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tv   France 24  LINKTV  May 25, 2015 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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ó s in india worn a deadly heat wave is said to continue. dramatic shakeup of the political landscape in spain after a big advance for antiauthority movements.
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government forces in syria have been carrying out to series of airstrikes on islamic state targets. this is a bid to retake the agent city. the jihadists have killed scores of people, including children, since they stormed the site last week. reporter: civilian homes reduced to rubble, their lifelines cut. this amateur video posted on social media this weekend purports to show the aftermath of syrian airstrikes. days after the islamic state group raised their flag over this historic city doubt, a symbol up -- city adel, a
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symbol of their stranglehold. >> this morning, there were regime airstrikes. they targeted specifics, which caused the deaths of civilians. reporter: civilians and government troops and loyalists have reportedly been killed in the hundreds by islamic state militants since the city was seized last wednesday. the leader of has below urge support -- hezbollah for what he described as a next essential -- ask essential fight in syria. >> they are responsible for what is happening in iraq and response to bring -- responsible
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for the slaughter. reporter: militants might try to destroy one of the middle east's most spectacular archaeological sites. >> iraq's prime minister is claiming the city could be retaken within days. he said his country's forces needed more help from international partners. following comments by ashton carter that the iraqi troops lacked the will to fight. reporter: fleeing from the city after it fell to fighters last weekend. this footage of iraqi forces in full retreat has furthered international concern about the capacity of the country's military. ashton carter offered a stinging assessment. >> the iraqi forces showed no
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will to fight. they were not outnumbered. they vastly outnumbered the opposing force. reporter: the security committee dismissed the criticism as baseless. he blamed washington for failing to supply equipment to soldiers. they were effective, though not enough to substitute for iraqi determination. >> we can give them training, we can give them equipment. we cannot give them the will to fight. reporter: the strategy has come increasingly under fire. >> for all of those saying the air campaign is not enough, so many steps which we have to quit innate together -- courtney
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together to make the campaign against those effective. reporter: increasing involvement will not solve the sectarian and political problems of iraq. critics say they have done little to slow the militant advance. >> i am joint by an analyst -- joined by an analyst with the international crisis group. never mind the u.s. and iraq. the u.s. strategy on isis is not going well right now. guest: the iraqis are blaming the west for not giving them weapons. the u.s. blaming the iraqis for not being efficient at fighting. they justified their
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noninvolvement. there is a core issue that needs to be addressed. why do the security forces not want to fight? may be the reason is they do not have to gain anything to stay on the side of iraqi state. may be more convenient in dealing with isis. >> is it not the case that some of the alliances involved are contradictory that it is too complicated to work? maria: the problem to a dress is -- to address is the u.s. has decided not to send troops.
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i think the u.s. needs to take the responsibility to explore the possibility to work with the iraqi leadership, which is willing to establish security forces, willing to accept rather than stand by and say -- even if they can fight, they cannot gain back the minds and hearts of the people. we need a strategy which can gain back the minds and hearts of people. >> bulgaria, greece, and turkey
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have agreed to combat a surge in illegal migration into europe. 2 million refugees have fled the conflict in neighboring syria. they are attempting to cross into bulgaria and greece to seek refuge. officials in malaysia have found 139 graves in more than two dozen camps expected -- suspected to be used by people smugglers. the attention falling on those trafficking from burma. a discovery of similar shallow graves earlier this month. midway through a three-day visit to japan, malaysia prime minister issued a global plea for support on this. to help tackle the refugee and
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migrant crisis. the confronted with a migrant crisis of catastrophic proportions. reeling from the discovery of 139 mass graves filled with victims of human trafficking close to the thai border, the malaysian prime minister reached out to japanese prime minister abe for help. >> this is an international problem which requires an international solution. anything japan can do to help us alleviate the problem will be very much welcomed. reporter: 25 thousand migrants have taken the perilous journey by boat this year. according to the international organization of migration
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deprived of food, up to 2% of migrants fleeing persecution. a vitamin deficiency which can lead to death. >> we have helped about 60 individuals. we know of another 60-100 in malaysia. some made them to malaysia in wheelbarrows and on the backs of their friends. perhaps hundreds are buried in the forests. reporter: slamming -- the bangladeshi prime minister was quoted by a news agency as saying, punishment will have to be given to those moving out of the country illegally. representatives are due to meet in bangkok on thursday to discuss the crisis.
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>> officials in india have warned the deadly heat wave is likely to continue. more than 500 people have been killed so far. reporter: even in india, it has rarely been this hot. the country is experiencing a deadly heat wave. doctors are flooded with patients. >> my brother was admitted here. he got ill on his way to work and is now in serious condition. people said the temperatures went to 45 degrees yesterday. i have never experienced such intense heat in this region. reporter: 47.7 degrees centigrade on sunday. new delhi sell the temperature rise to 43.5. >> some places are experiencing a severe heat wave, a ten-year
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record has been broken in at least four places. reporter: authorities have issued a red warning and ever urged people to stay indoors between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. the majority of the victims were homeless people with no shelters. conditions have become more severe since saturday. some relief is expected later this week as rain is expected to fall, but it will be temporary. extreme heat is set to continue until the onset of the monsoon at the end of the month. >> it has been one month since the earthquake which brought devastation to nepal with a death toll topping 8000. the country is still coming to terms. many survivors still living in shelters under the constant threat of aftershocks and landslides.
