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tv   France 24  LINKTV  May 27, 2015 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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' the headlines. nine of the most powerful people in global football indicted on federal corruption charges. most of those officials at world's football governing body, fifa, were arrested in a dawn raid in zero. queen elizabeth ii opens the new british parliament. she says the conservative government will pass an early law to hold the in-out referendum on the eu by the end of 2017. four heroes of the resistance to the nazi occupation in france are set to be buried in the
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country's most prestigious mausoleum, the pantheon. also coming up this hour, a new lease on life for ireland's national airline as the government approves a sale to the owner of british airways. as the migrant crisis in europe continues, senegal offers chartered flights to try to bring people fleeing its borders back home. that and more on the way. but first, our top story. genie: let's start first with the shock revelation today in the football world. nine high-ranking fifa officials have been indicted on u.s. federal corruption charges. several of them were arrested in a raid early this morning in switzerland, including current fifa vice president and
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executive committee member jeffrey webb. a press conference was given by the fifa erector of communications earlier today. he said the arrests are "a difficult moment for the football governing body, but that sepp blatter, the fifa president, was here to stay." here is more on the fifa press conference. >> the timing may not be obviously the best, but definitely fifa welcomes this process, and fifa cooperates fully with the attorney general of switzerland and the federal office of justice. i saw tweets, i saw immediate releases and comments and speculations. let me say that there -- the general secretary and the president are not involved in this procedure. genie: for more, i am joined by investigative reporter and
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author andrew jennings. thank you for speaking to us on this very busy day. you have been pushing for transparency in football for some time and you have an organization, transparency in sport. >> all my phones are melting. i have just heard fifa lying again. how can they not be involved? genie: tell us about that. >> well, look, i have been publishing all this stuff on bbc television and in my books for years. i wrote about the fbi investigation. they sat there terrified what was going to happen. there will be an election on friday were half the senior people are sitting in a prison in zurich waiting for extradition. are they serious?
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it is a wonderful thing fifa saying that they gave information to the fbi. it is not true. since when can crooks pay in appeasement? the investigation started with money laundering, and it has grown and grown and grown. now i am pleased to see this also taking in the world cup for 2022 and 2018, because we all know that was a very 30 set of votes. that's a very dirty set of votes. of course the general secretary and the president have known about this. i am not saying they took the money, but they knew. we need independent bodies to come in and get a hold of
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football, shake it by the throat, throw them all out, and get a new organization that represents the fans. genie: in the meantime, sepp blatter, the man known as the teflon don has in through -- has been through scandal after scandal, and now he looks likely to be elected in again. how is that possible? andrew co the new election -- andrew: the new election will not matter after today. they send sports reporters to cover fifa. sports reporters -- no sports reporters ever got a document. they do what my friends call the school of journalism. do not send me to the match, i might get the score line wrong. i am an investigator. i get documents. genie: what will it take, in
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your opinion, if mr. blatter is involved as well, what will it take to bring him down? andrew: the involvement could mean taking money. we cannot yet say if he has taken money. i have deep suspicions, but that is another issue. what we need now is national associations, the fans of the clubs to say to their leaders if you vote for sepp blatter you're out. if you vote for sepp blatter, you are out. and we have to abolish fifa. we do not needed anymore. we need a new organization because they have failed us. they have failed the fans. i cannot see coca-cola mcdonald's, visa, i cannot see the sponsors wanting to have anything more to do with set blatter. -- with sepp blatter.
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we have put pressure on the sponsors to get it out of qatar the slave labor death camp, and get proper clean, open elections. the next place should be america in 2022. genie: thank you for speaking with us, andrew jennings. let's go now to london, where queen elizabeth romanii gives her annual speech to parliament. it comes as a delicate time -- it comes at a delicate time where the conservatives in place are in power, and giving cameron has promised a referendum on the u.k. spot in the eu. queen elizabeth: my government will renegotiate the united kingdom's relationship with the european union and the reform of the european union for the benefit of all member states. alongside this, early legislation will be introduced to provide an in-out referendum
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on the membership with the european union before the end of 2017. genie: a major offensive has been launched on iraq's biggest province of anbar almost entirely held by militants from the islamic state group. they consider it part of their proclaimed caliphate that wants to rule over all muslims. shiite militias, backed by the central government in baghdad launched a campaign to recapture the western district, including its capital, ramadi. kate moody reports. kate: scrambling to reverse the fall of ramadi, dozens of shiite militia groups, supported by a smaller contingent of groups, push to drive forces from anbar. ramadi was surrounded from three directions. >> we will block the city of
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ramadi completely. then the iraqi troops will launch a widescale attack to liberate ramadi under the supervision of the commander-in-chief of the armed forces. k: the name given to the operation -- kate: the name given to the operation -- the sectarian codename was unhelpful in the province. iraq's growing sectarian division prompted concern from france. >> there is no military solution without a political solution. we linked the international coalition support to political commitments by the new iraqi government. what we call an inclusive policy. this contract is what justified our military engagement, and i say clearly hear that it must be better respected.
