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tv   France 24 AM News  LINKTV  May 29, 2014 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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"france vingt-quatre >> welcome to the -- >> welcome to the "france vingt-quatre" newsroom. russia has signed a deal with catholics dan and belarus. belaruse.tan and edward snowden says he would like to return home. he said he worked as a spy for the cia overseas, something the u.s. government designs -- denies. and the search is suspended until more powerful goodman can be used in the search for flight to 70.
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-- flight 270. more than 200th people on board. begin in the ukraine, where pro-russian separatists have been blamed for shooting down a military helicopter. acting president oleksander turchinov says 14 people were killed including an army general when the helicopter was shot down by the village of slaviansk. he says they carried out the attack with a portable defense missile. details are still coming into the newsroom and we will have an update with our correspondence in the next half-hour -- correspondents in the next half-hour. russia has signed a deal to make an economic agreement with belarus and kazakstan.
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in the capital of belarus, vladimir putin said that the three countries are headed for a fundamental new level of cooperation. for more on just what this means, i am joined by our editor douglas herbert. is ans through this, this economic union that has been created, but many people say that there is a very strong political agenda behind this. >> very political, let's start now with economics. the eurasian economic union, three countries, russia and belarus and kazakshstan. this is what vladimir putin wants to see as an economic force to be reckoned with on the world stage, to bring together his regional allies and integrate them. he wants to look a lot like the other heavyweights, the european union and the u.s. and china, and recognize a lot of things in this union.
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free trade and capital manpower across the world. this is a big market with 170 million people in these countries and they have a lot of energy resources, and 1/5 of the world's gas reserves. about one third of the world's oil reserves. is acs have said there covert agenda of putting together the soviet empire. that this isn says hogwash and he has denied this every step of the way. he says this is purely on economic basis. why shoulds a block, we not be able to have a block? he says this is a transport hub between europe and asia and we have seen this -- russia's under sanctions right now. it is being threatened by europe, under siege a little bit, but this is his way of saying that we will not be isolated.
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russia can stand for its own just as well as you guys and they have the resources to do so. >> some of these union members suggested at least that this is a far cry from what they originally had in mind. >> back in 1994 it was the president of kazakhstan, who brought up the idea, why not do this? but even with the president of belarus, he recently told his own news agency, the state-controlled news agency in belarus, but it was not really what the members originally envisioned. this is a far cry from what is the 28-member european union. critics would say, look at the countries that are in this. they are all run by relatively authoritarian leaders, leaders who, in a trade block, you're supposed to share everything across borders with an open and free market, and these rulers,
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their track record at least, is that they like to preserve their own power and prerogatives, making this block work in practice is going to be a lot harder than doing so on paper. but that said it remains to be seen. you shouldn't discount it. you shouldn't dismiss this as they are trying to stitch back the soviet union. >> breaking down this eurasian economic union. in detail today. thank you for that. man up and come home, that is u.s. secretary of state john kerry and his message to whistleblower edward snowden of the nsa. speaking on american television, snowden said there was no where he would rather go an intelligence officer also said he was high up in the cia and nsa, working as a spy abroad, which the u.s. government denies. we have more on this story. >> he has been called a hero and a traitor. him,ver you think of
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edward snowden says that he was much more than just an analyst for the national security agency. >> i was trained as a spy in the traditional sense of the word and live in cover overseas pretending i am holding a job and then i am not, and being assigned a name. interview, he says he worked undercover for the nsa he firstand he -- when leaked details about the united states and their large-scale surveillance of citizens and people around the world, he insisted he did this for the good of the country. revelations led the 30-year-old to leave the u.s. and seek temporary asylum in russia, which will end soon. he says he will apply to extend asylum unless the u.s. drops spying charges against him. >> if i can go anywhere in the world it would be home. >> the united states says he can
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come home at anytime but has to face justice. john kerry has said, "man up and face the music." >> we have found that people are in additional danger because operational security has been breached because terrorists have learned firsthand about methods and mechanisms by which the united states >> intelligence. lectsited states cole intelligence. >> earlier this year, the army band he's dropping of allies while congress calculates plans limit the >> it has been three months since the malaysian passenger jet went missing and investigators are no closer to finding the wreckage. the area where acoustic signals have been collected is not the final resting place. ins is after the u.s. senate an unmanned submersible for its
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final mission in the southern indian ocean. involved in the search and has scoured 850 square kilometers of the ocean floor, looking for signs of the aircraft. the us chilean transport safety euro has now advised that the search in the vicinity of acoustic detections can be considered complete. judgment thesional area can now be discounted as a -- as the final resting place of 270. >> this will not -- this will be suspended until new and more powerful sonar putman is brought in, it disappeared with 239 people on board, in route from kuala lumpur to beijing. the fight against the spread of africaa -- ebola in west
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reported, they have the first cases last week and many other areas report infections. earlier, authorities said that the outbreak was under control. >> authorities had said that the outbreak was contained but for the first time in a month, they have reported two new cases of the virus including one death. health officials are trying to prevent an academic -- epidemic in this international travel hub. we realize certain members of infected families have escaped our control, and we increased the number of focal points of infection and in certain areas. >> since the virus was identified in march, they have casesnted 200 -- over 200 including 85 deaths. sierra leone confirmed their first case of the disease with 16 cases, and mourners have been
