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tv   France 24  LINKTV  May 5, 2015 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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is kicked out of the far right national front party by his daughter. in denver rudy the worst political crisis there in a decade. and the islamic state group claims the attack against an anti-muslim event there in texas. one of the men shot dead had already been investigated by the fbi. and the relief team in nepal struggles to get aid to
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survivors of the country's massive earthquake. you will meet a man developing new technology making sure the aid gets to where it needs to go. more on that on the way, but first, to our tops tory. -- top stories. we will start here in france. jean-marie le pen has already been suspended from the national front party and is due to be stripped of his title of honorary chairman. the campaign against him is being led by his daughter and current party leader, marine le pen. she has been trying to distance herself from his radical views to win the french presidency two years from now.
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reporter: even before the decision was made, jean-marie le pen refused to attend his hearing saying it was undignified and vowed to return to politics. quest will you consider retiring from politics? mr. le pen: no,. reporter: he found himself kicked out of the party he founded 43 years ago and could also find itself stripped of his titles. >> i think it's a betrayal. i'm ashamed that the president of the national front party bears my surname and i hope she loses it as rapidly as possible. i don't want the national front party to be called le pen.
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reporter: the decision comes after they were diverting views. last month, he rehashed comments he made in the 1980's, describing the nazi gas chambers as a detail of history. and he has made disparaging comments against a french singer living in a white world. >> we are here today because of him. reporter: marine le pen has adopted a more moderate party line in attempt to more supporters. the latest move could be seen as opposed to 22016 presidential debate. but john murray said he would -- jean-louis -- jean-marie le pen said he would fight that effort. genie: france is looking to change its surveillance laws in
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a move to better fight terrorism. this in the wake of the terror attacks earlier this year in paris. it would grant the state sweeping powers to spy on it citizens, but critics and rights groups said the bill is both vague and intrusive. meanwhile, french president francois hollande is in saudi arabia today where he will be the first western leader ever to attend the gulf cooperation council meeting. that key regional summit will help france and saudi arabia forging closer economic ties and it will also help the coalition tearing -- carrying out airstrikes against hutu rebels in yemen. reporter: francois hollande will be the first western leader to attend a gulf cooperation council summit on tuesday. quest it is an honor for france,
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a sign of friendship and confidence. reporter: historically, the relationship between paris and riyadh has been warm, and the two countries has been -- have been sharing ties in their fight against terrorism, most recently the islamic state. >> there has been a strategic choice made by the french diplomacy in favor of the monarchy in the peninsula. this choice was already present in the former president in sarkozy's time. it has been confirmed by president ollanta -- hollande. reporter: on the iran nuclear
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issue, feeling increasingly sidelined since 2013, saudi may have found a solution in france, who has since become tehran's biggest critic i think a negotiation table. it's a chance for the allies to strengthen their already existing ties and an opportunity for francois hollande to discuss with the 70 leader the campaign against antigovernment rebels in yemen. gas with the saudi leader the campaign against the antigovernment rebels in yemen. genie: a big door lieberman has quit his job as the country's top diplomat in israel saying the country was not additionally -- was not sufficiently nationalist. netanyahu will have to settle for anything narrower alliance secure a majority in parliament.
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in the constitutional court in burundi has approved the president's controversial bid for a third term in office. it came after one of the top judges on that court fled the country, reportedly from -- to avoid being strong-armed into supporting the move. protest that left at least 13 dead in a week. reporter: currently in a suburb of masada people have been protesting the court's decision to allow the president to run for a third term in office. it was always expected that the constitutional court would vote in favor of the status quo, because civil society is act generally with loyalists to the president. but the vice president of that court has fled the country saying he could not live with his conscience if he yielded to alleged pressure from the ruling
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party heavyweights to vote in favor of the third term stop it is some -- of the third term. it is somewhat of a victory for the ruling party. but we could see protests as the day goes on and they may get violent again today. yesterday, there were significant confrontations particularly here in masada. police also sustained injuries. genie: that is that can website reporting from the ruby dee. nepal is still rocked by that massive earthquake. survivors are getting much needed relief, but aid is difficult. there are huge problems coordinating the state delivery of the aid and keeping it out of the wrong hands. today on the set, my guess has developed new software that he hopes will help you in the future.
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your software was first used in france and tested in afghanistan. tell us what it is and what kind of impact it has had. guests: it is used to connect citizens and the state. you can download it for free on smartphones and then you detect problems relative to the public space. it can be managed by french authorities or the municipality. and the state is actually responding to the people. we thought it was important, and interesting, to see if the app was very solid. we tested it in an extreme environment, which was kabul. two weeks ago, we were there. in 15 days we managed to get about 3500 problems identified.
