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tv   Democracy Now  LINKTV  May 15, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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lf, rahm emanuel, announcing the decision for a $5.5 million police torture fund for victims of police torture. to hearing josh fox, who was arrested at seneca lake in upstate new york where environmentalists who took on the issue of fracking, hydraulic fracturing are taking on the underground storage of liquefied natural gas. we urge you to call and become a member of link tv. it is not brought to you by weapons manufacturers or gas companies, but by viewers like you. as we turn to the groundbreaking oscar has been nominated documentary "gasland>." called one of the most effective
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environmental films. it exposed the environmental harms by fracking in rural communities. we are making this available to you. it is called "gasland," an hour and a half documentary. $120 if you call 866-359-4334. just watch it. we urge you to call. get this film for $120. if you would like to get part two, it is two hours. that is yours for $120. you can put them together for a contribution of $200. both documentaries, a fossil fueled - not film festival. 866-359-4334 is the number to call. get "gasland." it is oscar nominated. i don't have to say so much
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about it. 866-359-4334. let's turn to "gasland," by filmmaker josh fox. >> i'm not a pessimist. i have always had faith in people that we would not succumb to frenzy or rage or grade. and -- or greed. and we will figure out a solution without destroying things that we love. >> the subcommittee on energy and minerals will come to order. ♪ >> there are numerous deep shale gas basins in the u.s. which contained trillions of cubic feet of natural gas. >> north america's natural gas
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supply is so plentiful and has been described as a virtual ocean. we believe the potential for the shale basins is enormous. a game changer not only for america's natural gas industry but potentially for our economy and environment. >> i am representing the 30 member states to -- who produce 99% of our domestic gas. surveys have found no real credible threat to drinking water from hydraulic fracturing. there has been concern raised about the methods used to talk these researchers. technologies such as hydraulic fracturing have been characterized as inadequately regulated. press reports and websites alleging that six states have documented groundwater contamination resulting from the practice of hydraulic fracturing . such reports are not accurate. >> it is my view and also that of iogcc that hydraulic
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fracturing is adequately regulated and needs no further study. thank you for this opportunity to provide an overview. >> thank you. [laughter] all of the. >> you do not know what you just thanked him for. >> hi. my name is josh fox. maybe i will start at the beginning. this is dick cheney. no -- maybe i will start at a different beginning. this is my house in the middle of the woods. tucked away on a dirt road in pennsylvania. the house was built in 1972 when i was born. my parents and their hippie friends built it and my family and brother and sisters and i grew up little by little. there is a stream that runs down
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the property and connects to the delaware river. i've been learning about how water is off collect it -- all connected. in 1972, pete seeger reminded new york city that if it polluted the upper hudson especially the watershed, new york city's drinking water would be ruined. >> ♪ this land is made for you and me ♪ josh: in 19 72, richard nixon signed the clean water act into law. an era of environmental progress. the cold war was on. there was a concept of leisure time and leisure states. computer use and technology were supposed to bring about the 4- day work week and everyone was going to have time swimming in the rivers. in new york city they were building this. 100 miles up in north milanville
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, pennsylvania on the banks of the delaware we were building this. my first word was hammered. -- was hammer. it's 2009. i got a letter in the mail from a natural gas company. the letter told me my land was on top of a formation that stretched across pennsylvania, new york ohio. and that it was the saudi arabia of natural gas. i would receive a signing bonus of $4750 an acre. that was nearly $100,000 in my hand. could it be that easy? you have probably seen ads on television handling natural gas as the cleanburning transition fuel. >> american shale basins contain natural gas. >> i want to use our resources in america. it is cheaper and it is ours.
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>> what would it mean if the u.s. and the rest of the world adopted natural gas? >> what i did not know was that the 2005 energy bill pushed through congress by dick cheney exempts the oil and natural gas industries from the clean water act, the clean air at, the safe drinking water act and about a dozen other regulations. when the 2005 energy bill cleared restrictions companies began to lease halliburton technology and begin the largest and most expensive domestic gas drilling campaign in history. now occupying 34 states. the method of gas drilling is called hydraulic fracturing, or fracking. it blasts water and chemicals 8000 feet into the ground. fracking is like a mini earthquake.
