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tv   France 24  LINKTV  May 15, 2015 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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' leader of the randy's failed coup is reportedly arrested. the -- of burundi's failed coup is reportedly arrested. the latest on the developing story. the united nations calls for action over the bay of bengal migration. thousands of migrants remain adrift in south asian waters. from the mississippi delta to music's hall of fame, the king of blues passes away. bb king has died at the age of 89.
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also coming up in the program $10 billion worth of bilateral deals. we will have the latest from a visit to -- plus "mad max" bit of the carpet on thursday. now the latest on woody allen's offering today, and natalie portman's debut as a director. mali: we begin with the failed coup attempt in burundi. president new currencies a -- president new currencies a -- several other reveling generals also taken into custody on friday.
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the president claimed he is back in the country but has not been seen yet. for more on the developing story, we go to duncan woodside in the capital. we have seen things move quite quickly in the past 24 hours. what is the latest? duncan: i hope you can hear me because the line at my end is very bad. what i can tell you is that it is agreed by the willing party by the authorities here that major general godefroid niyombare is on the run, contrary to prior rumors that he had been arrested. it is rumored arrests were created because -- molly: my apologies for interrupting you, duncan. the report came out saying that the general had indeed been arrested.
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duncan: yes, that is right. a very confused picture here. -- [at that point what he is reported to have told him is that he was surrounded by loyalist soldiers and that he had no option but to surrender and that he hopes he would not be killed. subsequent to that, you have tried him several times on his phone and he has not answered. authorities acknowledged that he is on the run. an interesting situation, and it indicates perhaps that the burundian army is not fully in control of the situation. what is also interesting is that the president has come back from tanzania. instead of coming straight to the capital, what he has done has gone to ben goes he instead in the country's heartland according to a source close to the president, carried on a
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newswire earlier. it is quite unexpected. some people would suggest that it indicates perhaps that he is not fully confident in his authority. surely if you are a president returning from abroad in a context where a coup attempt has taken place, the first thing you would do would be to come back to the capital to show your power, to display that you are in control. that is creating rumors about how far the army remains united following the apparent putting down of the two. molly: let's talk a bit then about the situation on the ground there in the capital. of course, the coup attempt for the moment appears to have indeed failed, but we have heard from civil society groups that people that have pushed in rallies against the president's third term in office, are
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calling for the people to take to the streets again, saying they had nothing to do with this coup so that it should be a separate event. what more can you tell us about the feeling there in the capital? duncan co.: that's right. civil society leaders urging people to take to the streets again to protest her that is a bold move in the contest -- in the context of this failed coup. there is a feeling here that the authorities will try to group -- the process together with civil society activists and legitimate opposition, effectively using the coup as an excuse to crack down on legitimate opponents. what we know is that my french correspondent who is currently on the ground has been looking around the capital, and in the area of moussaka, there are
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people on the streets attempting to put up roadblocks. also what he has seen our police fire, and people trying to create new roadblocks. so the situation here is not fully under control, or at least in parts of the city. however, the army presence has dwindled. the last couple of days, there have been huge amounts of army on the streets. at one stage, rival factions were fighting heavily wednesday into thursday. the situation in terms of the military, there is not much of a visible presence on the streets but there are increasing numbers of police officers again. molly: duncan woodside, reporting from the capital of burundi. for clarification of the developing story there in central africa. now thousands of migrants remain stranded in southeast asian waters, facing persecution in burma and bangladesh, where
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people including women and children from a muslim minority continue to risk their lives crossing the bay of bengal. many have gone through thailand. here is this report. >> on patrol along the thai-malaysian border, security forces -- smugglers have been taking revenge of migrants to the area. look, a shirt. it is the typical method of the trackers -- of the traffickers. they wear cloaks like these to get around in the jungle. at a border point lost in the rain forest, we find a second sign of life. many of the migrants are children, detained for months in dozens of secret transit camps like this one.
