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tv   France 24  LINKTV  June 1, 2015 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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e bulk collection of data expires. a european commission plans to redistribute 40,000 migrants. and france attempts to revitalize talks for u.n. climate pact, urging a pre-agreement ahead of a top 21 summit in paris in december during which a final big must be made.
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♪ >> the legal authorities for u.s. spy agencies to book collect data expired sunday. republican senator rand paul locked an extension of the act section 215, and it made an emergency congress session in -- on sunday. the head of the fbi fed ordinary americans could be at risk from technically sophisticated terrorists. >> it has been almost two years since whistleblower edward snowden lifted the lid on the secret workings of the american national security agency.
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his explosive revelations about the extent of the surveillance powers prompted outrage and widespread calls for the -- for the agency to curb its surveillance on its citizens. they were granted sweeping counterterrorism powers under the patriot act in the wake of 9/11. the move proved popular time, but snowden's claims about collection of phone records and other data have prompted a shift in how the nation feels about such security measures. the most hotly debated provision involved in the bulk collection and storage of data. limits will be put on the collection of the status of that surveillance agencies will need warrant to obtain specific information from phone companies. it's a small change in the legislation, but still being hailed a major reform. the freedom act will extend other parts of the patriot act that have expired, for example
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surveillance on lone wolf terrorism suspects, and those who regularly change communication devices. it is voted -- it will be voted on by the senate later this week. it will be approved if backed by at least 60 lawmakers. >> and explosion northeast of baghdad has killed 37 people and injured dozens. there's currently a military operation aimed at cutting off the if a state supply -- the islamic state supply lines in northwest iraq. charles, good evening to you. what more can you tell us about this attack? >> there is some confusion. one of the tanks that was seized when the iraqi army fled, and there are reports that the death toll is at 40 and rising.
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this is striking back and a strategic location. if a police base where there are also shia militias located. it shows that isis is very active in his volatile frontlines and has a lot of firepower. >> this is a strategic area. what is the significance of the islamic state were being able to carry out an attack there, which is supposedly quite well guarded. >> the government plan with the joint forces command with a have tried to do is circle ramadi which is a key and symbolic base that isis took. they are trying to circle it from the northeast. this is isis going out into the area and delivering a very deadly blow. >> charles, thank you. a french woman held hostage in yemen has appeared for the first time in a video appealing for
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her release. she was kidnapped in the capital along with her yemeni translator in february. the transmitter had been released, but there had been no word from her until now. she addresses the french president francois hollande and the yemeni president, asking to be brought back to france. the identity of her captors remains unclear, but yemen is home to one of the most active branches of al qaeda. in other world news, france and germany have expressed concerns over the european commission plans to redistribute 40,000 migrants that reached france and greece. france and germany together would take newly 40% of the migrants. harris asked for more knowledge meant of effort able already made to help. >> a flow of desperate and hopeful migrants continue to
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arrive on italian shores. italy and greece have been struggling to deal with the influx and the eu has suggested resettling asylum-seekers across its members states by imposing a potus system. the u.k. and hungry have rejected the plan and france and germany have formally asked for it to be revised. >> a temporary relocalization mechanism must be founded on two principles of equal importance responsibility and solidarity will simply believe the balance between these two principles has not yet been reached. >> paris also want their earlier efforts to be taken into account, pointing out that along with italy sweden, and hungry, they have taken in 70% of the assignment occurs across europe and other countries have been far less active. the eu proposal with the 40,000 relocated across the block based on host country population size and economic strength. the largest proportion would be
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in germany, about 40%. the opposition has proven stiff within the eu and the quota system is likely to see drastic changes. more than 70,000 migrants have crossed the mediterranean to europe since the start of 2015, including 5000 this weekend. >> police in bangladesh have charged the owner of the complex , which killed more than 1100 people two years ago. also murder charges against 40 others, accused of paying no attention to any of the warnings, nor to the workers entering the building that morning. >> cries and screams as bodies are pulled out of the rubble and desperate families trying to find their loved ones. four days after the collapse of the rana plaza those were the
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images coming out of the bangladeshi capital. more than two years after the tragedy, dozens have been charged with murder, a capital offense. if the first that in the quest for justice. the 1136 workers had families. >> the 1100 69 injured also had families. -- the 1169 injured also families. we have finally prepared and submitted the charges accusing these people against whom we have very strong evidence. >> among the 41 people charged is the owner of the building. he was arrested days after the tragedy as he was trying to lee across the border to india. according to the investigation workers were forced to enter the building despite complaints about major crocs in the walls. the crux -- the collapse it was one of the worst.
