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tv   France 24 AM News  LINKTV  May 16, 2014 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> welcome to the "france 24" newsroom. the headlines this hour. isia's opposition bjp party on track for a major win in the general election. for the first time in nearly 30 years a single party will rule the world's largest democracy. the operator of a collapsed deniesmine responsibility. death toll stands at284 as anger rises over the government's response to the country's worst ever mining disaster. a new u.s. report says human rights are under attack in eastern ukraine. russia slams the document,
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saying it is completely biased. >> im molly hall in paris and i will be with you in the next hour. also coming up, the cannes film festival in full swing. catching one of the screenings is no easy task. some tips on how to make sure you get a seat. outrage image prompting in turkey. an aide to the prime minister called lashing out at a protester in the wake of the terrible mine accident. william hildebrand has that story and more. but first, we begin with what is on track to be a resounding the three in the world biggest election. after weeks of voting that saw
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a, india's opposition bjp party is heading for a commanding win. official results are not yet in but the party that had been at the center of indian politics for decades has conceded defeat. trends,ving the early toogress party and upa respectfully accept defeat. >> let's get an update on the situation of for that we cross to the natasha butler who is in new delhi. ministerrime congratulated the bjp party for the win which is yet to be officially announced. what else can you tell us question mark >> the outgoing prime minister mana month saying singh congratulated
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the bjp candidate on the wind. the bjp was confident that they would win the election but they could never imagine the landslide we are seeing today. they have one enough seats for a majority in many more. no single party has won a majority in india since 1984. the president of the bjp has been talking to reporters for a little today. his -- he says it is a new era di withia and he said mo the mandelbrot is party victory. >> what can we possibly expect becomes prime minister. will he be able to unite the country? >> he is an extremely controversial figure. he is a strident hindu nationalist and critics accuse violenceiling to got
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in his home state back in 2002 when he was the chief minister. hundreds died in that violence, mainly muslims. critics even say modi may have stoked the violet himself but he has never been found guilty of any of that. in the election campaign he has been very careful to stay away from religious rhetoric. he talked about jobs, the economy, developments, and things like that. he says he wants to be the leader of all indians. but it would not be surprising if indian muslims around the country, 15% of the 1.2 billion population, it would but not -- it would not be surprising if the muslims are wary about what a modi government can give them. >> to turkey, where outrage is growing in the wake of the country's worst ever mining disaster. deadeople are confirmed and 18 people remain trapped
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inside, according to the mine's operators which held a press conference a short while ago. meanwhile, the first funerals have been held for the ends. response to the accident sparked violent protests across the country. turkish prime minister erdogan faced an angry crowd as he visited the site of the accident. he rejected claims of government responsibly saying "such accident happened." catherine clifford reports. with protesters, the turkish prime minister grabbed a man who heckled him and one of his -- started beating him. he has been visiting rescue workers at the sight of the mine explosion in the western town. angry protesters heckled him, forcing him to take refuge in a nearby supermarket. with, to meetmany on wednesday that seemed to downplay the national tragedy. >> let's not assume that these
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kinds of incidents don't ever happen in places like coal mines. these are ordinary things. in literature there is a concept of work lace accidents. it is impossible for accidents not to take place in mines. incidentimilar wednesday, photo nvidia appears to show the prime minister's advisor ticking a protester as he was being held to the ground by special force police. he later released a statement. >> i am sorry i was not able to keep calm despite all the provocations, insults, and attacks i was subjected to. miners trapped underground and thousands took to the streets across turkey with public anger inflamed over safety regulations. mining accidents happen quite frequently in turkey. the party, the prime minister's a comment saying it was safe is upsetting. party voted down a
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proposal to hold a parliamentary inquiry into small accidents. the labor ministry said the mine was inspected march 17 and found to comply with regulations. an investigation has now been launched. reportw you when the released this friday warned of a worsening human rights situation in eastern ukraine. the document also cite emerging problems in the recently annexed region of crimea. 's"'s bring in "france 24 reporter. what do they say is going on in the region? what a chilling report. killings in the east and also special units of the national security and the army that is operating in the east as well. they are also talking about intimidation of journalists and ethnic minorities in crimea, like the tartars are not getting
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a good deal by the annexed the russian regime ruling there now. the situation is also dire for some minority groups, some of which have been reluctant to mention their names because of fear, and that includes jewish sloboda party and the extreme right groups that have an anti-semitic agenda. that is a concern as well. >> russia has slammed the report, saying it completely lacks objectivity. what impact, if any, is this likely to have on the situation on the ground? >> it is certainly highlighting -- and to be fair to the 34 you one monitors on the ground -- un monitors on the ground, they highlight violations on all sides. officials in kiev and also the pro-russian groups that have taken over many of the towns in the east. they are recommending that all sides turned down the hatred and
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the rhetoric that is fueling the situation and to address the concerns of minorities, both in crimea, and also in including addressing the concerns of the russian speaking tartars.s and also >> thank you for the update. taste of what is the come during the next world cup, the concern of brazilian authorities after protesters stormed the street of são paulo, revision andal -- rio de janeiro brasilia, complaining money spent on games instead of housing and social projects and is growing fear the country is still not prepared for the world's largest sporting event in just over three weeks time. here's more. >> thousands of protesters take to the street to lambaste the government for spending large
