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tv   France 24  LINKTV  May 4, 2015 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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e attackers opened fire outside the arena hosting a contest for the best caricature of the prophet mohammed. protests in burundi. anger rises over the president's bid for a third term. as the death toll from the earthquake in nepal passes 7000 the government says it will go higher. as france signed a deal to sell
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fighter jets to qatar, we look at the boom and the defense industry and how the country could overtake a as the second-biggest arms exporter. first, our top story. relief efforts in nepal underway after the earthquake april 25 shook the country, leaving over 7000 dead. the worst disaster to hit that nation in 80 years and more have been hurt. i spoke to bruce from handicap international. he's 12 kilometers from the epicenter of the quake. told us more about what is being done to help the wounded >>. the changes is to reach -- the challenge is to reach out to
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people. we had very little information beyond what can be accessed by road. people are walking from their village to the nearest road or to a point where a helicopter is able to take their injured people. we see people here who have walked for seven days before they could reach a hospital. for us the challenge is to reach out and make sure they have access to the health system. that is the challenge. if you wait until they see a doctor, they risk developing competitions that will lead to amputation or competitions of the situation. that is the challenge. genie: is anything being put into place to help the people psychologically from the trauma? brice: yes.
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we see people who do not want to be treated inside the hospital because they are worried the building will collapse. they want to be treated outside. it is the case here, because of lack of space. it is making people stressed. i have been and hospitals in kathmandu. i thought there was more stress. here we feel that people are better. i was talking to a man and his daughter this morning. there was another shake yesterday at 3:00 p.m.. he said his daughter was not scared. he's getting back to a more normal situation. each one you see everybody rush out of the building. so it's still present in everybody's mind. we're feeling that they are starting to recover. genie: from handicap
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international speaking to us from not far near the epicenter of the earthquake and nepal. to texas, police shot dead two gunmen who opened fire outside an exhibit of caricatures of the prophet mohammed. the event was hosting a contest for the best drawing of the prophet. for muslims, any depiction of the prophet is considered offensive. past pictures have provoked threats and attacks from radicals. luke has more. luke: tactical police squads at a conference center in texas sunday evening responding to a shooting at an art exhibit featuring depictions of the prophet mohammed. >> everybody out there, this is not a waiting area. luke: one security guard was shot in the leg and hospitalized. police shot two gunmen dead. >> it sounded like a machine gun. kind of quick shots. police started running
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everywhere. they told us to run to get back into the building. luke: it has been billed as a display of free speech with a group criticized for anti-islamic rhetoric set to award $10,000 for the best cartoon of the muslim prophet. >> makes no sense for someone to get upset, murderously upset over a cartoon. many of the cartoons were simply derivatives and reproductions of cartoons done by muslims themselves. luke: far right dutch politician and critic of islam spoke at the event. he expressed his shock on twitter. given january's shooting in paris after charlie hebdo magazine's depiction of the prophet, u.s. police were taking no chances. >> surrounding these types of
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events and at a price the world, additional security was added. it ends up we had a threat and they executed the threat. luke: police covered their bases, examining the go unmen's vehicle and looking into who they were. genie: we spoke to pamela from the american freedom defense initiative. that's the group that organized the contest. afdi has a history of sparking controversy with statements on islam. pamela told france 24 the group is not anti-islamic. pamela: there's nothing in our work that is anti-muslim. if you oppose jihad you are labeled anti-muslim. if you oppose jihad you are labeled racist. islam is not even a race. it was a free speech event that we held in response to a different event in that same
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venue a couple months ago in the wake of the charlie hebdo jihad slaughter. a muslim group held a conference and that space against free speech. it was nota week after the charlie hebdo massacre. really american muslim groups should have stood up for free speech. not the restrictions under sharia against free speech. we held a conference. an art exhibit of depictions of mohammed for the past 1400 year s. then we held an art contest of drawings of mohammed. the winner was a former muslim. it was a very smart and clever cartoon. it was a cartoon. two men with ak-47s shot at police officers.
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genie: speaking to france 24 earlier. africa news. more protests in burundi. anger over the president's bid for a third term in office. something his critics say is unconstitutional. this is the second week of protests. 10 people were killed in clashes last week. here is duncan what type. duncan: there has been some cracks within the unity of the government and the security forces. on saturday evening, the defense minister appeared, implicitly to distance the defense ministry from the president. he was saying that no person has the authority to disrupt the peace accords. the implication is that the defense minister is referring to the president's bid for a third term. that is the security ministry.