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the pressure breaks apart the rock and frees up gas. in order to frack, 5 you need fluid. a mix of96 chemicals -- next of 596 chemicals. the brew is full of corrosion inhibitors gellants, shale control inhibitors, liquid breaker aids, liquid gel concentrates. it should say. "just add water" each time they drill a well, they need between 1-7 million gallons of water. each time they go back and frack an existing well, they need an additional 1-7,000,000 gallons of water. they started out west in new mexico, colorado, texas, wyoming. and in the south, arkansas louisiana and alabama. 450,000 wells times 18 times one
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two 7 million gallons. 596 chemicals in the fluid. they are coming east. and more across new york, pennsylvania, ohio and west virginia. from 1972 until now, my whole life, all this has been protected. [phone rings] >> may i take a message? josh: josh: i am looking to see if we could interview someone on the subject of natural gas extraction. >> the best thing to do would be to send an e-mail. >> halliburton corporate
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affairs? >> did i just talked to you? >> record your message. josh: i would love to find somebody to interview at halliburton. if you could call me back, i would appreciate it. [banjo music plays] [phone rings] >> please leave a voice message. >> thank you for calling chesapeake energy. josh: where is 630? >> illinois. josh: i would be interested to see if there is anyway to get an interview with tbn pickens. -- t . boone pickens. >> i will have to transfer you -- >> you have reached cabinet oil and gas. >> please refer -- please record your message. >> we will decline, but thank you for calling. [hold music plays]
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>> not sure how many of you have direct experience with streams. when i was growing up, we could run up and down the stream for miles and hours on end. the moment the stream takes a bend you can look back and it looks like a different place. this is a place that runs through my mind. it is always there. feels like it is the source of all light. -- the source of all life. the closest they were drilling to me was a place called dimmock, pennsylvania. in the hustle him -- in the susquehanna river basin, cabot oil and gas from houston had drilled 40 wells in a few
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months. it is a small place with no major highways. you could easily forget the world and disappear completely. i was going because i had heard a lot of complaints and i heard the pennsylvania department of environmental protection had said everything was going fine. the story of the town starts with distressed calls from pat. pat: there are like 10. sometimes it boggles -- it buckles. i will not drink it. cap it came in -- cabot would not drink it. there were days when for kids were out of school sick. everybody was sick. our stomachs were acting up. we could not handle eating anything for over a month.
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jean next-door talk to me at church and said do you notice anything funny about your water our well has gone bad. they had bad weather and they have a newborn in the house. even though they have a $6,000 such ration system, they are buying water. josh: my next trip was to ron and jean. shortly after their well was drilled, their water started bubbling and fizzing. it turned out to be natural gas. >> i told them i was not happy. our water was good and then when they got done it was bad. we had to prove it was because of them. i asked the guy if he could prove that it was not. he will not talk to her anymore. we have been here 40 years and never had a problem with the
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water. they drilled. after they drilled, the water was bad. josh: my next trip was up the street. norma's well exploded on new year's day. >> you are kidding? this is my daughter-in-law calling. saying there's a special on at noon. >> cabot oil and gas has polluted water wells for natural gas in susquehanna county. >> i have lived next to these people for 30 or 40 years and we are good friends. we just have the same problem. >> do you see cabot guys out here? you guys said this water is safe. i said, i will be right back. i will get you a glass of water. they put their head down and said they would not drink it. josh: next on my tour of dimmoc k. >> you should have a helmet on.
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>> in the beginning of november , our water turned colors. it started tasting funny metallic-y/ then it turned brown and it looked like mud. cabot sent quantum labs to test it. the guy said do not drink in it do not do laundry, do not do anything. josh: this is your water? >> they put that pipe think on it. josh: they are venting gas. the other thing that was bothering demi was something happening with her animals. their hair was falling out. one of her cats was projectile vomiting. >> we have this cat. josh: what did they tell you? >> they told me i cleaned with too much lysol. i told one of cabot's attorneys
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he told me it comes from telephone poles. josh: has the cat been playing with telephone poles? >> a cat does not go outside. josh: his hair is falling out. >> and he is losing weight. josh: hi. >> our water was perfectly fine. after they started drilling, the propane and stuff like that went into it. at one point we could actually light it on fire. shake it up and put a match on it and it would light up. >> what is going to happen to my kids how many years from now. it wasn't their fault. a poet -- they did not pollute the water. josh: from these cases it was clear something has gone terribly wrong in dimmock. there was something else. i kept hearing reports of a family that could supposedly light their water on fire. a family who was not speaking to the press. i wondered why.