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month -- amounts of money for the upcoming football tournament, money they say could be spent on public services. absurd to see our government spending billions on a football tournament, an event that only benefits fifa, businessmen, and corrupt politicians, while the population still desperately need education, decent public transport, health care, and security. it is a disgrace. until housing is given to everyone here, we don't want the world cup. >> what we can safely say is if there are no advances in housing and urban's reforms, this movement will put up a fight during the world cup. >> as protest continued thursday night and brasilia and são paulo, vehicles were set alight and the demonstrators clashed with police. the protests began, riot police practiced trial runs. officers from the fbi and the were inice departments rio de janeiro to provide
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training sessions in civil unrest control. enforcementan law in preparation for trouble during the world cup. meanwhile, the country's federal court of accounts said several cities hosting the tournament are not ready, with construction continuing at seaports and airports, less than four weeks before kickoff. >> and environmental emergency has been declared in the galapagos islands. authorities say a freighter which ran aground last week could leak out oil and chemicals into the area's unique ecosystem. officials said the emergency measure will now free up resources so the ship can be safely removed. catherine clifford reports now on efforts to save the ireland, darwin'sfamous for study of evolution. found nowhere else in the world -- the galapagos islands help the darwin developed his theory of evolution in 1800 when he studied ecosystems there
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during an epic five-year voyage. ecuador owns of the islands which are located some thousand kilometers off the coast, and it is now declared and environmental emergency there. effort to remove the ground of statusip -- emergency will free up resources so the ship can be removed as quickly as possible. >> we are working to ultimately get the boat out without any problems. >> in the freighter ran aground last week. it was carrying more than 70,000 liters of cargo fuel, all of which has been removed. however, motor oil and cleaning products remain in the ship's hull, which officials say would have disastrous consequences of it leaked. in 2001, an ecuadorian field trip ran aground at the same spot, causing an environmental crisis that affected several species. the region is known for its marine iguanas, and a large population of sea
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lions. the volcanic islands were declared a world heritage site by unesco in 1978. austerity blame claim in brussels but at the top five candidates to have the european commission swapped accusation thursdays over the impact of your's budget-cutting measures and ongoing financial crisis. it was the biggest television debate in the run-up to next week's european election and all part of a drive by brussels to bring the transparency to the union. >> one of the five candidates opening -- hoping to be the next president of the european commission. all hoping to impress in the debate. ever present a coalition of parties across the country -- continent. and if the movement finishes ahead in the ballots they will get the eu top job. & admin approved -- of improved democracy, civil social democrat, even at the head of state can oppose the nomination. >> one of the candidates here, he or she, will be the next
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president of the european commission. and if they really would dare to nominate another one, the answer is quite clear, he gets no majority. >> candidates clashed over economic issues. the radical left leader of greece lashed out at the eu's current policies. >> we have to begin with social cohesion and john's and development. we have to stop this recession and stopped with austerity. we have to stop with this paranoia of debt. >> the point of view of the center-right supports tight control of public finances and a new free-trade deal with the u.s. >> a free-trade agreement with the u.s. would give every european household 545 euros extra. i am in favor of a minimal social salary everywhere in greece and europe. >> drawn criticism -- >> the commission is negotiating secret trade deals behind closed doors. we have citizens peacefully demonstrating in the streets of
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brussels against this trade agreement. and what happens? they are all getting arrested. this is not the european union we want. >> faller -- foreign policy was another hot topic. russia andoo weak to putin and what we need to do is put together very serious theible sanctions against people around putin. that is the only language that he shall understand. >> as was the biggest television debate in the run-up to the election, a chance to get the interestedrest it -- but fears of a low turnout are running high. --here at the headlines political changing of the guard is in store for india. the opposition bjp party on track for a major victory the feeding a better rock of indian politics. the operator of a collapsed turkish -- turkish mine denies responsible of the. thedeath toll is at 284 as
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governor -- anger rises over the government's response. u.n. reports that human rights are under attack in eastern ukraine and russia slams the document as completely biased. time now for a press review and for that i am joined by william hemphill brandon -- william hildebrand. we see reactions on the government's new right to veto takeover bids. >> let's begin by looking at the which sayss taper francis" foreign money. all of this comes as french engineering firm alston is mulling a bid from american giant general electric. french officials appear to prefer the rival bid by germany's siemens. alston is expected to make a decision by the end of the month. some say these moves could have a negative effect on growth and
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job creation. it points out in 2013 foreigners helped finance 685 new projects which led to the creation of 30,000 jobs in france. "figaro" says government credibility on the line. >> it says hollande is trapped by zero growth. the forecast of one percent growth is far from certain. it said the cabinet credibility is close to zero. new data came up and said the french economy fail to grow for the first three months of this year and all economic indicators are in the red. growth has stopped an investment is down. where are the new jobs that francois hollande promise? he promised to reverse the unemployment curve by the end of last year. it says france is paying a high price for the fiscal policy. let's look at another article in the paper. a scathing piece. it says hollande's optimistic forecast created doubt and a sense of irony everywhere except in the government itself.