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urged not to touch the bodies of the dead during traditional funeral rituals. >> i think that the fact that this is the first time it is happening in this region worked against us. people don't understand very well how this epidemic can keep going on, if everyone does not pull away. >> this is the first ever outbreak of ebola, which has a 90% mortality rate and officials say this is one of the most challenging outbreaks they have seen since the virus was first discovered 40 years ago. >> with nearly all votes counted, the former military chief of egypt as won a decisive victory. al-sisi has 53% of votes cast, his rival -- 93% of votes cast, his rival sabbahi has three percent. a lower-than-expected turnout
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has raised questions about credibility. only 44% of voters went to the polls. of the countries you've described this as a sham. described this as a sham. and now, the boss-napping incident. this came after the owner of the embassy brands announced in april that they would move production out of france. we have more. about 100 standoff, in this factory in western france, the site where managers were held captive. they told the staff they were doing everything possible to protect them. but failed. there was a procedure to shut down the plant that officially started --
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>> the employees decided to stay in the office until they got a positive response from management to their demands. conditions that would allow them to go through the restructuring process with less pain and anxiety. >> their jobs have been threatened since april, when the parent company, imperial tobacco said they were moving production out of france. the british cigarette maker wants to relocate to poland, in a cost-cutting plan. facing imminent layoffs, the french workers demanded higher payouts. >> the parent company makes 200 -- more than 2 billion euros in the process and they have more than enough money to give severance pay. >> a practice among french trade this prompted in 2009 the conservative president, nicolas sarkozy to give police the power to intervene by force if necessary. in january the extreme method returned when workers at a
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goodyear tire plant held 2 executives overnight. -- -- this was over 1000 planned job cuts. >> moving to the beat of their own drum, apple is buying beats electronics, for 2.2 billion euros. the deal was first reported mama the go, all part of apple's bid to ward off competition for the widely used itunes store. >> this is the biggest acquisition ever for apple, the california technology giant will spend $3 billion, or 2.2 billion euros, to buy beats electronics. this was founded three years ago by dr. dre and creates the headphones used by music superstars. this also gives apple access to andbeats music service,
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their itunes music store has been undercut by the phenomenal growth of streaming services such as spotify. >> apple has built up this empire over 10 or 15 years based on this holy trinity between the itunes music store, the ipod, and of course there itunes software. what is happening is all of those things have become less dominant in the space, so that they need to basically move strategically, and tip this over to where consumers are going, the streaming, on-demand services. >> the purchase that will be finalized later this year marks a break for apple, which is used to developing their own technology. become apple will employees and it will make dr. dre a billionaire. >> she gave the world of unflinching look into america's racially divided self. ou, who rose from
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poverty and segregation to become one of the great civil rights activists died on wednesday. she was 86 years old. we look into the life of a woman that u.s. president barack obama called truly phenomenal. >> one thing they cannot prohibit, the strongman, coming on. the strongman getting stronger. >> she strived in every artistic medium, a force on the stage and screen and the printed page and she has died at the age of 86. with a career that spanned decades, she rose from a childhood of poverty in arkansas, she was raped by her mother's boyfriend at the age of seven but turned her suffering into verse. line is so fine between genius and madness. >> she went on to write 30 books, becoming one of the most celebrated women of the 20
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century, and the u.s. president rewarded her in 2010 with the medal of freedom, the highest civilian award of its kind. she not only leaves behind a wealth of words. riteram a writer, a weriter reflects. >> and the legacy of her civil rights activism. entertainment editors were quick payurn to twitter to tribute -- barack obama called her a truly phenomenal woman. and president bill clinton asked for her to read at his annan duration and said that america has lost a national treasure and he, a beloved friend. >> it is time for a recap of the headlines. the moscow science eurasian -- the moscow -- in
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moscow, a new eurasian economic -- between belarus and kazakhstan. and what snowden would like to return home, he worked as a you as a spy overseas. and put on hold, the search for a missing malaysia jetliner is suspended until more power equipment can be used. they are unable to find the airplane nearly three months after it vanished with 339 people on board. you are watching "france vingt-quatre." it is time to look at what is in the weekly magazines. we will start with these european elections. they are still making headlines here in france with the national front. >> the national front party came in first, with 25% of the vote, one in four voters. they say that this will probably not end very well. the photo of a very sinister looking marine le pen, who has
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her eyes set on the 2017 presidential election and she arty sees herself in the palace and meanwhile, her rivals are recovering from what was a slap in the face for them. alsohe opposition is weakened by the european elections, but on the verge of imploding after the leader announced that he would step down amid this growing scandal. the big scandal for allegations misconduct. >> we see her on the cover of other magazines. >> this one says, who should she think for the success at the european elections? it takes a look at the soup -- spectacular rise of the national front over the last few years. we have seen a real
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transformation since marine le pen took control of the party since 2011, she has really cleaned up the party and makes it look less devilish, and it also puts the socialist party place, a rock and a hard but they are partially to blame for her success. because voters feel very disillusioned with the mainstream political parties in france, and they are tempted by the national front. >> they look at this scandal which you mentioned before, facing the party. >> the fact is that she was the first to reveal the big scandal so just a reminder, this is the name of an event planning company, led by friends of jean-francois cope, and they signed off -- they -- it is alleged they signed off on millions and thanked -- fake bankrolls in the election of nicolas sarkozy.