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saying the protesters are terrorists. the security ministry intends it would appear, to deal with protesters severely. there are indications that the chief of staff of the army has a different position. he was more sympathetic towards the position of the present. in a statement which came after the defense ministry. cracks beginning to appear. extremely worrying here. genie: reporting from burundi. nigeria, the army says it has freed close to 700 hostages who were being held by boko haram. catherine viette. has the details. catherine: dozens of women and children being seen fleeing from the sambisa forest, a boko haram
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hideout. this is video after an assault. the military intensified operations in the region. nearly 700 hostages have been released. many were sent to a camp for displaced people. survivors describe the assault by government forces. >> when the military jet went past, we heard shots. the boko haram fighters said we should stand in front as human shields. we refused and we started hearing bullets flying around. then they ran off and left us alone. >> the women described the prison conditions. many of them were forcibly married and separated from their children. they lacked enough food. >> we were left with nothing. we mothers were hungry. we could not produce breastmilk. the children were hungry too. it is ok now. >> for now, it is
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unclear whether the schoolgirls from chibok abducted a year ago are among the release hostages. amnesty international says boko haram has captured more than 2000 women and children since last january. february, nigerian troops launched a counteroffensive against boko haram with support from neighboring countries. an operation that allow troops to retake a series of milton-held towns in northeastern nigeria. genie: the coalition led by saudi arabia continuing air raids in yemen. trying to rid the country of the shiite houthi rebels who have taken over the capital and large parts of the north. as the death toll grows, international leaders no closer to convincing the warring sides to get into peace talks, much less a cease-fire. kyle: the aftermath of devastating airstrikes in
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yemen's rebel-health capital. the latest in a campaign carried out by saudi arabia and its gulf state allies against houthi rebels. trying to restore the government of president hadi, who fled yemen in the face of the houthi advance. some yemenis are calling for unity. >> we are able to live together whether houthi or any other group. we are the yemeni people to we are not waiting for any outside country to legitimize anyone. the aggression we sell today nullifies any legitimacy that president hadi or his inner circle might have had. kyle: the rebels took over the capital sanaa and much of the north last year. fighting has spread south to the city of aden where saudi tanks are seen targeting houthi
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positions. the united nations warns that fuel shortages could bring relief operations to a halt within days. the world food program says it was stopping food distribution because most stocks of fuel or in rebel hands. saturday, the u.s. said the country was on the brink of collapse and urged a settlement. a day after, the u.n. security council failed to back a russian appeal for an immediate cease-fire. the fightingg has killed more than 1200 people. genie: francois hollande is in qatar for the much anticipated signing of a multibillion euro plane deal. france has sold qatar 24 rafale fighter jets, a 6.3 billion euro agreement that includes an order for the jets built by dassault for another 12 planes. hollande will fly to saudi
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arabia to attend a gulf cooperation council summit the first for a western head of state. gil sunderland told us more. >> good choice is what a smiling and relaxed hollande told qatar's emir. he signed a contract that includes 24 rafales and technical training for 26 qatari pilots. it also included in negotiation on information sharing. the rafale is not only a powerful fighter jet, also a very sophisticated reconnaissance aircraft. the contract could bode very well for a potential conflict with neighboring uae where france's defense minister was yesterday. the visits strengthen france's position in the gulf. prince will on will be flying out to saudi arabia, where he will be the first foreign leader to be invited to a gcc council.
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issues such as conflicts in syria and yemen will be discussed. genie: reporting from doha. let's look at our headlines before we talk more about the french a visit. in texas, two gunmen shot dead by police outside an art exhibit at an arena hosting a contest for the best caricature of the prophet mohammed. protests have broken out for a second week in burundi as anger rises over the president's bid for a third term in office. critics have called it unconstitutional. as the death toll from the earthquake and nepal climbs past 7000, the government says it will go much higher. time for the day's business news with stephen carroll. let's stay with president hollande's trip to qatar. stephen: there could be more on
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the way. francois hollande is overseeing the signing of the 6.3 billion euro deal to sell fighter jets to qatar. the deal is the latest in a string of successes for the french company dassault aviation which for many years struggled to sell the rafale jet. it adds to what is set to be a bumper year for the french defense industry. kate moody reports. kate: less than five months in, is a banner year for the french defense industry for the first time, the ministry expects to export more arms and military equipment than it produces for its own armed forces. the weaker euro could attract international buyers. french defense exports rose 17% last year topping 8 billion euros, the highest level since 2009. this year's sales have surpassed that. confirmed deals with egypt and qatar are valued at over 11
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billion euros. negotiations are underway for the sale of 36 rafale jets to india and 50 military helicopters to poland with nearly a third of the global market, the u.s. remains the world's top arms exporter. france could overtake russia as number two. industry experts say paris with have claimed third place last year had it not suspended the delivery of two warships to moscow ever the crisis in ukraine. the sales boom is bringing a boost to the french economy. the government says deal struck in 2015 alone have created nearly 30,000 jobs. while there has been criticism from anti-arms campaigners and human rights activists worried about who is buying the equipment, it is unlikely to deter francois hollande. after finalizing the sale in doha, he will head to riyadh hoping to further advance the interests of the french defense industry. genie: what is happening on the markets? stephen: shares in dassault
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aviation are up. they got a boost because of comments from the ceo. there could be more big moves on the day. no trading in london. the manufacturing industry in several european countries showing slower growth. a bigger contraction and france. pretty optimistic on the stock market. checking in on the oil price market. this is the brent crude benchmark index. it hit the highest level it has seen in 2015 earlier of just over $67 a barrel. it has come down slightly from their. the oversupply in the market that led to the plunge in oil prices could finally becoming too an end. let's look at some other business stories. tributes paid to the silicon valley entrepreneur dave goldberg, who died over the weekend.
