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tv   France 24  LINKTV  May 6, 2015 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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the u.k. general election and the conservatives and labor arnett and neck. hours left for the israeli prime minister to put together a coalition government or face being forced out by a former ally. controversial words from a southern french mayor. he let slip his office -- sump and forbidden by french law -- something forbidden by french law. plenty more on the british elections, including hit by the global oil price slump.
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how workers in scotland want the new government to boost an industry that is slashing costs and jobs. the boxer who lost the fight of the century in las vegas is hit with a lawsuit. the plaintiffs say manny pacquiao should have admitted to having a hurt shoulder before the fight. that and more on the way. host: there is just one day left to go before voting begins in the u.k.. the conservatives and labor are still and neck. prime minister david cameron and ed miliband are making a last-ditch for votes today. many brits are unimpressed with how the parties have run their campaigns. she joins us now from london. the latest polls are showing
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those main parties are too close to call. is that the case? >> it is being called the most unpredictable election in a generation or two. we could be in for some historic records tomorrow being broken. the latest polls show that the conservatives and labour party arnett and neck. that we are heading for a hung parliament. one poll is that the labour party in the conservatives are 34%. another what gives a one-point lead to the conservatives. a third poll today gives a three-point lead to the conservatives. when we have to factor in is a 3% margin of error, which is the normal way of doing things. this is the most unpredictable in the sense that it is the most complex. it may be tougher for the voters.
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we will be keeping an eye out for the turnout. between 1922 and 1997, the polling voters were numerous. they were up 71% in the turnout. in 2010, we had only 65.1%. we know there are many undecided voters as we speak. host: there are some very high-stakes link to this vote tomorrow. whose jobs are most at risk? benedicte: several heads on the chopping block. the first one is nigel for roche , head of the u.k. independence party. he is now running for the first time to get a seat as an mp in westminster and the house of commons. if he loses the vote tomorrow he said he will resign. they said he would indeed confirm that he would resign.
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great difficulty for david cameron. if he does not get -- if you want a good minority -- if he gets a majority, that is all right. he could lose his job and so could make clegg. -- so could mick clegg. we are think -- we think we are in for deals with smaller parties. possibly with the democrats -- with the global democrats. we are standing by for the most dramatic election results in more than a generation, unless the pollsters have got it completely wrong. in which case, they will have to eat their predictions. gene: we are looking forward to having you with us throughout the next day to keep us on top of what is happening at that u.k. election. stay tuned for all of our coverage threat the day tomorrow
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. -- throughout the day tomorrow. benjamin netanyahu is still short of the slimmest majority in parliament just hours before the deadline tonight. the prime minister has at a hard time striking deals with potential partners. if he fails by the end of the day today, the israeli president will test someone else with the job. reporter: triumph. regimen netanyahu is still looking for a majority. -- benjamin netanyahu is still looking for a majority. the center-right as well as two ultra-orthodox parties. this coalition gives netanyahu a 53 seat backing. the israeli prime minister had hoped to form a right wing religious lineup that fell apart when a foreign minister
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announced his party would not join. netanyahu is trying to win over the right -- the far right jewish home party. though both sides have downplayed the possibility, a broader national unity government is likely. the jewish home's eight seats would only give netanyahu a one-vote majority that many see as unsustainable in the long run. those 61 seats will have to do for now. if netanyahu fails to form a majority by midnight, president reuven richland will offer the chance to someone else. host: the island of gerbil is hosting a jewish pilgrimage today. extra security is in place for the hundreds who are expected to head to the gerba synagogue.
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20 foreigners were killed in a terrorist attack on the barta museum in the capital. this pilgrimage is an important one on the jewish calendar but it has been scaled down since a 2000 and two -- a 2002 suicide bombing left another 21 dead. a landmark decision in afghanistan. four afghan men have been sentenced to death for the lynching of a woman falsely accused of blasphemy. that is a historic decision in a nation where e-mail victims often have little recourse. a mob turned on the 27-year-old victim, beating her in broad daylight and setting her body ablaze on the banks of the kabul river. 18 others were found not guilty after a three day trial that was broadcast on live television. we have got the latest on the
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investigation into that german wings flight that crashed in march after the copilot deliberately slammed it into the french alps. investigators say that andreas lubitz practiced a controlled descent on the previous flight that morning to barcelona before the plane crashed. lubitz repeatedly set the plane into a descent and brought it up again. let's listen to more on that report. translator: air traffic control asked the plane to descend. just before the dissent, the captain went out. the copilot changed the settings and the altitude to 100 feet which is what he did during the fatal flight. genie: there has been a lot of criticism in france over comments from the mayor of the southern town.