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and i wondered if i could talk my way in. they did not want their faces to be on camera so i ended up taking pictures of their feet. they did show me their water samples. they told me i know you want to see a slight water on fire but we cannot do it. we've capped our well. we are afraid to turn it on. if we turn it on, it could explode or catch our house on fire. we cannot do it for you. i could feel myself getting sucked in deeper. then i got a phone call. >> nobody cares. the holy dollar is rolling in. it is wrong, i don't care. you are taking a big risk doing what you are doing. the money is not worth it. i am worried for my life. i'm going to be honest. josh: i went across the road to see if i could interview the people who called me or maybe
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just say hi. i did not get to say hi. but a man came to the door and spoke to me. he was nervous. he handed me a jar. i said what is this. he said, bad stuff. what do you mean? that is about as bad stuff as you can get, take it and find out what is in it. they were buying the hack of me being a documentary filmmaker. i guess because you have a camera, you know what you are doing. so somebody thrusts a jar into your hand and says take this figure it out. i had an inkling of what the stuff was p i had heard reports of oil and gas wastewater -- known as produced water that comes out of the ground and contaminated with fracking fluid being dumped onto fields and streams. i'd heard of workers who had chemical burns on their hands and faces. i was being handed a jar of a mysterious liquid.
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i needed more information. so i called up the number again. all the things you said about the jar that you gave me, it just got me kind of curious. without naming any names i don't know anything about anything -- that was being dumped out? >> uh-huh. josh: in someplace it was not supposed to be like a stream or field. >> yes. josh: that is why it is important to find out what is in there. >> yes. josh: if i were to be able to analyze that, do you think that would be a good thing? >> yes. josh: i was starting to compile a list of things that happened in dimmock -- water trouble health problems, exclusive conditions, lack of confidence in regulatory commissions, a feeling of having been deceived powerlessness, dead or sick animals, difficulty of obtaining
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good information about drilling and the idea that there is a cover-up taking place. in other words, a total loss of normal life. who knows if they are right, i do not. it is all speculation. but these citizens felt as if they had been wronged and there was no one for them to complain to. on my way to drop off the jar at a water testing lab, i said goodbye to my $100,000. even more worrisome was the knowledge that everyone around me had been getting leases in the mail and had leased already. one thing was clear, if the industry's projections were correct, this would be the end of the catskills and the delaware river basin as we knew it. it would a redefinition of new york state and pennsylvania. there was no drilling in my area yet on either side of the delaware. new york state had commissioned an environmental impact study and the delaware river basin committee had not decided
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whether or not it wanted to allow gas drilling in sensitive watershed areas. it stirred up something else, they need to find out what was going on. was dimmock an exception or the role? was i going to become a natural gas drilling detective ok, i guess. [banjo music plays] >> be careful.
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that one is known to nip. it pinches pretty good. >> it is gurgling. >> this is -- it's settled out. that's what our water looks like. josh: out of the tap? >> out of the tap. at three weeks they contacted mike by phone and said there's nothing wrong with your water. with this/ there is nothing wrong with the water that can be affected by oil and gas production in your area. josh: so what are they doing? >> putting in our own tank. >> i have two 500 gallon tanks. i go to town once a week and by water. it's a coin-operated thing.
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i put in $15 worth of quarters. "the purpose of the letter to inform you is that noble energy is --" josh: they are saying there is no way. >> i was a little disappointed in the state. telling the media recently, obviously we had a problem. two weeks ago they had the meetings and i prepared a statement outlining everything. the director of the oil and gas -- acting director said next question. josh: dave? yeah, he kicked us out of his office two days ago. >> is there a theme to your documentary? josh: i apologize for your inconvenience.