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he was the chief executive of the online polling company survey monkey. under his stewardship, survey monkey saw massive growth to 20 59 customers. train drivers in germany preparing for strike action set to begin later this monday. services will be effective from this afternoon with passenger trains canceled from the early hours of tomorrow morning. the a's strike for the union and 10 months -- the eighth strike for the union and 10 months. shares in the nuclear giant areva have jumped after reports that three chinese companies are interested in investing in the troubled french firm. the newspaper says areva is open to the chinese firms becoming minority shareholders. the company reported losses of 4.8 billion euros last year. genie: you have a new academic study that has been trying to work out which countries have the most financial know-how. stephen: and who is the worst. this was published in the journal of economic literature.
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it asked three questions to gauge people's financial knowledge. this is one of them -- i will put this to you. you have $100 and a savings account, and rest rate of 2% per year. after five years, how much would you have in the account? 4 options -- $102, more than $102, or less than $102? genie: more than $102. i am not as bad as i thought. let's look at the results. of the three questions, 96% of russians were unable to answer three basic questions about finance. 79% of swedes. 70% of americans. the french came in slightly better. they do not have figures for irish people. it shows that you do not know everything. genie: thank you so much for that. a look at the business news. thank you for watching france 24 .
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time for the press review. ♪ a look at what the papers have been saying. big news in france as the controversial intelligence bill that is being voted on in parliament. >> it is a controversial bill that will be voted on tomorrow. the loss that to strengthen intelligence services, particularly in the area counterterrorism. it has raised hackles across the political spectrum. one newspaper says the law is moving towards a yes vote. critics complain the powers are too far-reaching. there is discomfort on plans of whether to allow administrative control of surveillance procedures. "le figaro" is broadly in favor
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of the bill. it notes that massacres in recent times such as the brothers involved in the charlie hebdo killings were all under surveillance but were still able to get away with their crimes. the new law granting up surveillance will go some of the way to remedying that. it does concede that some criticisms are valid. the proposed law goes the on. -- beyond. there are allowances to combat juvenile delinquency. if a measure gets rejected it would be a disaster sign of weakness either democracy to terrorists. genie: also, the french papers are talking about the sale from france of 24 rafale jets to qatar ahead of the french president's visit. oliver: the president visits qatar. he will be in saudi arabia too.
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this publication says that france -- francois hollande is the guest of honor at the gulf cooperation council it reflects france's support for those countries. this newspaper says and every area france supports the position of these wealthy countries and avoids criticism of human rights violations. france has chosen its camp, the sunni monarchies instead of iran. it has taken a hard line in nuclear negotiations with tehran. the rafale contract is worth 6.3 billion euros. paris feels this is in its interest. this newspaper contrasted with a strange one barack obama has. they've been disappointed by obama with his pullbacks from airstrikes on the assad
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regime's, his criticism of egypt and rapprochement with iran. he's also unlikely to ruffle the feathers of saudi arabia in the same way sweden's foreign minister has in recent months criticizing human rights record. genie: let's move to the international papers. a story we have been headlining at france 24. the killing of two gunmen outside an art contest in texas. oliver: the dallas morning news reports that the conference holding a competition to show, to exhibit cartoons of the prophet mohammed was heavily guarded. the organizers of the self styled american freedom defense initiative had forked out $10,000 to pay for 40 police officers to secure the event. they were worried about repercussions. witnesses reported about 20 shots being fired before the gunmen were killed. the men's car was left untouched
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until bomb disposal experts were able to examine it. organizers were expecting protesters. the local branch of the council on american-islamic relations reports that, the dallas said it had been ignoring the conference and asked members of the community to do the same. a local iman condemned the attack and said it appeared to be by a lone wolf. he said it was just what we did not need. genie: in the u.s. some revelation about hillary clinton that might hurt her chances. oliver: "the washington post" has a story about a canadian mining magnate who has been a friend of thee clintons. he has contributed $100 million to the clinton foundation. there is nothing wrong with this in and of itself but it has raised suspicions because a
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foreign donor would not be allowed to make logical -- political donations. allegedly buying the clintons via charity donations. he has benefited from the travels. he has closed a lot of lucrative business deals and countries he has visited, including context on -- including kazakhstan and colombia. once in the: company of hillary contin. the clinton foundation keeps donors secret despite a commitment to the obama administration to reveal them. it is not mrs. really something that will jeopardize the -- it is not necessarily something that will jeopardize her presidential bid but it is not helping her image. genie: check out our website
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