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tv   France 24  LINKTV  March 13, 2015 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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n ferguson, missouri. this time running out for benjamin netanyahu? polls show that central left challengers are inching ahead. listening for signs of life. scientists eagerly await communication from a rover four months after it hurtled through space. those are the top stories. thank you for joining us. i'm molly holmes.
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the police are searching for the suspects who shot two police officers in ferguson missouri. the community once again finds itself at the center of a nationwide debate about race and policing. >> protests back outside the ferguson police headquarters. no to violence, but continuing battle for racial justice. >> we came to remember that we are all connected. until we recognize the humanity in one another, we cannot heal. >> the shooting of two police officers showed justo a difficult it was to heal the ones in ferguson. tension is running high in a town that has been at the heart of the racial dispute. >> what happened last night was a pure ambush.
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this is not someone trying to bring healing to ferguson. this was a damn punk who is trying to sow discord in an area that is trying to get its act together and bring together a community that has been fractured for too long. >> the shooting came less than three months after a gunman fatally shot to patrol officers in new york. >> we were very close. we could have buried two police officers. >> the two injured officers, one shot in the shoulder and the other in the face, have been released from the hospital. molly: after three decades on the run a communist militant could be extradited back home to italy. battsiti was arrested in rio de
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janeiro and a judge ruled that he does not have the right to stay in brazil. >> march 2007. sitting in the back of the black police car, he has just been arrested in rio de janeiro. he was finally set three in 2011. legal troubles did not end there for the 60-year-old communist militant. he was arrested again in rio on thursday where he can now be exposed for staying unlawfully in brazil. he has been on the run since the late 1970's. he is accused of murdering for people, including a prison guard and a policeman. the militant denies the charges saying he never shot anyone
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condemns a life in prison -- condemned to a life in prison in 1971, he fled from italy. he spent the next 15 years between france and mexico, publishing several crime novels and leading a relatively calm life as a building concierge in paris. in 2004, the new extradition command was approved. and then he ran toward brazil. the final decision on his future has yet to be reached, with his lawyers planning to fight the expulsion. molly: in five days, israel will head to the polls. benjamin netanyahu is losing steam. the centrist opposition parties are picking up the pace. netanyahu has been giving a series of last-minute tv interviews and has warned that israel would take a hit if he
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lost to the centerleft challengers. more on the prime minister's media blitz. >> any israeli election is a very difficult one to predict and this one is no exception. it is true that we have seen a reversal whereby netanyahu's right-wing party has been outdone by its main rival, the centerleft zionist cap. the zionist camp maintains the lead will have to see benjamin netanyahu engaging in a last-minute blitz. it is a clear indication that his days in office may come to an end. because the way the israeli electoral system works, that may not be the case. nonetheless, netanyahu, in the
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series of tv interviews he granted to israeli tv networks granted the fact that he may lose his job when the elections come around next tuesday. he ate knowledge the government has not done enough on the economy and the housing crisis. will a promise be enough for his party to come back into the lead? that remains to be seen. molly: the islamic state has now accepted a pledge of allegiance from bo boko haram. the nigerian terrorist group has killed thousands in its goal to create an islamic state in nigeria. islamic state simple boko haram had offered a new door to
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migrate to the land of islam and fight. the battle against is continues in tikrit. military sources say that the islamic state group holds control of the presidential complex and three districts in the town. >> in the center of tikrit and some parts are under control of iraqi forces. they say that the main battle of taking over tikrit will be ending soon, in the next few hours. the main reason for the iraqi security forces taking their time is due to the huge number of booby-traps, roadside bombs and ied's. the focus will be bringing back
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services to the city and the surrounding area, along with bomb disposal and providing medical support and medical aid to locals. some troops advanced toward the city of basdhir, which comes in sink to -- sincync. molly: now to the latest ebola figures. the global death toll has topped 10,000. almost all of the deaths and the 24,000 reported cases have been recorded in sierra leone liberia, and ginny. the who said the fight is going in the right direction. they say liberia has turned the corner. no new cases have been reported since february 19.