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according to a recent report, more than 200 garment factories invent the -- were shut down as a result. -- factories in bangladesh were shut down as a result. >> ahead of the summit in december in paris, a final deal must be settled. two rounds of ministerial meetings in paris, one in july and one in september. nationsveral key issues, including whether to set immediate goal emission reductions. a solar aircraft is attempting to fly around the world powered only by the spun -- by the sun has made an unscheduled stop.
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it was to be the longest leg of the journey, a six day, 5000 mile flight to hawaii. it is the seventh of 12 flights and the riskiest. >> to embark on a record-breaking journey across the pacific until poor weather caused them to press pause. the solar team was faced with a start choice, continue across the expanse of the pacific and risk running out of power, or make an unscheduled stop in japan and waiting to the bad weather forecast has passed. >> we are not daredevils. we are lawyers. the only safe decision is to stop in nagoya and wait a few days before carrying on. >> the seventh leg of the 12 the journey that put it on hold is
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thousands of kilometers away but they need the perfect weather window for the six days and six nights flight. once across the pacific there is no turning back with no airport to land at and no boat capable of training on it fast enough in the case of technical failure. >> life is like this, and especially the adventure is like this. we are not going on a holiday trip. we are really at the limit for everything. and what has been done up to now is already really successful. now we have a delay. let's accept the delay. everybody will rest, because it has been two days of really had work. >> after taking off in china on saturday, the pilot tweeted from the air, marveling at the beauty around him. he said he was full of energy. raring to go he will have to wait until mother nature gives solar power the green light. >> beijing is taking a leaf out
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of the book of several other cities around the world and is putting an end to smoking in public places. as of this monday, smokers will no longer be able to light up in restaurants, offices, or public transport in the chinese capital. some of the fans have been ineffective in the past, so thousands of inspectors will be enforcing it. >> in this cloud of cigarette smoke in a beijing restaurant, it's about to become a thing of the past. tougher legislation makes it illegal to light up in public venues in the chinese capital, like offices bars, hotels, and train stations. outdoor areas near schools hospitals, and sports stadiums also will be smoke free. violators will be charged the equivalent of 30 euros, 15 times fine under a previous partial ban. and those who do not enforce the new rules could see their licenses revoked. >> of course it influences our
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health, because secondhand smoke is very damaging. i think it is best to stop smoking in public laces. >> china has become a country of smokers with a pack of cigarettes often costing less than a euro. the world health organization believes 300 million chinese people smoke, consuming one third of the world cigarettes, and lung cancer kills more than one million people there each year. previous crackdowns on smoking have proven ineffective, in part because of lack regulations. lax regulations. >> when strong smoke-free laws are adopted and there is strong enforcement effort, we have seen reduction. >> thousands of officials will be patrolling to make sure individuals and businesses abide by the new rules. the government has also helped to launch an awareness campaign
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alerting the public about the dangers of lighting up. >> here are the top stories you are following at this hour. the legal part of the spying program has failed to be renewed. 40,000 migrants will be redistributed all over the you. and france attempts to revitalize talks were a you and climate pact urging a pre-agreement ahead of a top 21 summit in paris in december. >> time for media watch. james creedence joins me. you have been looking at the u.s. republican party. it is all talk about the patriot act. >> that is right, that act that was packed -- that was passed in 2011 to strengthen the security
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capacity of the u.s. government authority. it is back on the agenda today. rand paul being one of the republican party that oppose the patriot act being extended which gave the nsa and other authorities huge capacity. he has quoted in the media as saying his opponent secretly want there to be in attacks they can blame it on him also -- on him. there are those who are hawkish those who want the government to spy on citizens and terrace, and those who want protection of privacy. -- and terrorists, and those who want protection of privacy. he is in support of expiring
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certain elements of the patriot act. you can see it with this hash tagg in social media. #standswithrand is one #. -- is one hash tag. these are the people that are seen to be on the more hawkish side of the republican party. he has said that he -- that rand paul could be the worst candidate they could put forward. there is a lot of debate. more on the libertarian side you also have others as well.