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they go from lack of electricity to dangerous issues, floods, and other things. once i came back from france i realize the application could be very well used in an emergency situation. genie: is it being used now in nepal? lorenzo: we are testing it in nepal. we received the first signals in nepal a few days ago and we are launching it in nepal in the coming days. genie: how concretely does it work -- someone sees an issue and they report it? lorenzo: yes, for instance, if you are in kabul, or a different parts of france, there are problems that you can report. you choose the category of
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problems in the context of where he is, and then it is sent. and the sending elements are then centralized. once that is centralized the software is accessible to the coordinating body. in the case of nepal, they can observe what is happening. genie: how does it work in poor countries in nepal or afghanistan where not everyone has a smartphone? lorenzo: that is the limitation. we were doing something simple -- similar in the past with an ngo doing audits. in the case of france where he have 3g, everyone can be a monitor and participant of public life. that is the limitation. genie: do you have other examples of this kind of technology changing the way ngos
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work in these hot button kind of situations? lorenzo: these types of situations are the first we are in the presence of 3g coverage and can allow this type of software to actually work. it started to emerge in kenya and haiti about two or three years ago. but now they are much more sophisticated. there's much more reach with what they can provide for the users, for the citizens who will signal things and for those who will manage all of it. an ngo can take a lead on a certain issue in a certain area and the coordinating body will see which ngo is doing which work. and they can orient the ngo work and say it is important to work in this area or this other area. and they will actually have an efficient response. genie: thank you for telling us
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about that. we will head to the united states where the islamic state group is claiming responsibility for the attack against an anti-muslim event in texas sunday. it made that claim via its official radio station. it comes as new details were released on the two attackers shot dead on the site. they were made based in the state of -- they were roommates based in the state of arizona. one of them was being investigated by the fbi. reporter: the 31-year-old was living -- they were living together as the fbi swept down on their apartment on monday. >> they were just wailing on the door and trying to get it open. reporter: the pair are involved
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in the attack on the art exhibit on sunday. government forces stated simpson had been under surveillance since 2006. the fbi's is active in of wanting to travel to somalia to fight with jihadists. the judge convicted him of lying in 2011, and found sufficient evidence that he was involved in international terrorism. investigators are poring over both suspect lives to determine whether their attack on grow or if they had help from -- was homegrown or if they had help from abroad. >> we got our suspect and we will continue to monitor social media and other intel. to make sure that we are not getting any more -- or any threats. reporter: it is notoriously difficult for law enforcement agencies to spot the threats, as
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there is usually little warning before they strike. genie: let's take a look at the headlines. jean-marie le pen is kicked out of the party founded, by his daughter. rudy's concert -- burundi's constitutional court has approved a controversial bid for a third term for the president. it has profited violent protests it -- prompted violent protests there. and two men are shot dead in texas in an attack on an anti-muslim event. one of them had been investigated already by the fbi. let's look at the crystal ball. stephen: things are looking up in the eu economically but
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there was bad news for greece. the commission/is traditions -- the commission cut its traditions predictions. reporter: the past three months have not been kind to the european economy. a deal still has not been reached between international creditors and athens. >> obviously in our forecast the uncertainty in greece and the fact that we have not concluded negotiations after 3.5 months of talks has had a name act -- has had an impact on our outlook for the country's growth and finances. reporter: that impact is significant. the commission cut it 2015 growth forecast from 2.5% in february to just 0.5%. and that figure is still dependent on the greek
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government doing a deal with the eu and the imf on economic reforms. such a deal bill looks far off. -- still looks far off. the clock is ticking and they still need to pay the imf 750 million euros. strapped for cash, negotiations are picking up, mainly about pensions and labor reforms. the commission said there is hope for growth of nearly 3% next year if it deal is finally done. >> we believe there's still a genuine basis for economic growth in 2016. figure is 2.9%, provided we can get back on discussions -- back on the rails with discussions with greece. reporter: greece is rapidly running out of cash. genie: stephen, we go next to germany where a massive train strike is underway.
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stephen: countless drivers for deutsche ban continue to strike. they are staging their eighth walkout in 10 months in their dispute with management over pay and working hours. the cost to the german economy is expected to be huge. alexander: this mega strike not only strained nerves, but cost the economy a lot of money will stop trains are an important part of transportation -- a lot of money. trains are important part of transportation. this will cost a lot of money. stephen: we have worries over greece, as you might imagine. but it's not causing panic on the market. just like falls in paris and frankfurt. corporate earnings helping things elsewhere. the london ftse 100 is back from his holiday and trading it 0.4%.