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kate: baghdad has engaged -- engaged in a strategy to push ahead a larger offense, and the prime minister expects to recapture ramadi in days. genie: more than 1800 people have died since the beginning of this year trying to cross the mediterranean sea, in hopes of starting a new life in europe. libya is the main transit point for those who start the journey in africa, but once they get there, some migrants feel they would rather go home than risk the onward journey. now the senegalese government is helping people to do just that. our correspondence met some of these returnees as they touched down. >> some have been waiting to come home for weeks, others for months. in the early hours of tuesday, 146 migrants at last returned home to senegal. they arrived from libya
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exhausted, and for the most part empty-handed. the majority were arrested in tripoli and put in holding centers. they're a fair has been nightmarish. >> we do not drink regularly. we do not eat or sleep. even just going to the toilet, it is not good. >> many dreamed of getting to europe but found themselves stranded in tripoli, unable to pay for a crossing. this man spent two years working in the libyan capital before he was arrested. >> i had my passport, but when they called me they threw away my passport and took me to prison. i spent five months there. i called the senegalese ambassador, who brought us here. >> since january, four flights have been chartered to bring migrants back from libya. >> we are in the process of repatriating our countrymen, who
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are in difficulty and want to return home. at the beginning of the year with the help of iom, we have brought home 1066 senegalese. >> according to those here, hundreds of senegalese remain in the detention center awaiting their return home. genie: today in paris, four resistance fighters will be inducted into the pantheon, where they will enjoy the -- they will join the final resting place of france's best and brightest. we have a glimpse of the pantheon's newest additions. >> four leading figures of the french resistance, two women two men. pierre brossolette, a pacifist, was a journalist in the 1930's. at the start of the war, he went into hiding and made his way to london, where he met general charles de gaulle in 1942.
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>> the earliest distinction is with charles de gaulle and -- >> he was arrested and tortured by the gestapo in march, 1944. to prevent himself from talking, he jumped out a window. jean zay was the youngest person in 1944 to join the government. he was regarded as a visionary. a freemason, he was murdered by pro-nazi militia men in 1944. in june 1940, as france fell into knots he hands 20-year-old genevieve de gaulle-anthonioz was arrested. tried in 1943, she was
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transported to germany. when the war ended, she joined the fight against already heading up a human rights organization for 30 years. >> it is a sense of misery, a sense of misery that we can never forget. that is what we witnessed. >> it was at the women's concentration camp in ravens broke where she -- where germaine tillion was arrested as well. >> for me it was very important to tell the truth. i was anxious to report the truth. >> these two women have now been placed among france's most illustrious. genie: let's take a look at headlines. some of the most powerful people in global football are under arrest. several top-level officials at the governing body of fifa are held in direct under construction -- under corruption
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charges, pending extradition to the u.s. queen elizabeth ii opens the new parliament. she says the new government will pass an early law to the in-out referendum. four heroes to the resistance of the nazi occupation in france are set to be buried in the country's most procedures mausoleum, -- most prestigious mausoleum, the pantheon. time for business news with stephen carroll. let's start with a new deal on bank sigrid see the eu has just signed with switzerland. stephen: the exchange will begin in 2018. the deal designed to cut down tax evasion and avoidance. the agreement is the latest debt to be taken on by authorities and dismantling the practices. genie: the european airline
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industry -- stephen: the airline is valued at 1.4 billion euros, and is supported by the irish carrier. the airline group, which also owns iberia, makes promises to the government in dublin to get their approval. the deal to be signed off by aer lingus' arrival, ryanair. >> the deal finally getting off the ground with slight criticism from opposition parties and unions. the average government has agreed to sell its 25% stake in its national carrier, aer lingus. a transaction which would rake in 350 million euro for the state. the international airlines group, which owns british airways and iberia has offered 3.6 billion euros -- 1.30 6 billion euros -- 1.3 6 billion euros for aer lingus.
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this is a key issue, given that dublin is the second busiest airport in the world. ireland thinks the takeover would be bad for jobs, for aer lingus workers, and for ireland's economic develop. this for an airline which sank to near bankruptcy in 2001 and was significantly turned around over the past five years. but the offer is receiving the report -- the support of other shareholder ryanair. it was blocked by european authorities. the deal will be discussed in parliament this wednesday. a vote will be needed before the sale can go through. following this, the european commission will have to assess the takeover on competition runs. stephen: shares in aer lingus
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in london and dublin -- and london the shares are up 2.5%. in dublin, they are up just over 1%. ryanair is getting a boost as well. their shares are up around 1%. generally, all the european markets are trading in the green. genie: businesses do not seem to be celebrating the prime minister's first year in office. stephen: business confidence fell this month come a back to the same level seen before modi took office. the index is at a closed level since july of 2013. the prime minister is making an india campaign to boost manufacturing. the sector fell for a fifth straight month. shares fell by 5% after the company announced 50% fall in that profit in the first three months of the year. as a result, it will not be paying a dividend to its shareholders.