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reporter: nepalese mark one month since a massive earthquake rocked the country. hundreds of thousands of survivors are still living in makeshift camps under constant fear of fresh earthquakes, aftershocks, and landslides. >> the situation has not returned to normal. this morning, i felt an aftershock and our family is still very scared, especially our kids. reporter: in the days after the earthquake, the nepalese government admitted it was ill-equipped to deal with the disaster. it has also come under fire for not reacting sooner despite repeated warnings about earthquake risks. >> no, no, no. we have received nothing from the government. an organization is providing us with free food that we cook
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ourselves. >> we are still staying in a plastic shelter. we do not even have a tent. we do not know how many more months this will continue. reporter: initial aid was slow to reach affected areas. the total damage from the disaster will cost over 9 billion euros, double the paul's annual budget. -- double nepal's annual budget. tourism, a lucrative part of the economy, has taken a battering dropped by 85%. >> dramatic change in the fiscal landscape in the wake of sunday's elections. the ruling people's party and the opposition socialist party taking a battering from
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austerity -- anti-austerity parties. sarah morris has more from madrid. sara: it looks different. she has just said she has spoken with the socialist head of madrid and she has indicated -- she could knock out the conservative, a veteran for the conservative party. for a long time, she was a brand herself. the prime minister brought her into campaign because he thought she could retain the city. the left-wing anti-austerity party will take madrid, promising all sorts of new changes, to look after some of those poor citizens in madrid. they say they got left behind in
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the economic crisis. >> it means "we can" in spanish. kate moody has more. kate: from a grassroots protest movement to political powerhouse, the movement blossomed from years of anti-a steady measures -- anti-austerity measures. they took to the streets to campaign against corruption and unemployment. last january, their anger was crystallized in a new article party. it quickly -- a new political party. it quickly gained momentum. a charismatic clinical science professor emerged -- political science professor emerged as the party leader. he politicized -- it's demised
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-- he epitomized the political establishment. >> we are starting something new. this is the year of change and the wind of change is starting to blow across europe. reporter: critics accuse it of being financed by left-wing government in latin america. the parties founders resigned citing disappointment in the group's direction. once this week and celebrations come down, the leadership will be focused on presenting a united front as they continue to try to shake up spanish politics.
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>> shifting sands in polish politics. defeating an incumbent, the first win in a decade for the main opposition party. the socially conservative, close to the catholic church and considered less business friendly. markets reacted negatively to this result. all eyes on paris will be on the french open. we take a look at the money. >> on the court, she is applauded like a star. she does not have the bank account to match. her moment of glory came last year when she reached the fourth round. a major victory for the 29-year-old and a big help
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financially. she received a check for 150,000 euros. she had to reinvest half of it. >> i pay a coach a yearly salary as well as travel expenses. i also pay my own way. it is a little business. you do not necessarily realize as soon as you order a meal, you need a receipt. everything needs to be deducted. >> ranked 95th worldwide she is focused on tennis and her pursestrings. she has $178,000 since the beginning of the year, but that is nothing compared to serena williams her $4 million. this year, first round players get 24,000 euros. finalists received 1.8 million.
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even if the french tournament is still with its $28 million -- 28 million euros purse. no doubt she will have to reinvent her career when her time is up on the court. >> time now for business. william: this is where the ruling party suffered its worst election loss in 20 years. they will try to form a coalition. it could be an indication of what is to come in november. the economy is in the spotlight, it improved 1% in the first quarter. unemployment remains skyhigh. >> what seemed like a eurozone success story, spain's economy has grown not quite 9%.
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is on track to have twice the growth of the eurozone at the end of the year. the prime minister's party was swift to implement economic reform. strict austerity budgets were brought in and the new government took on the task of tackling the legacy of bad debt held by spanish banks. even though those measures appear to be bearing fruit, the party has taken a blow in municipal elections. many say they have not felt any benefits from the booming economy. >> we are seeing a breakdown of the bipartisan system and it is because people are disgusted by the magnitude of the corruption we have seen in spanish politics and the governments have not done enough for ordinary people during an economic crisis. >> unemployment in spain is the
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second highest in the eurozone, around 24%. the country has also been in deflation for two months. will: the prime minister of greece won support to conclude a bailout deal in the face of opposition from an extreme left faction. he called a meeting and said the greeks would accept a viable, but not humiliating agreement. after four months of talks, he is under pressure to reach a deal. at the same time, not to go back on his election promises. investors did not like the outcome of the local elections in spain. many traders took it as an indicator of what is to come. the stock market closed down 2%.
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athens did not fare any better, down 11%. markets were closed and the u.k., the u.s., and germany. time for a quick look at some company news. charter communications is nearing a deal with time warner cable. regulators would closely inspect any deal. earlier regulators stymied a deal between comcast and time warner. there has been a wave of consolidation between internet and content providers as they try to compete with amazon and netflix. amazon the online retailer is paying tax in germany italy spain, and the u.k.. the european union examined its books closely last year.
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the number of european countries have criticized tax strategies of large u.s. companies. china will cut import terror of sun consumer goods in june. the move is being done -- import tariffs of consumer goods in june. affected by the move will be western-style clothing, footwear diapers, and skin care products. the economic growth for the world's second-biggest economy slowed to a six year low of 7% in the first quarter driven by a downturn in investment and manufacturing. the chances are that many people who had off from work today took time to go to disneyland paris. europe's top attraction a magic kingdom of discrimination? an
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article said the price of a two-day trip varies based on what country the vacation was booked in online. italians pay the most. the park denies discriminating, but admitted it offers different discounts from country to country based on national holidays. it has seen its figures fall recently, attendance fell 7% last year. the world's biggest hotel is under construction. you might think it is las vegas but it could not be further away. it is being developed in saudi arabia and will have 12 towers, 70 restaurants, and multiple helipads, and 10,000 grams. -- 10,000 rooms. it is slated to open in 2017.
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the mgm grand has more rooms than anyone for the time being that it is only half of what the
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