pocket -- prostitution. the french government hopes to have a similar effect. we will have to wait until wednesday for a vote by lawmakers. italy's former prime minister silvio berlusconi has been ousted from parliament and stripped of legal action but now he faces accusations of bribing witnesses. that is in relation to his the gari is -- his notorious buna bunga parties. his seat inof parliament, silvio berlusconi finds himself facing more legal woes. an italian court has accused the ofmer prime minister evidence tampering. the accusation came from the trial of three of his former
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associates, charged with procuring prostitutes for parties at his house. the court alleges witnesses related to his notorious bunga b unga parties were paid off. there is evidence he paid money and other benefits to young women who had taken part in the parties. in exchange for monthly payments of 2500 euros, the witnesses offered identical testimony in court, denying the parties had sexual overtones. of paying fored sex with a former nightclub dancer when she was under 18. he was also found guilty of abusing the powers of his office as prime minister to have a release from police custody over a separate case. release coney has always denied i has always denied any wrongdoing. the court says evidence has been sent to prosecutors who were
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expected to open a new investigation into the case. --the classic amusement classical music lovers take note, after three years of painstaking reservation, henry brown tells us more. ♪ two famous composers among many that train here at the music academy. founded by the late -- a top-tier institution in a splendid building, restored during the four-year closure to its early style. renovation cost 14 million euros, much coming from the european union. , it neededvation support from the eu. it took about 10 years. took threection years. >> more than 800 students, many
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from abroad, come here to study classical music and also focused on -- folk songs. it produces several prodigies a year. be one is considered to of the leading music universities in the world. 438 years old. you can imagine the conductors emerging from here. well.musicians as >> still to come is a new incarnation of the academy's chamber hall, opening with a production of "the magic flute" by mozart. if you are grumbling about the chilly weather in europe, it you might want to think about the athletes in the annual antarctica ice marathon. braving temperatures of around - 30 degrees centigrade. thermalgoggles and
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underwear. this is one of the most extreme races on the planet. completed theblic course in three hours 34 minutes. than me.m let's get a recap of the top stories on france 24. tough words for moscow. the european union accuses russia of bullying the country into stitching the trade pact. the trial of two men accused of the gruesome murder of a british shoulder -- british sol dier in may. and changing the way france tackles prostitution. clients, not sex workers, being punished. time for business. good evening to you, markets. we are going to start in the netherlands, which has lost its
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top-notch credit rating. >> standard & poor's is one of the main rating agencies, together with fitch and moody's, and it has come out to cut the netherlands'credit rating. the prime minister says he does not believe the country will suffer from high borrowing costs as a result and in the short term he seems to be right because costs were actually down somewhat this friday. the downgrade is seen another sign that the recovery in the eurozone has been slow to take hold. william has more on that now. >> and then there were three. when standard & poor's downgraded the netherlands one notch below aaa, it left just three out of 17 euros on countries, finland, germany, and luxembourg, with the gold standard. the netherlands had disappointing growth products
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and was not performing as well as it appears. the dutch finance minister said upcoming reforms will prevent any further downgrade. >> we are pushing forward the number of reforms to deal with some of the structural issues in our economy. we will have economic growth next year. we have to get higher figures. a aaa countrycome again, which is our ambition. >> it is a familiar sentiment hope the crisis is in the rearview mirror but recent data has shown slight improvements. unemployment in the eurozone dipped for the first time since 2011, the rate of 12.1% was only a small drop. while some officials are positive about the future, the economy grew 1/10 of one percent in the third quarter and rating agencies warn more could be on the way. >> inflation in the euro zone is
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edging higher. it came in at 0.9% in november. slightly higher than the rate recorded in october. it is easing fears the eurozone is heading for deflation or falling prices. that may not sound bad for consumers but it seemed to be debilitating for an economy. the ecb wants it close to two higher inflation rate seems to be easing some of the pressures on the ecb to take action to bring inflation back up again. next, it is black friday in the united states, the unofficial start of the christmas shopping season. take a look at these images filmed by a shopper in north carolina.
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as you can see, shopping can be a tense affair, turning violent as retailers roll out deals to their in holiday shoppers and there are incidents reported in places like utah, california, and illinois. it is a temperature check of the american consumer. walmart and macy's opened on thursday ahead of black friday. they say the response was strong. americans are expected to shop for just over $600 billion in november and december. that is between three percent higher than last year. some say it is a little bit of a lackluster growth figure. we have seen stronger figures in the past few years. retail shares were in focus during a shortened trading day on wall street. shortened due to thanksgiving. let's take a look at the figures, the indices ended mixed
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. ebay did well on expectations they will have a strong strapping season ahead of christmas and that helped the nasdaq go higher. in europe, london and paris, slightly down. not much reaction to the downgrade of the netherlands with amsterdam trading only slightly lower where as the dax was higher on friday. let's talk about another story we are following you, shares were down on the news that the nordic telecom company fired its chief financial officer and three other executives. the board of the company says it lost the trust. it follows accusations that he was involved in dodgy deals in asia. there have been rivalry allegations stemming from another country. left anza is canceling 100 flights from paris. around 150 workers
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on strike. they are not happy about plans to outsource ground operations to a third-party provider to cut costs. it will last until early monday morning. the french luxury brand louis vuitton is removing the giant suitcase from a moscow red square put there to house a travel exhibition but it rubbed to the locals the wrong way. blocking a well-known view. louis vuitton says it is moving the suitcase to calm the waters, really, adding it will be putting it elsewhere. somewhere, somehow, people have a look at that travel exhibition. >> a little overweight with their luggage. thank you very much. that was business. time now for focus. we are going to go to ukraine where protests continue against the president.
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that is after a rejection of a agreement. trade more about the economic tug-of- war between brussels and moscow. flags are waived with enthusiasm. always look that way from the inside, but the descendents per ration. law, european education, european works. we want to be a european country. >> it is going to help us get out from russia. anticorruptional measure. we must have it. >> tens of thousands demanded the government signed a deal with the european union. there have been daily protests for a week now. the government has stood its ground. it even blamed the eu for the
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debacle. >> we did not receive the help we needed at the toughest moment. >> ukraine says it needs help to compensate for lost russian markets. they have refused to criticize the russians for their threat of economic retaliations. >> relations with russia are normal. they did not give us an weimatum but they did say would close our border. >> a smaller demonstration in support of the government also took place on sunday with business leaders telling the crowd not signing the pact now would protect jobs. >> let's build europe in ukraine. the opposition says participants in this rally -- ofse calendar -- kind
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allegations about numb the internet. without testifying who the organizers, this sign is recruiting for a demo on friday. and offering seven euros for taking part in the five hour event. the economic fears are real and widely shared. ukraine's economy has remained integrated with russia since soviet times. a ban on chocolate cost millions. warso-called chocolate became emblematic of punitive measures that affected a whole range of companies. >> ukraine has lost around a quarter of its trade turnover with russia and almost $2.5 billion worth of export. owner has been demonstrating with the pro- europeans. >> if the price of independence s, we are ready to pay it. >> russia is also repaired to
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pay a high price to keep ukraine in its fold. and while ukrainians may long for the european way of life, the country possibly
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11/27/13 11/27/13 from pacifica, this is democracy now! >> department is a perfect example. we have to think up colleges as factors in the creation in the nation that we know. the reverend who lives in witver, he arrives


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