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>> from now on we are going into the unknown. we do not know who we might come across. that is why we are here. >> the unknown, another transit camp the day before on the other side of the mountain. it is four hours away in the jungle. this makeshift prison has been abandoned. there were at least 100 army's -- 100 burmese and migrants here. they vanished with the smugglers. they made it through -- >> they made it through to malaysia. i think they are no longer in thailand. malaysia is just there, a few hundred meters away. >> 100 meters down the hill, a new discovery. in all, four bodies were buried here in a hurry. desperate migrants for whom the journey through unknown lands and oceans ended in the middle
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of the jungle. three men and a woman whose identities and circumstances of death will be a mystery forever. starved or killed by traffickers, these migrants have no choice but to risk their lives in search of a better future. molly: let's cross to nepal where the army has found the wreckage of a missing u.s. military helicopter. the aircraft was located on a steep mountainside and it appears that none of the eight people on board survived. the helicopter went down while delivering aid to people hit by the second earthquake to hit the country of net paul in just -- of nepal in 17 days' time. thousands of people are hoping to help the people before the monsoon season arrives in about a month. benjamin netanyahu has been sworn in for a fourth term as
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israel he premier. it took him the full six weeks allowed by israeli law to put get her a right-wing coalition government. the prime minister has the lowest majority possible. the first cabinet meeting took place this friday. elliott richardson has the details. elliott: getting down to work with the new cabinet friday morning, just hours after being sworn in for a fourth term, the israeli prime minister, benjamin netanyahu, outlined his vision for israel. his priority, as ever, was security. >> we will be determined to defend our border. and to defend our security from far away and from near. all the enemies of her country should know that we have red lines. this is our party before and it will continue with the new government.
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elliott: the coalition consists of far right conservatives. mahmoud abbas wants peace talks. netanyahu's ministers opposed the talks. thursday night, his new term got off to a rocky start. the ceremony in the knesset was postponed by two hours so he could calm down members of his own likud party. netanyahu was heckled and jeered by the opposition. three arab-israeli members were ejected from the chamber, while several others walked out in protest. molly: palestinians on the west bank are marking the day of
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catastrophe, the creation of israel and the displacement of palestinians in 1948. the palestinian activists have been pushing for the right of return for palestinian refugees and their defendant -- and their descendents inside the green line. the rallies have had a heavy police presence today. now a world heritage site under threat. the islamic state organization is moving toward the asian city of palm era in city appear -- in syria. to spread the first and set -- second century temples. the head of security is asking the international community to save the historic site. the islamic state organization has released videos of his -- of its fighters destroying other archaeological sites in iraq and syria. now let's head to the french riviera, where the cannes film festival is in full swing. yesterday south african actress charlize theron graced the capital with her crew.
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lisa nesson is in with more on today's film. >> the can film festival is very much under way. you have to remember always and forever that it is an international film festival. we are looking to the first film in english from a greek director, and it is the festival director who said that this is the one movie that maybe nobody really understands what is going on but that that is a legitimate form of cinematic expression, too. you do not know what is going on, and it -- but it is good all the same. this is one of three films that john c reilly is in. we are seeing a lot of him. what i am looking forward to is woody allen's "irrational man. he has never been in competition. the less you know about them the more you enjoy them. at least that is what happens to
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me. it is about a philosophy professor. emma stone, i believe, is one of his students. there is a romantic component and you will hear more about that. today natalie portman when -- nelly portman will make her debut as -- natalie portman will make her debut as a director. she bought the rights about eight years ago and we will see whether she can direct as well as act and make fairly intelligent statements in press conferences. molly: lisa is down with the rest of our team. following all of the events out of the cannes film festival. the king of blues guitarist and singing has died at the age of 89. bb king was known for hits such as "3:00 blues," "when love comes to town," and "lucille." >> ♪ the thrill has gone away ♪
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>> after starting his career in the 1940's, he played at least 100 shows a year until he was 88. bb king: ♪ >> ♪ your love i will cherish to my grave ♪ >> he is consistently named as one of the world's best guitarists. bb king: it is good for me when i am feeling good and will good for me when i am feeling bad. it is kind of like religious music is to a lot of people. >> from humble beginnings, king was born on a cotton plantation before hitchhiking his way to memphis in his 20's. it is there where he got the name blues boy king. bb king: it is something i like
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to do anyway. which i love. ♪ but i did what i did before love came to town ♪ >> bb king influenced rock 'n roll's formative years, inspiring everyone from eric clapton. the 15 time grammy winner has had an audience with the pope and has played for barack obama at the white house. the thrill may be gone, that bb king's influence in the music industry is likely to be failed -- to be felt for generations to come. molly: bb king, who passed away at the age of 89. it is 16 minutes past the hour. let's get a check of the top story, the ongoing situation out of the run the. there is -- out of by run d --
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burundi. several reveling generals have been arrested. the leader himself, pierre nkurunziza, is said to be out of the country. let's look for business news. we are joined in the studio by kate moody. we have the indian premier in china, this as china and india are trying to overcome what we have seen of some past diplomatic differences and boosting diplomatic ties. >> he will be meeting with business leaders in shanghai china and india already do about $70 billion worth of bilateral trade each year, and they are hoping to increase that. the leaders have signed two dozen bilateral deals worth $10 billion. >> rolling out the red carpet for the indian prime minister,
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narendra modi is on a three state visit to china as part of a push to strengthen ties between asia two most populous countries. one of his concerns are growing trade imbalance, which hit $40 billion last year. a task force to address that has been set up. >> we want to create a high-level task force. firm economic relations -- to spurn economic relations. >> the leaders have also signed two dozen agreements worth around $10 billion. they cover education, scientific research and high-speed rail raise -- high-speed railways. china wants greater access to indian markets.