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robert minard let slip that -- that is something forbidden by french law. reporter: it was a televised comment on monday night that ignited a storm of controversy. city 4.6% of pupils in kindergarten to six grade are muslim. the mayor has all the children's names from every classroom. translator: saying anything else is denying the evidence. reporter: that is religious profiling and is illegal in france. the southern french town in question, outrage from all quarters. translator: it does not necessarily mean you are muslim. what is this, the second world
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war? translator: here is a suggestion . let's give all the muslim kids this little symbol that would bring back painful memories. reporter: discussed from the nation's leaders who call it in moral. the government put the mayor in their sites. translator: france does not recognize names, skin color or religion. france is about an ideal. citizens that unite under common values. if he intended to show he is running the city on behalf of the far right, he succeeded. reporter: politicians who supported robert bernard distance themselves from him. with the mayor himself even seeming to backpedal. translator: the busy a townhall does not have a single list.
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we do not have one. reporter: too late for legal authorities. a search of the town hall on tuesday yielded no results but anyone found in possession of religiously profiled records could face a five year jail term . genie: for more on this i am joined by mark. he was still questions today by the police about this. tell us more about why this is such a sensitive issue. mark: france is a deeply secular country. all people are supposed to be equal and they should not be classified because of their ethnic background, their origin. this is strictly prohibited. there is this whole context we have in france with the issue of
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islam. that is there all the time. debate every week in france about islam. the mayor, who was not formally aligned and supported by the national france. he did not really say why he mentioned that but clearly he was trying to show that there are lots of muslims in his town and "this would maybe send a message that this was kind of dangerous." the authorities are not willing to give any flexibility when it comes to those ethnic statistics. genie: this is interesting for international viewers. this kind of record is standard in countries like the united states. even the french prime minister in the past has expressed support for doing it that way. marc: the prime minister is
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saying this is going back to the dark days of france. the second world war when jews and gypsies were classified and sent to concentration camps. he himself a few months ago talked about apartheid. he used a loaded word to talk about the difficulties of people of certain backgrounds to improve their daily lives. to get jobs, to get a good education. he supported such statistics for coming to power. he is backpedaling. this is an issue that is going to come back because some people are saying, why can't we talk about objective truth rather than hide this under the carpet? we will have other occasions to talk about ethnic statistics. genie: a lot of debate to come. thank you very much. the boxer who lost the fight of the century in las vegas has been hit with a lawsuit.
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manny pacquiao has been sued by two people who said they paid to watch them fight floyd mayweather jr. over the weekend but they felt defrauded because he did not admit he had a hurt shoulder before the fight. the boxer could also be charged with perjury for lying about that injury on the federal medical form. translator: it is an injury -- reporter: it is an injury that put him in jail. barely an hour after manny pacquiao lost the so-called fight of the century, he announced his performance had been hampered by an old injury to his right shoulder. an injury so bad he will have to undergo surgery that will sideline him for at least nine months. >> i probably would not have cleared him to fight for a lot of reasons. one being his own protection. i don't think he could be anywhere close to the normal fighter with this type of injury. reporter: pacquiao is accused of perjuring himself, risking several years of jail for
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checking the no box on the pre-fight medical form for a question about whether he had a soldier -- a shoulder injury. pacquiao's handlers sought permission for an anti-inflammatory injection. instead of the fight of the century, fans got a one armed pacquiao who could only land 18 right jabs in 12 rounds. the injury was kept from the public. those who paid $100 to watch the fight on tv, those who spend thousands to see it live and those who had money on pacquiao. they are seeking about $5 million in damages. a drop in the ocean compared to the estimated hundred million dollars pacquiao made i simply taking part in the fight. genie: the last day of campaigning in the u.k. general
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election. conservatives and labor arnett and neck. -- labor are and. neck and neck. lists of schoolchildren by religion, something for bitten by french law -- something forbidden by french law. let's stay with the british elections. you're been focusing on the situation in scotland. stephen: a barrel of oil is selling for just over half of the price it was a year ago. that has given countries and economic used. in scotland, thousands of workers have been laid off and others are facing pay cuts. our correspondents find out how people have been affected. reporter: the downturn in the oil industry felt -- dealt a
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blow to scotland's economy. these ships run supplies to oil rigs in the north sea. >> fewer vessels working. they don't have jobs to go on so that has affected us. reporter: this shipping company remains easy supplying the scottish island. the oil and gas industry has laid off 4000 employees within the last year. >> people are getting laid off and paid off every week. reporter: this sector is the u.k.'s largest industrial investor. employing almost half a million people. rising costs and now decreasing production. >> we have a crisis globally with the oil price. reporter: for the best part of
