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tv   France 24 Mid- Day News  LINKTV  August 20, 2014 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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the world is appalled. brutal video.a said he willma continue airstrikes. rockets rained down on israel. 19 palestinians have been killed i israeli airstrikes. among them the wife and child of a hamas leader. holder arrived in ferguson,
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missouri after 11 nights of protest over the shooting of an unarmed black teenager by a white policeman. the international community is reeling after a horrific video was posted online showing the , jamesng of a reporter foley. the worldobama said is appalled and the white has said the video is authentic. -- white house has said the video is authentic. un expressed up lawrence. s in starke stand
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contrast to his killers. isis has rampaged across cities killing unarmed civilians and cowardly acts of violence. -- object woman and children abduct women and children and subjects them to torture, rape, and slavery. they have murdered muslims, sunni and shia, by the thousands and target christians and religious minorities. no religion.or their victims are overwhelmingly muslim and no faith teaches the massacre of innocents. worked for global outlets other news including afp. he covered the war in libya and
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was detained for more than 40 days. his family said he gave his life to expose the world to the suffering of people in those regions. >> he died trying to tell the world about conflict zones. james foley covered afghanistan, libya where he was held hostage for several weeks, and syria, where he was kidnapped in november 2012. the 40-year-old was an experienced reporter who covered war zones for several news organizations. captivity day of his a video entitled message to america surfaced online. showfootage appears to members of the islamic state organization beheading the american journalist. posted aok his mother message reacting to the loss of her son. >> we have never been prouder of our son jim. expose his life tried to the world to the suffering of the syrian people. >> the news of holies death hit
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close to home for his fellow war reporters currently in iraq. terrible. absolutely terrible. it is a very small community of journalists who do this kind of work. thiso have this news morning about james is just awful. we are feeling very sad and we have to continue this work. >> it is the first time the islamic state organization claimed responsibility for the death of a journalist. at the end of the video they paraded another american reporter, threatening to kill him next. video theorrific militant who executed foley states with a british accent. an investigation has been launched into the video while david cameron has cut short his holiday to return to london and meet and talk with officials about the threat posed by islamic state militants.
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he said he was deeply shocking he had an english accent. calm has exploded into bloodshed. israeli warplanes have continued to pound the palestinian enclave while rockets rained down on the jewish state after fragile cease-fire was shattered and peace talks in cairo broke down. 19 palestinians have been killed in this latest bout of violence including the wife and child of military commander. several thousand angry mourners joined every session this afternoon. >> hundreds of palestinians attended the funeral of this baby and his mother. among those killed in an israeli strike overnight, the wife and child of a military leader a man who has been on israel's most wanted list for years. >> when i agreed for him to marry my daughter i knew this
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day would come. i was expecting this to happen. >> across order violence flared up on tuesday hours before a cease-fire was set to expire. since then israel says it has carried out nearly 100 airstrikes on the gaza strip. sirens went off in southern israel warning of incoming rockets from gaza. casualties, were no israeli residents have tired of running for cover. >> this is not a normal way to live. i am not taking the palestinians, i am not wishing them to death. i want peace with them. they have their opportunity to be with us and peaceful agreement. they do not want this. they want to occupy all of israel. >> after a week of egyptian led diplomacy, talks between israelis and palestinians are at a standstill, making a lasting peace deal even harder to reach. now tomore let's cross
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our correspondent in true slim. we are seeing rockets raining down on both sides today. can you give us an update on the latest violence? >> we have in a terrible feeling of déjà vu as if we have taken a step six back -- weeks back to the beginning of this conflict. we are seeing is really is running to bomb shelters, more than 100 rockets fired since the morning. some landing in israel, some caught by the iron dome antimissile system. what we're are seeing from the israeli side and threats from hamas that they will target israel's airport, warning from hamas to international airlines not to use the israeli airport from tomorrow. on the israeli side, we are seeing airstrikes from the south of the gaza strip to the north and we have seen people dying as they had -- earlier in the conflict. it seems this goes on, this pattern.