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george pataki has been saying this is the most dangerous time since 9/11. others who have been making their voices heard are lindsey graham, who indeed announced he hopes to run for the presidency of the republican party. simply put everyone is getting their wording on this regard. chris christie as well attacking rand paul for siding with edward snowden. snowden was behind all of those leaks regarding the math surveillance of the national security agency. some saying this is an indication for snowden, the fact that this act has been allowed to expire. and the journalist who interviewed edward snowden and facilitated those leaks in many ways, he has been vocal on social media as well, saying
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that people who are warning of dangers from the last of the patriot act have been exploiting fear for years and have zero credibility. and there are those making fun of the fear mongers. i think that speaks for itself. and there is this one. i think the fear mongers are being a little too vocal. >> really going to town on twitter there. interesting stuff. similar debate here in france with internet users on the new surveillance laws here in france. >> that is right, because just one month ago there was the house in parliament voted by 70%
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for what became known as the french patriot act. extensive capability for the french spy agencies to bulk collect data. it even obliges the phone companies to use algorithms to collect the data on the government's behalf. a lot of people are saying it is even more extensive than the patriot act. just to give you a couple of quotes, the head of the paris bar association said about the passing of this act, which has not been fully voted through yet, but the lower house has voted in favor of it. he said this is putting in place a sort of patriot act concerning the activities of each and every one. this was presented to it as a way to protect france against terrorism and if that was the case, i would back a -- back it, but it's alive.
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-- it is a lie. and the editor of charlie hebdo which was one of the newspapers attacked, says that he thinks that opportunistic laws are always bad laws. in other words he thinks this was voted through in the time after the attacks just like the u.s. when was voted and after 9/11. the u.s. is searching to find a balance between the patriot act and privacy in france, you see there a tractor. which is symbolic of the french patriot act, i suppose collecting of all of these people who are protesting for freedom of expression and the whole " je sui charlie" action
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would be swallowed up. and there are liberties that can be easily abandoned, he said in january. i suppose that cartoon is warning against abandoning liberties. >> james, thank you for that media watch round up. you always check out more on our website. that is france -- time now for the business news. some freshly released data on the unemployment figures. tell us more. >> a are not very good numbers. it is a setback for the hollande government and to to get
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companies hiring once again. it is up again by 0.7%, which translates to an additional 230,000 people in search of work, making the total over 3.5 million. it's the new all-time high. moving on, the clock is ticking for greece to pay the imf one million euros this friday. in june alone it owes the agency 1.6 alien. -- 1.6 billion. francois hollande and the european commission president had reportedly convened a meeting with christine lagarde and the ecb president mario draghi. the greek debt saga has now taken to a new level. there is no resolution in sight. let's move on to news coming out
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of malaysia airlines. in the first press conference at the company's chief executive, christoph mueller said the company was technically bankrupt. the southeast asian carrier is being kept afloat thanks to an injunction of funds from the sovereign wealth fund from the company, but they will be changes. -- there will be changes. here is more. >> a major airline is in dire straits. the chief executive christophe miller announced -- kristof moeller announced plans to deal with it. >> this started long before the tragedy of 2014. and the shareholders initiated a first restructuring project as early as january of last year. >> human on to say the airline was badly managed for years and
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pushed to the brink last year by two of the worst aviation disasters of recent three. in march 2014, flight mh 370 disappeared with 279 passengers and crew aboard and remains missing. four months later, flight mh 17 was shot down over easter new brain under control -- over eastern ukraine under control of russian separatists. the remaining 14,000 people have been offered jobs that may or may not still carry the airline's name. mueller, who has been credited with turning around other airlines, said the plan is to stop the bleeding in 2015 and start growing again by 2017. but he knows the mammoth task ahead will not be just about
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streamlining the business, but about rebuilding trust in the beleaguered brand. >> that get a check of the market action this monday. we saw a mixed it sure with the ftse ending down about half a percent. the cac in europe closely percent higher. investors not really getting a chance to react to the negative unemployment data released. meanwhile, positive news coming out of germany where inflation rose by 0.7% in may. stocks in positive territory at this hour. this despite mixed data in the u.s. that shows the economic aspect was not as strong as some had previous he hoped. the nasdaq up around 0.5% and a similar picture with the s&p and dow jones. let's take a look at some of the other stories making headlines. the world's largest chipmaker has backed itself out for new $17 billion.
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the acquisition comes amid a slowdown in personal computer demand. microsoft says it will launch the latest windows 10 version at the end of july. the move marks a major comeback for the company after the relative failure of the 2013 version of windows eight. the company said it hopes to see its latest offering on a -- an array of devices by 2013 -- 20 -- 2016. the russian economy is excited to
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rom pacifica, this is democracy now! >> people say, how will we protect ourselves without these programs? what about using the constitution? what about using judicial warrants? the boston bomber, they say, how will we look at his phone records? get a warrant. put his name on it. amy: the government's authority to sweep up millions of american's phone records has expired. the practice was first exposed


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