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tv   Journal  LINKTV  May 19, 2014 2:00pm-2:31pm PDT

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>> welcome to the journal coming to you live from berlin. >> it's good to have you withou. >> the u.s. has issued criminal warrants against five chinese officers in a first of a kind case. >> houses collapsing due to landslides, cities inundated and a new surge of floodwater expected in the balkans. >> and europe wants to develop its own drone.
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>> the united states is charged five members of the chinese military unit for allegedly hacking trade secrets from american companies. the move has infuriated beijing. >> the first-ever prosecution of state actors over cyber espionage. washington would use all means available to arrest him. >> the u.s. has long accused china of cyber spying but it has never made those accusations official in a court of law until now. enough is enough. >> his administration will not tolerate actions by any nation that seeks to illegally sabotaged american companies and undermine the integrity of fair competition in the operation of the free market. this case should serve as a wake-up call to the seriousness of the ongoing cyber threat.
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>> the indictments are against five members of the chinese military. they allegedly spied on six u.s. companies including nuclear power plant builder westinghouse and the largest american aluminum company. the u.s. says the alleged spying gave the chinese companies unfair advantages in the market. the chinese foreign ministry quickly rejected the charges and said the case would harm u.s. chinese relations. china is a staunch defender of network security it said in a statement and the chinese government, military, and associated personnel have never engaged in online theft of trade secrets. the charges against the six defendants could carry decades in prison but they are all at large in china and the usa gorges there is virtually no chance of them being extradited. >> let's go live to washington.
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is this part of a broader crackdown by the u.s. on industrial espionage? >> i think america is going to speak more forcefully about this issue to the public. it is more than just a symbolic gesture. the reason washington is acting now, they are fed up with losing money just because of chinese spying. they are putting pressure on washington and the obama administration has to do something. the american economy would risk too much. but we are going to continue to see is more of the shame game. >> the u.s. has been spying, after all. >> there are double standards.
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they are doing more or less the same, but they are saying that they are doing it to defy international terrorism and not for corporate gain. >> the worst flooding in the century continues in serbia, croatia, and bosnia. >> 100,000 people have already been evacuated. raging waters of been cutting off both villages and have uncovered deadly ordinance like landmines. >> germany is among the you nations that is delivering rescue teams and equipment. >> resident settlement a small window of time to return to their destroyed homes before authorities issued a fresh evacuation order. a northern serbian city has been one of the wrst hit by the floods.
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as water levels continue to surge, they have given up hope of salvaging their home. >> all we had is lost. there is nothing left. the house is ruined. everything is ruined. >> residents surveyed the damage and authorities began evacuating them again. water levels have surged. people are preparing for the worst. emergency teams are shoring up defenses at the biggest power plant. it produces half of the electricity. one in four people has been affected by the floods. more than a million people have no water supply, 100,000 homes destroyed, leaving tens of thousands of residents displaced. this amateur video shows the
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houses entire foundation being swept away. the scale of the damage is unprecedented. >> army experts have told me it would take months for the military to cause the kind of damage which we have seen in the towns in a couple of days. >> international aid has been provided. even european countries have sent rescue teams to the balkans. >> with the very latest on this, we are joined on the line from belgrade. our people bracing for a new flood surge? can you bring us up-to-date? >> there is the possibility of a new search.
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another 20,000 people will be evacuated. it won't be in such a hurry as last week. belgrade is preparing for the new -- they can't absorb all the water flowing from the salary. >> what about authorities? are they prepared for this? >> right now, i would say that they are not very bad with the crisis. they have been covered with 300,000 sandbags. which is almost 12 kilometers. >> this is the worst flooding in a century already.
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what are the days ahead looking like? will the military be called out in-swerve i? >> the military is already engaged in their rescue efforts. the military and the police are banning any entrance into the city. it is also very welcome. and the form of auxiliary power, it is helicopters and other supplies. >> reporting from belgrade, thank you very much. >> this news harkens back. from the hague at the serbian commander. >> according to him, all the actions proved -- directed at
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providing the city against bosnian forces. >> it came as the bosnian serb became explaining why he is not guilty of the genocide charges he is facing. >> he has been called the butcher of bosnia. now he has a chance to prove he is innocent. testimony so far has focused on the deadly siege of sarajevo. the charge was categorically denied from the first witness, a serb military commander in sarajevo during the war. he said all the actions had been defense activities and showed judges a map of the city marking all the sites. the defense has yet to call a witness regarding the heaviest charge.
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it was the most horrific atrocity during world war ii. it had been designated a safe haven for bosnian muslims. dutch troops representing the u.n. were easily overpowered. what followed was a bloodbath. lost 8000 muslim men and boys were killed. and the deaths constitute genocide. >> ordering troops to return to the ukraine.
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>> this is after they completed what he called their spring training exercises. it appears to go further. the troops were being pulled back. it could signal an attempt to de-escalate the ukrainian crisis. >> the secretary general says he does not believe he has told russian forces to pull back at all. >> i have to say that we haven't seen any evidence at all -- from the ukrainian borders. now i think it is the position statement -- it is president putin's statement on russian troops that so far, we haven't seen any withdrawal. >> there were some --
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>> the biggest shareholder is now -- of the transaction hands the royals investment company a stake of nearly six percent in germany's biggest lender and injects 1.8 billion euros of french -- fresh capital. deutsche bank plans to raise more for rights offering in months. the leader duo wants to make sure they meet tough new international standards on how much capital banks hold. >> we have been undergoing an evaluation. >> the bank is putting emphasis on investment banking and it wants to beef up its presence in the u.s. market.