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changes in current to values and falling demand for land rover cars are to blame. in china. a photo messaging app is expected to launch on the stock market and will not be taking any takeover offers. chat is valued at $15 billion. -- snap chat is valued at $15 billion. google, yahoo!, and twitter -- genie: stephen, just to wrap up, you have been looking at the presidential campaign in the u.s., and some innovative ways candidates have of trying to raise money. stephen: hillary clinton is seeking the democratic nomination for the presidency. known for her style, among other things, and her love of suits -- her campaign website has
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launched the pantsuit t-shirt. it is a suit jacket drawn onto a t-shirt. this is from the hillary campaign website. on the back of it, it says pantsuit up. it costs $30. she is not the only one selling t-shirts. rand paul is selling four t-shirts at $40. a better value anyway. genie: it will be interesting to see where they are made. thank you so much, stephen carroll, for that look at business news. time for the press review. the papers have been going crazy over this sports scandal, something that has rocked the football world. the six fifa officials arrested in switzerland overnight. >> that story was originally released by "the new york times co. let's look at the article that was buzzing all over the press.
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"the new york times" reported that fifa officials were arrested early this morning in a peaceful operation at a high-end otelco in zurich area where the -- at a high-end hotel in zurich. they could face extradition to the united states on federal charges, alleging widespread corruption in fifa over the past those code decades. this involves the world cup as well as marketing and broadcasting deals. "the new york times" quotes sources close to the case, details including wire fraud racketeering, and money laundering. more details are expected to come out in the hour to come. genie: this is not the first time fifa has been accused of corruption. >> before the most recent allegations, an article took a closer look at the workings of fifa.
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it is a multibillion dollar organization that governs football across the world. according to this article, for years fifa has operated with little oversight and even less transparency, and especially under the presidency of sepp blatter. he has been president for 17 years, and this article takes a closer look at what he has managed to do over the past 17 years. basically under his presidency, he has brought a lot of cash to fifa, but also a lot of controversy. what is interesting is he was expected to win a fifth term of the presidency this friday when that election was supposed to be held, that that could be jeopardized i this latest information. genie: many papers are focusing on malaysia, where authorities have begun exhuming bodies that are thought to be migrants buried close to the border with thailand. >> that is right, you can read about it in several papers. this shows a photo of the malaysian police officers looking for these victims in
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these shallow jungle graves, as "the independent" describes them. it reports nearly 140 gravesites. it is not only the gravesites but also, according to malaysian papers, authorities have found the remains of nearly 30 transit camp's, where trafficking victims were kept. this is the front page of "the star." you can see e this description of these transit camps. it looks like they were pow detention camps from the vietnam war. victims were forced to live in cruel accommodations, and find in cages with barbed wire, and there were these watchtowers where guards would look over them. you can see this is the editorial from "the star," which says we should not only be horrified, we should be ashamed of the utter disregard for human
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life. "the star" is critical of the malaysian government. you can see this message -- "it is time to start -- it is time to stop the heartless predators are co-genie: -- the heartless predators." genie: and the induction into the legendary pantheon. >> this is a huge story in the french press. france celebrates its heroes. you can see the photo here of the pantheon. the pantheon is a mausoleum on the left bank in paris, serving as the final resting place for national heroes. famous artists scientists, and heroes. it is a huge deal to get inducted into the pantheon. only 71 people have been inducted into the pantheon, so it is a big deal that four people are getting inducted. genie: tell us more about who these four people are.
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>> there are those code men and two women. you have pierre brossolette, the journalist who committed suicide under torture in 1944. that is a photo of him in the bottom right-hand corner. in the top left-hand corner, you have jean zay, the former -- the jewish former education minister, who was murdered also in 1944. what is interesting is he is credited as coming up with the idea of the cannes film festival. an interesting tip that you can read in the french paper. then you have two women genevieve de gaulle-anthonioz the niece of famous general charles de gaulle. she went on to campaign for the poor all the way through the end of her life. then you have germaine tillion the leader of a resistance group in paris who campaigned for equality among cultures. you can see the photos of the events here.
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the one with the glasses is genevieve de gaulle-anthonioz. these are two women inducted into the pantheon. the official list of great french women really triples today because up until now only one woman the scientist marie thierry, was at -- marie curie was admitted to the pantheon. what is interesting is on the facade of the pantheon building, there is a carved inscription which says, translated, "for our great men from a grateful homeland," so it has now been upgraded "for our great women from a very grateful homeland."
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