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the greek prime minister is in brussels on a mission to restructure his companies -- his country's debt. he was here in the french capital yesterday to meet with the organization of economic cooperation and development. today he meets with the european commission president and the european parliament president. greece faces a 1.2 billion payment to the imf. >> they believe that there is no great problem, there is a european problem. we want to go on together and solve all this misunderstanding. we will go on with the honest compromise. our intention is to implement these decisions.
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in a constructive way, in a way that will help lead to ending the crisis in europe. molly: that is the greek prime minister speaking following his meeting today in brussels. iceland has announced it is dropping its bid to join the european union six years after first applying. membership seemed attractive in 2009. that appears to have changed. thomas waterhouse tells us why. thomas: choosing to stay out in the cold. iceland informed the eu of the government's decision to cancel its application to join. >> iceland's interests are better served outside the european union. thomas: one key obstacle was the difference of opinion between
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brussels and iceland about the fishing quotas. it is vital to the island's economy. talks began in 2009 when the elected government felt euro zone membership could help them cushion the blow of their economic woes. hours after the announcement dozens braved the chill to voice their anger outside parliament. >> who does this government think they are? do they think they can just and the negotiations without asking parliament? it is nothing less than an attack on parliamentary democracy. thomas: the government has said it wants to remain close ties and cooperation with europe. they are part of the european economic area and are in a visa
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free zone. molly: hopes are running high at the european space agency. scientists have started trying to communicate with the rover after a rough landing -- it has been saving its solar charged battery. the rover has been unresponsive so far. >> will the rover get the sunlight it needs to wake up and start talking? it is a cosmic cliffhanger. after four months with no news the spacecraft's position relative to its mother ship has offered the first real possibility for contact. it possibility is all that it is for now. >> at the moment, we are not getting much. it has been flat for the past four hours. >> scientists only have a week to reach out and then the
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changing orbit will put it out of position and they will have to wait until the next window on april 13. last november, the rover touched down on comet 67p. the harpoons that should have latched it onto the surface did not work. it bounced twice before landing in a cold, hard ditch. there was not enough sunlight in the shady spot to keep it powered, so it went into hibernation. >> right now, it is march. it is in shadow most of the time. the seasons are going to change. we are going to have spring on the comet from april and in august, it will be in summer. >> between now and summer, it needs to wake up gradually to not wake up -- waste energy and
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that it will be able to send back scientific data from outer space. after a 10 year journey to the comet and a four-month nap scientists hope it will soon get to work. molly: finally, elephants in thailand are getting a day off. this is for national elephant day. elephants are considered a sacred animal and thailand. they have long been hunted for their ivory and exploited for tourism. 6000 elephants are estimated to remain in thailand, half of them are domesticated. >> gold in the 20 kilometers individual. he missed one target in his four visits to the shooting range. the norwegian took silver, 21 seconds behind.
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the cezch won bronze. fuchard was moved by his victory. >> this victory stands out for many reasons, the sporting ones because i did not start the championship well. i wanted to win a medal. also for family reasons because my brother finished off the podium and he deserves to be there. then because i was a long way away from winning this metal when i was ill in september. i am so happy to be here. this also stands apart because we are all very marked by this tragedy in argentina. if i finish with this one particular reason, then it is for nothing. it helped me a lot. it is a tragedy in life and it makes us realize how lucky we are to enjoy these moments. and thursday's first leg, the
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europa league was behind. edging from behind. the belgian club won 2-1. there and tino and romo in the all italian clash. 14 seconds into the match, there was a goal -- a record for europa league. vita real can still play as well away from home, as at home. >> as strong as we feel, they also strong -- felt strong here and we were able to beat them. we could also be beaten in our home stadium. i will continue to respect them even with the score line 3-1. >> the league's disciplinary
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commission blamed supporters for fighting at the home game to start the month. the next home game is due to be played on the 21st of march. zimbabwe has been picked -- kicked out of qualifying for paying their former coach. fifa expelled the nation for not paying their coach. he was in charge of the team in 2008. they were ordered to pay him according to the fifa disciplinary commission, but did not. they have never qualified for a world cup. nico and lewis hamilton were easily the practiced champions. everyone expects hostilities to surface again.