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>> the celebration of the modernization of china and india will produce a double engine for india. the coming of a real century of asia has to depend on whether china and india can overcome difficulties and realize our targets of globalization. >> with china now becoming india's largest trading partner, modi will do his best to promote indian exports, trade between the two countries forecast to reach a record $100 billion by the end of this year. kate: turning to the markets the major indices in europe are receiving quite a boost after it was promised that the quantitative easing would be gone forward. -- would be going forward. the dax and footsie trading --
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and ftse trading at .1 of 1%. the french born all of theolivier blanchard will be stepping down. netflix is beginning negotiations to bring content to china. bloomberg reports that the online streaming giant is speaking to chinese online broadcasting companies including watson media, which is backed by alibaba chairman jack ma. and american securities and exchange commission is investigating how a false takeover was posted on a
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website. avon's shares jumped 20%. finally, friday march a big birthday for fast food giant. the first ever mcdonald's opened its doors 75 years ago, though not in a form we might recognize today. on may 15, 1940 brothers dig and maurice -- dick and maurice donald opened -- maurice mcdonald opened the restaurant. the original mcdonald's is now a museum dedicated to the franchise with 36,000 restaurants all over the world. that is quite an achievement. molly: kate, thank you for watch -- for walking us through the days business news.
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it is time to take a look now at what is grabbing headlines in weekly magazines. i am joined in the studio by florence. we are going to start off with "time" magazine, a special report in an ongoing situation in nepal. florence: you can see a father and son being evacuated from a village in the himalayas with the aftershocks, as nepal reels from another earthquake. the 7.3 magnitude quake comes just three weeks after the other devastating earthquake that killed over 8000 people. it has been dubbed the great quake by nepalese media, and lots of people are wondering how much more bad news one country can take. molly: where also seeing a focus on the migration crisis in the mediterranean. we've had the european commission announced a blueprint including a controversial plan now for national quotas.
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florence: it takes a look at the current crisis and is potentially explosive blueprint proposal from the european commission. the commission wants to share the burden of processing asylum seekers. currently the system is that any country where migrants land has to take responsibly for them, and that needs italy and greece are bearing the brunt of the current mediterranean crisis. they want to change the system so that other countries pull their weight, with 20,000 refugees across europe in the next years. some countries want to opt out including the u.k.. they say they will refuse the quota system. the european union is not under siege, is being said. these kinds of major movements of populations have been habitual across the world since the 19th century. in fact, one wonders, our people
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crossing the mediterranean today the way they did the atlantic back in the day? molly: we are also seeing a story out of the central african republic sent -- sexual abuse carried out by many foreign soldiers stationed there against children in the country. florence: french papers are still focusing on it. this week they are talking about the soiled honor of the french army. french authorities have launched a criminal inquiry into these allegations. french peacekeepers raped children and demanded sex for food. this story came out after a you and report was leaked. according to this report, the abuses took place in the capital between december of 2013 and last june. it took place at the airport. the airport at the time had become a refugee camp, if you will, for people fleeing sectarian violence, guarded by
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the french peacekeepers. french reporters were sent to the african republic. they actually managed to track down some of the protagonists in this affair, including one little boy, an eight-year-old. his tail is really -- his tale is staggering. he says he did it once because he is very hungry. molly: let's move on to the courier international, a special issue devoted to graphic journalism. florence: it is a growing trend across the world. slow journalism is essentially a way of taking time to tell a news story in a different way in a graphic news form. in its 25 years of existence, it has habitually had its special issue for these graphics journalists. you can see on their front page this week, for instance, they
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come back onto the story of one of the charlie hebdo shooters, and they come back on his story in graphic novel performance. it is a really cool issue, and i recommend checking it out. molly: moving on to politics, a surprising face on the front page of -- florence: it is the french president's unofficial girlfriend. why is she on the front page? she is mysterious. it is looking at her background, her experience, and her influence on the president. also his former girlfriend gave a fiery interview this week. she lashed out against the resident once again and his obsession with power. why are we talking about her this week? her best-selling book, "thank you for this moment," her
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