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>> i wish you good luck. i would be happy to talk to you off the record with background information. josh: we will call you. >> my apologies, good luck. josh: thank you. >> one time when we were going through all the gurgling in the well, i decided to put a plastic tag over the well head. within minutes, it filled up the bag. i stuck a fuse in it and i thought -- this might be really stupid. so i came in and told marsha and i said why don't you dial 9-1. if this does not go right hit the other 1. i got this bag of who knows
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what. and i lit it. and it started floating towards the road. oh no. a truck is going to come and it will blow up a truck. just give it a second. josh: jesus christ. >> that's the best i've done! i smell hair. josh: oh!
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can i try? >> yeah. can we get that. don't drink this water. that one was kind of spooky. that even surprised me. i have been lighting that water quite a bit. it is really upsetting actually. it is not supposed to do that. that does not look very good. there you go. [banjo music plays]
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>> you found us. >> those are our wells. josh: those are all the wells. >> new information tonight on a story you have to see to believe. >> anchor: flames shooting from faucets. seems like a strange and unusual phenomena. water so contaminated it catches on fire. >> i am terrified. no other word for it. anchor: amy had her water tested
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and found out the ground water is contaminated with natural gas. >> 2 3 4 -- did i catch that? 1, 2 3 4 -- 7 or 8 that i can see. >> they said it wasn't their fault, they are supplying you with water. >> they are being good neighbors. >> i am a cup is half-full person. i'm the most optimistic. i believe in the good of people. i say this three times a day all the time. i believe in the good of people and i believe things will work out the way they're supposed to work out. i will stand up for what i believe in and i will fight. there is no way you can try to describe that the people.
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you cannot make them understand how part of who you are is being destroyed by the acts of others for selfish purposes. no one should ever have to go through what i went through, call them crying and begging for help and be told no. shock is one word, terror is more effective. anchor: amy is living in a home that could explode. she is not the only one. >> it popped and caught on fire. anchor: renee discovered her water is also flammable after she saw our story last night. >> i want to know we are safe. anchor: her family has been drinking the water for years. >> it seems like in the last year and a half i have never healthy. i have always been healthy so that is why i do not know what it is. i get headaches all the time. you know, i mean, at least two
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or three headaches per week. the whole family gets headaches. mine get so bad where i have to lay down. >> since you moved here. >> yes. i would like to ask the congress people why -- [coughing] we are supposed to be living in colorado, it is supposed to be a green state. we cannot even get clean water. one or two glasses might not affect a person but what about long-term. josh: you have try chlorobenzene in the water. >> what is that? josh: it is an organic compound that comes in the production of the gas. >> what blows my mind is that the oil and gas conservation commission i thought they were there to work for the people. they are not there for the people. they are there to work and help
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the oil and gas companies. i asked them who is there for the people? he told me nobody, call an attorney. that is what they told me. [banjo music] amy: who is therefore the people? this is democracy now! independent media is therefore the people. offering you this documentary "gasland." by josh fox. nominated for an academy award. call 866-359-4334. 866-359-4334. for $120, you can get this documentary. when josh fox received an unexpected offer of $100,000 for the natural gas drilling rights to his property in the delaware river basin on the border of new york and pennsylvania, he resisted the urge to accept. he set off on a journey to investigate the risks of agreeing to the deal. "gasland" is fox's urgent,
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cautionary and darkly comic look at the largest domestic natural drilling campaign in history, which is currently sweeping the country and promising land of verse a quick -- landowners a quick payoff. "gasland 1" is $120 yours for he did "gasland 2." a $200 contribution and they are both yours. call right now, 866-359-4334. 866-359-4334. focusing on communities in the u.s. affecting by natural gas drilling and specifically fracking, a method of drilling into shale formations known as hydraulic fracturing. we urge you to call. we cannot do this without you. i will play the trailer in a minute. call now. we are only doing this today. josh fox just got arrested this
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week. he was with folks in the finger lakes region in upstate new york . they are protesting seneca lake, which is the source to 100 thousand people for water. there is a proposal to put a deep underground natural gas storage facility and they are terrified. in 2008, something like this blew up. as josh said, you could see it from the heavens. wondering why they are getting arrested protesting this storage facility on a reservoir that provides water for 100,000 people. we urge you to call right now. 866-359-4334. $200 for both documentaries $120 for either. max in california donald from virginia, susan from arizona
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$100,000, not even to take the property, just to put a gas drilling site in. for those in need of money sure. then there water would go brown or bubble or ignite. you know when you light birthday candles, sometimes you turn on the water so you make sure the match has been doused. and instead it blows up. when they would turn to the company, cabot or whoever and say, excuse me, this has started happening since you started drilling. you can't prove causal connection. no, but we had lived here for 40 years and never had trouble. the only difference is you were drilling our land. they said you cannot prove this. they said can you prove it is not? they said there is no problem with your water. a woman goes inside and brings
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some water and says why. you take a sip, none of them would. we urge you to call 866-359-4334 . 866-359-4334. we cannot do this without you. link tv does not turn to the oil companies, the gas companies the coal companies, the nuclear companies to say we will make a deal with you. no we're not going to run "gasland." no they do not do that. you are the links to independent information. if you find your blood boiling educate yourself. natural gas is being touted as energy independence in the u.s. is this what the panacea is? or is it renewables?