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>> as well as the big injection of gulf state cash, getting down on the markets. >> dutch bank was clearly talk of the day. what a surprise and what a coup. nobody expected such a high volume. it shares a been under pressure because the higher quantity puts pressure on the share price and nobody likes such a capital increase in the short run. in the long run, it's the right step. and giving the bank more space to maneuver. it is pretty reluctant, going up and down but ending a little bit higher. >> let's take a look at the raw market numbers now starting where dorothy was.
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as she said, the dax finished up about .33%. u.s. stocks was not so lucky, down by almost .1%. over in new york city, the dow jones industrial average as trading up by about .1%. in the euro against the dollar is up. >> we have this other major business story today in an attempt to form the biggest pharmaceutical company on the planet set to fail after pfizer's latest bid ask -- astrazeneca was rejected. >> bay said the offer undervalued the company's prospects and the deal would've allowed the u.s. firm pfizer to shift its base of operations to the u.k. and pay a lower rate of tax. >> we are going to a short break and we come back, we will tell
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you the story of how europe is looking to develop its own drone so the eu is not so dependent on the u.s.. >> and we have an election coming up. the drone wars are on the agenda in germany. opposition parties say they are an unacceptable linchpin in a series of foreign wars. >> a group of firms want to work with developing a new drone. armed and possibly unarmed. >> this drone is a concept design. the country wants to team up with other firms to come up with a new model by 2020.
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>> the governments of germany, italy, and france. it was spent two years working with the government to send out their requirements for the drone. >> the whole system would be planned out. from that point of view, it would be beneficial if we could clear up any questions then. >> the government hasn't decided whether to take part in the project. >> the debate will take place this summer and we will follow all the usual procedures. >> drones are a controversial issue in germany. one was halted due to rising costs. the opposition left is against the used of armed drones.
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>> every drone we deploy, war will become less inhibited and we will kill people in countries where we can't right now. >> the defense ministry denies it has already agreed on a deal concerning drones with any companies. >> it could change the shape of the european union's institutions. >> surveys show that eurosceptic parties set between finland and france, they are pulling out all the stops to get their voters. >> brussels does have the expertise. >> what i like about the eu is that we can travel freely
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without borders. >> a few people curse europe. i was raised as a kid. i believe strongly in europe. that is i was happy to do the advert. >> her generation grew up feeling that europe offer them endless possibilities. the financial crisis and ensuing austerity measures have soured that vision. >> we are not that interested in the european elections. i know we should be but other issues are more important to us at the moment. for example, it is exhausting.
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>> what we can do it europe is more solidarity and unity. it is to of the fundamental purposes in my opinion. both could help us out of the crisis. we are tired of being the black sheep in europe. >> i feel the things it started to improve recently but there is still a lot to do. first, we have to change our men tell eddie and avoid the mistakes of the past. we can't do it overnight. i will need help from other countries. >> this is being called greece's lost generation. well educated with almost no job prospects in sight. youth unemployment in greece has had almost 70%. the worst in europe.
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>> i don't know what the future holds. i'm going to take part in the student exchange program. we will probably emigrate to find work. i'm sure europe will be my best chance before i can return to grace. >> we can see the eu as her best hope. she will be sure to vote. >> we spoke with our brussels correspondent. it right off the bat, we asked about the long-standing voter apathy of european elections. >> i think it is a sense of voters being able to actually choose individuals. my guess would be that this
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might -- there may be a lack of clear understanding about the distinction tween voting in national elections and they don't fully realize where the power base lies. >> we will make sure that there is a president elected for the european commission for that same party. this is all about process. national ministries and government or whether europe really has power to deliver change. >> what can europe do to excite people more? >> it is also considered to be
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interfering -- we are the people correct the damage done by the economic crisis. the perception is that europe was somehow to blame or complicit. it is a very difficult balancing act. you will convince them they are worthy of the vote but also somehow to blame the last few years of economic downturn. >> try to galvanize viewers by asking what europe means to them. >> the ease of movement, the freedom to move around europe border 3 -- border free.
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they take to change the national currencies. that is gone. there are all sorts of symbols. the election on the far right of course. it is a real difficult problem and that is what it meant to me. my children were raised here, they benefited from that and they see themselves not as one particular country. >> on election night, joining us live.
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>> get all the latest news and information. and remember, tune in on sunday. >> after a weekend of violence in libya, the leader of the country's special forces says his troops have joined one of the militias at the heart of the fighting. >> it tried to storm libya's tripoli on sunday. two people killed, dozens wounded in that assault. the government struggled to hold on to that control since gadhafi was ousted two years ago. >> in iraq, maliki sets for a third term in office after last month's parliamentary elections. >> the state of law alliance 192 of the 328 seats, that is not
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enough for an overall majority. they will need to approach rival parliamentary groups in order to form a government. they need to be certified by the country's supreme court. in formula one racing news, three-time world champion sir jack bratton has died at the age of 88. >> the quiet australian was anything but on the race track. the engineer made his debut in 1955 and went on to become the only driver to win the championship and a car he designed and built himself. over to football where former munich coach is a new manager of english team -- they will take over in manchester.
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retired from playing after 23 years at that club. recapping the top story at this hour, the u.s. charts five members of the chinese military unit was allegedly hacking trade secrets from american companies. this move has infuriated beijing. >> the first-ever prosecution of state actors. they called on china to deliver the men for trial. >> thank you for watching. thank you for joining us.
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>> first, the charges are made up -- that is china's reaction after japanese officers, five of them, are indicted in the u.s. -- after five chinese officers on indicted in the u.s. espionage. the companies are in the nuclear power, metals, and solar power industries. >> today, we are announcing an indictment


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