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although the private mr. said all options are still on the table including a ground offensive. israel has called up the same reservists who may let go home and are being called back to the border. they could go back in the ground offensive in the prime minister said negotiations are still on the table. thatptions open and includes war, i am afraid. >> all options open and more deaths today including the leader's wifeamas and child. israel has said that they would target -- they were targeting him. what more do we know? >> we do not know his fate. it is not clear. hamas has denied that he died and said he will lead forces up to jerusalem to retake the city. however, it is -- the effects
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are not clear. if from the moment that the house in which his wife and child died and a third man has not been identified. hamas said the gates of hell has been opened. there was a suggestion he might have been injured or he may even have been killed. -- this isive, he is the fifth time that israel has targeted him for killing. the prime minister said tonight he was a legitimate target but would not confirm whether he had been targeted. this would be a game changer because of he was killed, suite or if he was injured, they could return to negotiations center. onlet's bring you an update the situation in ukraine. the ukrainian military said separatists have shot down one of their fighter planes.
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the casualties are not yet known. this comes after days of street battles. authorities say they have taken a large part of the stronghold. clashes between rebels and government troops have less -- have left 42 people dead. both cities have been hit hard by the fighting and electricity and running water are scarce. troops have not received approval from kiev to enter the country. eric holder is visiting ferguson, missouri this wednesday in a bid to calm tensions after shooting of an unarmed black teenager from in our rent -- from a white policeman. whether or note to charge the officer with a crime. holder has promised a full, fair, and independent investigation. there has been 11 straight
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nights of protest but for the first among tuesday evening, calm or heads prevailed. our correspondent reports. >> when things got out of hand, police tactics became clearer. one by one those who are considered to be the troublemakers are isolated, handcuffed, and taken away. gas this time, no molotov cocktails thrown. the situation is still tense. over 40 people arrested during this one night. >> that is what happens. they got us surrounded. this is a war set -- strategy. they are lawless. here they come. >> the arrests were for a refusal to disburse and for
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throwing bottles at the police. the night had been calm until then. the police had been given the order to stay on the sidelines as much as possible. man,ews of another black this one armed with a knife, shot and killed by a police officer a few commenters away had increased the anger. all of this watched by amnesty international who, for the first time, deployed a team inside the united states. ,ith these violent scenes another night of protests comes to an end with arrests by -- and violent clashes between protesters and police forces and there is right now no clear end in sight. lawmakers are meeting with antigovernment protesters wednesday in a bid to end a weeklong political crisis. thousands of followers of politician and a populist cleric
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are demonstrating outside the building calling for him to step the after allegations that election was rigged. neither are willing to concede. an indian human rights activist who has been on a hunger strike for 14 years has walked free from the prison hospital where doctors were force-feeding her to keep her alive. a judge found no evidence to support charges she tried to commit suicide which is punishable i one year of jail in india. 2000 three eating in days after soldiers allegedly shot and killed 10 civilians. no arrests were made in that incident. she was drinking over a long ranting sweeping powers to security forces in the country's troubled northeast. here in france, the great
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harvest season has begun. the unusually warm weather in hail storms in recent months means 2014 is looking like a bit of a dodgy year for many producers. this summer they are taking hands -- matters into their own hands. >> it is a big day for the rubio family and everyone is up early. the is the first day of harvest. grow the muscat variety. ours and we watered it and nurtured it and harvesting today. quick so you are proud. >> the whole family is proud.