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866-359-4334, make the call that makes the difference. there is such a glut of liquefied natural gas. they are talking about building facilities in places like maryland to store the gas because there is too much here in the u.s. communities are risking their own lives. there is so much being drilled. "gasland 2" is a fascinating sequel. it aired in 2013. "gasland 2," josh fox does it again. a brilliant [indiscernible] " -- a brilliant "gasland"
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showing how the stakes have been raised. arguing that the clean and safe alternative is a myth and that fracked wells week of her time -- leak over time. in fox's words "contaminating our democracy. can we get a call from communities near the finger lakes? geneva or seneca falls. we urge you to call. in california, san diego, santa monica torrance, north or south
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what if they were full? we have to take stock of the fossil fueled economy. look at the explosion from 2008 that went on for three weeks. we urge you to call in. we ask you to stand up for independent media. dorothy, that was my mother's name, thank you for calling from michigan. you are getting "gasland." 866-359-4334. you heard about cu of point, maryland. what about the eastern shore of maryland? catonsville, owings mills arlington, silver spring, bethesda, make the call. if you live in montana, call. let us know that you are there. 866-359-4334.
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five years since the first proposal to drill wells came knocking at my door. thousands of cases of water contamination, air pollution and health problems. it is not just the numbers that get you dizzy. >> this is our home. josh: one problem, the gas industry denied everything. >> we have found no incidents of hydraulic fracturing harming groundwater. josh: the war to tell the story was on. >> never underestimate the power of money. >> government is afraid of business. >> you are paying twice that price for water. [music plays] amy: "gasland," just the trailer. we urge you to call. john just called from oregon. you are getting the frack pack. we are only offering this today, we have a limited supply of the two documentaries. call in fort "gasland" and "gasland 2."
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it is fantastic. i am so astonished by josh fox he had not made a film before. he lived in the delaware cap region, the delaware river gap or whatever you call it. of the border of pennsylvania. this company comes and says i will give you $100,000 p at do not have to move out, i just want to drill. he is going what is going on sounds fun -- but he started to ask questions. the water is the key part. what will happen to the streams? he starts to travel around. that is the power of independent media. he went to places like colorado
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and is looking at water that is brown, yellow, bubbling. it's not seltzer water. it's coming out of the tap. he sees people light of their water. companies saying that had nothing to do with us. folks are saying i have lived here for 40 years, are you kidding? can you imagine the rage. they say we cannot prove it has anything to do with us. one woman talks about her children and herself getting sick. it reminds you of "love canal." the documentary yesterday -- get that as well if you call . get that and "gasland." call 866-359-4334. if you live in minnesota or colorado or perhaps you live in winter park or aspen or crested
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mike: as the old adage goes, "you are what you eat," from the benefits of an anti-inflammatory diet to the "engineering" of addictive snacks to what our food vocabulary says about our culture. food news is on the menu this week. i'm mike walter in los angeles. let's take it full frame.


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