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it has seen a 4% increase in pretax profits thanks to a rebound in banking investment. the chief executive said they have recovered well in the first part of 2015. they have not said whether or not they will move there headquarters out of london but that decision will be taken in the coming months. earnings for ubs of just under 1.9 billion euros. there are several discussions over allegations of currency market manipulation. and the german airline left on-site saul robin -- lufthansa saw revenues rise 8%. the airline expects fuel costs to increase this year from 6 billion euros to 6.2 billion
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euros. genie: the live streaming out there scott has actually gotten into some hot water over the big boxing match over the weekend. stephen: that is right, you can stream video live using a mobile app owned by twitter. but it has come under criticism after the big fight over the weekend, floyd mayweather and manny pacquiao. it cost quite a bit of money for viewers to see it, but paris got was able to get it for free. -- but periscope was able to get it for free. there was a very tongue-in-cheek tweet that came from the ceo of twitter that said "and the winner is periscope." it will be interesting to see if
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they get any formal complaints. genie: i'm not sure about the quality. stephen: the quality is not great, but if it is the difference between paying $90 or pay nothing, it makes a difference. genie: time now for the business review. we have flowed on the set to take a look at today's papers. a lot of it are focusing on the texas shooting. flo: that is right commands you can imagine, a very controversial event that is getting a lot of attention. you can read about it in the movies. a very controversial woman as well, pamela geller. that was the artist. $10,000 was being offered for the best caricature of the profit. pamela geller says this was
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freedom of speech, but she has been criticized for blatantly provoking a picture of the profit, which is considered sacrilegious in islam. the daily beast is saying that this woman is an embarrassment and this whole event is ridiculous, but it doesn't diminish her right to freedom of speech. that is the date -- the debate we have been seeing in the wake of charlie hebdo here in paris in january. who pamela geller is, that is really the debate. genie: let's look at the state of the nation as a whole. flo: it is always interesting to see how papers abroad depict the situation. this is the "washington post," and points out that politics in britain has not been as fractured as it is today. the two parties that have dominated in the 20th centrica completely collapse collapsed and no one knows what will replace it.
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it is really up to fringe parties now, these smaller parties to the green party and the smp. they are central actors that could play an instrumental role in the country's future in britain. according to a survey in the independent, a lot of british voters want the system to change. 60% want reform and want to do away with the current -- the current system. and there are fears of post-electoral chaos that have fueled a real surge for proportional representation. genie: many papers are focusing on the french president and his trip to the middle east. yesterday he was in qatar and today saudi arabia. he will be at the gulf summit among the first western leader to do so, but it is not to the liking of everyone.
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flo: that is right, there are -- lots of criticism. the french christian paper says it is unscrupulous diplomacy. they can bury them to nicholas sarkozy and jacque chirac. the editorial talks about an alliance between opposites, but the values between saudi arabia and france are so different from our democratic and secular values. five people were executed yesterday for stealing in saudi arabia. it is completely different from our system and the editorial warns that any push for alliance is risky. genie: and another accuses him of only putting france's business interests first. flo: that is right, this would be the pro-business paper. it is interesting to keep that in mind.
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they call him francois hollande of arabia. saudi arabia is not only a country that is committed against women, christians minorities etc., is also a regime that is spreading a radical and old-fashioned form of islam. this is a similar feeling i pulled out of another article that is critical of francois hollande the says he is becoming the best friend of the godfathers of jihadism and there is a fundamental contradiction here. on the one hand, france one -- francois hollande is fighting against jihadism, but on the other hand, scratching the back of regimes that are backing jihadist groups. genie: let's wrap up with the french paper liberation. 40 women journalists have written an open letter condemning sexism from male politicians. flo: the beginning of that manifesto is on the front page. it's a very passionate and exasperated front page.
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you can see it is translated as "hands off!" these 40 women journalists have pulled together a list of recent incidents they have experienced. one politician, for instance said "that is a very girly question" and another woman received a text message saying "i will give you the scoop if you have a drink with me." and they point out that the sexism goes the other way. women in power often described in articles in a very sexist way. they point out the exact same tropes and language usually used to describe women in power. that is translated as "macron
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the hunk in power" and it focuses on his appearance. genie: you can seecccccccccccccccccccccccccccc
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making buckets to taking on bullies, basketball greats are making an impact off the court. in addition to confronting bullying, they're raising awareness about one of the world's most pressing wildlife conservation issues. this week on "full frame," i'm sitting down with iconic athletes who use the global popularity of basketball to do good in the world. i'm mike walter in new york city. let's take it "full frame." [theme music playing]


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