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>> the harvest i hand. the harvest is looking for but that means or jobs for locals. leaders carry 10 tons of grapes each day. >> by the end of the day i am exhausted. >> the vines were given to much sun and slow down growth. the owners are optimistic. >> a bunch like this one is very right. >> they're almost as dry as raisins. >> we're still able to use them to make wine. >> the family produced dry and wine in southern france. the top stories this wednesday evening. the entire world is appalled, the words of u.s. president barack obama in regards to a video of the brutal beheading of an american journalist by
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islamic state militants. he has vowed to continue airstrikes in iraq and says he will eliminate the cancer of jihadist terror. rockets.uce encounters 19 palestinians have been killed by israeli airstrikes, among them the wife and child of a hamas leader. thousands attended the funeral. the bid to ease tension. eric holder arrived in ferguson, missouri after 11 that's a protests over the shooting of an unarmed black teenager by a white policeman. time for a look at the day's business news. argentina.nning with >> president cristina fernandez has announced a plan to sidestep a u.s. court ruling. argentina defaulted for the second time in 13 years following what a new york court said that it must pay so-called
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holdout creditors in full at the same time it pays the rest of its bondholders who had accepted a 65% haircut on their bond after the 2001 default. we look at the details. >> proposing a new law in order to skirt a u.s. court ruling, argentina's president is after lawmakers to approve a bill to allow argentina to pay its debts. the proposal comes after the country entered into selective default in july. >> we have decided to send a lock to the national congress, severing of external debt of the argentine republic. bondsestors would swap issued under foreign law for debt of the same value covered under local law. in june in new york judge ordered argentina to pay the so-called holdout investors and while they have declined to accept the same terms as other
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bondholders the government said the holdouts can take part in the swap. >> argentina will continue paying its debts according to the conditions made in the restructuring. it is not a change of legislation, it is a change in the payment venue. >> the bill is expected to pass through congress easily. the swap carries legal risks as investors who accept the offer may be held in contempt of court. the latest basel -- proposal .ashes any hopes upward.stocks are the dow jones average was also up with home depot leading toe-chip gains that extended 20 of 30 components and apple hit a record high in the nasdaq and that is another hour before the markets close in the u.s.
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time for a brief look at company carlsberg.go to carlsberg war and its yearly profits would likely decline as well. heineken reported strong growth in russia for the first half of the year. citigroup is considering pulling out of retail banking in japan and refocusing its commercial and investment banking operations. considered a possible buyout. sinking interest rates have made it difficult to compete with established a mistake layers. hsbc and standard chartered have pulled out. earnings that
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were higher with double-digit growth. the lack of new models in the u.s. has seen sales fall to roughly half of what they were a decade ago. follow aims to double global sales to 800,000 by the year 2020. speaking of china's car market, a total of 12 japanese auto parts suppliers have been find charges of due to race fixing scandal. -- a price-fixing scandal. the companies were found to have colluded to reduce competition. >> our anti-monopoly investigation into such moves is aimed through a store -- to restore competition that is post to exist in the market and this particular interests of auto
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manufacturers, dealers, and consumers. story. for one last a healthy dose of playing -- bl ing bling meets k-pop. psy's video for "hangover" which features snoop dogg. top stars are a gamble. out theh arden singled sales of taylor swift and justin bieber's perfumes for causing the biggest loss in the perfume industry. >> thank you. top to take a look at the trends online including a stunning video.
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some of the divided reaction to the killing of michael brown in ferguson, missouri. our pic of the stories making online headlines. coming up on today's show, web users divided. attack on a teen with autism sparks outrage. and stunning video of paris. the authorities in ferguson, usa have decided to end speculation over the identity of the lease officer who fatally shot a black teenager, michael brown, on august 10. his darren wilson -- he is darren wilson. he has worked for the department for 10 years.
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social networks have condemned them of saying he's a murderer. the people who posted these messages to twitter are holding darren wilson up as a hero saying he was only doing his job. is a i support officer wilson facebook page. all profits will go to darren wilson's family. over $19,000sed for the police officer. there is more condemnation than support with thousands of messages announcing his act continue to pour in. the police department has for resortingcism to violence all too often. 119,000 people have a drew -- signed a petition calling on the
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government to create a law requiring all police officers where cameras -- wear cameras. online video has sparked widespread out -- outrage. is being viciously attacked by an older person. the incident took place on august 9 at house party in florida and has stirred up lively reactions online. many have taken to twitter calling for the person who carried out this disturbing attack to be taken to court and severely punished. the facebook page has been created garnering over 70,000 likes. signsave posed with condemning the disgusting attack.
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the suspect has been arrested by ,olice and as reported by wvpt was identified after he posted the video of him punching and kicking aaron hill to his facebook page. he is currently in detention and facing a charge of felony child abuse. aaron hill is recovering from his injuries which include concussion and facial contusions. and trending on twitter. shoesg photos of their online. words have inspired
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countless micro bloggersgg99ññç
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08/20/14 08/20/14 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] >> from ferguson, missouri, this is democracy now! i come with my face covered, a handkerchief around my face. and all i'm talking about our violence. the only word i use is violent. they're not peaceful protesters? >> know, they're not.


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