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other parties are able to garner support but as the socialist artie is asking for voters toward -- to turn out they have little to offer in concrete results ahead of the european elections. offact, no concrete results the socialist party can point to. it says this is a dangerous time for hollande to be writing checks that he is unable to cash. turkey and talk about an image that is really causing shockwaves. to the turkish prime ministers seen kicking a protester. >> this image was originally published by turkish media. one paper spoke to one witness -- witness at this mourner was hit three or four times by the advisor to the prime minister. was visitingrdogan with the tragic mining accident happened leaving hundreds dead. a lot of people pointing the finger of the government of a company that owns the mine that was privatized in 2005 and they
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blamed those two for not having imposed better safety standards. let's look at a cartoon from "the guardian." into this erdogan image -- safety standards, i will give you safety standards. the cartoon playing on how he is down playing the tragedy. appearing to be insensitive and saying this is just a fact of life. >> other papers picking up on the general sentiment that his handling of the disaster has been quite insensitive, if you will. "independent"t -- chose to run with a different photo. turkey continues to return the dead miners to the earth. but inside it says it deal the tragic blow to erdogan's authoritarian rule. he behaves as if his mandate gives him the right to consolidate power and the population is to polarize. he has been expected to announce his candidacy for president see this august, but while he was in
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soma, he was heckled by the crowd who called him a thief and a liar. as recent as two weeks, his ruling party voted down a proposal to investigate accidents in soma. erdogan expanded his powers and responsible of the him on the flip side he is more culpable for accidents like this mining accident. >> we've got time for one last story. we will talk about the fallout after "the new york times" dismissed his first -- its first female senior editor. >> creating a furor in the united states and europe more and more. the paper said jill abramson was fired because of management issues but on wednesday we heard a counter narrative emerged that she was in fact the victim of sexism. the paper talk to staff and set those rumors were untrue -- of the complaints about her receiving lower pay than her male predecessors. but "independent" explores the
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upper echelons at "the times" and the tension. abramson was fiercely loyal to the paper and that the stylized "t" tattooed on her back. she has been quiet since she has been fired. but her daughter posted a photo apparentlym and abramson is fighting back. at least with a bit of humor. been pushy --apparently how the management has criticized her handling her staff. a very murky and gray area at "the new york times," but abramson at least handling it with a bit of humor. >> perhaps we will be hearing a bit more of the story in the days to come. william hildebrand takes a look at today's press. thank you very much for that. do stay with us. live from paris continues now with a sports update. friends --hardy keep
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french hopes alive in rome defeating do dodic. nadal needed three sets to get ey to set up a final -- semifinal against andy murray. arsenal has the chance to win the first trophy in nine seasons. the biggest fa cup final surprise since this came last year when manchester city was beaten. the coach says he will not remind the players of last year. any don't believe we need warning. we know a final is a final. ball, they canhe create chances, and it is just down to us form and well on the day of the game. and we just want to focus on that. theince scraping by in
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semis, arsenal won five straight games to finish fourth in the premier league but expects a tough encounter against a team playing in its first ever fa cup final. thisnestly, i don't think is his complacency. we know the difficulty of the task. if you look at our ru in the fa cup, we had a hard run. we played against top men. we played against everton. coventry was maybe a little bit easier. but still the overall run we had, it was a very tough run. we have done all this job and will want to finish it now. >> arsenal will be boosted by the return of jack wilshire and abu diabi. club under whole pressure. >> we are used to the pressure.
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every game has to be won. of course, we know the has been a lot of talk about not winning for nine years but we know it is a game we have to win and we know there's a lot of -- at stake as well but we are confident. we go in with a lot of confidence. playcas fabianski set to his last game for the club. farewells to barcelona after an outstanding 15 year career of the club. the 36-year-old has never played for anybody else and at the club captain and 2004. no injuries have restricted his appearances in recent years. he used the occasion to pay tribute to absent friends. >> i want to remember people who sat liana among us anymore and have been very important to me. my father, antonio, mickey, luis arragones.
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to me this is an end of an era and a new one begins and i wish i can enjoy it as much as i did this one. thank you very much. long live barca. >> and injury pushed him into retirement. won champion league three times, three copa del reys. >> you have always looked after your teammates, those who needed you. arrived, those injured. always giving support and advice. you have always given a lot to this team. his kneem is to get fixed without the pressure of being a footballer and he says it is unlikely he will go into coaching. matthewleader michael defended in style by winning stage six. he avoided a crash in hazardous conditions to finish ahead of second-place wellens.
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evans now his closest challenger. california is into the fifth stage as the riders brought it into santa barbara. bradley wiggins tending to maintain the lead and scorching hot temperatures. into the latter stage, tyler finney executed the san marcos climb. with 12ventually won seconds to spare. a perfectly executed race. wigginsgg99ññwççñmwéñ cc?
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