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in the first race of the new season, it rolls off the grid on sunday in melbourne. >> i think that will always be the case. there might be other competition from other teams. we will see when we get into the weekend. >> they cruised to the title last season. ross burke is not ruling out another team challenge. >> we are definitely keeping an eye on the competition. we have been working hard over the winter. we are very confident in ourselves, that we have done a good job, too. >> after a 2014 season headlined by the controversial followed between the drivers the batter will recommence in the first race of the new season this sunday. >> ricky port won stage four of
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the pure any's -- of the trek to the summit. the 2013 champion was close. the overall race leader michael matthews was dropped by the pact during the final ascent. a judge in argentina is investigating the helicopters that killed several pro-french sports stars and their pilots. a team of french investigators arrived at the crash in northern argentina were eight french citizens and to argentine pilots died when the two helicopters collided on monday killing all on board. ♪
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>> it is a clash of the titans. there is a flurry of fabric. unveiling the next autumn winter ready-to-wear collection, the chanel collection takes place. what are you going to have for breakfast? >> a croissant. i had chocolate. only very light things. >> this is karl lagerfeld's vision. contemplated and cosmopolitan. welcome to life in paris. >> it is very french. i don't want any french fashion. there is already too much of that. as i am a foreigner, i can do this better than the french.
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the french always talk about how wonderful france is and how french they are. it must be good. otherwise, i would not be here. ♪ >> there was a lot of softness in this connection. i like when he makes soft things. the material was huge squares. these are girls you would watch out of the corner of your eye just like in a parisian café. that was really fun. >> nothing beats a guest list pact with celebrity names. ralph symons reveals a collection where masculine and feminine are brought closer together in a weightless, but romantic world. >> it was something more savage, more sexual, but not with all its clichés.
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i was interested in something that relates very strong to nature i wanted to look at the idea of the garden. >> he has dubbed it urban camouflage. >> i saw these incredible coats. there was a masculine vibe, yet very feminine at the same time. these boots, and vinyl i think vibrant colors, i love that. but it is the futuristic meets animal look that i loved. it is very beautiful. >> masculine, feminine, nature, animals. fashion that is linked to reality. a quick word on what you have just seen. >> magnificent. it is super. amazing. >> very animal, as ralph simons would say. >> modern animal.
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a bit twisted. >> when they show in paris, fashion designers often have their preferred date and times and places that inspired them. for stella mccartney it is a monday and always a morning. she tries to give women what they want. >> it is time for a collection like that. there was an undercurrent of what a woman wants and how she wants to be. it is not overtly sexy. it is comfort with themselves. there is an atmosphere about them. >> stella mccartney is a vegetarian and avoids using for and leather. >> it is really fantastic. hello, darling. she always does a great job. she is the most talented designer in the world.
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>> moroccan roots being evoked. the flowers, the warmth, the furs. >> when i saw the results, i saw them as sort of uniform. afterward, i decided they were orchestra uniforms, not soldier uniforms. i like orchestras. >> the oldest fashion house still in business. as far back as the 1930's, they established the basics of ready-to-wear. elegance and a sense of moderation. ideas that we should put into perspective because this is the wonderful world of fashion. it is a revolution.
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, punk, but feminine. >> there is something classic about it, but something sensual about it area did this is the thing. i love every single piece. i loved every single piece. the one with the boot out, i don't know if i can ever where it, but i loved it. >> maybe with a broad it would work with me. [laughter] >> i think you could rock that number without a bra. [laughter] >> thank you. >> emotions run high. the workshops are bursting with joy.
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n of a southern preacher. but now, half a century later one of dr. king's closest friends is wondering what good is the dream if it's forgotten after we wake up? >> the civil rights movement has never been over, it cannot be over. democracy requires it. too many people in whom we have placed our trust have betrayed us. the crisis that is upon us in this 21st century is to be reversed, and it is you who will be the ones to do so. look what dr. king did with it. think about it. the future of the world lies


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