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history, frank doran has represented -- he is retiring after challenging times for scottish oil. >> the management wants to change things. instead of a two week on three week off cycle, the employers now want extra money to change that into a three weeks on three weeks off. reporter: what oil and gas companies want is fiscal encouragement to keep drilling and exploring off scotland's shores. stephen: investors are waiting to see what is going to happen with the results of the general election in the u.k.. there is no great movement today although we have seen volatility in the currency hit rise. we will be watching what happens . on the stock market, trading
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pretty flat this lunchtime on london's ftse 100. we've seen gains in paris and frank for. they threaten to move their headquarters from london because of the bank levy. their shares operating at 1% today. genie: let's come back to france where a decision on who the army is buying trucks from has caused controversy. stephen: the american company ford to buy 1004 by four jeeps to replace old vehicles. it is a decision that has caused anger in france. reporter: soon they will be replaced by a american-made vehicles. french carmakers were in the running but the french government gave for the contracts to supply the vehicles
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they need. a bad choice according to this mp. translator: when the americans have a choice between airbus and boeing, they chose boeing. in every country in the world they always choose the home country's industry if the quality is the same. reporter: a disappointment shared by this auto accessories maker in eastern france. for months they've been working to customize cars for the french army and they were counting on hiring seven more employees. translator: the work hours that would have stayed here in the reason, hours that would have been used to customize vehicles. vehicles meet elsewhere will not bring hours here. reporter: the ministry of defense has stood by their choice, adding the pickups were not cheaper but can carry more soldiers. could the state have just picked a french company? not really. eu law stipulates that national
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favoritism is not allowed for public contracts over 134,000 euros. it is a two way street. france has provided the spanish police with their cars. genie: new figures on salaries. apple has grown up interesting results. stephen: figures according to bloomberg say she was paid almost $83 million last year. only 10 million more than the previous official documents had said. she is in charge of operating and expanding apple's online and physical stores. she was a former ceo at burr very but she is paid incredibly. the ceo is paid 9.2 million. apple saying it is because she was the highest-paid british chief executive and there is a
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big signing bonus included in that pay. genie: interesting numbers. thank you for that look at the business news of the day. time for the press review. a look at what has been grabbing headlines around the world. lots of focus on this last day of campaigning ahead of the british election. >> lots of focus on that election. a tight race according to a lot of papers. the wall street journal talks about how the u.k. election is going down to the wire. one man is very keen on keeping his job, prime minister david cameron. there is a funny cartoon in the independent that shows how desperate he is to keep his job. you can see him having chained himself to the gate at 10 downing street. the sign around his neck saying "they shall not pass." another good cartoon in the new
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york times. it talks about a disk united kingdom -- a disunited kingdom going to the polls. when you can see is one voter trying to cut the u.k. off from the rest of the european union. one of the debates during the campaign. just behind him, you can see a scot trying to cut scotland off on the rest of the kingdom as well. genie: the anniversary of the third year of francois hollande's presidency. florence: the former president gives an interview and he does not mince his words. he says under francois hollande's watch the public has yielded too much. he says he has broken the record of breaking promises. three years of deception says
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sarkozy. what is interesting is hollande was drawn criticism for his economic track record. business elite -- business daily, very critical of the president. the president of miniscule steps forward. not one of his reforms seems to have come to an end without being mutilated. this is largely due to his lack of vision. tough words. genie: other french papers are focusing on a southern mayor who is backed by the far right group who is been accused of racism. florence: very french story that a lot of papers are focusing on. robert menard. he was elected in 2000 or teen angst to the backing of the national front and he is currently under investigation for counting schoolchildren
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according to their names. he says his administration used a list of people's first names to determine how many of them were muslim. he figured -- he claims the figure came to 64.6%. it is illegal here in france. france is very strict, secular laws. any government official is not allowed to statistics about a person's religion or ethnicity. it can read about it. is menard not aware that this law exists? it is very popular law. it seems like more of a provocation. is this an attempt to distract attention away from the national front party? over the past weeks, it is going through a bitter rivalry .
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genie: another story coming out of austria. a men's magazine has printed its latest edition using real blood from people who are hiv-positive. florence: this is the vanguard ist. it is usually digital. this is the physical copy. #hiv heroes addition. -- edition. real blood donated by people who are hiv-positive. according to the cofounder of this magazine, the idea is to counter stigma often attached to hiv and aids. we can take a listen to this man. >> if you hold this magazine in your hands, it is like holding someone that is hiv. nothing cancccccccccccccccccccccccccccc
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