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it talks about a cash machine money, 22 lot more point 7 million euros over a longer amount of time. >> francois hollande and his socialist party came in in a dismal third, in these elections here in france. we have magazines talking about their chances. >> really, we still have three more years of francois hollande, after a stored beating in those european elections, with 14% of the vote. a very disappointed looking francois hollande here on the page. this is part of a wave of panic right now, and even though he is vowing to have the courts it is program, he is at an all-time low in opinion polls, so they wonder, can he actually hold on during his mandate and the analysis is that on top of his team and his political line, his character is in question these
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days, over the past few months it seems like everything has changed around him except for his job. >> here in france -- bring us some more optimistic news. >> you have the belgian singer -- he is on the front page, he is always a little bit more optimistic. he is going on tour in africa. he actually talked about his africa because his father was from rwanda, he was a tutsi who was assassinated during the genocide. he opens up about this personal tragedy, a lesson for humanity as a whole. if you want more news, look at the french version of "vanity fair." they have a french actor that they call the american. you may not have heard of him but he is a very famous actor -- and he shot to fame with "the untouchable." he's the first black actor to
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win this for cecil ward, but he felt that he was being typecast here and wanted to challenge himself. he will appear in some movies coming up soon, including the next "x-men." and we take a look at google and their plans for the future, actually calling them the masters of the future. what is next with the driverless google car. the internet driver is investing in technical research, robots and biotechnology and there is word that they are investing in a hover board and an elevator in space. >> a look at the weeklies, thank you very much for that press review. it is time now for a sports update. >> the french are stepping up their world cup preparations, de bleur routed norwya. ay. the coach knows keeping everyone cause isfor the same
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the key to french oaks. >> preparing for this kind of competition, every day is a long day of preparation. it is the role players who play a lot, it is part of life in the group. i want to focus myself on any one thing -- and for example this morning i did not spend time with the team that played against norway. i kept my eye on the players playing a little bit or not at all. after that, i also have my staff to help. and everyone has to feel important in the group. inis hard to feel important a competition -- i don't know which players they will be at, some won't play or some will be featured sparingly. but the common goal is to get everyone pointed in the same direction. >> he scored twice in a victory against norway, with the
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likelihood of serving as backup -- >> i am 23 years old, one of 23 players in the world cup and this is a dream come true. i want to help the team as much as i can. >> france had families against paraguay and jamaica. and they have the friendly against honduras on june 15. they are putting the final touches for their first appearance in the world cup since 1998. the striker has been out with a knee injury and has several other goals in qualifying and his teammates hope that he recovers. >> he is a person and player who brings so much to the team. we are appreciative he is even here and able to dissipate with us.
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he knows it will help them with absolutely everything. we are very happy to have him here. to share this experience with them. this is such a boost for our team. -- with him, this is such a boost for our team. >> ivory coast and japan -- they're supposed -- they're hoping to make this for the first time in their history. >> we're going to face strong opponents and the african team plays at taste -- fast pace and plays the same way we will see at the world cup. we have to make sure we are playing hard and him again focus on our game in the group stage against greece. it will be very similar to what we will face in our group. >> the coach is yet to whittle down his squad, and in the tournamente have the
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will be there on saturday, going into next week. there are a few problems in the first round of the french open. ofy made light work austria's player, 2009 champion roger federer needed three rounds to beat schwartzman. tommy roda of spain moves on asc
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